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How Does A Solar Battery Charger Work

Can I Connect Solar Panel Directly To Battery

Do Solar Powered Battery Chargers Work?

It is not a good idea to connect all types of un-controlled solar panel directly to a battery, although many products are available to do just that.

It is always best to use a solar charge controller, even if you plan on connecting only one device. The charge controller will help protect the battery from overcharging and will allow you to connect multiple devices.

How Long Do Rechargeable Batteries Last

Not surprisingly, it depends on how you treat them, store them, and use them.Small rechargeables typically last hundreds of “cycles”, which can mean anything from several yearsof decent life in a laptop to a decade of use in a portable radio. Treated well,lead-acid car batteries are usually good for thousands of cycles and can easily last510 years in a car that’s driven each day. But if you leave rechargeable batteriesin a product you barely ever use, never charge or discharge them, overcharge them,let them overheat, or store them in poor conditions, don’t expect them to last long.

How do you know when it’s time to replace batteries? In something like a laptop, you mightnotice a lithium-ion battery discharges normally for a time, then suddenly loses all its remainingcharge very quickly. If you’re using rechargeable NiCd or NIMH batteries in things like flashlights,you’ll see very gradually reducing capacity and the need to recharge much more often.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Solar Devices:

  • Voltaic Systems Amp Solar Charger
  • NOCO Genius G3500 3.5A UltraSafe Smart 6 volt/12 volt Battery Charger
  • ALLPOWERS 100W Bendable Solar Panel Water Resistant Power Sunpower Solar Charger
  • Jetsun Solar Charger 16750mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

Maximum power is necessary in many cases, so its important to recognize each chargers advantages and disadvantages . Weigh all of your options when purchasing a new build battery pack, such as frequency of use, price, charging speed, and estimated longevity. The needs of every consumer are different, so it would be irresponsible to recommend a single solution for everyone.

Small solar energy chargers are more popular than ever before. Improved manufacturing processes have lowered the price of the technology low enough to make it more available to a larger population. A solar charged battery can provide power in various situations ranging from a fun weekend getaway to emergencies. These devices are expected to increase in popularity as they become cheaper and more efficient. Solar charger power will further improve sustainable practices as its adoption rate increases drastically.

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How Does A Solar Battery Work

If you have electronic devices of any kind, you probably are familiar with the concept of a battery powering the device. The battery is how your device is able to work, after all, and if something goes wrong with it- or if it simply gets too old and dies- your device will not work.

Of course, solar batteries work a little differently than the battery in your smartphone. A solar panel isnt something you walk around with and use wherever you go it sits in one place and gets most of its energy directly from the suns rays. The problem is that the sun will not be shining on your solar panel all the time, and thats where a solar panel battery comes in.

Can Solar Battery Chargers Charge Car Batteries

How Does a Solar Battery Charger Work

The amount of amperage a solar battery charger can produce depends on several factors, including the build quality and how much sunlight is available. On average, they put out between 500 and 1,500 mA. This is why solar chargers are more effective as trickle chargers.

One issue is that most solar chargers dont include a voltage regulator to modify or shut off the flow of power. That means you cannot “set it and forget it,” as you would with a float-monitoring trickle charger.

The best way to use a solar charger is to provide more amperage at the start and then ramp it down as the battery nears a full charge. High-quality chargers are capable of doing this automatically, and other chargers include manual controls that allow you to set a course rate to start and a fine rate to finish up.

As with any solar charger, sunlight is crucial. If all you can manage is 500 mA on a cloudy day in a northern latitude, then that’s all you’ll get. They may be handy in a pinch, but temperamental availability means you probably can’t depend on them.

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Power Everything: 600 4000 Watt Chargers

Unlike the previous systems, this one includes running an inverter, which converts the power to AC. Like in your home, you can run computers, TVs and other high power appliances. The limit to how much you can power is based on the size of the RVs roof, the space and weight limits of the RV, as well as cost restrictions. With a large enough system, its possible to even run the air conditioner or charge an electric car. Generators are also rarely needed with a well designed large solar system, as the solar makes up most of the energy needs.

Consequently, these systems are very useful when camping away from electrical providers. They give you enough energy to boondock in the wilderness or stealth camp in the city without the need for a generator.

Understanding Solar Battery Chargers

There is a wide variety of solar chargers available in the market. Before we dive in to how to use them, lets understand what these types of portable solar battery chargers are, and they are made up of. Solar battery chargers, as the name suggests are devices that use solar energy to generate electric current that can charge portable devices such as a cell phone.

Solar battery chargers can be divided into two main types:

  • Without an in-built battery
  • With an in-built battery

Solar chargers are portable and ideally lightweight devices which have solar cells encased into a durable structure. This can be made up of fabric, plastic, or both. In some cases, there are eyeholes that allow hanging the chargers in tents or backpacks.

As you might have figured by now, theres not much rocket science involved in how solar battery chargers work. There are solar cells that send power to a battery or a junction, from which the power can be used to charge mobile devices.

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How Charge Controllers Work

A charge controller is an essential part of nearly all power systems that charge batteries, whether the power source are solar panels, wind, hydro, fuel, or the utility grid. Its purpose is to keep your deep cycle batteries properly fed and safe for the long term.

The basic functions of a controller are quite simple. Charge controllers block reverse current and prevent battery overcharge. Some controllers also prevent battery overdischarge, protect from electrical overload, and/or display battery status and the flow of power. Lets examine each function individually.

Some Common Types Of Solar Battery Chargers

How Solar Powered Battery Chargers Work
  • Automotive solar trickle chargers
    • Specially designed for vehicles, these chargers can be conveniently placed on the dashboard and attached directly to the cigarette lighter plug which in turn, will charge your car battery, albeit slowly.
    • These chargers usually dont have a big enough solar panel to completely charge a car battery but it is enough to compensate for the energy consumed by always-on features of the car such as the clock.
  • Clamshell solar chargers
    • The solar panels are put inside a folding case for convenience and portability.
    • It can come with multiple plugs and adaptors which makes it easy to use with different kinds of devices.
    • Some are designed to directly plug into the device and others are designed to charge batteries separately and easily swap them out.
  • Folding solar chargers
  • Solar bags
    • The integration of these breakthrough solar cells with bags of all kinds is pure genius. These can charge the device they are specifically designed to carry making them very convenient for the on-the-go traveler.
    • Some even have built-in pouches that can charge AA and/or AAA batteries.

Can these solar battery chargers completely replace the chargers were using right now? If you ask me, I would have to say no.

If there are hybrid cars, then there are also hybrid chargers. Hybrid technology is the answer to bridging the gap between what were used to and what we ought to get used to. Even if it has a premium price tag on it, the benefits speak for themselves.

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What Are Batteries And How Do They Work

If you’ve read our main article on batteries,you’ll know all about these portable powerplants. An example of what scientists refer to as electrochemistry,they use the power of chemistry to release stored electricity verygradually.

What happens inside a typical batterylike the one in a flashlight?When you click the power switch, you’regiving the green light to chemical reactions inside the battery.As the current starts flowing, the cells inside the battery begin to transform themselves in startling butentirely invisible ways. The chemicals from which their componentsare made begin to rearrange themselves. Inside each cell, chemicalreactions take place involving the two electrical terminals and a chemical known as the electrolytethat separate them. These chemical reactions cause electrons to pump aroundthe circuit the battery is connected to, providing power to theflashlight. But thecells inside a battery contain only limited supplies of chemicals sothe reactions cannot continue indefinitely. Once the chemicals aredepleted, the reactions stop, the electrons cease flowing through theouter circuit, the battery is effectively flatand your lamp goesout.

What Is An Inverter/charger

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Solarpowered Phone Chargers: The Basics

Solar powered cell phone chargers work byusing small solar panels to create energy to charge your phones battery,either the battery directly or through your phone, depending on the model. Thisis useful when youre on the go and dont have a way to charge your phonenormally.

Solar powered cell phone chargers are onlyas good as the model. You have to be careful when going to purchase one, ascheaper models will break or stop working quicker than one of higher quality.

Most solar powered chargers arent just forcell phones, but anything that charges off a USB cord. This also means you cancharge any kind of phone off this without worry about a built-in plug thatdoesnt fit your phone.

Are Solar Trickle Chargers Safe

How to Charge Your Phone Without a Charger

Trickle chargers of the proper wattage are safe. Most trickle chargers on the market these days have overcharge protection built into them, so it is not likely that you will encounter an issue with them.

You should make sure that your solar charger has both overcharge protection and automatic shut-off protection.

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How Does An Mppt Solar Charge Controller Work

The tenet of MPPT solar charge controllers takes out the maximum available power from the PV module by making it operate at its most efficient voltage. Usually, it checks the output of the PV module, compares it to the battery voltages, then fixes the appropriate power the PV module can produce to charge the battery. For instance, the current drops to zero if the PV modules Vpp is slightly below the battery voltage. For efficiency, ideal PV modules like AceVolt Campower 700 are permitted to have up to 200W attached. The potential gradient or voltage difference could be made steeper in two ways.


In other words, if the current is lowered by introducing a resistance, the charge controller can boost up the voltage. It increases the current by about 25% to 30%. The more significant the gap between the panel output and battery voltage, the more the current flows into the battery.

How Solar Battery Chargers Work

Uh oh. That shortcut you took through the woods has led you into a maze. You’re lost, and somehow you’ve ended up off the main road with no way back in sight — and your car is running low on gas. To make matters worse, you’ve told no one where you’re going and your phone is running out of juice. The measured beeps it issues to alert you of its imminent demise seem like a reminder of your own as well.

Luckily for you, there’s a break in the forest canopy. You see a wide meadow full of sunshine streaming down into the tall grass up ahead. You park your car and walk to the meadow. Once clear of the trees, you look up, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Yes, you’re going to be just fine. After rummaging around in your glove compartment for a bit, you retrieve your solar-powered battery charger. You plug the USB cable from the charger into your cell phone, flip the charger over so that its small solar panel faces skyward, find your cell phone signal, place the whole setup on a stump, kick back and wait. This is a probably a good time to relax and read a book, since you know that help is on the way.

Before the first decade of the 21st century, you would have been out of luck had you found yourself in a scenario like this one. Lately, however, a number of companies have created a spate of battery chargers that use the power of the sun to fuel everything from cars to gadgets to AA batteries. Find out about the mechanics behind solar battery chargers on the next page.

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Three Reasons You May Want To Add Batteries To A Grid Connected Solar System

Reason to add a battery #1) You dont want to export all your surplus solar energy youd like to store it in a battery instead:

If you add a battery you can charge it with your surplus solar energy.

Storing excess solar energy in your battery to use later makes intuitive sense. But at the time of writing it doesnt make economic sense for most Australians. Thats because unsubsidised batteries are still very expensive and the payments you get for simply exporting to the grid are actually pretty generous everywhere except WA, TAS and regional QLD. To see how much a battery will save you you can use our solar and battery calculator. Uniquely, it shows you the solar and battery savings separately for total transparency .

Reason to add a battery #2) You want to have backup power available if the grid goes down.

A regular solar power system cant power your home when the grid goes down, because as weve just seen the grid is required to either:

a) absorb surplus solar energy or

b) top-up insufficient solar.

But a good battery system will allow you to power some or all of your home if the grid goes down.

Reason to add a battery #3) You want to indulge in some sneaky electricity arbitrage .

e.g. charge the battery with cheap off-peak electricity and use it in peak times.

Sounds great in theory doesnt it? Unfortunately Ive crunched the numbers and it just makes no economic sense to do this with retail electricity prices, so I wont waste your time getting into it.

Advantages Of An Rv Solar Battery Charger

How Does A Solar Battery Work? | What You Need To Know About Solar Batteries | Teho

There are many advantages to having an RV solar battery charger and taking free energy from the sun.

  • RV solar battery chargers work just about everywhere there is sunlight!
  • They can help to provide power in places where standard electricity isnt readily available.
  • They help to protect lead-acid and AGM batteries by topping off the voltage. These types of batteries will self-discharge, even without use, and need to have a charger on them for longevity. A dead battery is particularly bad in cold weather as dead lead-acid batteries can freeze up and be destroyed. Likewise, lithium batteries should be stored with a good charge when its cold.
  • Many are very lightweight and can be carried anywhere. Some small setups have a panel that can even be strapped to a backpack, so you can use your solar battery charger to provide power away from the RV, too.
  • If camping without hookups, RV solar battery chargers provide silent power, versus the sound of a generator.
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    Solar Deep Cycle Battery Charger And Introduction Size And Controller

    Charging is the process through which a user uses their battery charger to return power to a drained power battery. Most of the solar batteries Chargers work by giving your battery power until you have enough power to start your car. Over the last few years solar energy has been receiving a lot of attention from big companies and governments. Everyone is in a race to help curb climate change by the use of clean energy. This is why solar deep cycle batteries are important.

    It is important to note that your charger’s size is dependent on the power your battery can handle and that which the solar panel can release. Any device using solar panel power needs a controller, a device used to regulate the power amount going into any battery. The controller also prevents charge from flowing back from your deep cycle battery to the solar pane. Let us look at how the solar powered battery charger works, the size required and the controller.

    Solar Powered Deep Cycle Battery Charger

    A deep cycle battery is a type of battery designed to get charged and discharged often and do not get damaged easily. Most of these batteries are bigger and used to big power engines like vehicles and trucks, among others.

    A deep cycle battery can be charged from an external electrical source or a solar panel through a solar charge controller. The solar charge controller normally ensures that the deep cycle batteries are charged to their full capacity without being overcharged.

    Solar Charge Controller

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