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How To Use Sole E25 Elliptical

Sole E25 Elliptical Review Console:

Sole E25 Elliptical Review

The console is where this elliptical falls down a bit. It is well laid out and intuitive . However its on the smaller side at 6 inches. And its pretty simple in terms of options and feedback.

You do get some quick-adjustment buttons and 10 built-in workouts to add some challenge to your workout. And there is also an ipod docks with speakers. So you can plug in your iPod and play your favorite tunes as you workout.

You can also easily track your heart rate to stay in your target fat-burning zone with the Sole E25. There are hand sensors in front of the console.

Or if you order direct from the Manufacturer here, you can get a Free wireless heart rate monitor as well. This is unusual since most ellipticals at this price point do not include the wireless heart rate chest strap.

Many people prefer the wireless heart rate monitor as its a lot more convenient than having to continuously grasp the hand sensors . The wireless monitor also tends to be a lot more accurate than the pulse sensors.

Sole E25 Elliptical Review Track Your Workouts Online:

Sole has finally gone high tech this year and included Bluetooth tracking capability on most of their ellipticals including the Sole E25.

You can track and transfer your workout date from your elliptical trainer to your smart device. You can do this using the free Sole app. Its also compatible with Fitbit, Record, Mapmyrun or Apple Health.

Sole E25 Elliptical Review Any Downsides?

Where to Buy and Save:

Who Its For: Users Who Want The Best Combination Of Price And Quality On A Quiet Front

The Sole E25 is good for users who are looking for:

  • A solid machine that works all your major muscle groups
  • Low impact training that can be done at home
  • Something that doesnt require the internet to use
  • An elliptical that can be placed in a garage or basement since it doesnt need wifi
  • Cushioned pedals that glide smoothly
  • An elliptical priced under $1000
  • Something with a tablet holder so you watch/read your personal device while working out
  • 1 Year Labor

Should You Buy The Sole E25 Elliptical

The Sole E25 Elliptical is a good buy overall.

It has all the features youd need to ensure a comfortable workout with the help of its speakers, fan, water bottle holder and tablet holder.

In addition, its quality flywheel will ensure you get a smooth and effective workout, and its incline function allows you to change up your workouts.

That being said, there are machines that can do all the things the Sole E25 can and come at a lower price, for example, the Schwinn 470.

In fact, it could be argued that the Schwinn has a better console because it can sync with popular fitness apps.

The difference is around $200, but we feel that difference may be justified as the Sole E25 Elliptical has a slightly better build and more of a commercial-grade feel to it.

If you want to take it up one more level, you could consider the Sole E35 Elliptical which gets even closer to the commercial-grade feel than the E25.

To sum up, if you want your home elliptical to get close to resembling a commercial-grade machine while not going wildly over the $1000 mark, then the Sole E25 Elliptical is the closest thing youre going to find.

Either way, its a well-built machine that will keep you challenged well into the future.

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Footprint Portability And Durability

With a footprint of 71 H x 70 L x 24 W, the E25 is a large elliptical. If youre looking for a compact machine for your apartment, this probably isnt it. Not only is it heavy for one person at 212 pounds, but its an awkward shape and hard to get a good grasp of. There are included wheels to help move the machine but youll probably still need extra help unless youre particularly strong.

The E25 has a user weight capacity of 350 pounds, which is on par with more expensive ellipticals. However, I did notice it moved ever so slightly when I used it even though I dont come close to the weight limit. I think this is probably because there are no included floor stabilizers. For the price, Im not surprised there are none included, but it would have been nice.

Specifications Of Sole E35

Sole E25 Elliptical Review
  • It has a complex inclination that is close to the Sole e25 between 0 and 20 degrees.
  • At 20 inches, the stage length is optimum.
  • Weighs 25 pounds, the Flywheel.
  • It has 10 more rigorous applications with advanced ad enabled.
  • Ive got a fan inside.
  • The weight is 375 lbs, more than the weight of the Sun e25.
  • Sole e35 has a total size of 82 L x 31 W x 67 H.
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    Is The Sole E25 Difficult To Assemble

    Being a larger piece of equipment, the SOLE e25 elliptical will take some time and patience to put together. And while it can be put together by one person, it is better to have two people to assemble it, mainly due to its weight.

    Some consumers report the manual being too small to see or follow clearly. If that is the case for you, you can pull up the manual in a .pdf form online and zoom in on the harder to see areas to clarify what steps are next. If you are unsure what the next step is, do not hesitate to consult the manual online or call SOLEs customer service.

    It is important to know what you are doing when assembling this fitness machine. SOLEs warranty will not cover any damages received during the assembly of this product.

    That being said, you will want to lay out all pieces of the machinery and inspect them for damages before assembling so that you are able to replace any pieces under the warranty. It is also important to ensure all the pieces are there before starting assembly.

    The SOLE e25 comes with the necessary tools to put the elliptical together. So if you are not the handy type, you do not need to worry about your lacking toolbox. Not having that Allen wrench or screwdriver is not a problem.

    Another tip to keep in mind is to not fully tighten all the screws until the machine is completely assembled. Wait until the entire machine is erected to go back and tighten up every screw. This will help with proper alignment.

    Sole Elliptical Machine And Studio App: Competition

    Peloton was the first competitor that came to mind. Peloton offers a number of advantages such as live classes for more of a community feel. However, Peloton has only two kinds of machine options, bike or treadmill, though there are plenty of off-machine workouts from which to choose. Peloton machines cost well over twice as much as the SOLE machines, and the Peloton subscriptions start at about double the cost of the STUDIO app.

    Apple Fitness Plus offers tons of fitness classes of all kinds and superb integration with the Apple Watch. Pricewise, it’s about half the cost of the STUDIO subscription or less since it’s included in the Premier Apple One subscription. However, it lacks the competition/community. You’re only competing with yourself.

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    Sole E25 Vs Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer: Which Is Best

    You cant go wrong for an elliptical trainer when you are shopping for home well-being equipment. The most renowned elliptical machines from Sole Fitness that are recognized for their total accuracy and their brilliant functionality.

    While several updates and changes have been made to their initial bestseller E series since 2021, the fact that the Sole e25 and the Sole e35 are still one of the leading bestseller contestants for a number of reason is certainly not denied.

    However, it is always less confusing to choose between e25 and e35 than not. There are also parallels in their ad specs and almost the same ravine consumer ratings.

    To understand them further, let us explore the overall facets of both the elliptical in the Solo E series.

    Sole E25 Vs E35 Elliptical

    Sole E25 Elliptical

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    The Sole Fitness Company makes high-end consumer-grade & light commercial elliptical trainers, ideal for home gyms as well as hotels & offices etc. In this article, we have an in-depth look at two of their most popular higher-end models, the Sole E25 vs E35.

    If youre in the market for an elliptical trainer to use at home, there are a number of factors to consider, including these:

    • Physical size of the machine
    • Number of built-in workout programs
    • Number of resistance levels
    • Size & technology of the display
    • Extra features
    • Warranty length

    How well do these two ellipticals address these factors, and which one is the best for you? Read on to find out

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    Sole E25 Elliptical Review: First Impressions

    Pulse sensors and wireless chest strap
    Weight Capacity
    70 x 24 x 71
    Pedals Size
    Lifetime , 3-Year , 3-Year , 1-Year

    Reasons To Buy

    • USB port help charge your devices.
    • Heavy-duty steel frame.
    • The cooling fan keeps users comfortable during a long workout session.
    • Bluetooth speakers help you connect your electronic gadgets and listen to whatever you love.
    • Supports a maximum user weight of 350 pounds.

    Reasons To Avoid

    Sole E25 Elliptical Extra Features

    A comfortable 20 22 inch stride length elliptical for under a thousand dollar with free shipping, is already a worthy buy.

    Add in dual guard rails for increased stability compared to a single guard rail in comparable models gives it another solid favorable point.

    Handlebars with built-in pulse sensors heart rate chest strap for highly accurate wireless monitoring as well as adjustable incline and resistance controls built into the arms are all designed with users comfort in mind.

    The Sole elliptical e25 trainer comes with handy amenities such as its built-in speakers for listening to your iPod or MP3 player, tablet holder, built-in cooling fans, and a water bottle holder all add to an enjoyable and comfortable elliptical workout experience.

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    Ordering And Assembling The Sole E25

    I was happy with the free shipping that Sole Fitness offers on all orders within the U.S. When purchasing, youll have four different options to choose from in terms of delivery curbside, garage, room of choice, and assembly. I chose to receive my E25 curbside because it didnt cost any extra money. For $59, Sole Fitness will deliver your elliptical machine inside your garage.

    There are also two other options that are currently unavailable due to COVID safety protocols. These include delivery into a room of your choice or full assembly so you dont have to lift a finger. Personally, if the assembly option had been available, I would have paid $239 to not struggle with these instructions.

    Sole E25 Elliptical Product Features

    Sole E25 Elliptical Review
    • Entry-level elliptical trainer with heavy 20-pound flywheel for smooth performance
    • Power incline feature adds resistance while targeting different muscle groups
    • Vibrant 6.5-inch blue LCD display tracks time, distance, calories, etc.
    • Integrated sound system oversized, custom-designed foot pedals
    • Built-in cooling fans 350-pound capacity
    • Warranties: Lifetime on frame and incline motor 3 years on parts and electronics 1 year on labor

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    Sole Elliptical Machine And Studio App: Price And Availability

    The SOLE E25 Elliptical machine can be purchased at Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or directly from SOLE Fitness. It retails for $1,800 but is currently selling for $1,300 at Amazon or $1,000 at Dick’s and SOLE. Optional assembly fees are extra.

    The STUDIO app is free to download. SOLE machine owners get a month’s free trial subscription. After that, the subscription costs $20 per month or $200 per year.

    What About Price How Do They Compare

    The Schwinn 470 comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame and 2-years on parts. In fact, it is the one quibble that a lot of users have mentioned.

    To be honest, thats unfair flak. 10-years is pretty much the industry-standard for warranty on frames.

    What makes it sound tepid, is the Lifetime warranty on the Sole E25s frame.

    If you are going to base your selection purely on the basis of the warranty, then the E25 is clearly a better bet.

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    Expert Reviews Of The Sole E25

    Most experts agree that for the price the Sole E25 elliptical is an excellent machine. The quality and craftsmanship are good and it offers a good deal of features that should satisfy most users. The latest model offers a fuller stride and a higher weight capacity which was a welcome change and something that should appeal to everyone. They kept all of the previous positive touches that have made the E25 one of the most popular elliptical machines on the market.

    They recently redesigned the machine once again, now incorporating Bluetooth technology which allows you to sync your workout results with the Sole App as well as other popular fitness applications such as Apple Health, FitBit, Record and MapMyRun. With the new partnership with Studio you can now choose from a wide range of on-demand workouts, which put Sole more in line with what NordicTrack and Bowflex are offering.

    Several leading industry publications say the Sole E25 is always one of the best ellipticals you can buy year in and year out at $1099. Suffice it to say, this one is a winner.

    Sole E25 Customers Feedback

    Sole E35 – Track Lubrication

    Customers feedback are very positive.

    Most commented that the Sole E25 elliptical trainer has the feel of a solid, commercial grade elliptical machine.

    They also commented on its fluid performance and whisper quiet operation.

    Mostly positive Sole E25 reviews.

    For just around $1000, you get a machine with all the necessary features to give you the ultimate elliptical training workout.

    Cardio exercise with just the right intensity will certainly give your heart a boost, increase blood flow and lung capacity.

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    Stability And Quality: 45/5

    The unique selling point of the Sole E25 Elliptical is its quality.

    As we said before there are many cheaper ellipticals that can match the features on the Sole E25 Elliptical, however, the quality of the construction and materials used on the E25 are far superior to cheaper ellipticals.

    Overall it is a very sturdy machine and can support a maximum user weight of up to 350 pounds, with most machines maxing out at the 300 mark.

    Sole E25 Elliptical Review Highlights:

    The Sole E25 elliptical is one of Soles most affordable elliptical trainers coming in at a very attractive price point of under $999 with Free Shipping.

    Its a well-built starter elliptical designed with Soles famous 2 degree inward angle on the footpedals. This was designed with the help of a physiotherapist to put your body into a more neutral alignment as you run on the machine.

    The inward angle slope more closely mimics your bodys actual running motion reducing the stress on your joints and hips. This is something youll really notice after longer workouts.

    You also get Soles thick, heavy duty steel frame designed for higher user weight capacity machines. This helps gives you a stable, solid feel, even when you pick up your pace and really work the elliptical.

    Another design strength that most people dont notice on this machine is the double wheels riding on the steel tracks behind the pedals.

    Many ellipticals at this price point have a single wheel per pedal, but the Sole E25 gives you two wheels per pedal which helps stabilize the elliptical and reduce side to side foot pedal motion. The double wheel design is also a lot less likely to come off the track than a single-wheel design.

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    Which Is Easier To Set Up

    I read the assembly instructions that ship with both these ellipticals and to be honest, they are very identical.

    I also watched some YouTube videos that show the assembly process. I didnt find it as intimidating as some people make it sound like.

    One thing that must be mentioned though, is that the Schwinn 470 weighs only 160 lb. when fully assembled. So it might be easier to assemble even if you do not have an additional pair of hands.

    In comparison, the Sole E25 weighs close to 225 lb. when fully assembled. You definitely need an extra pair of hands to move that around.

    Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer Review

    Sole E25 Elliptical for Sale in Dundalk, MD

    Like all Sole elliptical trainers, the E25 also has a commercial-grade steel frame, whichaccommodates users up to 350 lbs. A heavy 20-lb flywheel provides a smooth and quiet elliptical motion. Like most of the other Sole ellipticals, the E25 also has a power incline feature. The ramp angle is fully adjustable with a touch of a button, up to 20 degrees. It adds extra resistance as well as variable positions. The easy-to-use computer console comes with a 6.5″ LCD vibrant white back-lit display. It has a built-in sound system compatible with any MP3 players, including Android, iPod, etc. A cooling fan is also there. It is Bluetooth compatible and supports Sole app interactive training program. You can track your heart rate by using the pulse sensors built-in handlebars or wirelessly with a heart rate chest strap.

    Sole Fitness covers the E25 crosstrainer with the industry leading WARRANTY. It includes:

    • Frame:

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    Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine Review: Overview

    The Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine is the brand’s most affordable elliptical trainer, combining a 20lb flywheel and a high gear ratio with a smooth feel and plenty of resistance to give you a challenging workout.

    Theres also a fully adjustable power incline feature that enables you to raise the ramp to work all your lower muscle groups, with a double set of moving and stationary handlebars taking care of your biceps and triceps. It doesn’t come with its own app, so take a look at our guide to the best online fitness programs for home work

    The Sole Fitness E25 has plenty of other bells and whistles too, with Bluetooth connectivity to the Sole Fitness App enabling you to store and share your fitness stats. There’s also built-in pulse sensors and wireless chest strap compatibility, and a clear and simple console with integrated tablet holder to display your stats.

    Though, as with any piece of home exercise equipment, from the best treadmills to the best exercise bikes, we recommend tracking your workouts, and how many calories you’ve burned, with one of the best fitness trackers. For a cheap tracker, take a look at our guide to the .

    As with all Sole products, you get the usual impressive warranty: a lifetime on the frame and a three-year warranty on parts and electronics.

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