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How To Solo Travel Europe

Things To Do Alone In Stockholm:

  • Explore Gamla Stan and take some picture-postcard photos with the saffron-colored buildings, cobblestone streets under the clear blue sky.
  • It is better to rent a bike and explore the city while traveling alone in Stockholm. The city has bicycle lanes and paths throughout.
  • Visit the famous ABBA museum, Nobel museum, Skansen Open Air Museum etc.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Alone Embrace It

Even if you are more introverted than extroverted, you can make friends and acquaintances out of almost anyone while you travel, but you can’t usually ditch your friends when you’re on the road together! Learn to enjoy embrace the challenge of being alone and the adventure of your own company, and when you want human interaction, just strike up a conversation!

While the social conventions of some European countries make it harder to befriend locals, there will always be plenty of other travelers in the same situation as you whom you will enjoy getting to know!

Pro tip: If you want to meet people and make friends while you travel alone, staying in a hostel is the way to go! If the hostel organizes activities or tours, try one or two of them out! If not, try hanging out in the common areas of your hostel.

My personal favorite place to meet people is actually in hostel kitchens! While you are preparing food with other people from all over the world, you can strike up fun conversations with a simple, “So, what are you cooking?,” followed by a “Where are you from?” or “How long are you staying here for?”

If you hit it off, who knows… you might share dinner, or end up exploring the area together later and making a life-long friend!

Remember: it’s okay if you get lonely.

While I had a fantastic time on my four-month-long European tour and made some good friends, I struggled with loneliness several times.

Top Travel Tips & Resources

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Take Advantage Of Lunch

Eating out all the time can be expensive in many European countries, but a trip to Europe does require some serious food sampling. If youre on a budget, consider going out for lunches. Many cities have lunch specials so you can seek those out even top-rated restaurants may have them so if you want to eat great food at great prices, perhaps save some of your picnics for the evening.

Speaking of restaurants, beware of multilingual menus. There are plenty of good restaurants that translate their menus, but usually, when you see a huge menu with everything but the kitchen sink in six languages, you can be pretty sure it will be mediocre. The owners dont expect you to return youre only a tourist, after all. Food and service reflect that.

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

Solo Female Travel in Europe: Everything You Need to Know

Youll find absolutely everything here, from the most basic campground and hostel to the most luxurious palaces. Youll also find a huge diversity of prices and unexpected bargains when hotels find themselves with lower occupancy than planned. I always check hotel prices for deals or look at several dates and neighborhoods. I was just looking for hotels in Paris and while most in the center were out of my price range, those one metro stop away were perfectly reasonable.

Europe has the full range of accommodation, from luxury palaces to couchsurfing or Airbnb Here is the scrumptious Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo. otterboris , via Wikimedia Commons

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The Digital Nomad Scene In Europe

Despite certain weather challenges, Europe is HUGE for digital nomads. Sure, most countries in Western Europe are real expensive to live in. That doesnt mean they wouldnt attract digital nomads.

London, Berlin and Amsterdam all have massive digital nomad communities. However, these nomads may not stay in the city all year. They are also usually more high-earning nomads.

Those just starting to learn how to be a nomad prefer to head to eastern Europe Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, and Hungary are all top destinations for broke nomads.

Portugal is hands down the best country for digital nomads in Europe. Its one of the more affordable countries , extremely nomad-friendly both in terms of community and localss attitudes towards nomads, and super fun. The weather also isnt half bad! In the Algarve, you can get +30 Celsius temperatures even in the winter.

If Lisbon and Porto are not your speed, definitely check out Madeira. The Portuguese island is rapidly becoming one of the top destinations in the world for digital nomads.

Other cool places for nomads are Greece and the Canary Islands in Spain. Both are affordable on Western European standards.

Internet is pretty much a non-issue in Europe. Most of the major cities have high-speed fiberoptic cables lain and the more remote villages have decent coverage. Whilst hiking the Dolomites, I even got 4G using my local SIM card. I couldve worked in a local rifugio for a few days!

Be Prepared To Learn Public Transportation

Compared to the US, most European cities are well-serviced by public transportation. In addition, public transport is typically the fastest and cheapest way to navigate many European cities.

Even if youre a novice when it comes to riding the bus or taking the subway, dont be daunted by the prospect of public transportation in Europe! Most systems are pretty easy to use, and depending on where you are, its not uncommon to see signs and ticket information in English.

Think of public transportation as part of the adventure! After all, it is the best way to experience a new city the way that a local would.

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Things To Do Alone In Munich:

  • The first thing you should do when you are visiting Munich alone is head to , the main city center. You will notice the unique style of Bavarian culture in this amazing historical location. You shouldnt miss Hofbrauaus, a traditional beer hall where Hitler gave his first speech.
  • Visit the Dachau Concentration Camp, one of the first concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Its located just outside of Munich and can be accessed by Munich transit.
  • There are many museums in Munich to visit. Deutsches Museum is the biggest natural science museum in Europe, a perfect museum if you are a Science student. BMW Headquarters and Museum is a must-see for any car enthusiasts.
  • Germany has some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. If you visit in winter, you must explore any of these Christmas markets Munich, Cologne or Nuremberg.


Safety Measures For Travellers In Europe

Solo Girl in Europe | Solo Travel Tips | Guide to Solo Travel | Need to Know | Bagpacking

Safety should always be on your mind when planning a new trip, especially when you want to visit a new country or even a continent, like, lets say, Europe.

While Europe is pretty safe for the most part, its always better to be safe than sorry. Even more when you think about travelling to Europe after a worldwide pandemic shook the entire travel industry.

Check out these travel precautions you need to take during a pandemic.

I also recommend using Colibra, where you can register your boarding pass before your flight and you will get money in case your flight gets delayed or cancelled.

In addition to all safety and health measures you know from back home, I would like to point out a few extra safety measures, to keep in mind.

  • Always tell someone from back home where you are when youre boarding a plane or train. Tell them where youre staying.
  • Watch your stuff. While Europe is a rather safe place, the crowded and touristic spots are full of pickpockets.
  • Be wary of anyone if offering something for free. It might be legit, but it can also be a scam. Use your better judgement. Scammers always target foreigners.
  • Use common sense when engaging with a stranger. If something seems off, it probably is. Tell them youre waiting for your partner to get off the hook.
  • Dont stay in large crowds for longer than necessary.
  • Keep your money and passport safe at all times.
  • Always do your research and try not to end in a notoriously bad neighbourhood.

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Is Solo Female Travel In Europe Safe

A major hesitation for women travelling alone is concerns around personal safety. This is why Europe is such a great place for a first time solo female traveller: its the safest continent in the world, and youll likely meet lots of other women travelling alone.

Like anywhere, there are things you can do to prevent problems and minimise risk to yourself and your belongings. But with a bit of common sense and forward planning, you have nothing to fear. Top safety tips include: booking your airport transfer or taxi in advance rather than jumping into one when youre tired from a long journey only ever carry a small amount of cash and keeping an emergency credit card in your sock getting into the habit of updating one or two people from home on your whereabouts and giving them the number of your hostel in case of emergencies and trust your instinct about strangers.

Some people dont know this, but theres actually an EU-wide emergency services number you can call, rather than trying to memorise a new number for every country. The number is 112 and will connect you to police, ambulance or fire brigade in any given country.

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First Time Traveling Alone In Europe

If youre completely new to international travel, I recommend starting somewhere on the easier side. I encourage first-timers to visit countries where English is widely spoken , where there is good infrastructure, and where its easy to have a lot of fun.

Scotland. Anywhere in Britain is a great place to start, but I have a special place in my heart for Scotland. Its home to some of the most majestic landscapes in Europe, the people are kind and welcoming , and Edinburgh is a fairy tale come to life.

Iceland. Everyone speaks English and the country has extremely well-developed tourism infrastructure, including lots of tours good for solo travelers. Its a great first trip. However, do know that Iceland is experiencing overtourism issues you may want to venture out into less-visited areas in Iceland or head somewhere like Norway instead.

Ireland. Home to the friendliest people on the planet, full of stories and music. The scenery isnt too shabby, either. Ireland is a great place for a solo road trip, for adventure activities, for admiring the beautiful small towns, and for getting to know the locals.

The Netherlands. English is universally spoken here, the transportation network is outstanding, and warm stroopwafels and Gouda cheese are served in every market. Most tourists drop into Amsterdam and then leave but artsy Rotterdam, beachy The Hague, and storybook-like Delft are worth exploring. I love their design sensibility.

How To Meet Others While Traveling Solo In Europe:

14 Best European Destinations for Solo Travel

Europe draws a lot of solo travelers because of the reasons weâve pointed out before: Itâs compact, easy to get around, and famous all over the world for its amazing art, cathedrals, food, and mix of cultures. Its also generally an easy place to travel through and has a great hostel culture.

  • If you are traveling by yourself, strangers will ask, Are you traveling alone?â, followed by an invitation to the pub/cafe/party. Because youâre alone, locals will be more likely to take you under their wing and offer to show you around. Plus, itâs much easier to accommodate one guest than it is two or three.
  • Stay in hostels or couch surf. You will save money And meet people. Before staying in a hostel, I check on sites like to see if it has a common area or throws parties, both of which bode well for meeting others. As for couch surfing, pick people with lots of reviews, or attend the meetings without actually staying with anyone first. Keep in mind that the European backpacking crowd tends to skew younger. If youâre staying in hostels, prepare to meet a lot of study abroad students.
  • Some solo female travelers I know used Tinder to meet up with others, even platonically. Just be upfront about exactly what youre looking for before meeting up.

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Taking It Slow Here Are Some Tips:

  • Carve out a smaller territory to cover. Rather than trying to cover too much of Europe, go to Italy or France or Germany: just choose one. You can also choose to stay for a time in a particular area of one of those countries. To travel slow, keep the scope of your travels under control.
  • Stay in one of the smaller cities. It is easier to experience the local culture in smaller cities and towns where it isn’t drowned out by a tourist culture. It is also less expensive. Consider hub and spoke travel, where you stay in one place but visit others. For example, from Bologna I visited a number of small towns in the region as well as Florence and Venice.
  • Travel between small cities. Rather than booking a Eurail Pass, buy tickets and travel on the less expensive regional trains. There’s no need to book these in advance but if you plan to use the faster, intercity trains, booking in advance makes good sense.

Month Travel Itinerary For Europe: Southern Gems

1.Lisbon, Portugal, 2.Porto, Portugal, 3.Madrid, Spain, 4.Barcelona, Spain, 5.Nice, France, 6.Milan, Italy, 7.Florence, Italy, 8.Venice, Italy, 9.Florence, Italy, 10.Rome, Italy

One month is the ideal backpacking trip for first-timers in Europe.

Youll have time to explore a few cities and countries. In this itinerary, were diving into Southern Europe.

Start your trip in Lisbon, Portugals capital and maybe one of the liveliest cities in Europe. Take trips to Sintra and Porto. Sintra can be done as a day trip whereas visiting Porto warrants at least a nights stay.

Next, cross the border to Spain to explore Madrid. From the Spanish capital, finding onwards transportation to Barcelona is super easy.

From Barcelona, cross over to France and spend a couple of days on the French Riviera. You could also do a lil side trip to Monaco to gawk at the rich& richer. But just a warning this area is expensive as hell!

Next up, we head to Italy where youll spend the rest of your trip. First, explore the fashion capital Milan then the floating city Venice then the ultra-beautiful Florence.

Lastly, end your trip in a highlight with a stay in Rome.

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Solo Travel To Ireland And The Uk

If youre coming from an anglophone culture, the US, parts of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and a few others, coming to Europe for the first time will definitely be a discovery but by starting with the UK or Ireland, you at least wont have a language issue. Also, there are many settlers from the UK and Ireland in what were once British colonies so the culture will to a certain extent be familiar, even if the accents arent.

When you travel Europe solo, the level of familiarity of these countries will increase your comfort and safety level. There is an excellent network of public transport throughout, including low-cost flights that can fly you from city to city.

Some large and attractive cities will keep you busy with great food, superb history, interesting bookshops and culture I dont know the region half as well as I should and while I have visited London, I have yet to write about this incredible city.

Outside England, here are two particularly noteworthy cities, ideal for the female solo traveler:

Best Places For Solo Travel In Europe: Countries

My Solo Travel Vlog -Traveling Alone Through Europe!

The eagle-eyed amongst you may be wondering why destinations in Italy, Spain and Portugal do not feature on this list of the best places to travel alone in Europe.

This is not because they are not great destinations for the solo traveller they are! but because it was impossible to narrow the choice down to one or two destinations in each of these countries.

Solo traveller destinations in Italy, Spain and Portugal, therefore, deserve articles in their own right. But heres why you should put these countries at the top of your destination list as a solo traveller.

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Things To Do Alone In Amsterdam:

  • Getting lost in Amsterdams museums is a good choice for solo travelers. Among all the significant museums I will highly recommend buying a ticket for Van Goghs museum and get a chance to see hundreds of paintings, drawings and letters by the Dutch master.
  • The best way to explore Amsterdam is to rent a bike and tour along the beautiful cobbled streets and visit the local sightseeing at your own pace.
  • While traveling in Amsterdam dont miss a scenic canal cruise by night. Discover the city with hundreds of bridges and iconic buildings along the canals.
  • A day in Amsterdam is incomplete without if you dont experience the popular nightlife scene of the city. Buy a ticket and enjoy free entry to 16 clubs with a free welcome drink.
  • Dont miss the famous walking tour in the Red Ligh District area of Amsterdam and explore the sinful streets, old churches, and new markets.

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