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Can You Skydive Solo Your First Jump

Skydiving Requirements To Be A Licensed Skydiver

I went solo skydiving on my 4th jump. Unbelievable!
  • There are 7 jumps in the AFF part of the program
  • You need to make 18 additional skydives to complete the jump number requirements for the A-license
  • Freefall and canopy skill requirements for the A-License and coach jumps are necessary for an A-license
  • Once youve completed all 25 jumps and passed the requirements and test, you can then receive your A license to jump on your own, thats when your jump tickets become cheaper too!

Can A Beginner Skydive By Themselves

Most of the new skydivers we encounter ask us, Can I skydive by myself?

Unfortunately, no. First-time skydivers are typically strapped to a certified tandem jump instructor during their descent.

This means you also cant tandem skydive with a friend of yours unless that friend is a licensed skydiving instructor who is a certified tandem instructor.

Can I Skydive Alone My First Time

The usual way a first-time skydive works is that youll pre-book a tandem dive this is mainly because its the cheapest and quickest option to get you up and out of a plane.

There are a number of benefits to taking a tandem skydive over a solo first-time dive:

  • You only need a quick 30-minute safety brief compared to a full day of training.
  • Theres less for you to do so that you can enjoy the experience more you dont have to worry about pulling the parachute, holding the correct position in the air, landing, etc.
  • Then theres the cost if you only ever intend to jump once, or maybe a handful of times in your life, a tandem is the most cost-effective way to do it.

But what if you dont want to jump tandem? Well, yes, you can skydive on your own the very first time.

To jump solo on your first skydive, youll have to be signed up to an AFF Accelerated Freefall skydiving course. Unfortunately, signing up for a full course like this can cost a few thousand bucks.

You will, however, be with two instructors holding you throughout freefall. This is purely for your safety so you can keep the correct position theyll also be talking to you all the way down, giving you further instruction.

Only once youve completed 25 instructor accompanied jumps and theyre happy with your progress, will you be deemed as ready to apply and be eligible for your USPA A license.

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Aff First Jump Course Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Maximum weight limit is 240 lbs.
  • Must have good understanding of English.
  • Some medical conditions may require a doctors note.
  • Any prior shoulder dislocations require written permission from your doctor.
  • Must bring valid government issued photo ID showing your date of birth.
  • AFF students height must be proportional to their weight. Students weighing over 220lbs must call us to make their reservation.

Your Aff Skydiving Questions Answered

Can You Skydive Solo Your First Jump

Theres nothing we love more than sharing our incredible sport with the world. We would be honored to support you on your skydiving journey as you learn how to fly solo!

If youve completed a tandem jump, you can enroll in our . The course requirements are specific, but you can complete the curriculum at the pace that suits you.

A lot of the details you became acquainted with during your tandem experience apply to your preparation process for AFF, but some things are a bit different. Spend some time with our AFF skydiving FAQs and, of course, reach out if you have questions beyond these listed here or youre ready to enroll.

We cant wait to welcome you into the World Skydiving Center community!

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What You Can Expect On Your First Jump

After reaching the desired altitude , it is time to freefall with your two instructors who will grasp your harness on each side. Upon exiting the aircraft, you will quickly accelerate to over 120 miles per hour for up to 60 seconds in freefall! You will then pull the deployment handle and enjoy a breathtaking five-minute flight under your own parachute. Yes, these parachutes truly fly, allowing you to steer your parachute during your descent. We will help you guide your parachute via radio communication and control commands for a safe landing. After the skydive, you will be critiqued and given a First Jump Certificate and a skydiving logbook. As you pass to the next learning level, your instructor will outline the next lesson plan and explain the new objectives.

For more info, see our student FAQs

How To Skydive Solo

At Skydive Orange, we offer a United States Parachute Association endorsed program known as Accelerated Free Fall . After a 6-8-hour first jump course, during which you will receive a thorough ground training to fully prepare you to take flight, you will complete your first solo skydive.

On your first solo skydive, you will be provided with two highly-rated skydiving instructors. These instructors will hold on to you in freefall however, you are not attached to them. On your first solo skydive with your instructors, you will have the responsibility of deploying your own parachute and landing it.

After completing the required number of skydives in your training progression, you will be cleared for self-supervision and can skydive completely solo! Though, skydiving by yourself is just the beginning. Once you receive your skydiving license, you will be cleared to jump with other licensed jumpers. Trust us, you will find its a whole lot of fun skydiving with others.

Take the first step on your skydiving journey, and give us a call to schedule your First Jump Course today!

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Does It Require Training

No, you are not required to take training to make a tandem skydive. The day that you arrive to make your tandem, you will be given a briefing for what the tandem instructor expects from you as a passenger. It is important to listen to their instructions because they are the professional in charge of providing you with a safe and exhilarating experience.

What Happens When You Begin Tandem Before Solo Skydiving

SKY DIVING: Things you Need to Know before your First Jump || You can do it in India too || Hindi

We found students are more prepared and confident when entering the student program when theyve done a tandem skydive first. It doesnt seem like much, but there is so much more you are responsible for when solo skydiving. This first taste of flight sets up our future students for success and we can build on what they already know to solo skydiving.

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First Repeat After Me: I Can Learn This

Learning to skydive on your own is akin to learning to drive a manual car. Its a little tricky at the beginning, but as soon as you get the hang of it, youll forget about those early moments of confusion. With time and with practice, your body will maneuver in the airflow with minimal conscious input.

At the beginning, youll be getting to know the dynamics of freefall. For your initial solo skydives, youll be wearing your own gear, but youll be accompanied by trained, professional skydiving instructors even in the sky. After those training wheels are off, youll be jumping with experienced coaches. Before you know it, youll be able to skydive upside-down, with your friends, while spinning around like youre all on an enormous dance floor.

It happens faster than you think, and the more you do it, the better youll get at it. Thousands upon thousands of other skydivers have already trodden this path. Trust the process.

How Long Is The Jump Itself

Our Super Grand Caravan aircraft will take you to a jump altitude of between 10,000 and 13,000 feet above the ground. You and your instructors will exit the plane and freefall for almost a full minute, falling for over a mile through the sky. Your instructors will release you as the parachute is opening, and then youll spend about five minutes flying your own parachute down to the ground.

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May What To Expect On Your First Solo Skydive

Your first non-tandem jump can be intimidating. Youve been working up to that first jump on your own, without anyone attached you, and now youre finally there youve been cleared for solo status. Youre responsible for yourself. Youll actually have to know things. Youll actually have to remember your training that includes the critical safety knowledge that could save your life, if needed.

So whats all involved with that first jump, exactly? This post will tell you exactly that. If youre wondering what your first jump will be like with your own parachute, read on.

The prerequisites

Before you can schedule your AFP Level 1 jump, you have to have completed and passed the First Jump Course with instructor sign-off.

Pre-jump brief and gear-up

The day has arrived! Youre pumped/nervous/terrified/stoked/< insert a lot of other emotions here> ! Before you get on the plane, however, theres essentially a Pre-Jump Checklist of items to review for each AFP level.

Following your pre-jump brief, you will gear up using a parachute, helmet, altimeter, jumpsuit, and goggles from the dropzone. Your instructor will also provide a radio to talk you through your landing pattern, if needed. After a gear check, youll start heading to the plane!

In the plane


With the instructor holding on, the student should complete the following objectives:

Canopy flight and landing

Post-jump debrief

A couple extra things to know:

Blue Skies,

Benefits Of Solo Skydiving

Can You Skydive Alone for Your First

Solo skydiving in our opinion is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences there is! Mastering a skill like no other builds confidence youll notice a pep in your step and lingering conversations about this great sport. And youll create a wonderful community of like-minded people from all walks of life!

If youre ready or youd like to more about our solo skydiving program, click HERE.

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Why Do You Tandem Skydive For Your First Time

We know, being attached to someone isnt some peoples cup of tea, and others would have it no other way. At Oklahoma Skydiving Center, we believe that the tandem skydive helps prepare students for the solo skydiving experience to come. Heres why:

  • It gives students the opportunity to experience the etiquette of how to be around airplanes,
  • How to board the airplane
  • Experience approaching the open door of the plane and the rush of jumping out
  • Familiarize students with the freefall experience and procedures
  • Familiarize students with the parachute opening, flying and landing procedures
  • Helps students familiarize themselves with what things look like from the parachute to prepare to land the parachute on their own
  • Finally its the experience that is a defining moment for some they either discover that perhaps solo skydiving isnt for them, and others discover that theyre ready to progress through the solo skydiving student program. Its better to learn this on tandem, investing less time in training and preparation, than on your first solo skydive.

Sunday February 5 2017

Gosh, do we ever know that feeling!

For first-time and beginning skydivers who have just fallen in love with the sport via a tandem jump, waiting for that first solo moment is just excruciating. Sure, your tandem instructor did a great job introducing you safely and thoroughly to the art and science of skydiving, but you long for independence.

You long to put own your own parachute and walk yourself to the plane and sport your own gear and stand in the door on your very own. You know thats where youre headedyou just, in the words of the foot-stomping Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, want it NOW.

We get it. So heres our informational love letter to our students who are jumping out of their own skins to jump, by themselves, out of our airplane. Skydiving independence is a three-part process: Jump number one, self-supervision, and the successful earning of an A-license.

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Step : License To Shred

Once you earn your A license, you can start to jump with all other licensed skydivers and continue to learn all the other fun parts of this sport!

There are many different disciplines including RW, freefly, wingsuit, CREW, swooping, XRW, and more! You will learn all about these as you progress and find what paths you want to pursue.

For more information on the United States Parachute Association , .

Solo Skydiving In Wisconsin Instructor Assisted Deployment

How to Overcome your Fear of Skydiving as a Skydiver

Instructor Assisted Deployment is a Solo training method that opens your parachute almost immediately upon leaving the aircraft . You are never attached to the plane and the deployment sequence is identical to the way experienced skydivers open their own parachutes. This thrilling, solo, ‘do it by yourself’ method is also a way to train to become a licensed skydiver. Well over half of our students choose the IAD jump, even if they want to only jump once.

Classes are held on various Saturdays , late-April through early-October. The class starts at 8 a.m., rain or shine. You’ll be jumping in the afternoon , weather permitting, so plan on spending the whole day. Radio contact assists you in landing your parachute safely . GoPro video footage of your exit is available for purchase so that you can remember your jump for years to come. Train and jump on the same day.

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Check Out The List Of Uspa Member Dropzones In Florida And Have A Great Jump

Can you skydive solo first time. In this guide you. Nobody gets it right the first time. You ve done your tandem and now you re ready to become a solo skydiver. If you re wondering what your first jump will be like with your own parachute read on.

The course begins every saturday registration at 9 am with a 3 to 5 hour training program completed in classroom. We hope these skydiving tips help you get the most out of your first time skydiving experience. Other patron s land from their first tandem skydive filled with joy and adrenaline ready and raring to go and cannot wait for more. If you d prefer to jump solo this option is also available to you via our two skydive training courses.

Here at skydive tecumseh we welcome first time jumpers from michigan ann arbor detroit and further afield and offer the highest tandem skydive in the us. Sign up to start your journey into the most rewarding and fulfilling sport. Skydive toronto inc s solo first jump course is the program where you can accomplish the skydive all by yourself whether it is your first jump or a subsequent. Before you can schedule your afp level 1 jump you have to have completed and passed the first jump course aka ground training with.

If you re going skydiving for the first time there are a handful of things you need to know before you jump out of the plane.

How Many Tandem Jumps Before Solo Skydiving

Becoming a fully-fledged solo skydiver is a great achievement. By completing your skydiver training and gaining your skydiver license, you open up a whole world of opportunities. At Skydive California, we recommend one tandem jump prior to going solo, so you can get a sense of whats to come, then its off to solo!

In our Accelerated Freefall program , you will begin with an extensive 4-6 hour class and begin your solo category jumps. Once you complete each category, you will be cleared to solo status. However, you will need 25 total jumps before you earn your A License and become a certified skydiver.

Learning to fly with other people, adopting different body positions, becoming an advanced parachute pilot, learning to be a skydiving instructor yourself all of this becomes available to you once you qualify as a solo jumper.

To help you on your journey to becoming a solo skydiver, heres a bit more information on what you need to do

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Can You Skydive By Yourself The First Time

If you want to know if you can skydive solo on your first jump, were going to assume that you already completed your mandatory training. Without your training, you will not be able to legally skydive. You should have at least trained in a certified skydiving program before your first jump. However, it is not always mandatory. Still, if you have not completed your training, you probably will not be able to jump. Completing a skydiving training course will prove that you are able to jump if instructors question your ability.

Now, we can answer the question about skydiving solo on your first jump. Heres what you should know. You can jump solo for your first attempt. However, you might not want to do this if youre unsure about your skills. Also, if you believe that you need to gain more experience before making a solo jump, you do have options. Well discuss those options in a moment. The main thing you should remember is to complete your training before you make your first jump.

Its All About Mastery

Can You Skydive Alone for Your First

Theres even more to learning to skydive than jumping, as it turns out. Theres more to the matter than the simple number of jumps you do before you can skydive solo. The AFF experience at large includes a classroom-based ground school, eight levels of mastery and a few more supervised jumps afterward before the youll grab the brass ring of that magical, coveted A-license.

The mastery were talking about is the mastery of skills that youll need to demonstrate on each AFF level. Your instructors evaluation of your mastery determines if you move on to the next level or repeat the one youre on. The number of jumps it takes to get to true solo depends on your technique, your focus and your determination. So, basically: Its up to you!

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