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How To Generate Solar Leads On Facebook

Are You Asking Yourself What Are The Best Tools To Build A Funnell Strategy

How To Generate Solar Leads Using Facebook Ads |

Perhaps you currently have a funnel in place, and you need to know how you can grow it. This article will inspect together some of the best tips and tools to assist our organization get leads for our business.

It is a fact that leads are the lifeblood of any business. Many people know this but few followers the concept and get into action.Get Paid To Generate Solar Leads

How to get leads for your service? Its not that hard or expensive to set up a funnel you simply require the right tools.

Youll find the most thorough list of methods to get premium leads for your service. There are 25 proven and efficient tools, techniques, and techniques that you can utilize today to grow your service. At the end of this resource, youll find 10 additional suggestions that will help you develop a list building maker for your company.

Draw In Target Audience Using A Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are generally rewards that can help you in altering your prospectives into leads. This method enables you to acquire phone numbers and email addresses by enticing your potential customers using a variety of giveaways.

Some of the giveaways , you can utilize consist of:

  • E-books
  • Unique reports
  • Checklists

With this in mind, you can produce lead magnets compelling your potential customers to supply their email addresses.

In my viewpoint, when I make a lead magnet, I typically use something I can offer to my potential customers that wont cost me that much, however at the same time has a high evaluation to them or something that can actually assist them.

How To Get Solar Leads

If youre like most professionals in the solar industry, lead generation probably isnt your favorite part of the job.

But that means you also know that without leads, the rest of the job isnt possible. The sales, the installs, the satisfied customers that only happens if you generate enough leads to close deals.

The thing is though, lead gen doesnt have to be so bad. It doesnt have to mean cold calling or having doors slammed in your face. Its 2021 after all and theres a better way. Actually, there are lots of better ways.

And not only are they more pleasant to do, but they also get better results generating leads that are actually interested in solar and ready to take the next step. In other words, leads that actually become customers.

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Generate Your Own Leads For Solar Customersfor Free

On the surface, buying leads sounds great. You simply pay someone to give you a list of leads that are just waiting for you to call them. But in reality, it doesnt work that way.

A lot of these vetted leads are not even interested in solar at all. Not to mention that cold calling is no longer a good marketing strategy to pursue. Its outdated, disruptive, and it may just annoy your prospects. Cold calling is a thing of the pastespecially considering that there are way better strategies for you to try.

According to data from Google, modern day consumers are self-navigating up to 60 percent of the sales process before they even reach out to a company or sales rep. If theyre truly interested, they do most of the work themselves. This means cold calling is not going to attract anyone who isnt already doing their own research on solar.

So your goal should be to attract the customers who are most likely to make a sale. This is also the most effective way to generate leads consistently.

While you can still buy leads if you really want to, there are better avenues for you to exploreand even better ways to spend your money if you are set on investing in lead generation.

Test Out Aurora Solar

I will generate Solar Leads Facebook Advertising and ...

In 2020, the average cost-per-click for a Facebook ad was $1.72 across all industries. In the home improvement industry, however, the average cost-per-click was nearly double at $2.93.

With digital marketing becoming increasingly expensive and the cost to purchase leads continuing to rise, solar installers need to think about how to do marketing smarter, not harder.

To get some ideas on how solar installers can improve their lead generation, we invited four lead-gen experts to share their insights at our EMPOWER2020 summit.

You can watch their full discussion on-demand here, Lead Generation: From Door Knocking to Digital, but here is a summary of the 4 main lead-building practices from the session:

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Whats Your True Cost Per Close

Most installers who are trying to grow their sales teams need to buy high-quality solar leads at a reasonable cost. So, whats considered reasonable?

Most installers in competitive solar markets, like the Northeast and California, are trying to get their cost per close under $1500 per close. Installers in emerging solar markets, like Florida, Colorado, and Texas, are usually aiming for $800 – $1,300.

Savvy sales organizations that track their solar lead processing measure not just their cost per close, but also the amount of sales rep time it takes to get to each close. Theres a big difference between needing to process through 50 leads to get a deal versus getting a close after 15 leads, both in terms of what it costs financially and in terms of your available bandwidth as an organization.

If you have a small team with under 20 sales reps, every minute counts. You want your reps to be spending as much time in conversations with actual prospects, whether that be via phone, text, email, or in person. That means incorporating software to help with contacting leads and measuring activities, as well as working with solar lead companies that have a good screening process in place, so you dont have to sift through 49 leads to get to that one closed deal.

Propertyradar Mobile App As Your Field Sales Software Tool

A truly comprehensive data platformâs usefulness doesnât end with just giving you valuable information, essential though that is. The most useful data platforms enable team members to instantly add their own insights and information — especially when theyâre out in the field working, meeting prospects, and evaluating potential projects.

Such on-the-fly situations require solar professionals to capture and save images, notes, and other file types so that every piece of data can be integrated — either in the moment or back at the office — into a perfectly individualized marketing funnel. Learn more about how PropertyRadar’s mobile app makes the perfect field sales software tool for solar installers here.

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Pro Tip: No Landing Pages

Dont drive people to a landing page, this will decrease conversion rates because youre creating an extra step. Use Facebook forms instead, and drive the submissions to your CRM. Make sure youre asking questions that people actually have to fill out. Dont use auto populated questions exclusively, because this will result in invalid leads.

Use An Efficient Solar Sales Tool

How to generate unlimited solar leads running Facebook Ads

Our favorite way to find organic leads is by using a good sales tool. Open Google Maps. Pick a street in your area, and identify the houses facing south. Use street view to find the addresses, and enter that information into a reverse look up engine to acquire contact information – and are good options.

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Pro Tip: Work On Your Offer

Work on your offer. This is the most important part of your ads. Weve noticed that almost every single PV installer is offering the same extras like tax incentives or other financing options. Try to be a little creative with this. If everyone is offering the same benefits, leads dont care where they buy. Go for like a coupon towards Home Depot, since people are often also improving other stuff on their house when going solar. We found that this will definitely help you generate

more leads and ultimately more sales. Even better, give people multiple options to choose from. So for example if theyre not shopping at Home Depot, give options like Lowes or Walmart. What’s the number 1 thing that people will remember about your ads? It’s the offer. “leads”, or as I’d like to call them “humans”, will only remember what’s in it for THEM. They don’t care about you. Thats the hard reality.

Send Traffic To Your Funnel

Its a term individuals utilize when they wish to bring traffic to their offer. But how do you send traffic to your funnel? There are numerous free methods to construct your list however if you desire somebody else to drive traffic to your funnels for you, then ensure you understand how to create an irresistible deal that will encourage people to register to your newsletter and pre-sell them on the offer ahead of time.Get Paid To Generate Solar Leads

Individuals, particularly newbies in the traffic generation industry, think that lead magnets are insufficient to send traffic to a funnel. However the truth is that individuals are searching for details just like your lead magnet. They likewise desire something of value prior to they decide to join your list. They want something that will inform them or to make them make a decision simple for them.

Some individuals just send out traffic straight to their landing page, however its smarter if you send your traffic to a funnel. A funnel is an enjoyable way of channeling your prospective consumers into what youre providing so they can be quickly directed into your item. Your funnel will likewise offer instant assistance and help that the customer requires so they can have a smooth conversion.Get Paid To Generate Solar Leads

Facebook Ads

Youtube Ads

Guest Blogging

Visitor blogging is the practice of releasing a post on someone elses blog to create backlinks to a website. It is among the most effective techniques for SEO.

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Follow Up On Leads With Multi

You probably wouldn’t make a major financial decision such as going solar after seeing a single flyer, text, or email. Neither would most people.

Such leads take thoughtful, dedicated nurturing in the form of carefully messaged multi-channel touches. With the above-mentioned automated marketing stack, this essential step helps develop each leadâs unique relationship with your brand. See Solar Power Worldâs how to use retargeting to increase solar sales conversions for an industry-specific guide.

How To Generate Leads For Solar Sales

What Makes A Winning Facebook Ad For Generating Solar ...
  • 7:09 pm

The solar industry is booming. Both commercial and residential solar installations have skyrocketed over the last decade. And yet generating leads is still the biggest challenge for solar companies.

The people who want renewable energy are out therebut finding them is not the easiest thing in the world, especially with the tight competition. The good news is that we know the demand is there. All you need is a proper lead generation strategy.

Some service providers are turning to lead generators to buy leads. These companies provide a steady supply of prospective buyers. But is that really the best investment?

Buying leads can be expensive, and its also not a guaranteed conversion. In the long run, this is not the most efficient way to find leads for solar sales. Instead of spending your whole marketing budget on leads, heres how you can start generating your own.

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Faqs On Generating Solar Leads:

How much do solar leads cost?

Theres a huge range in cost when it comes to buying solar leads. According to Solar Review, exclusive opt-in leads that have been through a screening process can sell for as much as $300 per lead in a competitive market like San Diego.

On the flip side, a generic lead generated by a call center in India for the same market might sell for just $25. Whats the difference? Cheap solar leads are typically generated using aggressive outbound tactics like cold calling.

While this can generate leads at a low cost, it usually results in a higher cost per close. Cheap solar leads are also minimally screened and often sold to many other solar installers at the same time. So if a lead company sells you 50 leads and you only close 1, they made most of their money selling you those other 49 leads that wasted your time.

How can I get free solar leads?

Buying solar leads isnt the only way to get leads. You can get free, high-quality solar leads using many of the strategies outlined above. Heres a quick recap:

  • Get listed on solar company directories.
  • Build a strong Instagram presence.
  • Get involved in homeowner communities and offer advice.
  • Use SMS marketing.

Get Paid To Generate Solar Leads

List Building For Company: What you require to know about creating leads. Get Paid To Generate Solar Leads

Getting leads for your service can be difficult, especially when you do not have actually a funnel established. So how can you get leads and what are the best tools to build Funnell?Get Paid To Generate Solar Leads

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Ways To Generate Solar Leads That Become Solar Sales

Itâs 2021. If youâre still trying to drum up solar leads by saturating zip codes with mailers, having your sales reps indiscriminately knock on doors and blindly cold call, youâre wasting precious time and money.

Poorly planned prospecting & marketing efforts like this lead to terrible response rates and burnt out sales reps . Not to mention you run the risk of damaging your brand.

So the question is, what exactly sets successful solar installers apart from unsuccessful ones in 2021?

One four-letter word: data.

Successful solar installers use data to find and qualify solar leads before engagement to ensure that every knock, every call, every mailer, every text & email has a higher probability of turning into a solar sale than it does a dead-end.

This smart use of data is especially pivotal right at the beginning of the sales cycle: tracking down solar leads. In-depth property information is essential to create a high-quality lead list the right property data tool not only does that but it also helps your sales team nurture their solar leads with automated, data-driven marketing all the way to the sale.

Using data to be strategic and surgical in your prospecting and marketing efforts like this is a solar sales game changer.

In this post we’re going to cover:

Find Properties By Property Type:

Facebook Leads for Solar – Generate your own Solar Leads

Selecting âSiteâ presents you with these options: Basic, Advanced, Lot Size , Zoning, and View Type.

We recommend beginning with âBasicâ…

Selecting âAdvanced Typeâ breaks the Basic type properties down into literally dozens of ways…

The ‘Advanced Type’ includes a criteria of particular interest to solar installers: roof type.

Below is a partial list of all the various roof types you can choose from:

Moreover, many of the available criteria contain sub-criteria. This means you can get even more granular in your search for the perfect prospects using:

  • Household Income
  • Education Level
  • Etc.

Now, what to do with all this information? Analyze and use it to build your business with the help of PropertyRadarâs insights:

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Property Data & Owner Info Platform

If youâre a motivated solar installer, you donât want to rely purely on passive lead generation methods like the first three in this list. While these certainly have their place in a well-developed sales strategy, depending on every single lead to contact you first is a recipe for snail-slow business.

But on the other hand, neither do you want to overspend on lead lists — especially if theyâre not as well-qualified as their lead companies claim.

Fortunately, thereâs a new and proven tech solution on the block.

For the last decade, property data software tools have made it easy for solar professionals to create, qualify, and contact their own unique lead lists using publicly available data. With a data platform like PropertyRadar you can sift through prospects in any location of your choice according to income, equity level, roof type, and nearly any other filter a solar installer could desire. Add in a quick preliminary search for sun-exposed roofs on and you have yourself the key to building solar lead lists as highly targeted as you desire.



  • These platforms are not free â usually subscription-based with additional charges for specific record types like documents, emails, and phone numbers.
  • Not for beginners. These platforms take time to explore and get used to the vast amount of data thatâs available.
  • Advanced features like integrations and automation capabilities can be intimidating. Sometimes requires 3rd party support.

Leverage Kennected & Linkedin To Generate Leads On Autopilot

Free is goodand you can definitely generate a lot of leads without spending thousands of dollarsbut isnt your time better spent working on your business?

Inbound marketing, content creation, SEO, GMB: these are all effective strategies for the long term. Do not neglect these because they will help your solar company in the future. But you wont enjoy the results today. Its a continuous effort.

So does this mean you should buy solar leads to make sales? No, because theres an even better way to invest your money.

LinkedIn automation will help you generate a steady stream of connections, meetings, and appointments, particularly if you use Kennected.

Why LinkedIn, you ask? It is the biggest platform for professionals online, with over 760 million users around the world. Its focus on building professional and business relationships means that it is an excellent source of high quality solar leads. LinkedIn users are more likely to convert compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users.

Think about it: Instagram users want to look at aesthetic pictures. Facebook users share memes and family photos. Twitter users discuss a wide range of topicsbut hardly talk about solar. LinkedIn is full of professionals, CEOs, and decision makers who are always looking for ways to improve their lives. Thats where you come in.

It also keeps your acceptance and response rates high by sending personalized follow-ups to prospects who havent responded yet. Thats the power of Kennected.

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