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Does Granite Come In Solid Colors

Quartz Is More Affordable

QUARTZ vs GRANITE | How To Choose A Countertop in 2021

Both granite and quartz are pretty expensive, much more so than other countertop materials like laminate. However, quartz has a slight edge in this category as well.

Granite countertops can run as high as $175 per square foot, once installed whereas quartz countertops dont usually go over $145. That may only seem like a $30 difference per square foot, but keep in mind that the average American kitchen has 30 square feet of countertop.

Exact prices will vary, of course , but in our example that would yield $900 in savings. Dont forget that if youre also going to use the same material in your bathrooms, quartz will continue to yield additional savings.

Also, keep in mind that granite will need to be periodically resealed. While you can do that yourself, if you have a handyman over to take care of it, hell probably need to charge at least a few hundred dollars to make the job worthwhile.

White Cabinets With Black Counters

Its my personal preference to have light colored cabinets with darker granite on top. Its what we did in our kitchen when we remodeled it in 2017. We explored a few different options for the worktops including soapstone and quartz, but in the end we chose a darker granite because its a natural material thats really easy to take care of.

Where Do Quartz And Granite Come From

Granite is essentially a molten-lava cocktail that has cooled and hardened over time, leaving behind a rock made of quartz chips, feldspar, and other minerals that give it unique colors, depending on the location.

Over time, it was pushed up near the surface of the earth, where it can be mined today in locations around the world. In short, granite is a real stone that has to be mined out of the earth, cut to size, then shipped.

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earths crust , but quartz countertops are not mined out of the earth. True, there are certain stones like quartz arenite that contain a large percentage of quartz chips.

But actually, quartz countertops are man-made by combing quartz chips with polymers and resins , creating a uniform slab that can be made with specific colors, striations, textures, and sizes.

Now that you know about what each one is and where it comes from, the question remains.

Quartz or granite?

Either one is considered a higher-end option in the world of home materials, but as a homeowner, you want to pick the option that looks the best, is the most affordable, and requires the least maintenanceto name a few factors.

Here are 10 surprising reasons why quartz countertops are superior to granite.

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White Quartz Prep Kitchen Counters

Quartz is a fantastic countertop material for a prep kitchen. Since quartz is more resistant to stains and scratches it makes sense to use it somewhere thatll see some wear and tear. Quartz is also a bit better with bacterial issues because there are no pores for viruses or bacteria to hide in. Although its still recommended to clean your countertop with antibacterial soap after working with meats.

White granite pantry countertops with white cabinets. Hardwood flooring.

Rustic Kitchen With Granite Countertops

Granite vs. Quartz Countertops: Pros &  Cons

This beautiful rustic kitchen design needs an appropriate countertop. Real stone granite with a deep, swirling grain just feels right. The warm cream color works nicely with the rich wood cabinets and real stone wall featuring a built in pizza oven.

If your comparing quartz vs granite for a rustic kitchen design like this then the choice is clear. Real stone works best with all the other natural elements throughout the room.

Black granite countertops with cool cream cabinets and a marble backsplash. Small green counter plants are a nice finishing touch.

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How Much Choice Do I Have In Choosing Granite Colors

Granite is natural and not available in every color of the rainbow. However, there still are a variety of granite countertop options to choose from. You can look at a wide variety online or even order a sample. Because of the cost of shipping such a heavy material, you may want to look in person.

There are many marble, quartz, and granite warehouses and showrooms where you can look at an array of available stock.

There are even places that have wholesale granite that may allow you to buy multiple pieces to get a discount. You can get quite a few pieces to match throughout your kitchen and bathrooms. Some of these places even sell pieces that were mistakenly cut, similar to an oops rack at Home Depot.

Wholesale or discounted granite can significantly cut your price per square foot from $100-200 to $75-100. However, it will limit your available colors even further, and you may not have much of a choice. Therefore, if youre going this route, you should pick your cabinets afterward.

Solid Gray Quartz Kitchen Counters

Solid gray quartz kitchen countertops with white cabinets and blue center island. Shaker style. Dark gray subway backsplash tiles. White porcelain sink and stainless steel appliances.

Cream kitchen cabinets with cream and brown granite countertops. Natural tan stone flooring tiles and subway backsplash.

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Granite Countertops & Radon Gas

You may have heard that granite is dangerous to use as a countertop because it emits radon gas. Radon is a colorless and odorless radioactive gas thats produced by the breakdown of decaying uranium. Because granite has trace amounts of radioactive materials in it people assume that can be dangerous if you bring it into the home. But it isnt. Granite has the same amount as any other natural stone and the soil in your backyard.

There is such a minute amount of radioactive material in granite that it poses no threat to people. Even if some tiny amount of radon gas is released as the radioactive materials in the stone decay, the released gas mixes with the air and is diluted to such weak levels that it poses no threat to humans or animals. Even small children arent in any danger. Granite is used in tens of millions of homes and its not poisoning people.

This is all misinformation. Granite is essentially just a big rock thats been cut and polished and is perfectly safe to use in your home.

Quartz kitchen countertops with marbling designed to look like real marble.

Granite Colors Patterns And Finishes

Where does Granite actually come from

HomeGranite Colors, Patterns, and Finishes

A granite countertop can be found in almost any color including White River Granite , Bordeaux Granite , New Venetian Gold , brown countertops, blue countertops, and even black granite kitchen counters. Choosing a color can be difficult with so many choices! If have a favorite decorative item, you can highlight the color in your counters. You can also accent a specific part of your kitchen like the stainless steel refrigerator or copper faucet, in the color of the granite.

Granite counters come in three basic patterns: solid, marbled, and speckled. Solid colored slabs maintain one similar look overall. This is a good option for small kitchens where busy-looking surfaces might make a room feel smaller. Marbled granite looks like marble. It has a smooth transition between color and texture that runs throughout the stone. With this pattern choice, granite can have luxurious look that is similar to marble. Speckled granite has a lot of variation in color and texture. It provides dramatic visual interest and it great for accenting simple cabinets and stainless-steel appliances.

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Disadvantages Of White Granite Countertops

Like all other types of granite, white granite is heavy, difficult to install, and quite expensive. Besides, every slab is slightly different in color and patterns from the others, so your granite countertops can never have a consistent, uniform look. Here are some specific reasons to be cautious about white granite, in particular:

  • White granite is quite porous and requires regular sealing
  • Some white granites contain iron and can oxidize or rust easily when placed near wet areas
  • Stains are clearly visible on the white surface, which makes white granite countertops maintenance somewhat more difficult when compared to other types of granite.

Now that you are familiar with the general pros and cons of white granite countertops, you may want to take a closer look at the specifics of the different types of white granite.

White granite works well with all kids of designs and colors, so it will match the rest of your interior decor perfectly.

Is White Granite Hard To Maintain

The answer is no. White granite kitchen countertops are easy to maintain, as long as you keep up with your cleaning routine. Follow these tips to care for your countertops:

  • Wipe up crumbs and debris every day: Clean the grime off your white granite countertops with hot water and a sponge or cloth. It helps to clean them at the end of each day to avoid debris buildup. Aside from this routine cleaning, its also best to wipe up spills as soon as you notice them.
  • Deep clean once a week: Move the small appliances and dish racks you may have on your white granite countertops to get rid of hidden grime. You can use mild detergent and warm water to clean up this residue.
  • Polish once a month: Use a granite polisher once a month to restore your white granite countertops shine.
  • Test the seal once a year: Depending on your specific product, you may want to seal your white granite countertops each year to improve their resistance to moisture, heat and wear.

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What Is Black Granite

The category of black granite includes stone that is both granite and other similar materials. These similar stones can include basalt, gabbro and diabese, as well as many others. Despite being different types of stone, each share very similar characteristics to granite, and because of that, they are labeled as black granite.

When considering black granite, you should make note of the pros and cons associated with the material. These include:


Blue Granite: A Versatile Countertop

Ruined Corian Countertops? Think Again!

Valued for the beauty of its patterns, blue granite doesn’t disappoint. Its patterns are divided into two categories: homogeneous and veined. Homogenous means the granite’s minerals are evenly distributed to create a uniform pattern while veined means the minerals form swirls in the stone.

Most blue granites have blue and black bases. But some have gray, white, and brown bases. Their overall appearance can range from a navy blue that almost looks black to a light silvery blue. Such a color range allows blue granite to pair well with many cabinet colors. For example, a light blue-gray can look stunning with white cabinets in a contemporary or farmhouse-style kitchen.

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Do Granite Countertops Come In Solid Colors

Do Granite Countertops Come In Solid Colors – These man made corian countertops can come in various colors and patterns depending on what youre looking for. Some of the most popular granite colors for kitchen countertops include: Our kitchen and bathroom design experts offer the best customer support experience. 5 granite colors that go perfectly with white cabinetry. Do Granite Countertops Come In Solid Colors The typical white granite kitchen countertops have white bedrock but they also feature a wealth of shades, spots, flecks, and hues in other colors like gray, red, brown, and other throughout their surface. Despite this, there are three main trends.

Do Granite Countertops Come In Solid Colors – River white granite is also known as valley white and comes from india mines. Despite this, there are three main trends. Solid surface countertops can range from anywhere from $35 and beyond, while granite countertops are generally expensive with prices starting from $65 per sq ft and above depending on the design. Selecting a solid surface countertop for your kitchen.

White kitchen with river white granite countertops. Some of the most popular granite colors for kitchen countertops include: We provide quality, custom granite countertops for prices that are very affordable. The veins, swirls, and colors of each slab are utterly different, so your countertops will be utterly unique.

White Cabinets& White Countertops

Colonial, Alaska, and Andromeda White are effective options if youre following the white cabinets with white counters look. A kitchen anchored by these granite stones naturally reflects light and looks larger. Andromeda white granite looks most like marble and is a wonderful replacement if you desire the look of marble without the maintenance. Alaska and Colonial granite have darker patterns that invigorate monotone spaces.

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Cons Of Using Granite

While granite is a very popular countertop material that has almost all pros, there are still a few Cons that we should discuss.

  • If you need a very large countertop then it can be hard to find a single slab thatll work. Generally granite is laid in pieces with a seam.
  • Granite, like all natural stones, is absorbent. If your granite countertops arent properly sealed then it could absorb oils or liquids which can result in stains. Granite can also hold bacteria or viruses inside its pores. Sealing granite properly is very important and will need to be redone as needed.
  • Granite countertops are very durable but can sometimes crack along a vein. Especially toward the edges where theres some overhang.
  • Granite can have a lot of variation in the color and veining. This is why its so important to pick the exact slab youll be using for your countertop. If you choose a color from a small sample then be prepared, the real slab can vary quite a bit.
  • Maintenance. Although having to seal your countertops isnt that big of a deal, many homeowners want absolutely no maintenance whatsoever.

Some Granite is Dyed: Always ask whether or not the granite youre considering is dyed. This is very common with black granite. Stay away from dyed granite because, over time, its color may fade or become blotchy. This is especially common in areas that get wet or cleaned often. Quartz ill always retain its color because the pigmentation is consistent throughout the material.

Are Granite Countertops Out Of Style New Rivals Challenge A Classic

Blue Pearl Epoxy | Stone Coat Countertops

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You cant tune into a single HGTV show without hearing house hunters ogle over beautiful granite countertops in the kitchen or bath. For decades, the natural stone material has been the poster child for home luxury. In fact, according to the Builder Practices Survey in 2016, 64% of new homes were built with granite countertops.

But lately, there have been rumblings that granites days as the counter king are numbered. With solid-surface options and other natural materials riding a trend wave, could the granite craze be gone for good or is its appeal just as strong as the stone itself?

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What Is The Most Popular Granite Edge

Granite can be given a number of edge profiles, including bullnose, round, bevel, Ogee, and waterfall. The type of edge chosen will depend on the look you want to create with your kitchen or bathroom granite countertops.

The most popular granite edge is the quarter round and the quarter bevel. A quarter round edge profile has a slight curve that works great in kitchens and bathrooms. Conversely, a quarter bevel edge profile has an angled edge.

Both of these edge profiles are typically included in the price of a granite countertop installation. Other edge profiles like Ogee and waterfall are not included in the price and will increase installation costs. Therefore, most homeowners opt for quarter round or quarter bevel because they are typically free edges.

How To Install Granite Countertops

Cutting granite can be time consuming and dangerous. We recommend leaving the job to professional granite installers.

Alternatively, if you are a big DYI person you can learn how to install granite countertops yourself. We have provided a video below so you can see what youre up against:

As Im sure you can see by this video, installing our own granite countertops may not be for you. But if you are considering, keep in mind the granite edges are the toughest part of the project. Cutting granite is one thing but, getting the granite countertop edges to look nice and line up is skill I personally will leave to the professionals.

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White Marble Quartz Kitchen Counters

Gray and white is a very popular kitchen color scheme and marble is the counter material of choice. But there are serious issues with using real marble in the kitchen. Luckily quartz manufacturers are doing a great job of faking it. These counters look almost indistinguishable from the real thing but offer much better durability and stain resistance.

Cream and brown granite countertops in a beautiful open floor plan kitchen. Stainless steel dual spout beer tap.

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