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How Much Does Solar Cost In Az

Does My Solar Array Come With A Warranty

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Arizona?

Solar panels come with a 25 year manufacturer warranty that covers product and performance. These vary by manufacturer. Homeowners interested in additional protection and savings can enroll in Palmetto Protect and earn quick access to energy monitoring, dedicated customer support, exclusive discounts, and best-in-class maintenance services.

Average Cost Of Solar Panels In Arizona Per Square Foot

While you can install a system of any size on any home size, larger homes tend to have higher energy needs than smaller homes. For this reason, larger homes tend to require larger solar panel systems and have higher installation costs. However, there can be a wide range of costs for homes of varying sizes. You may not want to install a system that can handle all your needs, focusing on powering specific things. You can also have higher-than-average energy needs and want to cover them, plus have surplus for future energy growth. This means that while a larger home generally has higher costs than a smaller home, there can be overlap between the sizes and a wide range of costs. Below are the average ranges for solar panel systems in Arizona based on different home sizes.

House Size
$12,900 – $30,360

How To Choose The Best Arizona Solar Panel Company

As with selecting any skilled contractor, the quickest way to choose the best solar panel company is by going online to sites like Solar Reviews. Check out websites to read up on customer reviews, as well as to confirm that their devices and installations meet all the requirements of the tax incentive programs.

Compare Quotes From Top-rated Solar Panel Installers

Free, No-commitment Estimates

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What Is Net Metering

Net metering, or net energy metering is a billing mechanism that enables you to send extra solar energy your solar panels generate beyond what your home can consume at the moment back into the electric grid. In return, you earn credit that you can use to offset the cost of electricity you pull from the grid in the future.

The value of the credit depends on how electricity rates and net metering policies are structured in your utility. In Arizona, the largest utilities offer an export credit.

  • Arizona Public Service : approximately 9.4 cents/kWh
  • Tucson Electric Power : approximately 7.8 cents/kWh
  • Salt River Project : approximately 2.8 cents/kWh

Learn more about net metering here

Solar Panel Installation Cost In Az By System Size In 2022

Solar Panels Cost Phoenix

The size of a solar panel system also plays a role in how much the installation will cost.

Larger solar installations will typically have a lower cost per watt, because the panels can be purchased at a bulk price. However, these larger solar systems will still have a higher total cost, because they are made up of more individual panels.

Table 2: Average cost of residential solar systems by system size
System size*

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Solar Water Heater In Arizona Cost

With the number of sunny days in Arizona, you may want to invest in a solar water heater. Solar water heaters warm the water you use throughout your home and are not connected to your solar panel system. In Arizona, solar water heater costs range from $3,000 to $9,000, which is lower than the national average cost.

Think Beyond The Solar Panel Costs

The main difference between purchasing solar panels and other purchases is that a well-installed solar system can last 25 years to 30 years. This is a long time, and you will require regular customer service during that period. As much as the cost of solar panels in Arizona is an essential factor to consider, you should also think about the reputation of the solar energy company and the quality of their customer service.

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Whats The Cost Of Solar Panels In Arizona In 2021

Arizonas endless sunshine has made solar systems an enticing proposal for property owners. Already, tens of thousands of homeowners have installed solar panels to generate electricity from them. Besides, the new financing option and falling cost of solar panels in Arizona continue to draw consumers interest.

Solar Installation Cost Calculator

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Arizona?

Compare the cost of solar installation from the top companies in Phoenix, AZ. The total amount you can save will depend on the size of your home as well as other factors. Use our fee cost guide to compare quotes in your area. If youre considering solar installation in Phoenix then expect to invest $10,003 $15,100 for smaller homes, while larger homes requiring more kilowatts will run upwards of $26,080 $58,900.

Pros of Solar

  • Protection against rising power costs

Cons of Solar

  • Take a while to recover investment
  • Cant take it with you if you move
  • Weather dependent

Solar Installation within 50 miles of these zip codes: 85003, 85004, 85006, 85007, 85008, 85009, 85012, 85013, 85014, 85015, 85017, 85019, 85020, 85021, 85022, 85023, 85024, 85027, 85029

Counties Served: Maricopa County, Pinal County, Gila County, Yavapai County

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Is Cost The Most Important Consideration When Buying Solar Panels

The initial cost is a crucial factor to consider, but whether it’s the most important for you depends on your reasons for going solar. In cities where rooftop space is limited, efficiency can trump the cost. Other factors that are important to be mindful of are the quality and durability of your solar panels.

Where Do I Start It Seems Complicated

You’re right, solar energy can feel very complex, especially if you’re researching providers, technologies, incentives, municipal requirements, permits, the list goes on. Thats why Palmetto created end-to-end solar energy solutions allowing you to plug into savings with less time and no hassle. From financing and design to installation, production monitoring, and maintenance, our dedicated Customer Experience Team is here to answer questions, address concerns, and guide you through every step of the process. Visit our product pages to learn more about Palmettos solar and storage solutions.

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What Do Solar Panels Cost And Are They Worth It

In reality, the cost of solar panel systems varies based on the size and kind of solar panels that you choose to install. The average system might cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000, depending on the configuration. However, before you dismiss that figure out of hand, consider the economic gains that will accrue after the first investment.

What Impacts The Cost Of A Solar Panel Installation

How Much Do Solar Panels Increase The Value Of Your Home Archives ...

Theres a lot that goes into the sticker price a solar installer charges you for your individual solar panel installation. Solar installations are a unique product: the price you pay is heavily dependent on your unique situation and factors related to your electricity use and property. Here are some of the top factors to keep in mind that can and do influence the cost of solar panels for your property:

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last

The first solar cells were manufactured by Bell Laboratories in the late 1950s and are still functional today. Likewise, panels installed on homes in the 1970s and 80s continue to generate power. Most solar modules today have a 25-year power output warranty and may continue to produce power well beyond that point. Homeowners interested in additional protection and savings can enroll in Palmetto Protect and earn quick access to energy monitoring, dedicated customer support, exclusive discounts, and best-in-class maintenance services.

The Overall Quality Of Solar Panel Installation

You have probably seen some solar panel installation quotes that appear too good to be true. In case you get quoted for a very cheap price, there is a good chance the solar panel installer is using low-quality equipment. So, the cheapest solar installation company isnt always the best choice. Remember, you need a reliable installer because you will be using your solar system for 25 years or more.

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Calculating The Cost Of Solar Panels For Your Specific Home In Az

Installation costs for solar will vary with your location and the size of your homes electricity bill. To be meaningful solar cost information needs to be tailored to the individual situation. If you enter your details into the solar calculator below you will get a solar cost and savings estimate and find out how much solar panels will cost for your home based on current offers from your local solar installation companies.

Who are the best solar panel installation companies in Arizona that offer the best deals on quality solar systems?

Additional Solar Panel System Costs

The cost of solar energy for Arizona homeowners

There are a few things youll want to add to your solar energy systems total cost to get the most accurate price estimate. Here are a few additional factors that will impact how much your solar panels will cost:

  • Labor costs Local labor costs for solar installation will change depending on your area and the average costs solar installers charge in your area.
  • Installing solar mounts The costs to install the racks that hold your residential solar panels will effect cost as well. There are a few options for solar mounting.
  • Installing solar inverters A solar inverter will need to be installed to transform direct current power from the panels into the alternating current you can use in your home
  • Other costs: There may also be costs for any local permit fees, inspection fees, and taxes on the solar panels.

With the fall in solar panel prices, these soft solar panel costs now constitute the bulk of what you pay when you install solar for your home.

Fortunately, as more people adopt solar power, soft costs have fallen as a resulta trend thats very likely to continue in the future. An analysis by the federal governments National Renewable Energy Laboratory discovered that installed prices have fallen at an average annual rate of 13% to 18%.

Always make sure to speak with a local solar professional to get a more accurate estimate of what your installation will cost.

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How Much Does Solar Save On Electricity

The total amount you can save will depend on the size of your home as well as other factors. But the fact remains you will certainly save money if you switch to solar power. Just how much?

Well, per year, you could be looking at a saving of over $1,400 from your electricity bill. Thats because the average energy bill for an American household is roughly $1,408 each calendar year.

That works out at a saving of over $100 every single month.

Panel Type

Tesla Roof In Arizona Cost

If you need to replace your roof before you can install solar panels or you do not love the look of solar panels on your roof, consider installing a Tesla solar roof. This is a series of photovoltaic and standard roof tiles that install over your entire roof. The appearance is seamless, unlike with traditional solar panels installed over the portion of the roof. Tiles in areas of shade or out of direct sun are standard roofing tiles, with the tiles on the south and west of the home being solar tiles.

This has a range of costs depending on your roof size and shape. Tesla roofs can also use a Powerwall battery which can increase costs by $10,000, but which can also help lower your dependency on the grid. The total average cost for installing a Tesla solar roof in Arizona ranges from $56,000 to $66,000 fully installed, with costs varying based on the size and complexity of your roof.

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Understand That Rates Can Change

Utilities in the past, including Salt River Project, have considered changing the rates on solar customers even after they have installed their systems.

If a utility decides to add new fees for solar customers, it could affect the savings in the future.

Salt River Project’s board of directors ultimately decided in 2015 not to raise rates on existing solar customers, only those who installed panels in the future. But debate was intense.

Solar companies also sometimes use high-pressure sales pitches, saying utility rates will soon increase for solar customers. They use that to persuade people to sign up today, rather than wait.

It is true that rates and policies for solar customers are changing. For example, the credit that Arizona Public Service gives customers for their surplus solar energy will be recalculated and likely reduced based on market prices in the future .

But those pending changes are never worth rushing a purchase without reviewing multiple bids.

Arizona Solar Tax Credit

AZ Solar Company

Arizona has many incentives and benefits for homeowners looking to invest in solar power. These include a solar tax credit of 25% of the installation cost up to $1,000 on your personal state tax returns. You are also eligible for the 2022 federal tax credit of 26% of the total cost of the project, which can be claimed on your taxes.

Arizona waives sales tax on solar panel installations, and they also waive property tax increases that may occur when the solar panels raise your homes value. Finally, many individual towns and cities in Arizona have local incentives. Reach out to your local municipality to find out more information on what may be available in your area.

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Want To Learn More About Solar Energy

Here at SaveOnEnergy, were your guide to everything solar energy, from checking your availability and discussing your homes needs to getting you customized options to go solar with ease. Want to talk with a human? Call our dedicated solar advisors to discuss your solar energy options. Give us a call at .

How Much Do Solar Panels Reduce Energy Costs In Sun City Az

  • HOA Admin

To estimate how much solar panels will reduce energy costs in Sun City, AZ, the following information should be considered:




A PV or photovoltaic system absorbs light from the sun and converts it into electricity via semiconductors. Once this process has been completed there are two possibilities for where all of the remaining energy will end up: heat from non-absorbed photons causes direct thermal losses while some excess photons are converted to heat via fluorescence



After considering all of the previous factors and information, we can estimate that a PV system in Sun City, AZ will reduce annual energy costs by $246/year while supplying 1,505 kWh/year. This means 2.24 tons of CO2 emissions will be offset, equivalent to 261 trees planted or 1.4 acres conserved. An average 5 kW installation should prevent 66 pounds of coal from being burned. The environmental impact should continue to grow as the system produces more energy over its lifetime.


Schedule an appointment at 244-4040.

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A Note About Pricing: Gross Vs Net Costs

Throughout this article , we usually talk about solar panel pricing in terms of gross cost, aka the cost before any solar rebates and incentives that can reduce the upfront cost of solar, or even get you some money back over time. For example, our cost per Watt figures throughout the rest of this article are always the gross cost. This is because solar rebates and incentives arent always available to everyone. Even the 26 percent federal solar tax credit isnt always available for everyone to take full advantage of you need to have enough tax liability to claim the credit.

Solar installations are a unique product just based on your state and the manufacturer of your chosen solar panels, average solar panel costs can vary widely.

How Will Solar Panels Impact How Much My Home Is Worth

Commercial Solar Panels Arizona – Cost VS Savings 2019

Installing solar panels on your home can increase the value of your property by about 4%, according to research done by Zillow. The average home value in Scottsdale is currently $506,716, so you can expect about a value of about $20,775 more than houses without a solar system. The specific figures will vary, but most experts agree that installing solar panels in Scottsdale is a rewarding investment.

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How Much Do Solar Panels Save

Switching to a solar energy system could potentially cut your energy bill by 75%. The savings you and your family see will depend greatly on where you live, what the climate is like and your particular energy needs. For instance, an average homeowner in Portland, Oregon, will see total savings of $38,000, whereas a homeowner in Los Angeles could save as much as $90,000 over 20 years.

Many solar energy companies provide a free calculator tool to help you easily estimate the cost and savings of installing solar panels on your home. Different solar calculators may estimate electricity costs in different ways. Numbers can be based on the national average, regional averages or other information you provide.

The average American electric bill is between $100 and $200 per month, and the average yearly energy cost is about $1,500. Depending on how much you pay out-of-pocket for the solar panel system, it could take five to 15 years to break even. To calculate how long it will take you to break even on savings versus the cost of your solar panels, first subtract your incentives and rebates from your costs. Divide that number by the amount you are saving on utility bills per year.

Even if your solar panels generate 100% of your electricity needs, you may still receive a utility bill. However, instead of asking for payments, you will get net metering credits for the month.

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