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Should I Get An Ein For A Sole Proprietorship

What Are The Advantages Of Having An Ein

EIN for LLC & Sole Proprietor | How to Apply for an EIN Number

Even if you are not required to use an EIN, you may want to get one anyway. One reason to do so is that using an EIN instead of your Social Security number will help you keep your personal Social Security number more private. Subsequently, the EIN can help prevent identity theft. If you already have an EIN, youll need to obtain a new one if the ownership or structure of your business change. For example, you take on partners, incorporate your business. You don need to obtain a new EIN if you change your business name or location.

Applying For A Business License

A business license and an EIN are both important when starting a new company. In many states, you can get either one first or both at the same time. Some states require a Tax ID or EIN before getting a license.

Business licenses come from cities and counties, and each can establish its own requirements. Some municipalities don’t even ask for an EIN in their license application.

States that don’t require a TIN in their license application do require a Social Security Number. Some states, like Washington, prefer to track the individuals, not businesses, to ensure responsibility. Some places require the TIN or EIN as part of the application process. They keep license information on the websites of their finance departments.

What Is An Llc

LLC stands for limited liability company.

These are legal entities formed at the state level. When you start an LLC, youll have to decide where you want to register it. For most of you, that answer is simpleyour home state will almost always be the best option.

LLCs are popular because they combine some of the positive aspects of corporations and partnerships while eliminating some drawbacks of each. Like a corporation, LLC owners and shareholders benefit from limited liability protection . LLCs also provide pass-through taxation, like a partnership.

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Do You Need A New Ein

  • Tax Exempt Bonds
  • Generally, businesses need a new EIN when their ownership or structure has changed. Although changing the name of your business does not require you to obtain a new EIN, you may wish to visit the Business Name Change page to find out what actions are required if you change the name of your business. The information below provides answers to frequently asked questions about changing your EIN. If, after reading the information below, you find that you need an EIN, please see How to Apply for an EIN.

    Foreign Nationals: Individual Taxpayer Identification Number


    For those who do not have a Social Security Number — such as nonresidents and resident aliens — they may need to apply for an individual taxpayer identification number , which is also nine digits. To apply, you’ll need to file Form W-7: IRS Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. You will be asked to provide proof of your legal resident or visitor status and will have to file it through an “Acceptance Agent” authorized by the IRS.

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    When Do You Need An Ein

    Single-member LLCs may not need an EIN. If you are the owner, manager, and director of your home-based business, you do not need an EIN. Instead, you can use your social security number . However, once you decide to hire employees, you must have an EIN.

    LLCs can choose how they want to be taxed from these options:

    • As a corporation

    LLCs choosing to be taxed as a corporation or partnership need an EIN.

    Can You Sell On Amazon As A Sole Proprietor

    Amazon allows you to sell on the marketplace, both as an individual and a registered business.

    That means you can list your product as a sole proprietor on Amazon without any issues.

    Source: Unsplash

    Sole proprietorship is a popular option among solopreneurs in the United States. Its the default business type whenever you start something as a single person.

    That lemonade stand at the corner of your street is an example of a sole proprietor business. Your freelancer friend working on Toptal is also a sole proprietor.

    Sole proprietorships are easy to set up and dont require any paperwork. Meanwhile, the profits you generate are treated as pass-through, meaning they are taxed just like regular income. As such, you must pay both income and self-employment tax as a sole trader on your earnings on Amazon.

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    Employer Identification Number For A Sole Proprietor

    A sole proprietor must have a federal Employer Identification Number if any of the following apply:

    • You have one or more employees. A sole proprietor is not an employee of his own business.
    • You file pension tax returns
    • You file excise tax returns
    • You change your form of business. For example, from a sole proprietorship to an LLC or corporation.

    Keep in mind, if you’re a sole proprietor and none of the above conditions apply to you, you can still get an EIN in your own name. In fact, doing so may be a wise decision.

    If you’re a sole proprietor and if none of the conditions in the above list applies, and you choose not to get an EIN in your own name, you can use your social security number on your federal tax forms.

    Tax Id Numbers At A Glance

    LLC vs Sole Proprietor: Which is best for YOUR business?

    A tax ID number is not required if you operate a sole proprietorship or an LLC with no employees, in which case you would simply use your own Social Security Number as a tax ID. But you must obtain an EIN if you are a sole proprietor who files pension or excise tax returns. Even partnerships without non-partner employees are required to have tax ID numbers.

    Additionally, there are certain instances where you will need to obtain a new EIN :

    • Existing business is obtained by someone who plans to run it as a sole proprietorship
    • Business changes from a sole proprietorship to a corporation or partnership
    • Business changes from a partnership to a corporation or sole proprietorship
    • Business changes from a corporation to a partnership or sole proprietorship
    • Individual owner dies, and business is taken over by the estate

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    Difficult To Get Contracts

    Some companies, government agencies, consulting groups, etc. will not deal with unincorporated companies, either because they consider that a sole proprietorship does not have the same level of legitimacy and professionalism as an incorporated company, or that hiring a sole proprietor increases the risk of Tax authorities treat the person as a employee rather than an independent contractor.

    How Much Does It Cost To Set Up An Llc

    You can set up an LLC for as low as $45 in the state of Arkansas. Other states fees vary, with Massachusetts having the highest filing fee at $500. The average cost for setting up an LLC in the US, though, is $132. But, of course, if you hire a professional service, like LegalZoom, it will cost you more.

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    Do I Need An Ein For A Sole Proprietorship

    If you dont have employees or need to file excise or pension plan tax returns, then you arent required to have an EIN but you might need one for other purposes. Banking, business credit, and privacy are three legitimate concerns when deciding whether or not to get an EIN for your sole proprietorship.

    Who Should Consider A Sole Proprietorship Business


    If you are just starting a business, and there are no other owners or partners, a sole proprietorship might be your best option at first.

    Please note that as a sole proprietor, you are personally liable for any of your business debts and losses.

    A sole proprietorship may be a good option for freelancers offering a service or selling a product.

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    There are no barriers to entry or application to complete, making this a good choice for a new one-man business.

    But keep in mind that as a sole proprietor, you are personally liable for any of your business debts and losses. That means if you cant pay a business debt, your personal assets could be compromised.

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    Differences Between Llcs And Sole Proprietorships

    Now its time to compare the differences between LLCs and sole proprietorships. There are more differences between these business structures than similarities. Rather than just listing bullet points, well take a closer look at various categories you should evaluate. This will make it much easier for you to decide which one is right for your business.

    When Does A Sole Proprietor Need An Ein

    By Stephen Fishman, J.D.

    A federal employer identification number, or EIN, is a nine-digit number the IRS assigns to businesses for tax filing and reporting purposes. The IRS uses the EIN to identify the taxpayer. EINs must be used by business entities–corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. However, most sole proprietors don’t need to obtain an EIN and can use their Social Security numbers instead. Even so, you may want to obtain an EIN anyway.

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    When Is An Ein Required For A Sole Proprietor

    Basically, getting an EIN allows you, as a sole proprietor, to do make more business moves. Without an EIN, a sole proprietor would not be able to:

    • Hire employees
    • Have a Keogh or 401
    • Buy an existing business
    • Form an LLC
    • File for bankruptcy

    In addition, theres going to be some banks that refuse to set up a business account for you unless you have an EIN.

    Even if those are things you dont think youre ever going to need, there are still a number of reasons why having an EIN is a good idea.

    • EINs can help you avoid identity theft. Identity thieves can steal social security numbers to file fraudulent tax returns.
    • EINs can help you establish independent contractor status. Independent contractor status is distinct from employee status. Using an EIN can make you more attractive to potential clients.

    Changes Affecting Single Member Llcs With Employees

    Small Business Tax Information 2021: When Does a Sole Proprietor Need an EIN? â»ï¸? TAXES S1â¢E14

    For wages paid on or after January 1, 2009, single member/single owner LLCs that have not elected to be treated as corporations may be required to change the way they report and pay federal employment taxes and wage payments and certain federal excise taxes. On Aug. 16, 2007, changes to Treasury Regulation Section 301.7701-2 were issued. The new regulations state that the LLC, not its single owner, will be responsible for filing and paying all employment taxes on wages paid on or after January 1, 2009. These regulations also state that for certain excise taxes, the LLC, not its single owner, will be responsible for liabilities imposed and actions first required or permitted in periods beginning on or after January 1, 2008.

    If a single member LLC has been filing and paying employment taxes under the name and EIN of the owner, and no EIN was previously assigned to the LLC, a new EIN will be required for wages paid on or after January 1, 2009. If a single member LLC has been filing and paying excise taxes under the name and EIN of the owner and no EIN was previously assigned to the LLC, a new EIN will be required for certain excise tax liabilities imposed and actions first required or permitted in periods beginning on or after January 1, 2008. The following examples may assist in determining if a new EIN is required:

    You will be required to obtain a new EIN if any of the following statements are true.

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    Is There A Limit On How Many Sole Proprietorships One Business Owner Can Have

    As an individual taxpayer, you might ask yourself how many sole proprietorships can I have?

    You can have multiple businesses under one sole proprietorship, each reflected on separate Schedule Cs on a personal income tax return, but the business entities must have activities that are very different from each other perhaps a barbershop and a construction company.

    You’ll need to acquire individual EINs to register multiple sole proprietorships and there’s one potential stumbling block to be aware of. The Internal Revenue Service would be hesitant to issue several EINs for an individual that operates similar businesses. Consider the scenario if you are a contractor who has plumbing, heating and electrical backgrounds. The businesses will have some overlap with regard to materials, supplies, and activity.

    You could wire and plumb a furnace that supplies heat to a home and it would be difficult to parse those functions unless three separate contractors performed each task.

    Why Might You Need An Ein

    You may need to obtain an EIN for a number of reasons, including business, estate, or trust banking, and hiring employees. Businesses also need EINs when they are required to file employment tax returns excise tax returns or alcohol, tobacco, and firearms returns. The following are reasons why you may need an EIN:

    • Banking and finance In many cases, banks and credit unions require a valid EIN in order to open a bank account for any type of business, an estate, or non-grantor trusts. Having an EIN may also be helpful for a business seeking to obtain financing or working capital.
    • Employees If you are hiring employees , you will need an EIN. This is the number the IRS will use to track your payroll tax remittances. Business owners establishing a form of business other than a sole proprietorship will also need an EIN, regardless of whether or not the business will have any employees. Your EIN will be used to track your business income taxes.
    • Self-employed retirement plans A self-employed person who decides to establish a Keogh or Solo 401 plan will need to obtain an EIN in order to facilitate those types of plans federal tax treatment.
    • Situations where sole proprietors may need an EIN Sole proprietors who are filing for bankruptcy for their business will need an EIN, as will those who purchase or inherit an existing business that they intend to run as a sole proprietorship going forward.

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    Get An Ein From The Irs

    If you have employees, you are required to get an EIN. EINs are a nine-digit ID number issued by the IRS to identify businesses for tax purposes. You can apply for an EIN for free online using the IRS EIN Assistant.

    If you dont have employees, you are not required to get an EIN as a sole proprietor. However, it can be useful to get an EIN. They are often required to open a business bank account and can be used in place of your social security number for most business applications.

    Important Note about Sole Proprietor EINs:

    Since sole proprietorships are not viewed as separate from an individual, sole proprietor EINs are issued under their names, not their DBA names. As a result, you will only be issued 1 EIN as a sole proprietor for your lifetime. This will be used for any and all businesses you will operate as a sole proprietor. If you apply for an EIN as a sole proprietor and receive reference error 101, this likely means that you have already been issued an EIN previously. If you cannot recall your EIN or have not been issued an EIN previously, you will need to call the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Assistance line at 1-800-829-4933 and use the prompts related to reference number 101.

    When Do I Need An Ein As A Sole Proprietor

    How to Change Sole Proprietorship to LLC (&  Why You Should ...

    Employer Identification Number is required to obtain by business entities such as corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. However, most of the time, sole proprietors do not need to have an EIN number. They can use their own social security numbers instead of using an EIN. But we still advise you to obtain an EIN. There are some moments that obtaining an EIN as a sole proprietor is a must also. The following is when you are required to apply for an EIN:

    If you are a sole proprietor, you must apply for an EIN to hire employees

    Having a Keogh or Solo 401 retirement plan

    Filing for bankruptcy

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    Can I Change From A Sole Proprietor To An Llc On Amazon

    You can change your Amazon account business details from a sole proprietorship to an LLC from the settings menu.

    Simply click on Legal Entity and update the information.

    Make sure the changes are saved, or Amazon can shut down your account.

    Please note, if you are a single-member LLC, you dont need to change your tax information in the Seller Central Amazon will tax you on your SSN. For more information, consult your CPA.

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