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Where Are Rec Solar Panels Manufactured

Washing The Solar Panels

How REC solar pv panels are made

A standard flexible garden hose with domestic water pressure may be used to apply as much water to the panel or array as necessary, allowing the water to run down the entire surface. Although REC panels are manufactured to international standards and have passed all relevant certification tests, the use of high pressure hoses for cleaning is not permitted as these may exert pressure in excess of the certified load and cause impact damage, damage to the frame bonding, the laminate or cells and force water between the glass and frame.

The use of pressure or steam cleaners and high pressure hoses, knives, blades and metallic sponges is not permitted on REC panels and will invalidate the warranty.

Rec Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency is the percentage of energy the solar panels can absorb from the sun and turn into usable electricity. The industry average is between 15%-20%, meaning 15%-20% of the suns energy is converted to electricity.

REC solar panels range in efficiency from about 17%-20% which puts them on the high end in terms of efficiency.

Rec Group & Rec Solar & Rec Silicon

REC Group split into two companies back in 2013 REC Silicon and REC Solar. REC Silicons main core is polysilicon and silane gas for photovoltaic and electronics industry, with facilities in Moses Lake, Washington, and Butte, Montana. REC Solar is focused on solar cell and photovoltaics production technology.

Both companies are managed from headquarters in Oslo. REC Silicon kept the name REC and REC Solar has been renamed to RECSOL also known as the REC Americas. REC Solar, Inc is the US solar installer company for residential, commercial and utility-scale solar power systems. Although they are using REC solar panels for their solar projects, this company is separate entities.

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Are Rec Solar Panels A Good Choice

While REC Group has less name recognition than SunPower and LG, it makes high efficiency solar panels that can often be found at a lower price than other premium brands. REC panels have also outperformed most other brands in 3rd party reliability testing.

If you happen to experience a panel failure, RECs warranty covers labor so that you dont have to foot the bill for a service call.

So, should you choose REC over other brands? I would say that they are definitely worth considering, but only if your installer is REC Certified and can qualify you for the REC ProTrust Warranty.

If the installer isnt REC Certified, the product warranty will be 20 years instead of 25, and wont include labor.


Overview Of Rec Group Company History


Founded in Norway in 1996, REC Group is one of the original manufacturers of solar photovoltaic modules with a focus on premium quality. Originally production was completed in Norway and Sweden. In 2010 they became fully automated, producing 26 million solar panels in their production plant in Singapore. In 2015 Norways Elkem Group acquired REC. Elkem is a world leader in silicon production, this has aided the development of RECs integrated photovoltaics in the global market.

REC Group now has 8 offices across the globe including an Australian office in the Melbourne CBD. The REC Certified Solar Professional Program enables solar installers to become certified with them enabling them to offer longer warranty periods to their customers including a product and labour warranty of up to 25 years.

For those looking for an independent REC solar panels review, weve done our research and written extensively on this topic:

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Rec Alpha High Quality Solar Panels

REc solar panels are one of the highest quality solar panels on the market. This is further supported by their low rate of solar panel failure claim rate.

Out of 4,000,000 solar panels manufactured on a year basis, less than 400 return to REC from the field.

With one of the industry’s best warranty terms, REC solar panels are a premium product with power output warranties.

REC is one of the worlds largest solar panel manufacturing companies and as a REC Solar certified partner company. Making it easy for our customers to make it easy to produce cost affordable, renewable energy for your home or business by maximizing your cost savings.

The return on the investment of your solar energy system depends on the quality and efficiency of the parts that make up your solar energy system, like your solar panels. Your solar panels are one of the most critical components, and there is a good reason why we are one of the leading solar company partners to REC Solar.

How Recs Solar Panels Compare To Other Panel Manufacturers

There are four key metrics that you should review as you evaluate solar panel quality: efficiency, performance, warranties, and price. EnergySage has developed RECs solar panel reviews for each metric to help make your solar decision easier. Weve also created a comparison of RECs solar panels against other leading panel manufacturers that are frequently featured in offers to homeowners and businesses shopping for solar on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace.

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Rec Twinpeak2 Solar Panel Review

REC TwinPeak2 is the forerunner of REC TwinPeak2 Mono and has more modest characteristics. This panel also consists of 60 cells split in half. The only thing that differentiates it is the blue color and the 285Wp and 300Wp panel size.

It can produce 20Wp more than conventional solar panels of the same size, but still less from REC TwinPeak2 Mono. REC TwinPeak2 has the same size as its younger relative but generates less power. Except for its famous name, this solar panel has no special features, it was presented as an ordinary middle-class panel with standard 18% efficiency.

When comparing the main characteristics of these three REC solar panels types, differences are minimal, but it is more noticeable that REC N-Peak panel leads and the company.

How long is the warranty on REC solar panels?

Warranty on REC solar panels is not long enough to win the throne in the solar world. All RECs products intended to homeowners have a warranty of 20 years. Considering that the worlds best solar panel manufacturers extended their product warranties to 25 years, this can be one step back for REC and one step further for their competitors.

Among Premium Solar Companies Rec Is A Lesser Known Brand But One That Makes High Efficiency Solar Panels That Are Often A Relative Bargain Here’s The Lowdown On Their Product Lineup

REC animation – How solar panels are made

According to Berkeley Lab, a large majority of homeowners are now choosing premium equipment for their home solar systems, including high efficiency solar panels and microinverters.

When it comes to panels, one of the brands thats producing some of the highest efficiency solar panels is REC Group. Founded in Norway in 1996, the company went through the kind of financial difficulties that many solar manufacturers have experienced, culuminating in their acquisition by the Chinese company BlueStar in 2014.

REC Group is currently headquartered and manufactures its solar panels in Singapore.

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Example Of A Rec Commercial Solar Project

In March 2020, REC Group installed the below commercial rooftop system on a farm in the Netherlands. The system REC installed is the largest REC Alpha panel setup in Europe, with the 1,415m² systems capacity totalling 268.56 kWp. This system contains 746 REC Alpha panels and has the capacity to generate around 240,000 kWh of power a year. To put it into perspective, this much power could supply 80 average houses with electricity for a year.

Compare quotes from up to 7 pre-vetted installers in your area now.

Advantage In Shaded Conditions

The unique REC Twin cell layout design, where the panel is split into two identical and mirrored sections, also enables the continued production of energy, even when part of the module or array is shaded, further contributing to its high energy yields compared to standard panels. Due to the two separate sections, REC split-cell solar panels offer improved performance in certain shading conditions. When half of the solar panel is in the shade, the other half will still generate electricity. This is not possible with traditional modules where the potential power stops at the shade point.

Shaded darker string produces less energy. Bypass diodes remain closed and the shaded string does not contribute to output, while the opposite string continues to function

This can help ensure that all modern REC solar panels start to produce energy earlier than a standard panel and continues to produce energy later in the day when a standard panel may be shaded, and Single-Axis Tracker backtracking may be disabled for system performance gain.

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Product Performance And Labor

REC ProTrust is the most comprehensive warranty REC has ever provided. Get peace-of-mind knowing that you have a system that is warrantied for 25 years. REC PRoTrust warranties are exclusive to REC Certified Solar Professionals and covers product, performance, and labor.

Our Difference

We specialize in permit and home conditions that are local to our community.

25 Year ProTrust Warranty Installed by a Certified REC Pro

Forme Solar has developed an elite reputation that is known as a Certified REC Solar Professional. We are local installers that are specifically trained to install REC solar energy systems. Just as confident REC is in their warranties, they are also work with the best local solar companies like Forme Solar to ensure you best offset your expensive electricity costs.

We can help provide an incredible solar installation experience particularly if you’re interested in a REC energy system. With our experience both repairing and installing REC energy systems, we know the technology extremely well. As a REC certified partner, we take a solar battery first approach, offering energy-as-a-service backup solutions.

With our access to REC solar panels our skilled solar technicians will ensure that your solar energy system continues to produce efficiency for your residential or commercial buildings.

REC Certified Solar Professional Installer

Be confident that your REC system is being installed by the best trained solar installers.


Where Are Rec Solar Panels Made From

REC Solar Panels

Since 2010 the REC solar panels have been manufactured in Singapore, and they can produce around 1.4 gigawatts a year.

In 1996 the production was only based in Norway and Sweden, but in 2000 they decided to move their production to Southeast Asia, with the headquarters still being located in Oslo, Norway.

Nowadays, REC has a fully automated, modern, and integrated production line. Between sales and manufacturing, this company employs around 2000 people.

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Why Is A Chinese Corporation Buying Norwegian Assets

Big companies wheel and deal at an international level all the time and there is nothing unusual about them buying up stuff in other countries. But when you think about it, Chinese companies buying Norwegian assets is the opposite of what should be happening if we lived on planet sensible.

On a per capita basis, Norway is the richest country in the world that isnt a city state or Switzerland. Its nominal2 per capita GDP is $100,000 while Chinas is only around $12,000. So you have a middle income country that is about as rich as Australia in 19793 investing in one thats eight times richer. And this isnt a once off. China consistently racks up more assets in richer countries than vice versa.

Because investment money is supposed to flow from rich countries to poorer ones, something odd appears to be happening. While China used to set its exchange rate at a level that let it build up foreign assets, this seems to be over. As far as I can tell, a lot of Chinese overseas investment is driven by fear that their King4 will grab their in-country assets a la Putin, or in a surprise move, like Mao.

But the reason why Chinese companies are buying so many overseas assets doesnt really matter if the companies they purchase continue to produce quality products. And the universal feedback we are getting from installers and consumers is that REC solar panels continue to be high-performing, well-built panels, no matter where the Chinese-owned REC chooses to manufacture them.

Rec Twinpeak 2s Mono 72

REC N-PEAK 2S 72 MONO series are p-type mono-crystalline panels and have 144 half-cut cells. The 72-cell panels incorporated with TwinPeak technology are bigger in size and delivers higher power output per square meter. This makes them ideal for large-scale solar plants as well as commercial applications.

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How Is The Value Of The Solar Rebate Calculated

  • The amount of STCs you receive are affected by two main variables – Location & System Size.
  • Location – The Federal Government splits all of Australias postcodes into 4 categories: Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4. If you reside in Zone 1, youll receive a greater rebate than someone that lives in Zone 2, who will receive a bigger rebate than someone in Zone 3 and so on. Zones are determined by the number of sunlight hours you receive in the location you are having your Solar PV System installed.
  • System Size – The other variable in determining the value of your rebate and amount of STCs received, is the Solar PV Systems size. The larger the Solar PV System, the more power it will generate and the more STCs and rebate amount you will be entitled to.
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    Solar Market sent out 3 very good companies to give me quotes.

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    Rec Solar Panel Review: Is It Worth It

    REC TwinPeak 4 Series solar panels

    So, youre another Aussie looking to go solar, curious to see what all the fuss is about. Youd like to shave a few bucks from your monthly bills, maybe lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Use the planets resources without using up the planet.

    Well, youve landed on the right page. Every few weeks, we do a deep dive on a solar panel maker and give you a knowledgeable, positively level-headed analysis, so you dont have to trawl the depths of the web for answers.

    This time, have a look at our REC solar panel review. Youll find comparisons with other makers linked below.


    • Heterojunction and monocrystalline cell technology



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    Where Do The Top Solar Companies Manufacture Panels

    Below, EnergySage has compiled a list of the leading solar panel companies active in the US market based on the most recently available data in 2018. The table is broken down by each companys market share, headquarters location, manufacturing facility locations and overall quality ranking.

    The key takeaways from the table below are that: 1)no single country dominates the market , and 2)there is little to no correlation between country of manufacture and the companys quality ranking.

    Exhibit: List of solar panel makers in the US by residential market share and country of manufacture*

    Solar Panel Manufacturers

    Which Are The Best Solar Providers Near Me

    Consumers should look for a solar company with a solid track record, financial stability, high quality equipment, great warranties, a good reputation, and positive reviews. We’ve ranked and reviewed hundreds of solar power companies from across the United States and gathered thousands of solar reviews from consumers to help you find the best solar companies in your area. We recommend obtaining solar quotes from a variety of companies in order to find the right rooftop solar contractor for your needs.

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    Bottom Line: Buying American Solar Panels Can Be Tricky

    If thereâs one thing thatâs obvious, itâs that manufacturing is global. This is especially true of a product like a solar panel, which uses raw materials sourced from all over the world. Even if your solar panel is assembled in the US, the individual components that make up the panel – including the photovoltaic cells – probably were manufactured elsewhere.

    Many foreign-owned companies do manufacturing in the United States, including LG Solar, Hanwha, and Jinko Solar. However, product lines that are manufactured in the US are often also manufactured overseas, which means that it can be difficult to know for certain if you are buying a US-made panel. Your solar installer may have a close relationship with their supplier, so ask your installer if this is something that they can determine for you.

    But there are at least four US companies that do its manufacturing exclusively here in the US: Lumos, Mission Solar, SolarTech Universal, and Tesla. In addition to these, some US companies do a mix of manufacturing in the US and overseas. This means that if one of your goals of adding solar to your house is to support green manufacturing jobs in the US, you do have quite a few options to choose from.


    Does It Matter Where Solar Panel Companies Are Based And Where They Make The Panels

    Installed these 320W REC N

    When it comes to quality, the mention of any countrys name will evoke an association each nation has its own brand image, which may or may not be justified. You as a smart solar shopper, however, will want to look at the facts in order to make a more well-informed decision. Our recommendation is to judge each panel by its own merits.

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