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How To Clean Solo Stove Yukon

Be Careful As The Entire Solo Stove Gets Very Hot While In Use

Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit Follow-Up

How to clean solo stove yukon. By design, the solo stove yukon burns firewood so efficiently that youll only be left with fine ash at the end of your night. How do you clean your solo stove bonfire or yukon? Dry completely with a lint free towel & stand up side down to air dry.

This makes for a swift and easy cleaning process by simply dumping the ash out once the fire pit has cooled off. You usually find much heavier fire pits at such a size. While some prefer to use a shopvac to clean the ash, the easiest way is to dump the solo stove upside down on the grass or other soft outdoor surface. item particulars the solo stove yukon is unlike any. You can also use a shop vacuum. The solo stove bonfire build.

While we enjoy the existing yukon model, solo stove is everything about providing the most optimal fire experience, and we have actually made the yukon even better. The combined weight of the bonfire hub and grill accessory is 20 pounds. How do i clean a solo stove fire pit or camp stove?

381 likes 2.4k comments 32 shares. Never spray any cleaning solutions directly on your fire pit. If so, tip the fire pit upside down to empty the ashes.

The combined weight of the yukon hub and grill accessory is 21.5 pounds. Use a sponge & bars keepers friend to remove any build up inside your stove. You can expect to put 8 to 10 logs in when getting the fire going.

Solo Yukon Ludlow Stovesludlow Stoves

Scratch And Dent Solo Stove Solo Stove Review

Cleaning A Solo Stove Left Outside In The Elements

This is the fun part. Just kidding, its going to suckmaybe.

Fortunately for most Solo Stove owners, these fire pits are great at completely burning down most firewood to powder.

If you are doing it right , youll get a very hot and efficient burn which will leave you with much less to clean out each time. Whats left over after the fire pit cools should literally have the consistency of talcum powder.

If you are overloading with firewood, theres a good chance you may have large sections and/or chunks of unburned firewood that need to be removed in addition to the ash.

If you are in the habit of regularly cleaning your Solo Stove out after each fire, good on ya. Keep doing that. This is going to be a lot quicker and less messy for you.

Not to mention, you wont have to build your next fire on top of wet ash and old firewood. This will help you get your Solo Stove started quicker and reduce excess fire pit smoke overall.

If not, get ready to get your hands dirty.

Yes If You Love Gathering Outside In Small Groups

The Solo Stove Bonfire is perfect for small groups.

All in all, we love the Solo Stove Bonfire. It requires zero installation, so it is ready to use right out of the box. The design is not only gorgeous to look at, but it also makes building and maintaining a campfire easier than ever. Add in that its light enough to be portable and smokeless when used properly, and you may never want to use a camping fire pit again!

The Bonfire is Solo Stoves medium-size model. It doesnt radiate heat much further than a 2-foot distance from the fire pit, so its ideal for groups up to about eight people.

If youre looking to upgrade to a larger fire pit that creates more heat and can warm up to 16 people, Solo Stoves larger Yukon may be a good fit. Just keep in mind that it weighs nearly twice as much as the Bonfire, so its not as portable, and it will also require more fuel to keep the fire going.

You can buy the Bonfire on its own, or pick up one of Solo Stoves bundles. The Backyard Bundle comes with the stand, shield, and shelter while the Ultimate Bundle adds in fire pit tools and roasting sticks. At the very least, we recommend the bundle that comes with the stand if youre planning to use it on grass, a patio, or a deck.

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Free Return Makes You 100% Satisfied

Thanks for shopping at it. After you place an order at Solo Stove store, its staff will prepare the goods for you and deliver them as soon as possible. But if you are not satisfied with your purchase, of course, the staff will figure it out. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact Solo Stove and it will be happy to provide a free prepaid return label for any order shipped within the Continental United States . All you need to do is to return your order to it within 30 days of shipment. Indeed, 30-day return is an assurance for customers. Even if you try it on, you can return it. You may be busy in your works, and you forget to return the product. At this moment, the 30-day return will give you a longer time to return. After you return the products back, you will have a full refund back to the original payment term. In addition, customers from outside the US are not eligible to receive a return 30 days return service. If the product has not been burned or used, it will only be able to provide store credit and the customer will be responsible for paying the shipping charges for the last 30 days of the return.

What Kind Of Wood Can I Use In My Fire Pit

The Only Solo Stove Yukon Review You Need
  • Hardwoods: oak, pecan, and hickory
  • Other: and cedar

We dont recommend using pressure-treated wood, pallet wood, or any wood left over from a construction site as they usually have been chemically treated. They could also contain staples, nails, or screws that can damage your fire pit.

We created a simple, step-by-step guide to building a smoke-free fire here.

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Portability: Best For Backyards And Car Camping

Setting up and putting away the Bonfire takes about a minute. Aside from the fire ring which helps focus the heat, the entire drum is one piece and altogether it only weighs about 20 lbs. The whole thing is easy to move since its fairly lightweight considering its size and burn power. Given its size, the best place for a Solo Stove Bonfire is in a backyard or for an overnight car camping trip. It can easily be used instead of a backyard chiminea .

We used our Bonfire while car camping instead of the pre-existing fire pit in order to avoid building a fire over other people’s leftover garbage. We saved money on fire starters and we were able to “leave no trace” when we left. The Bonfire includes a black nylon carrying bag with a drawstring, handle, and Solo Stove logo.

What Fuel Is Best For A Fire Pit

Some fire pits are built to run on gas, but we recommend utilizing a wood-burning fire pit. Small logs and branches provide a more traditional campfire experience than gas, but you also need to think through what you plan to use as kindling. Some outdoor fire pits also work with wood pellets where kindling isnt as much of an issue, but for log fires, we recommend using real-wood starter kindling. Compared to paper products, real-wood starter kindling produces less smoke, ash, and fly-away embers.

Propane fire pits work fine, but wood fire pits are more authentic and provide a more natural experience under the stars. Fuel type wont matter much for heat output, though a propane fire pit might make it easier to manage the heat output. Still, if your current fire pit is propane-fueled, you might want to diversify to an advanced design and more authentic experience. The bottom line is that firewood logs or firewood chunks are the best fuel for most situations. Dry wood is best to use.

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Is The Yukon Worth The Money

Yes, the Solo Stove Yukon is on the more expensive side, coming in just below $500. However, before you gasp and put your guard up, let me tell you why its worth every penny. The Yukon is built perfectly for large fires and lots of wood, setting your night up for a healthy dose of heat.

With its impeccable design, youll never find yourself our your guests rubbing their eyes because it takes smoke out of the picture. But it doesnt stop there. It burns all your wood down to fine ash, making it incredibly easy to dump out, clean, and store away for your next bonfire.

About The Solo Stove Bonfire

solo stove yukon how it works

This Solo Stove design is a standout option as far as fire pit cookers go. The portable fire pit allows you to enjoy a campfire in your backyard or on a camping trip with the same efficiency. Every Solo stove product is a testament to superb design, and this fire pit doesnt fall short of that mark.

Once you have a good burn session going, theres almost less smoke to deal with than usual, which is one of the standout features. By the time the fire burns out, theres virtually no ash, which is more than you can say for some other fire pits out there. Even if you have a little car camping outing, this stainless steel Solo fire pit has you covered.

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Its Not Easy To Cook Over

The Solo Stove Bonfire is great for marshmallows, but may not be good for actual cooking.

Some fire pit grills are easier to cook over than others. When it comes to the Bonfire, its great for marshmallows or hot dogs on a stick, but not ideal for cooking.

While Solo Stove finally announced a grill accessory bundle , it does require some expertise to use it. The Bonfire simply burns too hot to be an ideal candidate for fire pit cooking.

Solo Stove does sell a grill thats specifically designed for cooking. We love the grill, but unfortunately its not recommended for use as a stand-alone fire pit. This means you cant get a two-for-one with Solo Stove.

The Solo Stove Bonfire Build

This easy to use and easy to clean Solo stove sits on a sturdy design that integrates 304 stainless steel. It weighs 20 pounds, which is not very heavy, considering its width is 19.5 inches, and its height is 14 inches. You usually find much heavier fire pits at such a size.

Though it has a stainless steel build, its still crucial for you to take care of it, since it doesnt use heavy-duty iron. Even so, the bonfire walks a near-perfect line between durability and portability. If it were too heavy, then you probably would only use the stove at home.

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The Clock Face Method For Lighting A Solo Stove Bonfire

This structure is designed to bring heat from the Stove center to the outer walls, creating better heat for the secondary burn.

Once you have the chunk wood base set up and have added the kindling and dry tinder, you can then add more bits of chunk wood and leaves or twigs in a pyramid shape over the chunk wood base.

Now, add thicker pieces of either hardwood or more chunk wood in a clock face position and let them stack up into that pyramid shape over the first base layer.

Once you ignite this, the flame will evolve into an intense burn and produce good heat and a good flame.

Who Should Consider The Solo Stove Yukon

Yukon 27"  Solo Stove
  • People looking to up-level their backyard gatherings: Its the biggest outdoor fire pit Solo Stove offers, meaning its not compact. This fire pit is something youd leave out in your backyard and cover when you are finished this is not a portable fire pit. At the end of the day, I recommend the Yukon for backyard enthusiasts.
  • People who are tired of smoke in their eyes: One of the best features of Solo Stoves fire pits is that theyre smokeless. Yes, you heard it here first. If youre tired of smoke in your eyes , I dont blame you. Solve your problems with this fire pit.

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Who Should Consider Another Fire Pit

  • People who have small backyard spaces: The Yukon is not a small fire pit, Ill just be completely honest. If you have a small backyard or your fire pit space is tight, youll want to look toward something more company like the Bonfire or Ranger.
  • People who want to take it on the go: Are you someone who wants a fire pit to use in their backyard and on road trips? Then the Yukon is not the fire pit for you. Instead, check out the Solo Stove Ranger. That fire pit is perfect for backyard and camping settings.

How We Picked And Tested

There simply arent that many well-reviewed smokeless fire pit options available. We gathered a list of seven possible candidates and tested models in the deserts of Southern California and on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Five of the six models we tested ultimately made the cut as recommendations.

Why? We initially thought that there might be a measurable performance difference among smokeless fire pit designs: the most smoke eliminated through the secondary combustion. But after several months of testing, we discovered that all the pits worked more or less the same. How well your pit performs is much more affected by your choice of wood, how wet or green that wood is, how much wood you burn at once, and the wind conditions outside than it is by the pit design itself.

At a certain point, choosing a fire pit comes down to your personal taste, how and where you want to use it, and your budget.

How well your pit performs is much more affected by your choice of wood, how wet that wood is, and the wind conditions outside than it is by the pit design itself.

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Solo Stove Fire Pit Shelter

Just like Stands, Solo Stove makes different sizes of Shelter for each fire pit .

If youre thinking of moving your fire pit to your garage after using it then a shelter is not a great necessity.

BUT, if you dont have a garage or if youre thinking of placing your stove to your backyard then you should definitely purchase a shelter.

Theyre made of PVC Coated Water Resistant Polyester to provide extreme protection and they contain 6061 Reinforced Aluminum to provide robustness.

Check the prices on Amazon:

What Is A Solo Stove

Cleaning the Solo Stove Grill

Its likely youve already come across these attractive, stainless steel fire pits on social media or in a friends backyard. While the look of a Solo Stove definitely sets it apart from most other backyard fire pits, the company claims that its 360-degree Airflow Design is what really makes a Solo Stove stand out.

Solo Stove fire pits are made of double-walled stainless steel. Air is pushed in through the bottom of the drum and also through the top vent holes to add a bountiful amount of oxygen into the fire. The air at the top of the fire pit creates a secondary burn and allows the Solo Stove to get incredibly hot while letting off much less smoke than competing fire pits. This also means that any wood you burn will reduce itself down to nearly nothing just a small pile of ash and debris making cleanup a fairly easy process. When your fire has gone out and your Solo Stove is cooled down, you simply turn it upside down to empty it out. The airflow design is what makes a Solo Stove a Solo Stove.

Solo Stove started back in 2011 with backpacking and camping wood-burning stoves. It sells three fire pits Ranger , Bonfire and Yukon , which range from 15 inches in diameter to 27 inches. Both Ranger and Bonfire are portable fire pits due to their smaller size and come with nylon carrying cases. With Yukon, currently the largest fire pit the brand sells, Solo Stove has gotten into the backyard fire pit market.

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Solo Stove Yukon Benefits

  • Produces a lot of heat: Theres not another outdoor fire pit that provides as much heat as the Yukon. While fueled completely by firewood, it will give off a lot of heat throughout your entire burn. Its double walls help create a burst of hot air.
  • Smokeless design: Ive been camping for over 20 years, and I havent yet met someone who enjoys smoke in their face from a bonfire. The Yukon is made to completely eliminate smoke from your bonfire experience. The vent holes near the top and bottom of the fire pit help create seemingly perfect airflow that reduces any chance of smoke .
  • Burns wood to fine ash: By design, the Solo Stove Yukon burns firewood so efficiently that youll only be left with fine ash at the end of your night. This makes for a swift and easy cleaning process by simply dumping the ash out once the fire pit has cooled off.
  • S For Cleaning Out A Solo Stove That Got Rained On

    Lets get into resetting your rained-on Solo Stove for the next fire. Skip step 1 if your fire pit is free of all debris from previous fires.

  • Remove unburned firewood/ash from Solo Stove: This is the messy part. Fire pit ash mixed with water turns into a thick slurry that will have to be removed by hand.
  • Due to the vented dome shaped bottom of all Solo Stove fire pits, the ash you can see tends to collect around the inside perimeter. The ash you cant see passes through the vents in the bottom and rests in the ash pan, out of sight.

    Also, most of the water from your recent rain shower has passed through the fire pits vented dome and has settled in the ash pan along with the ash.

    That and the ash on the inside will have to be removed.

    To Dos.

    • Remove and dispose of all wet unburned firewood from fire pit
    • Clean out all of the ash/water mix on the inside bottom of the fire pit youll likely have to do this by hand as it can be thick and tends to stick to surfaces focus on the seam running around the perimeter of the bottom to clear out the ash slurry use your index finger to clear this out dont go too crazy yet on cleaning out this whole area, just get the big stuff. Youll understand why in the next step.
  • Drain: Once youve removed the bulk of the visible ash/water mix at the inside bottom of your Solo Stove, youll need to turn it over to drain excess water and ash/water mix sitting in the ash pan.
  • To Dos.

    To Dos.

    To Dos

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