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How To Heat Pool With Solar Panels

Selecting And Sizing A Solar Heating System

Solar Pool Heating – How to Use Your System From Florida Solar Design Group in Fort Myers, FL

When selecting and sizing a solar heating system for your home, there are a few factors you will need to consider.

  • The climate where you live will be important in determining the type of system you need, as will the type of collector and the efficiency of the system.
  • You also need to take into account how much supplemental heat you might need and whether or not you want a backup system.

Generally, active solar heating systems are most cost-effective when they supply 40% to 80% of a homes heating needs. Supplementary or backup systems are necessary when the heating system cannot meet all of the homes heating requirements.

Some Reasons To Consider Heating Your Pool With A Solco Solar Pool Heating System:

  • The Solar pool heating panels we use have proven for more than 25 years that they outlast and out perform other types of pool heating systems.
  • Most pool users only use their pools a few times a year. With a SOLCO POOL HEATING system installed, swimming time could be increased significantly
  • Whether you just want to take the chill off the water or get into a steaming hot pool, we can provide you with the correct solution.
  • We have highly qualified installers providing you with peace of mind when installing your pool heating system.
  • It only takes a couple of hours to install the average pool heating system and we can have you enjoying your pool in comfort in a very short space of time
  • All our systems carry a full guarantee.

Solco Solar is one of SAs premier solar service companies. For over 30 years we have been installing solar solutions to improve the way households and companies utilize energy and increase their well-being!

What Is The Coldest Temperature At Which A Heat Pump Can Be Operated

Heat pumps can commonly operate down to 0 degrees, with some able to go much lower to -10 degrees, this again is the Madimack range of heat pumps. Within these cold temperatures you will find defrosting which is a process to protect the heater from freezing over in very low temperatures. This is an automatic process where a reversible valve releases the heated refrigerant at the compressor back to the condenser to stop it frosting.

We have also covered this in more detail when we explored if heat pumps can be used in the dead of winter.

View our Range of Water TechniX Inverter Paradise Heat Pumps

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How Many Hybrid Solar Panels Does It Take To Heat A Pool

The number of panels needed to heat your pool depends on its surface area and volume. The geographical location should also be taken into account. For instance, the panels will have a higher efficiency in the south of France because the region boasts more regular sunshine.

To determine the number of panels to be installed, one must know the swimming pools heat loss surface, meaning the surface exposed to the air. In the case of an underground pool, this means the surface of the pool only.

With this in mind, the next step requires accounting for the regional climate. In the south of France, for instance, it is recommended that the surface occupied by the solar panels represent at least 50% of the swimming pools heat loss surface. In the north, this number is something like 75%. In both of these cases, the panels will increase the temperature by 2 to 4°C depending on the amount of sunshine available.

Consequently, in the south, one should install 5m² of DualSun panels per every 10m² of swimming pool surface area. In the north, 7.5m² of panels per every 10m² of swimming pool surface area.

As an example, an 8 x 4m underground swimming pool in the south of France will require: 8 x 4 x 50% = 16m² of panels, or 3kWc.

Why Build Your Own Solar Pool Heater

Solar energy installation, panel: Do it yourself solar ...

The better question is, why not? Solar water heaters tend to be inexpensive, even more so if you build your own. You can find the materials at a local hardware store for less than half the price of a high-quality solar pool heater. This guy made one for just $25 bucks.

It doesnt take much time either. Two to three people can build one in a matter of hours. Even if you make some blunders, which you will, youll have yours set up and running within a day. While it can be done alone, its recommended to have at least one other person there to lend a hand.

While its nice to order a premade solar pool heater from the internet, building your own gives you the freedom to create your own design. Theres also no warranties to worry about, so you can modify it as much as you want. If it breaks or malfunctions, you dont have to put the blame on the manufacturer, since you made it yourself. You know how it was built, so you know exactly how to fix it.

Paired with a solar pool cover, your own DIY pool heater will keep your pool warm enough for enjoyable swimming year-round.

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Heating Your Swimming Pool With A Heat Pump

Solar energy pool heating makes you reliant on the amount of sunlight. A heat pump is therefore a perfect alternative that does not rely on the sun for energy. That is also why it has for years been the most popular pool heating system in Belgium.

Using a heat pump for heating your pool water in fact provides numerous benefits. A heat pump is highly efficient, economical, easy to use, and durable. This type of heating is much more environmentally friendly than a gas or fuel pool heating system. In addition, heat pumps have a long service life. If you want efficient pool heating, you should choose a high-quality heat pump.

Pool Panel Installation And Operation Instructions

Sun-Ray Solar would like to extend our congratulations on your decision to purchase a solar pool heating system and join the millions who use this cost-effective and reliable choice for heating your pool.

Please take the time to read this manual thoroughly before attempting to install the system. The Sun-Ray Solar pool heating system appropriate for your geographical and climatic area will provide you an efficient, reliable source of energy to heat your pool for years to come when installed according to this manual. Thank you for doing your part in energy conservation.

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Solar Pool Heater Maintenance

Most solar pool heaters do not require much maintenance to keep them running properly. Glazed panels may need to be cleaned periodically in dry climates to remove any built-up debris. Otherwise, the main focus is on keeping the filter clean and the pump regularly inspected. Each system has its own maintenance needs, so consult the owners manual for your system to find out how often the pump and components should be inspected or serviced. The average cost for an inspection is $150.

Enersol Pool Solar Water Heating Panel

Pool Solar Panel – A How to Fix

The Enersol modular design allows maximising your roof or rack spacing in 1-foot increments. Each Enersol Panel is approximately 1 ft. wide and they come in many lengths. The most common lengths are 8 ft., 10 ft., and 12 ft. However, if you have more space available, you can buy panels from 6 ft. up to 20 ft. in length. Select the Customer Lengths option to make your selection.

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The Ideal Site For Installation Of The Heat Pump

Your heat pump should preferably be installed outdoors. This eliminates the need for a service area that requires proper air supply and exhaust.

If the heat pump is installed outdoors, this is ideal to blow out the cooled air as far away as possible. This will benefit the direct ambient temperature of the heat pump and therefore improve its efficiency.

The heat pump need not necessarily be installed in the sunlight. The only parameter that matters is the ambient temperature. Around the heat pump, however, a clearance of 50 cm should be provided on each side. Along the side of the fan, a clearance of 3 to 5 m is indicated, again to allow the cooled air to escape as far as possible.

Noise is another parameter to be considered when installing the pool heating pump. While increasingly low-noise heat pumps are being manufactured, it is still preferable to reduce this noise to an absolute minimum. This can be achieved, for example, by installing the heat pump just around the corner or behind the poolhouse.

Glazed Solar Pool Heater

Glazed solar panels run from $3,000 for a small system to $8,500 for a large system. When you think of solar panels, you usually visualize a glazed system made with glass. This system is better suited for areas that need more heat or lack enough long, sunny days to generate an ample amount of solar heat. Glazed solar pool heaters consist of copper tubing outfitted on an aluminum plate and covered with iron-tempered glass. The design is more efficient at capturing solar heat in areas with cold weather than unglazed systems. A glazed solar pool heater is made to be used year-round.

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Learn More By Calling Us

The entire process of switching to an alternative energy source for your pools heating needs can be easier than you think. It all starts with a consultation. Theres no pressure involved. Well show you exactly what to expect, give you options, and provide you with a clear price on the process. Its easy to see the value they can offer.

Take the time to contact Custom Solar and Leisure today to learn more about installing a solar pool heating system. Call us at 520-247-3060.

Solar Vs Heat Pump For Pool Heating

Naples Flat Tile Roof Gets Solar Pool Heater

The answer to which technology is better is not entirely straightforward. On the balance of the facts, Heat Pumps Win! There are, however, a couple of considerations that need to be considered, such as:

  • The climate the property is situated in
  • The pool owners initial and ongoing budget
  • Maintaining the water at a specific temperature over a long period

The following explains the different types of heating systems available.

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That Depends On A Lot Of Variables:

Solar Panel size: This will determine the volume of air you can condition and the output temperature. Choosing what size to build or buy will depend on your needs and how much exterior wall space you can dedicate to a panel.

Solar absorption: Panels are limited in how much heat they can collect depending on how reflective the black surface is, and you will do better with a matt paint than glossy. Glazing will instantly reflect about 10% on its own, but is essential especially in areas with air movement creating a wind chill factor in winter, so really the best you can hope for in overall performance from a solar air heating panel is about 80% absorption of available light.

Heat Panel Conductivity: Materials with higher conductivity will improve solar air heater performance. A black PVC pipe for example, would not provide as much heat as a black metal pipe. Even different metals will have different rates of conductivity. Copper is one of the better conductors but it is very expensive and can be tricky to get in larger diameter or to get paint to adhere to, so the advantage of increased conductivity would likely not be worth the added cost.

To choose the downspout panel option for a diy solar air heater panel build, be sure to use metal and not plastic, and if it has a glossy finish it would be worth it to paint it matt black.

Heating The Swimming Pool With Wood

You can also use a wood stove to heat your pool. In this system, the water needs to run along the stove, where it picks up the heat that is caused by the fire.

This type of heating is mainly used on smaller pools for occasional use. Heating a pool with wood is quite labour-intensive and wood is also expensive .

We do not recommend this system. If you want to heat a large pool with such a system, you will constantly have to supply it with wood.

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Solar Pool Heater Cost By Pump Size

Solar pool heater pumps range from $50 to $1,300, depending on size or style. Some solar pool heaters require a pump to circulate the warm water with the cooler water effectively. This pump can be powered by solar panels or by electricity. Often, you can use the pump that you already have. The dimensions of the pool will be used to determine the size of the pump needed, the number of gallons per minute needed to travel through the system, and the average feet of head in the system. To figure this out, determine the number of gallons of water in your pool. After you figure this out, you need to determine how many gallons per minute need to be pumped through your solar pool heating system. Horsepower denotes the pump’s ability to pump 5,500 foot-pounds per second . The more power the pump has, the greater the horsepower. A larger pump with more horsepower is often needed for a bigger pool to move the water effectively.

Choosing a pump with a variable flow rate could be a good idea so that you can dial in the flow rate depending on the number of panels in your system. After figuring gallons per minute, you next need to determine the average feet of head for the pump. This figure has to do with the amount of resistance working against your pump as it is pulling the water. These calculations take into account pipe lengths and any friction in the system.

Pump Size
$700 – $1,300

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Pool Heating Systems

Pool solar heating panel hookup to pool pump.

There are a number of systems you can choose from:

DualSun a 2-in-one pool heating and solar PV solution that heats your pool water and cools your solar panels, improving the thermal performance of your panels by up to 50%, helping them work at their optimal efficiency. Ideal for people with limited roof space who want to heat their pool and offset their household usage at the same time. The Energy Experts is proud to be the DualSun NSW Distributor.

Rigid panels if you have plenty of suitable roof space, the rigid panels are the way to go, as they are very durable . If you buy a premium brand, youll find that they come with a 10 year warranty.

Rubber/strip matting generally best avoided, as these pool heating systems are not cockatoo-proof or hail-proof. Cockatoos love them!

Evacuated tubes the same concept as evacuated tube solar hot water systems quite an expensive way to heat a pool

Heat pumps are a very effective way to heat a pool. Many people who have solar panels on the roof choose a heat pump to heat their pool water, because heat pumps can be run on a timer so they run during the day when the solar panels are producing free electricity. Homes with limited suitable roof space will often install a pool heat pump, as they take up very little space on the ground .

Gas this used to be the go-to pool heating solution, but as the cost of gas has gone up exponentially over the last few years, many people are looking at alternate pool heating solutions.

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Which Is The Better Option

While there are a number of pros and cons for both options, it is probably safe to say that running your pool using a grid-connected solar system will be the most practical option in terms of cost-effectiveness and reliability. You will always have access to power should you need it and no solar energy will go to waste.

If you had to choose between buying a solar system for your house that can also run your pool or just buying a dedicated system for your pool, youre going to get more bang for your buck for the system that will slash your entire energy bill not just the component that goes towards your pool.

That said, either option is preferable to the alternative of using grid electricity to run your pool!

Solar Pool Heating Quotes

The Energy Experts takes the hard work out of installing solar pool heating. Our consultative approach means we understand your needs and properly size and professionally install high-output systems that are guaranteed to outperform and outlast conventional equipment be that solar pool heating, heat pumps, hybrid solar panels and strip matting.

Although our home base is in the Illawarra, we have reputable and experienced installation teams in the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven, NSW South Coast, Sutherland Shire and Greater Sydney.

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How To Build A Diy Solar Air Heater:

Web searches reveal an endless list of designs and assembly techniques for DIY solar air heaters, the same holds true for DIY videos on YouTube. Different designs will resonate differently with different people, so pick the one that best suits your skill set, tool collection and attention span. If you come up with any brilliant design ideas or modifications for passive solar air heaters in the process, please share them in the comment section below.

Check out the DIY video below to give you a better idea of how easy solar air heating panels can be to build.

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