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What Do I Need To Start A Solar Cleaning Business

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Things We Needed to Start a Solar Panel Cleaning Business in 2021

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Premier Solar Cleaning, LLC is a veteran owned and operated solar panel cleaning company. We provide Commercial Solar Cleaning, Efficiency Checks, and Repair Consultations as well as Residential Solar Cleaning.

Serving all of Southern California with phenomenal solar cleaning that saves you money, we have rapidly become an authority on solar panel cleaning, maintenance, and efficiency.

Step : Obtain Necessary Permits And Licenses

Failure to acquire necessary permits and licenses can result in hefty fines, or even cause your business to be shut down.

State & Local Business Licensing Requirements

Certain state permits and licenses may be needed to operate a solar panel business. Learn more about licensing requirements in your state by visiting SBAâs reference to state licenses and permits.

Most businesses are required to collect sales tax on the goods or services they provide. To learn more about how sales tax will affect your business, read our article, Sales Tax for Small Businesses.

There may be relevant regulations regarding solar power in local areas. Certain areas may prohibit the installation of solar panels for one reason or another so be sure to check with the relevant agencies before doing any work.

For more information about local licenses and permits:

Service Agreement

A solar panel installation business would need to create a services agreement, which should outline the parameters of installation, the price, and the expectations of the client. This is especially important with regards to ensuring the panels will provide enough energy for the home or business. Here is an example service agreement.

Certificate of Occupancy

Cleaning Your Solar Panels: Is It Even Necessary

Your solar panels need to be exposed to sunlight in order to produce power. However, unless you live somewhere with high amounts of smog, dust, dirt or sand blowing around, solar panel cleaning is generally not necessary. In most cases, occasional rain will be enough to naturally and safely keep your solar panels clean and free of debris that could lower production.

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Finding A Cleaning Company

While you can clean your array yourself, you may not want to risk walking around your roof or accidentally voiding the warranty as you try to clean the array. In that case, you can rely on solar maintenance pros to clean your panels safely and thoroughly.

Theres no universal timeframe for cleaning solar panelssome climates and geographic locations require more frequent cleaning than others. However, if its been a few years since you installed your solar panels, or if youve recently experienced strong winds or a dust storm, it may be time to hire a commercial cleaning company. Here are a few steps to help you find the right company and service for you.

  • Contact your solar panel manufacturer or review your manual. Your panels may require particular materials for cleaning, or your system may need to be shut off before cleaning. The company from which you purchased your panels should be able to offer tips and advice.
  • Research local businesses that offer commercial cleaning services for solar panels. Use review sites such as Yelp, Thumbtack, and Angies List to find recommendations and ratings from other customers.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau rating for any company you consider. A companys website may provide its BBB rating, or you can search for the company on the BBB website.
  • Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

    How to Start a Cleaning Business: 6

    Cleaning robot for solar- and photovoltaic installations:hyCLEANER® SOLAR facelift clean solar and photovoltaic panels ensure optimum performance!Solar and photovoltaic plants are symbols of clean energy generation. In order to achieve the optimum efficiency as well as the calculated service life of the plant, the solar panels have to be clean. Permanent soiling caused by environmental influences, dust, flower pollen, mosses etc. reduces the solar performance and efficiency. In the case of agricultural farms and livestock farming, ammonia gases lead to an additionally increased degree of soiling . Even smallest contaminations caused by bird droppings, mosses, lichens etc. may due to the series connection of modules reduce the performance and efficiency of the complete plant, as the weakest module determines the total output. However, it is not only the financial loss, which gives reason to concern! Soiling can attack panels coatings and seals. Incoming water then causes damages to the complete system. The solar and photovoltaic plants become susceptible to faults and failure.

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    Decide Whether To Buy A Franchise Or Start From Scratch

    Starting a solar panel installation business requires learning about the industry, available products, installation and solutions for home and business owners. It also involves establishing relationships with suppliers and their sales consultants so as to install solar equipment, along with a source of in-depth information for the questions the business owner can ask and answer.

    The easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure all of the foregoing is to buy a franchise, as the entire Business model is already created, the kinks are worked out and the business is essentially ready to go.

    To accurately survive in this business, Research various solar power franchise opportunities and select a franchise to work with. This way, the business model, including the business plan, and advertising media and materials are all ready-made.

    Establish a relationship with the chosen franchise and get as much information as possible about the way the business is operated, the start-up capital required and the process of becoming a franchisee. Take the business plan provided by the franchise, or create a fresh business plan. Apply for the capital needed to buy in to the franchise. Participate in all the required training to learn the operational and installation details of all the solar power systems in which the new business deals.

    6. Know the Possible Threats and Challenges You Will Face

    • Capital
    • Networking

    7. Choose the Most Suitable Legal Entity

    • Limited Liability
    • Zurich powers

    How To Entice A Sub

    • Option A: Hire a Sub-Contractor to cold call prospects for a percentage of each job . This Single Sub-Contractor can call the prospects, set an appointment, and sell the prospect on a residual contractor . Once that Prospect becomes a client, that Sub-Contractor can perform the actual work of cleaning solar panels for the life of that client.
    • Option B: Hire a team of Sub-Contracted cold callers along with a team of Sub-Contracted Solar Cleaners and Repeat the steps in option A.
    • Option C: Hire a full time employee to answer phones, cold call and set appointments for a team of Sub-Contracted solar panel cleaners.

    The options for running a successful solar panel cleaning business are virtually endless, it will be entirely up to the business owner on exactly they want to structure their team of Sub-Contractors or Employees.

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    Is It Worth Paying For A Solar Panel Cleaning Service

    Just like going to a car wash, there are professional options for cleaning solar panels your solar installer may even do it for you, for a fee.

    If you have a rooftop system, it may be a good idea to enlist a cleaning service, if only for safety reasons. Cleaning services wont do a significantly different or better job than you can do yourself, but they are equipped to safely clean and maintain rooftop units. For ground mount units it may not be worth the service fee when you can safely and effectively clean your own panels with a hose, some dish soap, and a soft rag.

    Why Is There Such A Rise In Solar Farms And Why Would Anyone Start A Solar Energy Farm Business

    How To Get Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Accounts and What You Need To Start

    There are large croplands that do not generate a lot of income, and solar farms are now replacing these lands. It is easier to make money with solar panels on these farms, and in addition, solar farms are also being placed on vacant industrial land or sites that have not been in use for many years.

    Most of us are aware of solar panels mounted on rooftops. The truth is that solar panels on homes and solar farms have the same purpose.

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    How To Start A Solar Energy Business

    Green energy is making inroads as economies of scale begin to reduce the prices of production. Solar power is no exception. According to CNET, a solar panel manufactured in 1980 cost about $21 per watt to produce. Today it is nearly 90 percent less. Starting a solar power business has inherent costs, as with any business, such as wages or sales commissions, installation costs and taxes. With careful planning, efficient marketing and the appropriate use of financing, government grants and aid, you can start a business marketing this renewable resource in a cost-effective way. To save on startup costs, its possible to use your own home as a model for solar power use.

    Study solar panel installation and use. Some manufacturers and sales representatives will offer materials free or at a nominal cost. Utilize the Department of Energy and other government websites to aid in this process.

    Write a detailed business plan explaining to potential investors and lenders how you will make money, your cash flow, manufacturing or purchasing costs and other details about your business process. Consult with the U.S. Small Business Administration for help. Decide on whether to organize your business as a limited liability company or another type to shield yourself from personal liability in the business.



    • Be sure your home is positioned to get the best solar power available before making it a model home. If it performs poorly, it will deter consumers.


    Why Do I Need To Clean My Solar Panels

    Solar panel cleaning increases energy production by up to 30% with a single cleaning. Some people will ask, “But do they REALLY need to be cleaned?”, and the answer is YES! Solar panels in any environment must be kept clean in order to maintain optimal energy production. “Simple hose cleaning” will also begin to create hard water deposits. Our Reverse Osmosis and Deionized cleaning system guarantees that no hard water deposits are left on your solar panels. This will ensure your performance and yearly production yield!

    Get Started Now

    Advanced Solar Cleaning is your solution! For a free estimate or to answer any of your solar panel cleaning questions, please feel free to contact our office and one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to assist you.

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    Work Out A Reasonable Pricing For Your Services & Products

    In the USA, a rule of thumb is that the average house consumes electricity at the rate of 1 kW per hour . There are about 730 hours in each month, and the average price of a kWh of electricity is $0.10. So an average monthly bill would be around $73 for 730 kWh of electricity.

    Of course, this can vary considerably if you have non-standard items such as a hot-tub, or some electrical appliances running continuously. Extended computer use, plasma screen TVs and video games consoles can also make an impact. Your usage will increase significantly in months when you run an air conditioning unit, as well.

    Finally, the cost of electricity varies widely across the USA, from as low as $0.07/kWh in West Virginia to as much as $0.24/kWh in Hawaii. Youll have to adjust my guidelines accordingly, because they apply to an average home with average consumption and average electricity costs.

    Helpful Experience For Solar Entrepreneurs

    What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Cleaning Business ...

    Generally, if you have some experience in the field of renewable energy, this will help you. However, most industry experts and entrepreneurs believe that lack of experience shouldnt hinder anyone from becoming a business owner.

    According to Filipa Neto, Managing Director of Chic by Choice, you can learn as you go and you have nothing to lose. You need to have some basic knowledge of solar energy industries and the confidence to know you want to succeed.

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    When Should I Call A Professional

    Just like washing your car or cleaning your home, you can hire a professional to clean your solar panels.

    If you have a rooftop system, it may be a good idea to call a professional cleaning service. In addition to the convenience of not climbing up on the roof yourself, professionals are properly equipped for rooftop safety. Whenever hiring a professional, you should check to make sure they are licensed and bonded. For ground units, it may not be worth the service fee since you can safely clean your own panels with a simple dose of hose water and liquid soap.

    How Do You Remove Snow From Solar Panels

    Experts usually advise against removing snow yourself. Even a gentle sweeping with the wrong equipment could permanently damage the glass and could compromise your warranty. In many cases, the snow will melt and fall away on its own.

    If you wish to clear the units yourself, be sure to invest in a proper snow roof rake designed for the job. These cost anywhere from $30 to $150 and are available in materials like fiberglass, aluminum and polycarbonate. Be sure to exercise extreme caution navigating your roof. If you wish to prevent the problem altogether, consider installing an .

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    How Much Money Am I Prepared To Invest

    Have a look at the below table to view average commercial pricing in your state from the Solar Choice Commercial Price Index:

    Now take a look at how much investment costs have dropped on a commercial size system since 2014 using 30kws as an example:

    Whilst having money in the bank is great not all small businesses are cash-flourished! Luckily there are several ways in which a small business can invest in a solar array which include loans, Power Purchase Agreements and Operating Leases. Please see here for a detailed rundown.

    What Happens During A Typical Day At A Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business

    Tools you need for your Solar Panel Cleaning Business | Bird Proofing Q and A

    This business is all about being on schedule. Opening the store on time, keeping public and employee areas clean, and making sure that orders are fulfilled in a timely manner are all activities you can expect on a daily basis.

    If the store processes the laundry and/or dry cleaning on site, you will also need to make sure the equipment is operating properly, and load up the washers and dry cleaning machines with additional clothes that need cleaning to keep making good progress for all of the customers orders.

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    What Are The 4 Types Of Business Entities

    • A sole proprietorship is the most basic business entity. A sole proprietorship means that one person is solely responsible for business profits and debts.
    • A partnership is a shared responsibility between two or more people who hold personal liability for a business.
    • Limited Liability Company is a business structure that permits owners, partners, or shareholders to limit personal liability but still includes tax and flexibility benefits associated with a partnership.
    • A corporation is an entity legally considered separate from its owners. That means that corporations are permitted to own property, be held liable, pay taxes, and enter contracts.

    Be sure to look at which entity will work best for your cleaning company while still considering future business goals.

    Also, remember that when starting a cleaning company, most states require you to register your cleaning business before you take on cleaning jobs, with the secretary of state or county clerk in the county in which you operate your business if the trade name under which you operate your business differs from the legal business name of your business.

    What Is The Growth Potential For A Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business

    There is a business model that uses the retail space as only drop off and pick up location, while all the washing and cleaning is done at another location. it is possible to have many retail locations that are supported by an industrial location where all the cleaning of the clothes occurs.

    There are also franchise opportunities in this industry. It is possible to start with a single store and then expand to own many more.

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    Make Sure You Are Thorough With Your Research

    Before you start the solar farm, you need to carry out the research thoroughly. You need to:

    • Be aware of the capital you need to invest in.
    • Find out the cost per acre of solar panels,
    • Solar farmland requirements,
    • Other investors in solar power projects,
    • Facts related to solar farm return on investment.
    • Problems you might face and how to overcome them.

    Remember, you need honest answers to all your questions before you can get started, so lets continue with the article, and hopefully, we will answer some of your questions.

    Cleaning The Solar Panels For Best Performance

    Common Mistakes When Starting a Cleaning Business

    Cleaning the solar panels is just similar with cleaning the windshields. Actually, owners of these panels have the choice of cleaning the panels themselves or getting the service of cleaners and that would be none other than you. Solar panels are usually made up of the solar cells that are being covered by a glass coating that serves as its protectors. Since they stay outside for a long period of time, they are also exposed to more dirt and cleaning them will become your business.

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