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How To Use The Solo Stove

Best Accessories For The Solo Stove Bonfire

How to use the Solo Stove Shield

If you don’t buy a bundle, here are the top accessories to make your camp or backyard experience even better!

If you’re like me and you start looking at the accessories and can’t make a choice between which one you want most, just get them all! They’re pretty useful and you do save money compared to buying them separate!

Solo Stoves Grill Attachment

Considering my love for my Solo Stoveand grillingthis probably comes as no surprise: When Solo launched a fire-pit cooking attachment , I ordered one so fast that my keyboard was smoking.

The attachment arrived with two parts: a metal crown that goes atop the fire pit and a grill grate that rests on the crown. The crown elevates the cooking grate away from the fire. The cast-iron grate holds the food as it cooks.

Solo Stove Ranger Compact Fire Pit & Stand Yard & Home

Nevertheless, Kayla and I have found that there is considerably less smoke than a routine camp fire and this helps a lot with the campfire odor. All Solo Stove products are made out of 304 stainless-steel. That stainless-steel building and construction makes it quite darn resilient. Nevertheless, unlike other fire pits on the market, its not made from cast iron and thus isnt as heavy or as durable. So its better to be a bit gentler with it rather than tossing logs in willy-nilly. However, if you do somehow break it, youre covered by a Not ten years.

Youll have this thing till the day you die! .) Our preferred feature of the Ranger! Thanks to its light weight and the long lasting bring case it features, you can quickly bring your Bonfire in your Recreational Vehicle outdoor camping, or to any tailgating events!Kayla and I personally like sitting at a campground, getting comments from passer-bys on how cool our Solo Range is and asking where they can get one!No item is best ! It was tough for us to come up with cons to the Solo Range Bonfire.

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Are Solo Stoves Safe On A Deck

Theres nothing better than sitting around a fire pit in your yard, toasting marshmallows over the flames. Solo Stoves are especially great for this as theyre virtually smokeless and get less hot than other models but are they ok to use on your decking?

Solo Stoves are safe to use on both wood or Trex decking, provided you also use the Solo Stove stand or a heat resistant fire pit barrier underneath. Although Solo Stoves emit less heat than other types of fire pits, they could still damage your deck over prolonged periods of use.

Lets look in more detail at why Solo Stoves are fine on both wood and Trex decks, how they direct heat and why you should use that stand we mentioned or a fire pit barrier. Well also consider just how hot these stoves get on the outside, and if theyre ok to use on a covered deck, porch or patio.

Is Solo Stove Worth It

can you use solo stove on wood deck

Is a Solo Stove worth it? This Solo Stove review believes that yes, it is worth the buy. The brand designs innovative and beautifully crafted stainless steel stoves, fire pits, and grills.

These products are portable, versatile, and highly efficient. Although, this Solo Stove review acknowledges the complaints about removing ash which are annoying but are a minor issue. As with all things, practice makes perfect.

The more you use your item, the easier it will get to remove the ash. If you are worried about your Solo Stove rusting, the brand offers covers that protect against the elements, or simply bring your Solo products inside after use.

Lastly, the issues with customer service should be taken with a grain of salt. Trustpilot only had 17 negative reviews compared to the thousands on Amazon and the brands site that had a vastly positive majority.

Ultimately, if you love the outdoors, camping, and a good fire, this Solo Stove review recommends this brand.

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How Is Solo Stove Heat Directed

Solo Stoves create less downwards heat than many other types of fire pit. The reason behind this is their airflow. Air is sucked in through the vent holes at the base, which is pulled upwards by the flames. A lot of the heat is directed upwards, away from your deck.

If youre after radiant heat, this might concern you: is all the heat lost upwards? No, it isnt. This design doesnt radiate as much heat as some however youll still get plenty of warmth from its cozy flames.

It Looks Good Doing It

When loaded properly the Solo Stove Bonfire will look sleek with eye-catching flames.

The Bonfire uses Solo Stoves Signature 360° Airflow Design to help the fire start quickly and burn hot. As a bonus, this design also creates gorgeous flames. When the fire pit is packed with an appropriate amount of firewood, all you see is the sleek, stainless steel exterior and a tower of mesmerizing flames rising from the top.

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Solo Stoves Shouldnt Be Set Up On Flammable Surfaces

Its really important to check what your Solo Stove is standing on, especially if youre camping or in areas with lots of potential fuel. Remember how hot the stove is going to get, and think about what its in contact with.

If youre camping or lighting your stove out in nature, make sure you clear the space where youre going to stand your stove, and the nearby area. Solo Stove recommends getting rid of all nearby flammable materials, and stresses that anything highly flammable, such as gasoline, should not be stored anywhere near the stove.

You should think about how far a fire could potentially spread if the Solo Stove accidentally got overturned, and use this as a guide for how much you need to clear. Take into account how dry the ground and surrounding area is as well wet ground doesnt present such a big risk, but dry ground can catch fire very easily.

Err on the side of caution and move more material than you need to, maximizing the safety.

If youre camping in an area with grass, moss, leaves, etc., consider building a couple of rings of stones around your stove. Clear away flammable material within the rings.

These stones will help you to ensure you have a good circle of safety around the stove, and will also serve as fire breaks if you do get sparks or anything else which could cause a fire.

Practice good habits and always ensure the vicinity is clear of flammable and highly flammable materials before you light up your Solo Stove.

Is The Solo Stove Bonfire Really Smokeless


Solo Stove is known for their unique bonfire design that maximizes airflow and the burning process for a more complete burn with little to no smoke.

Per their instructions, the key is to keep the stack of logs below the secondary air vents. So as long as you can refrain from overfilling it, then yes, it truly smokeless â or nearly smokeless.

Here is a video that explains how it works, and then weâll go over the pros and cons of this bonfire pit as well answers to some of the questions Iâve received from readers.

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How To Empty Solo Stove Yukon

Allow the fire to burn out on its own and cool completely before handling. Once you fire is completely cool, turn the Solo Stove upside down to empty the ashes. Because the Solo Stove burns so efficiently, youre only left with a small amount of fine ash. You can also purchase the Solo Stove ash vacuum sold separately. If you need to, you can wipe out any remaining debris with a damp towel.

How To Light The Solo Stove Yukon

Light the Yukon Solo Stove as you would any other fire. Start with small kindling and consider using a fire starter, newspaper or something else that will catch easily. When the kindling begins to burn, add a few larger pieces on top, building up slowly to full-sized logs. At first, your fire might be a bit smoky as the logs begin to catch and the stove heats up. Once the fire reaches full temperature, youll notice the flames coming out of the holes around the rim of the Solo Stove and the smoke has disappeared. Due to its large size, the Yukon Solo Stove takes about 20 minutes and a lot of wood to get going. You can expect to put 8 to 10 logs in when getting the fire going. Be careful as the entire Solo Stove gets very hot while in use.

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How Does A Solo Stove Work

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The 27-inch Yukon Solo Stove fire pit arrived in a single, large box. And much to our delight, it requires zero assembly after unboxing. We were immediately impressed with the low-profile, simple design of the Solo Stove. In addition to the Yukon itself, we opted for the full Backyard Bundle. This includes the fire pit, a stand to protect whatever is underneath, a shield to trap any sparks coming off the flame and a protective cover for when your Solo Stove isnt in use.

Solo Stove recommends using a stand under the fire pit when using it on certain surfaces like composite decking and wood. Because fires inside a Solo Stove are roaring hot, we felt safest using both the stand and shield during testing. Depending on which fire pit you purchase, you can get a stand for $39.99 to $69.99 and a shield for $99.99 to $199.99.

To get the fire started, we lit four pieces of kindling and then added on logs. The directions state that its important not to overfill the fire pit with too much wood so that the flames stay contained within the drum and between the top and bottom air vents.

If you invest in a Backyard or Ultimate Bundle, a shelter aka a cover will be included with your purchase. The shelter is made from PVC-coated polyester and its a lot thicker than your average outdoor grill or furniture cover.

How To Use A Solo Stove On A Composite Deck

Solo Stove Bonfire $239.00

Some solo stoves come with stands that protect objects from the heat they produce. If you are using a solo stove that does not have its own stand, then be sure to create one with bricks or other materials.

A solo stove can be used on a composite deck by placing a stand underneath it. Alternatively, grates under the firepot will work depending on what size solo stove you have. Make sure they are wide enough, so food doesnt fall through them while cooking!

One of the biggest ways that solo stoves are safer on a deck is.

The Stand.

Yes, you can jimmy rig some bricks under your fire pit. Giving some distance between the fire bowl and the decking. But it will not work nearly as well or look as good as the solo stove stand. Designed to fit just right under the stove keeping it in place regardless of all the activity on the deck around it.

But for the decking, its that 2 ¾ air gap that means the world. The difference between burning and warming. It may not seem like a lot but it will save your deck.

I do still recommend a fire mat to ensure that your composite decking will not damage.

Dont forget, Trex will start to soften as low as 176°F and untreated wood can ignite as low as 356° F. This is wood not treated with fire-retardant. I have not heard of any difference for burning if the wood is treated to prevent rot. Different treatments for different reasons.

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How To Clean A Solo Stove Grill

The truth is, there are a lot of places to find the solo range for sale listed below is an as much as date list of places we have actually found. The Yukon Solo Range is really simple to use and needs almost no assembly out of the box. Ensure you set the stove on a surface you’re not fretted about burning or melting.

If you do wish to put the range on a deck, the stand is offered independently. amazon solo stove. It’s never ever a bad idea to add some bricks or other heat resistant surface in between the base of your Solo Stove and patio area. Avoid putting the stove in tall turf or listed below hanging trees that might quickly capture fire.

Start with little kindling and consider using a fire starter, paper or something else that will catch quickly. When the kindling starts to burn, include a few bigger pieces on top, developing gradually to full-sized logs. In the beginning, your fire might be a bit smoky as the logs begin to catch and the range warms up.

Due to its plus size, the Yukon Solo Stove takes about 20 minutes and a great deal of wood to start. You can anticipate to put 8 to 10 logs in when getting the fire going. Beware as the whole Solo Stove gets extremely hot while in use. Permit the fire to stress out on its own and cool entirely before handling.

Solo Stoves Are For Outdoor Use Only

Indoor spaces are the a major no when it comes to places where you should never be using a Solo Stove. It might seem like a great idea if you love your Solo Stove and you have hard flooring in your kitchen why shouldnt you just haul it in there and whip up some marshmallows or a quick dinner?

Quite simply, Solo Stoves are not designed to be used inside, and present serious risks if they are. Even if you purchase a stand which raises the Solo Stove up off the floor, you should not use them inside. Solo Stoves are considered open flames, and are definitely not safe for indoor use. They could easily set fire to the house.

This rule applies to all kinds of buildings Solo Stoves are not to be used in garages, sheds, or any enclosed areas. Even if the building is not flammable, there are big issues.

For example, the fumes from the stove can accumulate and pose very serious health risks or even cause fatalities. You should only use these stoves and others like them in open areas where there is good ventilation.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Solo Stove

One of the greatest activities of the summer is sitting around a fire with family and friends on a warm evening. Whether it is a campfire, a fire pit in the driveway, or a backyard fire ring, there is just something about sitting in the dark enjoying the warmth and glow of a nighttime blaze. While the experience is typically an enjoyable one, even a summer fire has its downfalls smoke in your eyes, a chill in the air, the smell that penetrates its way into your clothes and hair, learn how a Solo Stove can help solve these problems.

If you love backyard fires but are tired of battling the shortcomings listed above, then you may want to consider one of these innovative products designed by Solo Stove. This brand offers a line of sophisticated and efficient fire pits, camp stoves, and even a grill. They all utilize a unique patented airflow design that allows you to burn wood more efficiently with virtually no smoke and no smoky smell.

Read on for a more detailed look at each of Solo Stoves distinctive products. Fire pits and camp stoves that come in a variety of sizes for every need or to fit a certain area of the yard. As well as a variety of accessories to help with every activity you may want to do around the fire, all you need to provide is the wood to burn. There is truly something for everyone!

Why Is My Solo Stove Smoking


As stated before, the design leads to an efficient fire that isnt paired with much smoke. Unfortunately, people sometimes misread this and think that something is off with the bonfire when they see smoke. Its impossible to achieve the kind of fire that the Solo unit achieves without any smoke at all.

The bonfire is designed to be nearly smokeless in operation, but you cant ignore the presence of the word nearly in the equation. Though the smoke is minimal, its not non-existent. Furthermore, when your bonfire is only starting to get going, it can present a little more smoke than usual.

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There May Be Some Discoloration

Again, it will no longer look nice and shiny and brand new after the first burn, which is to be expected when you burn wood inside it at such high temperatures. But it does not affect the quality at all.

If you notice any burn marks on your bonfire, Bar Keepers Friend has been recommended for cleaning it up .

How Do I Clean My Solo Stove

Just tip over your fire pit or use a shop vacuum to remove the ash.

After a handful of burns, gold and blue hues might begin to emerge on your fire pit. This is a result of the stainless steel reacting to the intense heat generated inside your fire pit and will not affect your fire pits performance. We think of it as a patina.

If you want to keep your Solo Stove as shiny as the day you unboxed it, a little Bar Keepers Friend and a damp rag will polish it up nicely. Check out the tutorial below to learn how!

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