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Made In Usa Solar Panels

Top 5 Solar Panel Manufacturers

Celebrate Solar Panels Made in the U.S.A.

Hanwha Q CELLS

Hanwha Q CELLS, created in 1999, is a subsidiary of Hanwha Solutions of South Korea, with a regional head office in Irvine, California.

In Dalton, Georgia, the Tier 1 company now runs a 1.7 gigatonne solar panel manufacturing factory that commenced production in February 2019. The corporation announced a $160 million investment in REC Silicon through its parent company. The investment, announced in 2021, will assist Q CELLS in acquiring low-carbon ingredients for solar cells and wafers.

Within the Q.PEAK DUO Series, Q CELLS provides high-performance mono passivated emitter and rear contact solar panels for residential applications. In addition, Hanwha Q CELLS creates utility-scale solar projects around the United States.

Due to its excellent performance and efficiency in low-light circumstances, we suggest the Q.PEAK DUO BLK ML-G9 solar panel from Q CELLS. This long-lasting solar panel is perfect for places prone to snow and strong winds.

Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is a solar panel manufacturer headquartered in Shanghai, China. The Tier 1 company, which was founded in 2006, has a global presence with six manufacturing units and 15 subsidiaries. In the United States, the firm is based in Jacksonville, Florida, and makes solar panels. Under the Eagle Series, Jinko Solar manufactures diamond half-cell solar panels with capacities of 400 watts and higher.

Silfab Solar

Mission Solar


Final Thoughts: Are Q Cells Solar Panels A Good Choice

Homeowners who have gotten quotes from solar installers can rest assured that Q CELLS solar panels are a high-quality choice backed by a good warranty at a reasonable cost.

While not the absolute best when it comes to performance or warranty, they meet the standard set by other Tier 1 solar manufacturers and come in at about the industry average for cost.

The Q CELLS brand is well-known and will surely last for many years to come, so you can count on them to stand by that warranty if you ever need service.

If youre interested in making the switch to solar power, use our calculator to get estimated cost and savings, and compare quotes from different providers. Many installers provide quotes for various brands of solar panels, so make sure to look up information on all solar brands here at SolarReviews!

Find out how much you can save annually by switching to solar

Usa Solar Panel Manufacturers

Its crucial to know the difference between a solar company with headquarters in the United States versus one that manufactures solar panels in the States. For example, SunPower, an American company based in San Jose, California, makes all its products in overseas manufacturing plants.

Heres a list of the top solar companies that are manufacturing solar panels in the United States today:

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Hanwha Q Cells History

Q CELLS solar panels have a history just about as long as the modern solar industry itself.

Founded in 1999, Q CELLS AG quickly grew to be one of the top solar module manufacturers in the world. Unfortunately, the worldwide economic downturn and strong competition from government-subsidized Chinese solar panel companies took its toll, and in 2011, the company filed for insolvency. Its assets were purchased by the Hanwha Group, a South Korean company with its own strong solar business.

In the years since, Hanwha has brought together its German engineering team to reinvigorate the Q CELLS brand, becoming one of the worlds top 10 solar module manufacturers. In 2018, Hanwha decided to remove its name from the brand, leaving its products to be called simply Q CELLS.

Q CELLS now has manufacturing facilities all over the world, most notably its huge U.S. facility in Georgia, which was the largest solar manufacturing plant in the western hemisphere upon its completion.

Table 1. Hanwha Q CELLS quick facts

China, Korea, Malaysia, United States

Does It Matter Where Solar Panels Are Made

Grape Solar 180W Monocrystalline Solar Panel (Made in USA)

If the solar panel customer has any concerns past the performance and cost of his solar panels, then yes, it matters where solar panels are made. Even a rudimentary understanding of economics will tell anyone that purchasing materials made in America helps bolster the economy, which, in theory, benefits everyone.

Many consumers follow the patriotic angle, believing that buying something made in America over something made elsewhere is just a better action to take.

Some people consider the countries involved in the product in question, the governments of those countries, and the international companies practices. Many consumers work to remain conscious of the human rights records of a companys country of origin and opt-out of purchasing products from countries with bad records in that area.

Others hope to avoid supporting the economies of dictatorships or other repressive governments. And the treatment of workers comes into play in that conscientious consumers often refuse to patronize companies with exploitative labor practices.

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The Difference Between An American Company And American Made

When it comes to where a company is based, the locations of any satellite offices or facilities are irrelevant. The country in which the company is incorporated is considered that companys home country. An American company, then, is one incorporated in the United States.

When it comes to whether something is American-made, though, it gets a little hazier, and we have to decode labels to know exactly the provenance of the product in question.

Research The Specific Requirements For Your Type Of System

Depending on the kind of solar panel system youre installing and where you live, there are different regulations, permits, and inspection requirements. In many areas, installing solar on a home that remains connected to the grid comes with stringent rules for both the plan and the installation, including coordination with your utility company.

If youre installing an off-grid system, such as to an outbuilding, cabin, or RV, then the requirements are likely far less demanding, though you likely still need permits and inspections. Before you dive into detailed planning for your project, reach out to your local building department and find out exactly what requirements have to be fulfilled with your type of system.

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The Lycan Powerbox Solar Power Generator

This is a portable solar generator that is very versatile and can be used in different situations. It weighs about 55 pounds and has multi-terrain wheels.

It is easy to take on outdoor trips and also be used as an alternative or support to the power source at home. The Lycan can be charged with solar power and even by a wall or 12V socket. It is the perfect power backup in case of outages or any significant problems.

It is rugged and can handle up to 300 watts of solar power. There are interchangeable lithium-ion phosphate batteries, which can give you continuous power. It is a bit expensive at 1199.99 dollars. Here are the main features of this product:

  • This is a perfect solution for campers, contractors, or families.
  • It offers easy handling with LCD, which gives information about the battery capacity. Output buttons for AC and DC allow for easy switching between the two.
  • There are three ways it can be charged: solar power, car power, and AC power.
  • It has multiple outputs for different devices and LED work light in the front for easy handling.
  • It is compatible with Renogy solar panels up to 300 watts.
  • It is portable, with heavy-duty handles and tough wheels.

Vikram Solars New 13 Gw Oragadam Manufacturing Unit

American Made Mission Solar Panels Overview

Welcome to our new state of the art manufacturing facility in Oragadam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Home to unparalleled innovation and future forward technology, with a annual manufacturing capacity of 1.3 GW and a production area of 1.3 lac sq. ft, we are setting a new bar in the solar manufacturing category. Progressive and ahead of its time, always striving towards a sustainable future.

With addition of this new facility, Vikram Solar is now Indias largest solar module manufacturer with annual capacity of 2.5 GW . Its exciting times.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panel Companies

What are the top 10 solar panel companies?

The top 10 solar panel companies globally with the highest shipment capacity are, in order, LONGi Solar, Tongwei, JA Solar, Aiko Solar, Trina Solar, JinkoSolar, Canadian Solar, Zhongli, Suntech, and First Solar.

What country is the largest producer of solar panels?

As noted earlier, China is the largest producer of solar panels worldwide. In 2017, the nations market share reached 51% and has since declined to just 27% in 2019this indicates that new countries are producing and installing solar panels at a higher rate in a short period of time. As for the company with the largest production rate, JinkoSolar, headquartered in Shanghai, China, ranked first according to the most recent data.

How do I find a reputable solar company?

When you select an installer, you want to know that its a reputable company, with a strong track record, that has all the licenses and certifications required in your state, and with the expertise to design a solar panel system thats right for your needs. Picking between solar installers can be a daunting task, but EnergySage is here to help. We vet the installers that quote on our Marketplace, present installer-specific differentiators in the quotes you see, and have created a badge tier system that helps you find the top solar installers in your area.

Who Are The Biggest Solar Installers In The Us

Most companies that manufacture solar panels dont install the panels themselves. In the U.S., the biggest solar installation companies are Sunrun and Tesla and Tesla also manufactures their solar panels in the U.S. To connect with our network of local solar installers, sign up for free quotes on the EnergySage Marketplace.

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Not All Solar Panels Are Created Equal

When looking into the hardware itself, it can be tempting to save money with the cheapest panels available. However, the purchase price doesnt always tell the whole story in terms of affordability. First and foremost, consider the durability of the panels. Does the company have a reputation for long-lasting systems, and do they have a warranty to back that reputation up? If you have to replace the system after 10 years when a slightly more expensive system would have lasted 25 years, you didn’t save any money.

The second consideration is the efficiency of the panels. The more efficient, the more power youll generate, and the more of your electrical costs youll offset. Those costs add up over the life of the system. A 10% lower installation price might be negated by the increased energy production associated with higher-quality panels.

The Bottom Line On Solar Panels Made In Usa

175W Solar Panel Made in the USA

Finding solar panels that are 100% made in the USA can be difficult. Youll likely find that even U.S.-based solar manufacturers still source materials overseas. Additionally, itll be even more challenging to find other components of your solar system like inverters or racking that are 100% American-made.

Ultimately, when choosing best solar panel system for your home, the country of origin isnt as important as the systems performance and capabilities for your home.

If you still have questions about selecting the right solar panels for your system, get in touch with the experts at GoGreenSolar. We provide free PV system design and will work closely with you to offer the best recommendations for solar panels, inverters, racking and parts so you can purchase and install your system with confidence!

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Solar Industry Tariffs In The United States

For years, American solar panel manufacturers have lobbied for tariffs on imported solar panels to maintain competitive pricing while paying rates for labor and materials.

But the United States solar industry which employs around 250,000 people relies on the flow of inexpensive, imported solar panels. As you can see, there is a delicate balance between supporting U.S. manufacturing and encouraging job growth and clean energy adoption.

How Do You Choose A Solar Panel

Theres no singular factor based on which you can choose solar panel manufacturers. If youre filtering based on country of manufacture, then youre going to have a limited list anyway. But, even that list will need to be filtered down further.

You can filter based on factors such as:

  • Efficiency
  • Manufacturer Reputation

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Bottom Line: Buying American Solar Panels Can Be Tricky

If thereâs one thing thatâs obvious, itâs that manufacturing is global. This is especially true of a product like a solar panel, which uses raw materials sourced from all over the world. Even if your solar panel is assembled in the US, the individual components that make up the panel – including the photovoltaic cells – probably were manufactured elsewhere.

Many foreign-owned companies do manufacturing in the United States, including LG Solar, Hanwha, and Jinko Solar. However, product lines that are manufactured in the US are often also manufactured overseas, which means that it can be difficult to know for certain if you are buying a US-made panel. Your solar installer may have a close relationship with their supplier, so ask your installer if this is something that they can determine for you.

But there are at least four US companies that do its manufacturing exclusively here in the US: Lumos, Mission Solar, SolarTech Universal, and Tesla. In addition to these, some US companies do a mix of manufacturing in the US and overseas. This means that if one of your goals of adding solar to your house is to support green manufacturing jobs in the US, you do have quite a few options to choose from.


Q Cells Solar Panel Efficiency

A look at Made in USA Seraphim Solar panels

Most solar panels in the industry are between 15 and 20 percent efficient, but solar panel efficiency in commercially-available products can be as high as 22.8%.

Q CELLS solar panels start at around 20% efficiency with the Q.PEAK DUO-G5, and top out at 20.9% with the Q.PEAK DUO XL-G9, meaning they are high-efficiency solar panels, but not the very highest.

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Celebrating 15 Years Of Vikram Solar

Were celebrating our 15th year on the planet. 15 years of integrity, trust, innovation, and excellence. Weve come a long way and we are bright today, but we will be brighter tomorrow. For 15 is young. Theres still so much ahead of us. And we have the energy, vision, and innovation to strive further forward. Because 15 isnt just an age, its an attitude.

Join us as we continue our journey in solar energy. Only together can we make a better future for generations to come

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Us Solar Developers To Spend $6 Bln To Boost Domestic Panel Supplies

Plants grow through an array of solar panels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S., May 6, 2022. REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File Photo

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The U.S. Solar Buyer Consortium, which includes developers AES Corporation , Clearway Energy Group, Cypress Creek Renewables and DE Shaw Renewable Investments, said in a statement that the funds would address current supply chain issues.

Since the start of the pandemic, companies that buy solar panels for large power plants have struggled with global supply chain disruptions that have driven up costs, as well as potential U.S. tariffs on imported panels from Asia. Duties on those products, which supply most U.S. projects, would make solar energy more expensive and less competitive with power produced by fossil fuels.

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The consortium will invest $6 billion as it recruits solar panel manufacturers in a long-term strategic plan to supply up to 7 gigawatts of solar modules per year from 2024 – which could power nearly 1.3 million homes.

Our joint commitment to procure at this scale can provide the certainty suppliers need to ramp up capacity and overcome current supply chain constraints, David Zwillinger, chief executive of DE Shaw Renewable Investments, said in a statement.

The United States installed 23.6 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2021, according to industry trade group the Solar Energy Industries Association.

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Is That The Final Number For Miles Of Solar

There are a couple of things that reduce these numbers a bit. For one thing, the NREL report on land usage is conservative in that solar panel efficiency has improved since the report was published.

Those numbers were based on 13 to 14 percent efficiency for solar modules. Now, in 2019, just six years later, solar panels on average have efficiency numbers between 15 to 18 percent. In fact, many solar panels are now available at 20 percent efficiency for commercial or utility solar sites.

This alone will reduce the number of solar panels needed and the required land mass to host those solar panels.

Secondly, the entire power load wont depend entirely on big solar farms. Homeowners installing their own solar panels on rooftops could make up to about 34 percent of this electricity need.

With these things in mind, we can adjust our estimate from 22,000 square miles to just about 10,000 square miles. This is the number Elon Musk talked about at the National Governors Association meeting, referring to the space needed as taking up a fairly small corner of Nevada or Texas or Utah.

While having our nation powered by solar might not be as neat and tidy as that, its great to know that its absolutely possible to reach that renewable energy goal one day, especially with the advent of solar backup batteries to take care of the intermittency of solar.

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Solar Industry And The Trump Administration

175W Solar Panel Made in the USA

In January 2018, President Donald Trump announced a 30% tariff for foreign solar panels imported into the USA. The announcement came into effect in February and will drop 5% each year down to 15% in 2022, time from which it will remain at 15%.

Whether you agree with this decision or not, the truth is that in the next few years solar panels made in foreign lands will have to increase their value in order to compensate for the tariff imposed by Trump administration.

This will present an opportunity for American manufacturers to step up in the line since they will be more competitive than ever.

To give you an idea of the top American brands that manufacture their solar panels in the USA, we have prepared this list for you with some of their best solar panel options.

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