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Can Solar Panels Go On A Metal Roof

Final Words On The Best Roof For Solar Panels

How to Install Solar Panels to a Metal Roof

You should now have a much better understanding of the best type of roof for solar panels.

To be honest, the majority of residential homes should be able to support a solar panel. Composite and metal roofs are easy to mount on while tile roofs take a little more care.

The main issues to look at are the pitch, orientation, and any shading which can affect performance in the long run.

And remember, make sure your roof is in a good state of repair. You need it to last decades along with your solar panels.

Metal Roofs And Solar Panels Pair Well Together

Metal roofs are great for solar, because they last a very long time. If its time to replace your roof before you can go solar, you may consider investing in a metal roof install as well.

Metal roofs can last up to 70 years, whereas asphalt composite shingles are expected to last just 15-20 years. Most solar panel installations are guaranteed to last 25 years, but systems will be producing at strong capacity well beyond that.

When it becomes time to invest in new panels, say 30-35 years from now, you can simply swap the panels out without having to mount brackets and rails. This can potentially save you a lot of time and expense much further down the road if youre planning on staying in your home a long time.

Consider The Type Of Your Roof

Is your roof made out of shingles, clay, or slate? Make sure to inspect your roofs first before installing a solar panel.

Solar panels work best with shingles as they are the most popular and easiest type of roof that a solar panel can be attached to. Clay or slate roofs tend to break thats why it is not advisable for solar panels to be put onto.

You really need to be extra careful when you have a clay or slate roof. Inquire for the help of a roof expert if you want to get your roof check for it to be compatible for solar panel installation.

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Can Asbestos Or Cement Roof Be Used For Mounting Solar Panels

In an ideal scenario you want your roof on which solar panels are being mounted to last for at least 25 years because the life of solar panels is well over 25 years , but the asbestos or cement sheet poses the following problems in achieving this:

  • The only major maintenance required for an on grid solar system in 25 years is to clean the solar panelsin every 20 40 days . For cleaning, a person has to climb the roof in every 25 40 days to clean the solar panels. For a RCC roof or a metal shed the frequent roof access is not an issue but for the asbestos or cement sheet since they are less flexible they might might crack if not accessed carefully, and the crack will give rise to water seepage in rainy season which is a big problem in itself.
  • Other major reason is that the shelf life of an asbestos sheet is maximum 15 years after which it will start crumbling and disintegrating, so if you want to change your asbestos sheet you have to remove the solar panels and mount it back again once the roof is installed, this will cost you time, money and lots of frustration.
  • Drilling holes into asbestos roofs generates dust which is a danger to both installers and the household if inhaled hence some installer even back out because of the health hazard.Health hazard of asbestos roof.

Mounting Solar Panels On A Shingle Roof

Can I Install Solar Panels on a Metal Roof?

Shingle roofs are made from a composite material. This is usually fiberglass and cellulose finished with asphalt. This makes them easy to manufacture and creates a strong durable material.

Mounting solar panels on a shingle roof is a simple procedure as you can drill mounts straight into the roof. The studs drilled into the roof are finished off with waterproof sealing to stop any leaks. The solar panels can then be mounted without any roof modifications.

Shingles roofs are very popular as they provide a good balance of value for money and durability. The fact that this roof type should last for 20 years or more makes them a reliable backing for solar panels.

Solar Panels on Shingle Rooftops

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Do Metal Roofs And Solar Panels Go Together

Metal roofs are the most coveted roofing materials for any Littleton, CO home. It offers exceptional durability and dependability that any homeowner can use. However, it can accumulate heat during the sunny seasons that make it dangerous to solar panels.

Solar panels collect solar energy with sufficient heat. Silicon cells can overheat and get damaged.

This trait explains the lack of solar panel use in many tropical countries. Therefore, everyone’s hypothesis is that solar panels on metal roofs will get massive damages.

However, heat and UV absorption-reducing solar panels guarantee less heat generation on your roofs. Thus, you can completely install a solar panel system without fear of possible damages. Make sure you consult with a metal roofing and solar panel installation professional in Littleton CO, such as Roper Roofing & Solar, before buying solar roofing materials on your own.

If you’d like to know more about solar panel installations on metal roofs, here are a few details from Clean Energy Authority‘s informative post below.

You can always count on us at Roper Roofing & Solar for the best solar panel installations. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.


South Facing Roof Orientation Comparison

We looked at differences in solar panel production and savings in different areas of the country in our post Top 10 Cities for Solar . But what happens to these numbers when the roof in question doesnt face south? We took a closer look at six cities Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.to see what happens with their solar roofs. Heres what we found:

Even when solar panels arent facing directly south, they can still produce large amounts of electricity, even if you live somewhere that doesnt receive much sun. In general, regardless of where you live, if your solar roof is oriented directly east or directly west instead of the optimal south-facing, you will only see a 20% decrease in the amount of electricity you produce. Even with this decrease in performance, your solar panels would still produce enough electricity to save you hundreds of dollars a year.

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Bottom Line: Tile Roof And Solar Panels Can Go Great Together

If you have a tile roof, this article isnât meant to scare you away from putting solar panels on your roof. In fact, tile roofs and solar panels are a great combination, because a properly installed tile roof can last 100 years. This will outlast your solar panels . That means that you shouldnât have to worry about needing to pay to remove your solar panels to fix a roof issue underneath.

But all of this depends on having a good installer to do the work. Use this guide to help you find a great contractor, and use The Solar Nerd to get multiple quotes from qualifed contractors in your area.


Can You Install Solar Panels On A Tile Roof

Installing Solar Panels on a Metal Roof

Whether youre purchasing a home with a tile roof, or youre about to have one installed, youve already made a sound investment in your home. Tile roofing is a beautiful way to enhance the appearance of your home while providing long-lasting protection against harsh weather and fire. While the cost of installation can be expensive, you can expect your tile roof to last 50-75 years. The durability of tile will save you money on re-roofing in the long run. It will also decrease the amount of roof waste that goes to landfills each yeara staggering 11 million tons annually. Best of all, theres a way to increase your homes value while making it even more energy efficientby adding solar panels.

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Solar Panel Roof Load Calculator: Will My Roof Support Solar Panels

Everyone is looking for sustainable and cheaper energy sources thanks to the ever-rising prices of fossil fuels.

A majority of people have decided to go solar to reduce their dependence on the grid power and become . Use solar on your roof is a great way to generate power completely behind the meter.

Having a roof to place the solar panels is a crucial prerequisite for the PV system installation process.

But most people wonder, will my roof support solar panels? A solar panel roof load calculator helps you to establish the size and the weight of the solar panels that your roof can accommodate.

When you want to install solar panels, it is vital to understand certain features of the roof and the solar panels.

Solar panels differ in weights and sizes depending on the manufacturer and the brand. It is essential to determine whether your rooftop can support the solar panels before you plan a installation.

In this article, we will look at some of the core factors that determine whether a roof can support the PV system.

The solar panel roof load calculator is crucial when you want to establish the size and the weight of the solar panels that your roof can support.

Questions To Ask Your Installer

If youâre planning to go solar, be sure to ask your installer these questions if you have a tile roof. Do this at the proposal stage, before you sign any contract.

  • Do you do the roofing work yourself, or do you subcontract?
  • What method will you use to attach the racking to my roof?
  • Is this method non-destructive ?
  • If yes: are you able to use a non-destructive method such as tile replacement or s-hooks?
  • How do you waterproof the attachment points?
  • Will you replace, for no cost, any tiles that you damage during the installation?
  • Does your installer warranty cover roof damage, such as leaks? For how many years?
  • Would you consider working with a roofer that I hire?

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Standing Seam Metal Roof

Solar Panels Installed on Standing Seam Metal Roof

This roof type consists of a series of flat, broad metal panels that are crimped together to form a continuous, concealed join. There is a vertical leg between each one this is the raised seam.

Not only is this type of roof lightweight and durable, when installed in sequence with the recommended underlayment, it is also watertight.

It’s almost as if metal standing seam roofs are specifically designed with solar panels in mind.

The installer attaches a series of high-strength aluminum clamps to the vertical legs with a single bolt. The mounting rail secures into place with no need to drill any holes into the roof. With no perforations in the metal, it remains watertight people with asphalt shingles have to check and maintain theirs annually.

Installing a solar array on a seamed roof is simpler and far-less labor-intensive, and therefore, more affordable.

The clamps and bolts are often covered by several-year warranties, although most owners claim they outlive their solar panels.

What Benefit Do Solar Panels Add To Your Home

Can You Put Solar Panels on a Metal Roof?

Having a tile roof already helps make your home more energy efficient. This is because roofing tile is installed individually, instead of in sheets or in an overlapping style . As a result, it leaves space around each tile to allow for ventilation, and it creates a thermal barrier for heat transfer into your home. This barrier makes heating or cooling your home more efficient, which saves you money on your utility bills each month.

But your can further defray your energy costseven potentially eliminating themby adding solar panels to your tile roof. Beyond the initial cost of purchase and installation, youll only be paying for electricity when your monthly energy consumption exceeds what can be captured by your solar panels. With the appropriate size system for your home, energy consumption, and climate, you can expect serious savings.

In addition to saving you money on your monthly utility bills, solar panels will increase your homes value, while decreasing your overall carbon footprint. And depending on where you live, your local utility company may even purchase excess energy collected by your panels, which helps you to make money!

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Installing Solar On Standing Seam Metal Roofs

If youre lucky enough to have a metal standing seam roof, there are solar panel mounting systems available which clamp onto the seams. In this way, no holes need to be drilled into your roof. Your solar installation will be faster, labor reduced, and you dont need to worry about your roof being penetrated and water getting in.

The clamps are made from high strength aluminum and use a single bolt to secure the clamp. Most come with at least a 10 year warranty, but should easily outlast the life of your solar system.

What To Know About Olar Panels On Metal Roofs

Here are the top 5 things to consider if you want to install solar on a metal roof:

  • Its easy to mount solar panels on a metal roof
  • Solar metal roofs can host thin-film panels and standard PV panels
  • Metal roofs are durable and can outlive your solar panels
  • Solar panels can increase the cooling benefits of a metal roof
  • Metal roofs and solar panels generate an eco-friendly home
  • Read on for a more in-depth explanation of all of these topics.

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    The Best Roofs For Solar Panels: What Are The Different Roof Types You Can Install Solar Panels On

    Solar can be installed on almost any roof here are some of the most commonly used roof materials that solar installers will encounter on the job:

    • Asphalt shingles
    • Wood
    • Metal

    While solar panels can be safely and effectively installed on all of the above roof materials, the exact installation processes may differ. As such, there is no best roof for solar panels can go on just about any roof material. Below, well look at each of the various roof materials and how installers secure solar panels to each.

    Benefits Of Having Solar Panels

    No Penetration (Part 1) Metal Roof Solar Panel Install !

    Purchasing and installing solar panels isnt a small task. Homeowners can expect to spend several thousand dollars on upgrading their homes with solar power sources.

    But the benefits of having solar panels far outweigh the initial costs, especially over time. Some of the most notable of these benefits include:

    • Reduced electricity bills each month
    • Less dependence on the local power company
    • Increased property value

    Additionally, if your home creates more energy than it consumes, the local power company may end up owing you money! As such, choosing to switch to solar energy is often financially and ecologically beneficial.

    Even if you plan on moving out of your current home within the next several years, you may want to consider installing solar panels. Thats because solar power can significantly increase a homes overall value.

    You may also be able to take advantage of solar energy incentives and rebates. Occasionally, homeowners see a complete financial return on their solar investments thanks to these helpful programs.

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    What Are Solar Panels

    A solar panel is a group of silicon, Photovoltaic cells grouped in a glass-topped case to generate environmentally friendly, sustainable, clean energy.

    Each cell relies on photons in sunlight to trigger a reaction that generates an alternating current

    A nearby solar inverter converts this into usable direct current for home and business use to power household appliances and equipment.

    Generated electricity that is surplus to requirements is transported to the power grid.

    A series of solar panels is called an array the more panels in your system, the greater the amount of energy production.

    Can I Install A Solar Panel On My Metal Roof

    One of the most frequently asked questions we get when potential clients are in the research stage of metal roof installation is whether or not you can install solar panels on a metal roof. Undoubtedly, the increased interest in solar paneling originates from the fact that many people who choose metal roofing do so because of its sustainable nature and environmental benefits. Its no surprise, then, that people who choose an environmentally friendly roofing option also desire to install an energy-efficient method of providing electricity to their homes.

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    The Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels On A Metal Roof

    Jul 14, 2021 | Conserve Energy, Efficiencies, Home Solar |

    Metal roofs and solar panels make the perfect match. When it comes to ease of installation, durability, environmental benefits and cost savings, solar arrays installed on metal roofs can provide home owners excellent benefits.

    Metal roofs are usually made of light, long-lasting materials. After they wear out, homeowners can recycle most metal roofs, making them an excellent choice for those searching for an eco-friendly alternative to standard asphalt roof shingles. Also metal roofs can better withstand severe weather like hail, heavy rain, snow and high winds. Metal roofs have also been credited for protecting homes during forest and brush fires. In some cases that can lead to a reduction in your homeowners insurance premiums. Also metal roofs have a much longer expected life span than traditional asphalt shingles, lasting in some cases more than 60 years.

    Solar panels and metal roofs share one very important feature: energy savings. As energy rates continue to rise, many homeowners look for solutions to lower their electricity usage. Reflective metal roofing can save homeowners an average of 40% on their summer electricity bills by reducing attack air temperatures by as much as 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Much like solar panels, metal roofs are an environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, and cost-saving addition to any home.

    If you would like to know more about solar power for your home or business, contact us here.

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