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Do Solar Panels Emit Radiation

Can You Get Cancer From Solar Power

Solar Panel Radiation [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW] | EMF Protection

As I have pointed earlier, solar systems comprise of various components that produce electric current, or electromagnetic fields. Also, some solar cells are known to contain elements or compounds with some levels of toxicities.

These toxins include gallium arsenide and cadmium telluride.

But does this imply that the solar panels have the potential to increase the risk of you getting cancer? The answer to this is no.

What this means is that, although the panels include components that emit varying levels of electromagnetic fields and radiations, they are also within the set limits.

They comply with the standards set up for all electrical devices by the FCC .

The electricity that the solar panels produce is in the form of direct current. This means that the wires used to transport this form of power, do not produce electromagnetic fields, unlike the ones carrying AC power.

And, where AC is being transported, the wires are well coated.

Also, although we mentioned that some solar panels contain materials that can be toxic, most of the solar panels made for homes, are made from safe silicon technology

Therefore, you shouldnt worry yourself too much about the safety of these solar panels. They are indeed safe.

How To Protect Against Solar Panel Radiation / Smart Meter Radiation

Add some Distance

One of the best ways to lower your exposure to radiation is to add some distance between you and the device.

When it comes to solar panels, we learned above that they are relatively safe and actually dont emit much radiation.

However, if you want to air on the side of caution a great solution is to not have the solar panels on top of your house. Although this is one of the more popular places to install solar panels it is not your only option.

Consider installing your panels a small distance from your home or even on the side of your home that has a lower amount of foot traffic.

Another consideration would be to install your converter in a room that has less foot traffic as that was one part of those systems that produced more radiation than the others.

Use a Smart Meter Cover

Using a Smart Meter Cover is an excellent option for those who already have a smart meter or those who want to pursue having solar panels for their home.

This smart meter cover claims to block 98% of Smart Meter EMF, RF radiation made with stainless steel this shield was made to withstand harsh outdoor weather.

It is easy to install, all you have to do is slide the cover over the glass portion of the smart meter. Another important feature of this shield is while it reduces RF but still allowing the utility company to receive its signal.

Other Sources Of Em Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is not only produced by the PV system youve installed. So many electric equipments in your home can produce electromagnetic radiation since they have wires carrying electricity or need to be connected to wires that carry electricity.Examples of these devices include computers, laptops, monitor cameras, and other smart devices you may have in your home.

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How Is Efficiency Tracked

The efficiency of a photovoltaic installation depends on a great number of factors. These include the type and model of panels used, whether they are placed in the shade or not, the orientation of the roof, as well as the amount of sunshine the area receives.

To learn more, we invite you to consult the efficiency and production guide we have put together.

The Health Risks Of Rf Radiation

Do Solar Panels Emit Electromagnetic Radiation?

First, letâs talk about RF radiation. The word radiation sometimes causes fear because it conjures up images of nuclear bombs and powerful x-rays. But scientifically, radiation covers a wide spectrum, including harmless radio waves and visible light.

Electromagnetic radiation, broadly speaking, consists of photons in motion. Photons at different frequencies take on different characteristics. At one frequency, photons make up the radiation that we call visible light. Thatâs right: that pretty rainbow you in the sky after it rains is made of electromagnetic radiation.

Reduce the frequency of that light, and it becomes radio waves. Harmless stuff. Increase the frequency, and it becomes ultraviolet light. Its at this point when EM radiation becomes energenic enough to cause health problems. Long enough exposure to UV light will cause sunburns and eventually skin cancer.

Increase the frequency of that light beam of light further, and it becomes ionizing radiation: x-rays and gamma rays. This is the type of radiation associated with nuclear bombs and emitted by the sun . At low doses this type of radiation is harmless, and is used in applications such as dental x-rays. At high doses, it causes cellular damage and cancer.

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There Is No Good Evidence Of Health Effects From Normal Emr Exposure

While it is definitely possible for EMR to be harmful there is no good evidence that exposure within the limits set by Australian standards poses a health risk. The International Commission On Non-Ionizing Radiations guidelines can be read here. While the language they use is cautious, they conclude that exposure within the limits they set is safe. You are not likely to be exposed to more than that in your normal life unless warming yourself up in front of a microwave communications dish is your idea of normal.

If you want to read an 83 page report on Health Effects of Exposure to EMF by the European Commissions Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks, you can check it out here. While they recommend more research, they cannot conclude normal exposure to EMF and EMR affects health.

If youd rather read something much shorter, the wikipedia article on extra low frequency radiation sums up the possible health effects and concludes:

In summary, when all of the studies are evaluated together, the evidence suggesting that EMFs may contribute to an increased risk of cancer is very weak.

The conclusion also mentions there may be a link between occupational exposure to EMR at levels higher than average and Alzheimers disease, but again, the evidence is not very strong.

Its definitely not a health risk like smoking which raises the chance of heart disease by 40% and lung cancer by 2,700%.

What About Our Electricity Solar System

We have a ‘stand alone’ solar systemwhich has been upgraded twice since we have been hereand live totally off the grid. We are five kilometers from the nearest highway where the power lines go through, and at least one kilometer from the nearest neighbors connected to the grid. Our office in town has solar panels on the roof, and of course, a Smart Meter!We have had our Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in constantly at both these properties. Being energy sensitive, we didn’t want our ‘stand alone’ solar system affecting us there either. With the Geoclense Orgone Generator, we have not been affected by the solar system nor the Smart Meter!What people don’t know, is being connected to the actual electricity grid itself is harmful, as it produces a lot of dirty electricityespecially if you are at the end of the line!

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What Are Solar Panels

First, lets explain exactly what solar energy is, or more specifically, solar panels.

Solar panels are that are made primarily of silicon, aluminum and glass. Youve probably used a calculator with a tiny solar panel at the top, or maybe youve seen the large panels on the roof of peoples homes. These cells absorb the sunlight, and the light causes the silicon atoms inside the cells to move. The moving electrons travel along the aluminum and a direct current of electricity is formed.

Next, that direct current must be converted to an alternating current to power the devices inside your home. This is done by a DC to AC inverter.

There are a number of different type of solar power inverters. Some operate at the level of each individual panel , while other systems have inverters for each row of panels or centrally for the entire system. You can also get hybrid battery-inverters that both convert and store energy.

Biological And Environmental Effects

How solar panels turn sunlight into electricity.

Since the heating effect is in principle no different from other sources of heat, most research into possible health hazards of exposure to radio waves has focused on “nonthermal” effects whether radio waves have any effect on tissues besides that caused by heating. Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as having “limited evidence” for its effects on humans and animals. There is weak mechanistic evidence of cancer risk via personal exposure to RF-EMF from mobile telephones.

Radio waves can be shielded against by a conductive metal sheet or screen, an enclosure of sheet or screen is called a Faraday cage. A metal screen shields against radio waves as well as a solid sheet as long as the holes in the screen are smaller than about 120 of wavelength of the waves.

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One Example Of Solar Panel Emr Causing A Problem

I can only think of one example of EMR from solar panels causing a problem and it was not with peoples health. The first generation of Maxim panel string optimized solar panels interfered with some peoples television reception. Generally it was only when the signal was weak to begin with. Maxims second generation technology should be available early next year and apparently fixes the problem.

How Clean Is Solar Power

In recent years, many people have made the switch to solar energy to start reducing their carbon emissions. One step thats become popular is the installation of solar panels on residential homes. Why? For one, solar panels do not emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide when they are generating electricity. This is why they are a crowd favorite for those who worry about the impact of their carbon footprint.

Solar power is a clean, renewable form of energy. Homeowners can harness this power by installing solar panels, which have become much more affordable as of late . Theyre also easy to install and to maintain over time, only requiring a simple wash each year to reduce any grime or buildup.

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Solar Is Cleaner Than Coal

So let’s get this straight.. solar panels are at least 20x better on the climate than coal, kWh for kWh. I say at least because the most often cited report is by Danish utility Vattenfall from 1999. It looks at only 3 countries — Japan, Sweden and Finland — all of which are fairly dark and dreary, and it does not account for recent advances in PV production .

Based on that study, solar PV works out to about 50g of CO2 per kWh compared to coal’s 975g of CO2 per kWh, or about 20x “cleaner.”

Coal power plants in the U.S. are considerably less regulated than their European counterparts, making them more carbon-intensive. And the U.S. has much greater solar access than Japan or Sweden, making solar PV less carbon-intensive.

Here’s a comparison of several scientific studies on the carbon life-cycle costs of solar . The gist is an average 3 year payback… meaning after 3 years the solar panels create as much energy as was consumed in their initial production and installation. In the remaining 22-27 years of their life span they would be “carbon negative.”

Build A Faraday Cage In Your Attic

How Much Energy Do Solar Panels Produce?

A Faraday cage is essentially a metal mesh cage that blocks EMF radiation from passing through it. Theyre very useful pieces of equipment, and do an amazing job at blocking potentially harmful frequencies from entering your home.

Generally, you need to build the cage around the object emitting radiation, but this can be quite hard when the panels are on your roof. Therefore, an alternative solution is to build one inside your attic, as this should prevent the majority of waves from entering your home.

To do this, you dont need to buy an actual Faraday cage, as any conductive wire mesh will do. However, you must ensure that its properly connected, as any gaps will cause a short in the cage, meaning it wont block the radiation.

Similarly, Faraday cages need a grounding wire, and this is something youll have to install yourself. Simply run a strip of conductive metal from the cage along the outside of your house to the ground. This should complete the circuit, meaning your home is protected.

Creating a Faraday cage for the solar panels isnt going to be the easiest job in the world, which is why it might be more effective to focus on the more problem areas of the circuit. As these parts are smaller, they can be more easily contained.

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Potential Benefits Of Solar Panels

First of all, theyre convenient because they dont require large spaces to be installed and can be placed practically anywhere that gets direct sunlight.

Second, they arent noisy, making them ideal for both rural and urban settings.

In terms of maintaining it, little is required from you in order for the solar panel to work. So solar panels can provide a stable, consistent energy source even without hands-on maintenance.

Using solar panels can also help you reduce your electricity bill, which is the pro for most people, and why they consider solar energy in the first place myself included.

Apart from cutting expenses, you can also earn some extra cash.

In many cases, you can get paid for surplus energy thats generated and exported to the grid if the system is connected to one.

Lastly, the solar energy thats produced can be used for multiple purposes because you can use it as heat or as electricity. It can even be used to power satellites in space or distill water in impoverished areas.

Products That Provide Protection From Dirty Electricity

You can protect yourself from dirty electricity by plugging Graham Stetzer filters or Greenwave filters into each of your power outlets. The filters lower the amount of dirty electricity in your solar system wiring. Reducing the dirty electricity in your home will reduce your exposure to EMF radiation.

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Solar Panels And Toxic Materials

There are two major categories of solar photovoltaic technology: silicon cells, and thin-film.

The most common technology, and the one that is used almost exclusively for homes, is crystalline silicon cells. Silicon is completely non-toxic and the primary element in rocks and sand.

Silicon solar panels may have a very small amount of lead that is used in wiring, but because this is encased behind a durable glass and aluminum frame, thereâs no risk of being exposed.

Do Solar Panels Emit Electromagnetic Radiation

Solar Basics Pt 2: How Much Energy Does One Solar Panel Produce?

Over the years, I have been asked whether solar photovoltaic systems emit significant levels of electromagnetic radiation, also known as electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference or .

Many electronic devices emit some level of electromagnetic radiation. Since radiation can sometimes be dangerous, the amount and type are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission . One of the main sources of household radiation is from the power supplies incorporated into most electronic devices which convert AC from the wall outlet to DC voltage useable by the devices themselves.

Solar arrays require power inversion as well. The main process by which this conversion occurs is called Pulse Width Modulation, a term for rapidly chopping current at variable rates. A byproduct of this current chopping is that some of the energy is released as radiation.

This is the same phenomenon by which radio antennas broadcast radio waves. This is also why concerns about solar panels releasing EMI are typically expressed by ham radio operators, in addition to people who have a sensitivity to EMI or are concerned that such radiation might cause harm. Very significant EMI could interfere with ham radio signals or adversely affect those with EMI sensitivities.

The levels of electromagnetic interference a PV system emits depends on a number of factors, the major ones being:

  • The quality of the inverter
  • Use of metal conduit
  • Proper grounding of all system components

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Solar Panels And Emf Radiation

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells and other electronic components that are used to generate electricity. The cells rely on sunlight as a source of energy. These electronic components emit EMF radiation as the current flows from one device to another.

The solar panels use two types of photovoltaic technology: silicon cells and thin-film. Homes use crystalline silicon cells to generate electricity because it is non-toxic.

Thin-film panels use a different type of technology from the silicon cells. These types of solar panels are great for commercial purposes.

In addition, the thin-film panels have compounds such as cadmium, gallium arsenide, and telluride. These compounds do emit electromagnetic fields at a certain degree. Solar panels generate direct current electricity. The flow of DC down the solar panel components generates little amounts of EMF radiation compared to wires transmitting alternating current .

Therefore, AC electricity flows through the wires and emits dirty electricity that is associated with high levels of EMF radiation.

Can Solar Panels Interfere With Wi

Whether youve experienced signals interference in your home or have heard one of your neighbors complain about it, one question is more likely to cross your mind:Are the solar panels on the roof the cause of the problem?Heres a quick answer:Solar panels dont produce electromagnetic radiation, but if theyre physically obstructing the signals from an antenna, they can interfere with Wi-Fi, TV, or cell phone reception.

The solar panel inverter is usually the primary culprit of signals interference in your home. The process of converting DC to AC signals by an inverter can produce broadband noise that may interfere with wireless signals. Additionally, electronic noise from devices connected to the PV system may also cause interference.So, how does the interference really occur? Is the solar system the only source of electromagnetic waves that intercept the crucial signals in your home? How can this be prevented? Is there a working long-term solution for this problem?Lets answer these questions in this ultimate guide.

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