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What Is Openness In Solar Shades

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Solar Shade Openness Comparison

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Disadvantages Of Fabric With 10% Openness

They help to cut down glare not doubt but not as much or as efficiently as fabrics with 1% openness. As they are more open they will allow heat to flow in a little more than the shades with 1% openness and thereby warm up the air slightly more during summer.

If you live in a sunny region where summer months are long and hot, solar shades are your best bets for the window, home, office or for commercial places. They will help to keep your interiors cool, not interfere with your work or harm your eyes and all this without compromising your view outside the window.

Some Things You Should Know First

We have found in our years of experience a very common question that is raisedwhen to use a light fabric versus a dark fabric when choosing solar shades. In some cases we have found that the fabric desired and chosen had the reverse effect once installed, leaving the consumer disappointed and now forced to live with this decision for years to come or until deciding to ultimately purchase new shades.

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Where Should I Consider Using Solar Shades

These shades are very popular for use in any living space or work space that deals with a large amount of sun. They are also an exceptional choice for any windows with a great view, as they allow the view to be enjoyed, even when the shade is pulled down. Office Buildings, Classrooms, Living Areas, and Commercial Spaces are all excellent candidates. The only windows we would not recommend using solar shades on would be bathroom, bedroom, or any other window where nighttime privacy is necessary. In these instances, they can still be used, if paired with another privacy shade or blind.

Solar Shades What Are They

Premium Solar Shades: 3% Openness @ AwardBlinds

Solar Shades are the perfect solution for controlling direct sunlight, especially in large windows. Solar Shades are built like a traditional roller shade, so they are well suited for wide windows, as they are available in widths up to 120. They also roll up tightly, only using 4.5 of the windows opening when fully retracted.

The difference between traditional roller shades and Solar Shades is the material they are made of. Solar Shades are specially designed with a sun resistant woven fabric, which among other properties, blocks UV light. Since the UV spectrum is responsible for heat and doing damage to your room, Solar Shades can be the perfect solution for anyone looking to control the sun, but still allow ambient light into their space. Solar Shades are extremely popular in schools, office spaces, and living areas.

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Why Trust Shademonster With Your Window Treatment

ShadeMonster boats 25 years of experience creating custom window treatments. Our products come directly from our local factory guaranteeing high quality customizable materials, competitive pricing, and quick turn around. Contact us today for your free estimate, and have your new shades in less than 7 business days!

Opacity Factor In Window Shades

Opacity usually refers to fabrics that have interwoven textures that allow light to be filtered and controls the amount you can see through. The opacity factor typically refers to indoor window treatments, such as solar shades. There is a spectrum of opacity levels to suit your needs. Just as with openness, the lower the number, the higher the level of opacity. A solar shade with 1% opacity is the most opaque and offers the most privacy, whereas a solar shade with 10% opacity is the least opaque and much more see-through. An important thing to remember is that even the most opaque solar shade wont offer total privacy at night.

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What Is Openness Factor In Solar Shades

Solar shades are specifically designed to minimize heat gain caused due to the Sun besides filtering out the bright sunlight. These shades have many variants depending on their openness factor, ranging from 1% to 15% openness. It is a measure of how much UV radiation and sunlight the fabric of a particular set of shades blocks out. Solar shades with 1% openness block out 99% of UV radiation while the ones with 15% openness diffuse 85% of the UV radiation.

Solar shades with 1% openness block out most of the sunlight and hence better insulate the interiors of the house from both the heat and UV radiation from the sunlight falling on the windows. Shades with higher openness allow more light and heat inside the house. Depending on the area your house is located in and the amount of sunlight your house receives, you can pick the shades with a particular openness that best handles the requirements specific to your house.

Solar shades are made from a variety of materials such as natural fibre, polyester, fibreglass and other synthetic materials. The openness factor can differ in them depending on how closely woven individuals threads of the fabric are in the weave. This in turn also decides the amount of light the fabric allows in. Higher the openness, better the view of the outside but the downside is that it also means lesser insulation against the UV radiation. You can find the right balance depending on situations specific to your house.

What is Opacity?

Solar Shades Reduce Glare And Solar Heat While Preserving Your View Outside

Roller Shades and Solar Shades Opacities |

Solar shades really work their best during the daytime. And like their name hints, theyre good at combatting the suns bright light and heat.

Solar shades have what you call an openness factor. Its indicated in a percentage, and the lower the number, the more heat the solar shades reflect. You also get greater daytime privacy as the openness factor goes down.

The common percentage range is from 1-10%.

You also should know that different colors affect the performance of these shades in various ways. Darker colors, for example, absorb the suns infrared heat rather than reflecting it. As a result, you get a better view outside, but warmer temperatures inside your home. Darker fabric with a low openness factor also darkens your room quite a bit so you might need to turn on some lights to make up for that.

Naturally, light colors do the exact opposite. You get better daytime privacy and reflect more heat outside, which cools the interior of your home.

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Tip #: Consider More Than Color When Selecting A Solar Shade Fabric

As a fabric, the shade fabric is often selected during the furnishings and finishes stage of the job. Oftentimes a large fabric binder is placed in front of the design team, and the shade fabric is selected based on the color and style that best complements the interior décor. On some occasions, openness may be decided based on loose rules of thumb. Unfortunately, this aesthetics-based approach does not take into consideration the fabrics ability to control glare, preserve view, allow diffuse daylight into the space, or mitigate solar heat gain. When color is the key consideration in selecting a fabric, specifiers are likely to get a product that looks good on the wall but may not provide satisfactory daylighting performance. Before specifying a fabric, be sure to match the fabric propertiesopenness factor, visible transmittance, solar reflectance, and colorto the daylighting management needs of the space.

Openness Factor

The openness factor of a shade fabric refers to the amount of light that is able to pass straight through the shade. If a shade has an openness factor of 5 percent, then 5 percent of the sunlight that transmits through the window at an angle that is perpendicular to the pane will pass directly through the shade and into the interior. The remaining 95 percent of the light that contacts the shade fabric will be diffused, reflected, or absorbed.

Visible Light Transmittance

Image courtesy of Lutron Electronics

Solar Reflectance


Finding The Right Solar Shades For Your Home

With Factory Direct Blinds, finding the right solar shades for your home is a breeze! We carry blinds and shades from leading manufacturers, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Whether you just have one window that lets in a bit too much light, or you are thinking about installing solar shades on all the windows throughout your home, we have you covered. Browse our website today to find stylish and affordable solar shades for your home.

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Summer Is Not Too Far Behind

It is the time for those laid back barbeque nights, dip in the pools, and long hours of sunbathing. Summer means hikes, long walks, picnics, and fun with friends and family. The temperature then start rising relentlessly and very soon it crosses the threshold of comfort and you are left looking for ways to cool yourself even inside the house. Warm air and sunlight flood through the house making your interiors hot, humid and uncomfortable. Air conditioners are back in action but without adequate protective covering for your windows, warm air flows in unabated, causing energy loss. Air conditioners have to now overwork to maintain the temperature inside the house.

Fallouts of SummerSunlight is also the source of harmful UV rays that can cause damage to health, furnishings and furniture when left exposed for a prolonged period of time. The glares of the sunlight can interfere with your work as they cause reflection on your screens and also can ruin your entertainment experience as the light reflects on the television set. Too much light will also affect your sleep and severely impact your deep sleep. While we cherish natural light and the positive energy that they bring, too much of unfiltered light can adversely affect your life in different ways. There is a pressing need to address this issue before summer sets in so that you are prepared to deal with the rising heat and sunshine in your house for the next few months.

What Are Solar Shades

Cordless Solar Shade 10% Openness

Solar window shades are roller shades crafted with a specially designed fabric thats woven just tight enough to protect against UV rays while still optimizing your views. If your windows overlook gorgeous scenery and a lot of sun is coming into the room, solar shades will block the annoying glare and reduce heat without obstructing your view. Theyll also prevent sunlight from fading or deteriorating your upholstery, carpet, hardwood floors and artworkand they may even help lower your energy bills!

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Solar Shades

Dont you love having large windows that let in natural light? Add a gorgeous view and youre living in a home many only dream about. The only problem with all that natural light is how it heats up the house, ages the furniture, and shines in your eyes during mealtimes. Suddenly your dream house with a breathtaking view is becoming a hassle.

What to do? Buy solar shades for sun facing windows. They block out the harsh sunlight without destroying the view. Sound like a great idea? Check out the information weve pulled together to give you the ultimate cheat sheet for buying solar shades in Colorado Springs.

Why Buy Solar Shades?

Functionality: Solar shades protect rooms facing the sun by reducing glare and UV rays. When the sun is at its brightest, you can pull the shades down and enjoy the view without the damaging effects of the sun. Plus, their minimalist design blends well with a variety of home décor styles.

Durability: Solar shades are fade free so you can plan on using them for years to come.

Safety and Convenience: Have pets or children at home? Order solar shades with child safe loop controls or cordless versions. Dont want to get up every time you need the shades drawn? Get motorized shades to open and close the shades from the couch.

What is the Openness Factor That Everyone Keeps Advertising?

What If I Want a Lot of Privacy or Need to Block Out Sunshine?

Why You Might Want Solar Shades With 10% Openness Or Above

We have different needs for purchasing products. While some of us go by the looks and the luxury factor, many others prefer functional products that give greater returns. Some instead go for products that are budget-friendly. Functionality and elegance are secondary concerns to them. In the world of window treatments, we face a similar kind of dilemma. A product that has all three factors going in its favor is hard to find. However, when it comes to solar shades, you may put all such dilemmas to rest. They are some of the most value-for-money propositions that you can find for your windows. Be it their ability to withstand heat, their dirt-resistant fabric or their minimal look that speaks volumes about their elegance, they are an ideal solution to your window treatment woes.

However, solar shades come with a variety of types too. There may be differences in their design, colors and dimensions. One major factor that differentiates them is their openness percentage. In this section, we will identify the different openness percentages and identify why a higher openness percentage might just be your go-to option, especially during the peak of the summer season.

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Can Solar Shades Be Installed On Doors

Yes, solar shades can be a great option for french doors. We recommend using a hold down bracket at the bottom of the shade to stop it from swinging around as the door is opened and closed. This hold down is usually a metal or plastic clip that hooks into holes on each side of a solar shade’s bottom rail.

Pictured: Solar Roller Shade in Majesty Pewter 5%.

For sliding glass doors or doorwalls, look for a Solar Sliding Panel. These panels move side to side, just like a sliding glass door. They are much easier to operate than a regular solar shade since you don’t have to fully raise them to pass through the door. However they have a large “stack width” when fully opened, meaning they will block some of your window or door unless ordered wider.

Consult with one of our designers for help ordering so that your stack width clears the window or door opening: 844-551-3769.

Openness Of Solar Shades

Large Motorized Solar Shade 1% Openness

Solar shades work well for rooms that see abundant sunlight. The shades help block light and protect against the sun’s damaging UV rays. Besides light control, solar shades also allows the homeowner to control the level of privacy. You will find that when shopping for solar shades, an openness factor or percentage usually accompanies them. If you are new to solar shades, you may wonder what this number means.

The percentage or number accompanying a solar shade is the openness factor. The openness of a shade equates to the gaps in the fibers of the solar screen fabric. It simpler terms, it is the amount that you can see through the shade. The higher the percentage means that the shade is more transparent and a lower percentage means that a shade is more opaque. For example, a shade with 10% openness will allow much more light through than a shade with 1% openness. The shade with the lower openness with have a tighter woven fabric that allows less light into the room.

For more information, contact

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Do Solar Shades Really Block Heat

Yes they do! In fact, the US Department of Energy has done studies on Energy Efficient Window Coverings found that about 76% of sunlight entering windows during the summer, becomes heat. They also found that a solar blocking shade can decrease solar heat by up to 80%!

Obviously, the openness of the shade, proper fit and installation affect these numbers, but the scientific studies are clear. Not only will solar shades help protect the interior of your home by blocking harmful UV light, they will also save you a considerable amount of money in cooling costs during summer months.

The Primary Benefit Of Solar Shades

If you live in a sunny area, or if you just like the inside of your home a little darker, you probably already have some sort of window treatment for that purpose. But, the problem is they generally let in some light.

So if youre in your living room or bedroom trying to watch TV, you get a little glare.

Then, lets say you want to look outside. Now you have to adjust your blinds or shades so you can do that, which sacrifices some of your privacy.

Glare, privacy loss kind of annoying, right?

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The Heat Blocking Bottom Line

Solar screen shades provide an additional protective layer inside the window glass, reflecting away more of the suns heat than the glass alone. The fabrics density and color together determine how much of the heat is reflected. Less open fabrics reflect away more heat, as do lighter colors, and high performance fabrics block heat equally well regardless of color.

Do Solar Shades Provide Privacy

1% openness solar shade shown in Ivory on patio

Solar Shades offer moderate daytime privacy and can prevent people from being able to see into your home. Of all the solar shade options, 1% solar shades may offer the most privacy, since they have the tightest weave. If youre looking for maximum privacy over light control however, you may be better off with a more protective option, like Roller Shades. You can also get the best of both worlds by layering solar shades with drapery to provide light filtering during the day and additional privacy at night.

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