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How To Become A Solar Dealer

Sunpower By Eco Solar Was Named A Sunpower Master Dealer In December 2015 One Of Only 20 In The Nation

How does LG solar select solar installers to become part of their dealer network?

The letter below from SunPower executives Martin DeBono and Tony Garzolini commemorates the achievement.

Letter from SunPower executives recognizing Eco Solar as a SunPower Master Dealer.

Dear Eco Solar:

On behalf of SunPower, were thrilled to welcome you into the SunPower® Master Dealer Program. Youve reached this level because of your exceptional work and success delivering quality solar power solutions and superior service to your customers. Congratulations!

SunPower Master Dealers are carefully selected by invitation only. As one of just 20 Master Dealers nationwide, you are now among the top five percent of SunPower dealers in the United States. Despite this exclusivity, Master Dealers install roughly 20 percent of all SunPower systems annually, reflecting their good standing in the communities they serve, their financial stability, and of course their installation expertise.

To become a Master Dealer, Eco Solar met SunPowers most stringent criteria in areas of installation, training and customer satisfaction. Through this expanded partnership with SunPower and our shared commitment to a higher standard of excellence within the solar industry, we look forward to helping you excel and grow your business even further with our time-tested solar business, marketing and customer service best practices.

Kind regards,

Selling Solar Panels: The How Why And Where

The solar market is booming right now. In Q2 2021, the U.S. installed 5.7 GWof solar capacity, a 45% increase over the second quarter of 2020 and the largest Q2 ever recorded.

With these additions, the U.S. officially surpassed 3 million installations the vast majority of which are residential systems. Plus, solar accounted for 56% of all new electricity-generating capacity added in the U.S. in the first half of 2021.

So if youre thinking about getting into solar, now is the time. In this guide, well cover everything you need to know about selling solar panels, including the how, the why, and the where to do it.

Lets get started.

Why Bother Selling Solar Panels In The First Place

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association , the pace of solar installations across all market segments has been steadily increasing over the past decade. Check out these 3 reasons why its worth your while to get into the solar game:

Reason #1: Falling prices equals growth

One of the biggest strikes against solar for the past several decades has been the cost. But thats all changed. The cost to install solar has dropped by more than 70% over the last decade, leading the industry to expand into new markets and install thousands of systems across the U.S.

Specifically, an average-sized residential system has dropped from $40,000 in 2010 to roughly $20,000 today . And recent utility-scale prices range from $16/MWh $35/MWh, meaning solar is now competitive with all other forms of electricity generation.

Reason #2: Solar is leading in new electric capacity additions

In 2020, 43% of all new electric capacity added to the grid came from solar. This is the largest share in history and marks the second year in a row that solar has added the most capacity to the grid compared to other sources.

And its no fluke. Solar has ranked 1st or 2nd in new electric capacity additions in the last 8 years increasing its share of total U.S. electrical generation from just 0.1% in 2010 to nearly 4% today.

Reason #3: Its now a 50-state market

And now that you know why you should sell solar panels, heres the how.

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Become An Authorized Distributor

Our global team of authorized distributors are the front line in delivering our vision of a clean and abundant solar powered future. Although we are spread around the world we share a commitment to helping ordinary homes and businesses take control of their energy. This requires a continuous search for new opportunities to develop our solar knowledge and skills and the ability to apply them in new situations. If this sounds like a passion that you share, please get in touch to find out how you can become part of the team.

Become A Professional Pv Installer: Endorsed Pv Greencard Training

Become an HES Solar Installer / Dealer

PV Installations are not rocket science. Nevertheless, you should know what you are doing since you are dealing with electricity. From a business point of view, a solid knowledge base helps one to stand out from the masses. Our training courses equip you with the necessary skills and certification.

Our 5-day training course SuperSolarSchool is the official SAPVIA PV GreenCard preparation course. We are also nationally accredited by ECSA and SAIEE, the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers. You get 5 CPD points for attending the SuperSolarSchool. The course is also internationally accredited by the German Solar Energy Society DGS.

More about the PV GreenCard

After the training, you can achieve the SAPVIA PV GreenCard Installer Qualification by going through an assessment in our assessment centre in Johannesburg. The Assessment centre was established in 2017 as the second centre in the country. Various manufacturers contributed to the equipment of the centre to support the PV GreenCard programme, e.g. IBC Solar, Hellermann Tyton and Resolution Circle.

The PV GreenCard is a voluntary quality assurance programme by SAPVIA, the South African PV Industry Association. Accredited PV GreenCard Installers are allowed to issue PV GreenCards for their PV installations to prove that they follow SAPVIAS installation guidelines and quality standards. It can be compared to a CoC for PV Systems, but on a voluntary basis.

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How To Be A Solar Panel Distributor

If youre looking for a way to make money while helping the environment, then becoming a solar panel distributor might be just what youve been waiting for. Due to their cost benefits, solar panels are gaining popularity in the United States.

If youre interested in making some money by becoming a solar panel distributor, this article will help you understand:

  • What it takes to be a solar panel distributor
  • The importance of marketing as a solar panel distributor
  • The requirements you need to address to become a solar panel distributor

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, continue reading.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Toolkit

  • – Scalability with your workflow
  • – Basic membership and service listing
  • – Discounted PV solar panels and related installation tools
  • – Customer relationship management tools
  • – Guaranteed savings through a bulk buying channel
  • – More intelligent and swift work tools
  • – The best PPA and lease option for solar financing
  • – Radically decreased client acquisition costs
  • – Organized sales trajectory reducing operating costs
  • – Zero payment in lieu of referrals
  • – Free project management and service organization resources
  • – Regular training programs to improve development

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Become An Independent Authorized Dealer With Us

The NRG Clean Power Dealer Program

Looking for a turnkey professional solar solution Engineering, Procurement and Construction company that you will be able to have a long term strategic relationship with?

It is important to consider the companys expertise, stability and ethics. With offices in Canoga Park, Las Vegas, and Austin, we are a company that is capable of turning around projects in less than 45 days. NRG Clean Power was established in 1987, we are Diamond Certified 4 years running, A+ with the BBB and continually in the nations top 100 solar companies.

How To Find Your First Generator Leads

Traditional Solar dealer vs Powur. Become your own Dealer

Once you choose a generator dealer and set up shop in the location of your choice, it will be time to find your first leads. The manufacturer may be willing to list your location on their site or even give you some tips to potential leads. You may also want to invest in some advertising and create a website. If you leverage your network, you may be able to find some potential clients among family, friends, or former work colleagues.

The first few leads are usually the most difficult to track down. Once you have sold to a few clients, you may get some positive reviews on your site or some good word of mouth. If you have trouble finding new leads, AlltimePowers program for generator dealers can help. For a monthly fee of $250, AlltimePower provides dealers with an average of 20 new leads per month. The leads have already seen realistic pricing on generators and have taken steps to find out more information and seek a local dealer. In other words, the leads we provide are usually hot and ready to buy. For more information, contact us today.

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Thank You For Inquiring About Becoming A Solaro Dealer

Solaro Energy is currently seeking dealer for specific geographic areas in North America and around the world. This is a compelling business opportunity for a motivated, growth-oriented company or individual to explore.

As a Solaro Energy dealer, youll have more than just a winning product to sell. Youll have the support and backing of the leading solar powered point of use products in the industry. Solaros marketing support for its products is unequaled. National advertising activities and major trade show participation serves to build awareness on a large scale. Local marketing support and materials are available, including brochures, ad designs, trade show displays, web images, and more. In addition, Solaro Energy offers sales and service training to help you start off on the right foot.

Please download the forms below to get started and we look forward to doing business together!

Solar Energy On The Rise: Effective Way To Fight Load Shedding

The solar industry is one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa. At the moment, the interest in the technology is huge as it provides a cost-effective and easy way to become energy independent. In times of massive load shedding, companies suffer from frequent power cuts. Small enterprises and shops, especially, can benefit from solar energy generation and use it as a simple solution to back-up their offices.

Even before the power crisis, people started to discover the benefits of generating their own electricity and the increasing demand now offers various employment and business development opportunities. With our training courses, we create the perfect entry point for anyone who wants to join this new industry.

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How To Become A Generator Dealer

If you have experience working with or selling generator engines, one of the best career moves you could make is becoming a generator dealer. It will give you the freedom to be your own boss selling what you love. You can sell generators wherever you choose to set up shop. Better yet, there will be no limit to how much money you can make, meaning you could end up generating a hefty profit, especially if you hire an employee or two.

Of course, becoming a generator dealer comes with its own challenges and risks. You will face competition from other generator dealers in your area, and you will be responsible for everything you sell. Manufacturers may require you to buy a certain number of generators or generator parts a month, so you will have to make enough sales if you want to turn a good profit. Being well-informed about what you are getting into and choosing the right generator manufacturer to partner with can drastically increase your chances of success.

Faqs On Selling Solar Panels:

Become A Dealer
What does it take to sell solar panels?

To sell solar equipment, you just need to be prepared and understand the why, how, and where. Heres a quick recap:

Why bother?

  • Solar is leading new electric capacity additions.
  • Its now a 50-state market.
  • How to start?

  • Learn what makes people buy solar panels.
  • Get certified and register your business.
  • Know how many panels your customer will need.
  • Figure out where youll get supplies.
  • Where to sell?

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    Setting Up Compensation Structures

    Solar salespeople are usually paid by commission. Commission payouts are usually paid as a percentage of the total contract price or as a cut of the base contract price.

    Commissions have various pros and cons. On one hand, they can motivate your teams to work hard. On the other hand, commissions may encourage your salespeople to sell more than a customer needs, take on cost-prohibitive projects, and inflate project costs above market rates.

    Read more on common commission structures in the solar sales industry today.

    What Does A Solar Panel Distributor Do

    Rather than active users of solar energy systems, distributors act as intermediaries between manufacturers and buyers.

    They help find customers who want to buy high-quality products at affordable prices before connecting them with sellers so they can complete their transactions.

    Solar panel distributors are often responsible for marketing strategies, developing new products, and working on sales. In addition to this, they also have administrative duties, such as handling inventory or managing finances.

    In order to become a solar panel distributor, you must have good written communication skills and an understanding of finance.

    Its also helpful if you know about software design because there is a lot of data entry involved with this job role.

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    How To Start Selling Solar Panels

    If those reasons have you wondering how to get started, here are five steps to take right away.

    1. Learn what makes people buy solar panels

    When it comes to buying solar panels, there are a few key motivators for buyers. The first is the cost savings in terms of reduced electricity bills.

    The average electric bill in the U.S. is between $100 to $200 per month so thats a lot of savings. And as solar prices fall, more and more consumers are taking the plunge.

    Another big motivator is government incentives and subsidies. As of now, the federal solar tax credit is worth 26% of the cost of solar installation, including equipment and labor. So, based on the current average cost of panels, a typical homeowner can expect a tax credit of between $4,000 and $6,000.

    Plus, there are 10 states that offer state solar tax incentives that consumers can use besides the federal tax credit, providing an additional $1,000 to $6,000 in savings. As of now, these states are Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Massachusetts, Montana, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, and Utah.

    2. Decide who youll be selling to

    You have to decide if you want to sell to commercial businesses or residential homeowners.

    Here are a few things to consider:

  • Property ownership: There are some complexities with commercial property ownership that dont exist in the residential market. From least to most complex, these include owner-occupied buildings, buildings with a single tenant, and multi-tenant buildings.
  • More Than Just A Platform For Financing And Installations

    Become a Solar Dealer for Solcius

    Rather than using our platform for just financing and installations, we also aim to accelerate your growth through training, 24/7 support, essential software, and professional tools to grow your business. Were shifting the dynamic from dealer to partner.

    Full Training & Support

    We provide full training from how solar works, to running appointments, and more importantly what it takes to win the project.

    Best Industry Leaders

    We partner and negotiate with top tier solar lenders for you, which empowers your company to sell more projects.

    Fast Sale-to-Install Time

    Being from Texas, we know and understand this unique market. Thatss why we have one of the fastest sale-to-install turnaround times.

    Highest Quality Panels

    We install Black on Black Mono-crystalline Panels and industry leading Enphase Solar Micro-Inverters that both include 25 year warranties.

    100% Customer Visibility

    We provide and utilize an in-depth CRM that tracks every single project, every step of the way.

    Lowest Pricing

    We use our high volume of sales to achieve the most competitive rates and financing products in the industry.

    You can run your existing company but add a service of solar panels to your company by plugging into Dynamic SLR.

    Jim Johnson

    Sales Representative

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    How To Find Salespeople

    Salespeople are the backbone of most solar businesses. Regardless of your niche, chances are that someone on your team is making at least part of their paycheck knocking on doors and making phone calls.

    When seeking out a salesperson, here are three elements to consider when vetting your candidate pool:

    • Knowledge about your niche
    • Passion and persistence
    • Familiarity with questions and concerns that customers have about solar

    Its crucial that you foster a culture of customer satisfaction in all of your employees, but salespeople in particular. They are usually the folks leading your conversion process and are often the face of your business. Make sure they wear it well with world-class customer support.

    If an in-house sales team isnt feasible, there are several options available for sales outsourcing. Many businesses exist specializing in outsourcing solar sales for installers, consultants, and retailers. A quick internet search will point you in the right direction.

    Register To Become A Qualified Solar Installer

    As a result of all the experience we have amassed and our unique approach, you can expect a high level of quality and professionalism in all our training courses. For us, the most important goal is to support your career in the solar industry and make it as easy as possible to find your personal way in renewable energy.

    Sign up today and become part of the GREENetwork!

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    Join With The Most Reliable Solar Energy Brand

    Installers and distributors with proven experience, commitment and knowledge of local markets are ideal candidates to install and distribute SunPower panels.

    • SunPower technology was selected by Total Group for partnerships in the solar energy sector

    • SunPower technology is backed by more than 35 years of proven experience in the industry

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