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What Are Solar Panels Good For

Curiosities About Solar Energy

How To Choose A Good Solar Panel

Use of solar energy is near a solution. This was the headline in the New York Times on 4 April 1931. It turned out to be a premonition, since, 80 years later and electricity is being supplied to millions of human beings in the world from renewable energies such as solar. Humanity has now declared its readiness to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, conscious of the finite nature of fossil fuels and their prejudicial effects on the environment as the main cause of global warming.

As the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda chimed in El Sol: I am a man of light, of so much rose, such predestined clarity, I will die from shining.

Solar energy, on the other hand, will never die of shining, since the Sun still has 6.5 billion years of life according to NASA. Indeed, in rather less time, solar technology in some countries has evolved to compete with conventional sources of electricity generation. In just a few decades time, it will become the major part of a sustainable energy system for the world.

Additionally, the conditions for the development of solar energy could not be more perfect: the Sun bathes the Earth hourly with enough light and heat to fulfill global needs for a whole year in other words, solar radiation can satisfy our energy needs 4,000 times over.

As the publication Renewable Energies Info estimates, the Earths surface receives 120,000 Terawatts of solar irradiation, which represents 20,000 times more power than the whole planet needs.

Tesla Solar Panels And Powerwall

A Powerwall needs at least ten 420-watt Tesla panels to charge it fully, and you can always add multiple Powerwalls if you require more power for your daily needs.

The Powerwall works just like any other battery storage option, although uses premium-quality lithium-ion batteries, and can handle very large power loads the system contains a 13.5 kW battery with 5kW continuous and 7kW peak capability.

Also, the Powerwall has an integrated smartphone app, allowing you to track and customize your power usage.

Reduce The Cost Of Your Energy Bill

The most widely known advantage of solar panels is that they will reduce the cost of your electricity bills.

Due to the suns energy being renewable and free it means that you will not be paying for the energy you generate through your solar panels.

There are endless benefits that come from having spare cash each month to spend on your family or other things. Saving money is one of the biggest advantages of solar.

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Solar Is Becoming Increasingly More Popular And Common

Incentives and rebates provided by the government may not actually last forever. This is another good reason to take advantage of these rebates and incentives right now.

Due to the price of solar panels becoming more affordable, there may come a time in the future where the government reduces the rebates and incentives that they offer.

Its best to jump on the wagon now to take advantage before theyre gone!

What Is The Standard Power Output Rating Of Residential Solar Panels In 2021

8 Reasons Why Solar Energy Is Important

Solar panels used on homes in 2021 generally have power output ratings between 275 and 400 watts of DC power per module.

Solar panel wattages have steadily increased over time. The first 400 watt residential solar panel was released by SunPower in March 2019, but you can now find several panels from different manufacturers that are around this wattage.

As recently as 2016-17, solar panels with output ratings of 250 watts were common. But it is now rare to find home solar installations using a model of this wattage.

The reason for the growing power wattages of solar panels is due to improvements in solar panel efficiency. Higher efficiency means that you can produce more power in the same amount of space.

Higher efficiency solar panels are especially important when you are looking to install a residential solar power system on your home, but you have limited roof space. You can use fewer high efficiency panels to produce the same amount of energy as you could if you had used more lower efficiency panels.

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The Different Types Of Solar

Different types of solar panels and systems can also be used to heat water. Thermal solar is a greener alternative to gas boilers and heaters.

There are also a variety of solar panels that perform differently. Some may have micro inverters meaning each solar panel generates its own current and energy. Others may require an inverter for the entire string system.

Any power that is generated by solar panels can also be stored using solar batteries.

These can work for both homeowners and businesses and can be scaled up. Storing power can allow complete independence from the grid, meaning you solely create and use your own power.

Solar batteries are also becoming more affordable, as well as more popular for people or businesses who use most of their power at night. Also more and more solar battery rebates are becoming available as well.

Increase Affordability And Sustainability

Equipping your home with a solar energy system can help pay for major or minor home improvement projects or can help to make your energy bills more sustainable many pool owners pay about $500 more per year for electricity and will purchase a solar system to ease this burden. An investment in solar will pay for itself and make the overall investment more manageable.

Remember, there arent many home improvements that cost less than a solar system or receive government tax credits, let alone saving on your homes monthly costs. An investment in solar energy is worth its money more so than almost any other improvement you can make to your home.

  • Earn a Great Return on Your Investment: Solar panels shouldnt be viewed as an expense in fact, they are one of the wisest investments you can make, with returns rivalling more-traditional investments. Thanks largely to the substantial monthly energy cost savings, the average American will pay off their solar panel system within 7 or 8 years, with an average return on investment of 20 percent or more!

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Get Free Quotes On Solar Power

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Solar Energy Decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Are Solar Panels Really That Good for the Environment?

Generating electricity with solar power instead of fossil fuels can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide . Greenhouse gases, which are produced when fossil fuels are burned, lead to rising global temperatures and climate change. Climate change already contributes to serious environmental and public health issues in the Northeast, including extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and ecosystem changes.

By going solar, you can reduce demand for fossil fuels, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and shrink your carbon footprint. One home installing a solar energy system can have a measurable effect on the environment. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average home with solar panels in Connecticut uses 8,288 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. Switching from fossil fuels to solar power in the state has the same emissions reduction effect as planting around 150 trees every year.

In New York, the average home uses 7,248 kWh of electricity annually. Choosing a clean source of electricity like solar panels can eliminate the same amount of carbon emissions that would result from burning over 5,000 pounds of coal each year.

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What Can You Power With A Single Solar Panel

In the example above, the solar panel is producing 1.5 kWh per day, which ends up being about 45 kWh per month. Thats enough energy to power some small appliances without too much issue, but if you want to cover the energy used by your propertys climate control systems or large cooking appliances, youll need more solar panels. Check out our article on how many solar panels you need for your home to better understand how much solar energy your unique property needs.

How Much Power Does A Solar Panel Produce Over A Month Or A Year

When we measure a solar panels output over time, we use the unit kilowatt hours . It is equivalent to 1000 watts of continuous power production over 1 hour.

Now lets look at:

  • What is the solar panel output of different modules based on their wattage rating
  • How many solar panels would be needed to power a 6 kW solar panel system

Solar panel output by power output rating

Rated output
SunPower Maxeon 3

*Based on an average of 4 peak sun hours per day and average month length of 30.4375 days. Expect power output to vary over the year due to day-to-day changes in weather and seasonal changes in climates.

The above table is useful in helping you get an idea of how many solar panels you need to reach a desired power output. It allows us to answer the following questions:

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Why Does Solar Panel Output Matter Calculating Panel Wattage

Power output is an important metric for your home or commercial solar panel system. When you buy or install a solar photovoltaic energy system, the price you pay is typically based on the total power output of the solar panels in the system .

Solar panel wattage represents a solar panels theoretical power production under ideal sunlight and temperature conditions. Wattage is calculated by multiplying volts x amps where volts represents the amount of force of the electricity and amperes refers to the aggregate amount of energy used. The financial savings you derive from the solar system is a result of the electric energy that it generates over time .

Low Energy Conversion Rate

Are Solar Panels Good Or Bad For The Environment? Part 1 ...

Even the most advanced solar panels still only convert around 20-25% of the suns energy into power. It goes to show how much opportunity there is to develop better technology to optimise the full force of the sun.

However, there are many things that need to be considered like the direction of the panels and location.

Jinko solar panels have claimed the world record a few times.

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Solar Is The Way Of The Future

In 2016, the majority of energy added to the US power grid was made up of renewable technologies, with thousands of jobs and high growth associated with such emerging industries. Every indication is that this pattern will continue, with 93% of the total utility-scale generating capacity added to the grid accounted for by solar, wind, and natural gas. This puts the US up to 4th in solar PV usage, still lagging behind China, Germany, and Japan, and shows that solar is the way of the future.

  • Solar Power Uses Underutilized Land: With the increasing demand for solar energy, its accessibility has likewise increased. Many countries, especially developing countries, have undeveloped rural land that is virtually unused and can be used to generate vast energy at a great value. Through such strategies, the logistics of solar panels are no longer limited to spaces more suitably occupied by other things and can aid in global development efforts.
  • Solar Power Creates Jobs and Economic Growth: Most of the money put into solar power pays for salaries and the development, maintenance, and installation of these systems. As the technology improves and expands, thousands of jobs will be created and this industry can drive a new period of industrial growth.

Best Brands Of Rv Solar Panels

There are quite a few manufactures of solar panels for use on RV. Well briefly cover some of the best here:

Windynation: They cater to the DIY community and focus on making small wind & solar generators.

Renology: The largest manufacture of solar panels on our list. They make solar panels for a wide range of applications and have an excellent selection of RV solar panels.

HQST: They specialize in solar panel for off-grid solar solutions with affordable products for the DIY community.

Allpowers: A relative newcomer, Allpowers founded in 2008, is a professional manufacturer of high conversion efficiency solar cells and portable solar chargers.

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Are Solar Panels Right For You

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular, but they are not right for every home or for every budget. Your property may not be able to make the most of solar panels, or the installation process may reveal other problems around your home that need to be addressed. You may also find yourself in a situation where solar panels simply cost too much to make sense for your situation.

But for many, solar panels will provide relief in the form of cheaper utility bills, a smaller carbon footprint, and less reliance on the traditional grid. Read more about solar panels:

You Can Make Money With Solar Panels

Good Question: How Well Do Solar Panels Work In Snow?

When you have your solar panel installed in your house, you harvest a lot of energy your solar panels until its excess for your consumption yet other people require some power, but they have no power source for themselves.

For this reason, you can to share your solar panels with such people and agree on how much to charge them for using the energy from your solar panels.

Once you begin sharing the power from your solar panels with people, you charge them according to the amount of energy they use in a given time according to your agreement.

In case you agree that they will be paying you every month, you will be expecting to have an income from the excess solar energy for your panels.

The revenue you get from the extra solar energy you sell will be used to cater to other budgets and expenses that you pay using the little money that you earn from as your salary.

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Solar Panels Require Space

Solar panels require space in order to meet energy needs. For residential installations, a roof will almost always have enough space. However, when you look at large grid-scale solar installations, space can be a bit of an issue.

This is because solar panels have a lower power density. Power density is how much power can be derived from an energy source within a certain area, measured in watts per square meter . The power density of solar panels is low compared to those of fossil fuels.

This means that you need a larger area of solar panels in order to produce the same amount of energy that a coal plant would. However, the amount of land that was mined for fossil fuels is not considered in this measurement.

So although you would need a large solar power plant and a small coal plant, the mining of coal destroys acres upon acres of land, whereas the solar power plant does not.

How To Choose The Best Solar Panels

Look for panels from solar energy companies that have high efficiency rates and offer a comprehensive warranty on product and workmanship. High-efficiency panels let you produce the most power with limited space, and warranties reduce maintenance costs if you have problems with the system later on. Here are some tips to find durable solar panels that meet your energy production needs.

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How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Run A House

This depends a lot on different factors, such as how much electricity the house uses, whether theres good sun exposure, the type of solar panel being used, etc. On average, solar panels for residential use produce between 300 to 400 watts each. Schalk said its better to think about the overall size of the system instead of the number of panels.

Solar guide:How to get started with solar panels on your home in Indiana

The typical residential solar installation ranges between 7,000 and 8,000 watts, which Schalk said is enough to cover all of the electrical usage for many homes. That would mean the average home would need about 20 panels to power it. For larger homes with higher usage, however, the system sizes can be much larger.

Should I Install Solar Panels


You should install solar panels if youre looking for a way to save on energy expenses in the long run. While upfront installation costs can be high, the cost-benefit is clear: Installing solar panels on your home is financially and environmentally responsible. Using solar power will lower your electricity bills and earn you tax incentives. Solar panels are also great investments because they add value to your house and are exempt from property taxes.

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Solar Energy Is An Intermittent Energy Source

There are three main reasons why solar is considered an intermittent source of power:

  • The sun doesn’t shine at night. Therefore solar panels don’t generate power at night.
  • The intensity of the sun varies based on the location, the time of year, and the time of day.
  • Cloud, snow, and foliage cover can have a significant effect on the amount of energy produced by solar panels.
  • All of these factors have been used to argue that solar power cannot be relied on for base load or mission-critical applications. However, this is changing with the emergence of cost-effective battery solutions. Batteries allow homeowners to store their solar power and draw energy from the battery when their solar panels arent producing energy.

    The most popular residential solar battery is the Tesla Powerwall, a 13.5 kWh lithium-ion battery. Other manufacturers, such as sonnen, LG, and , offer great solar batteries for home energy storage, as well.

    Ongoing advances in battery storage are a sign that intermittency may not be a limitation on solar power for long.

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