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How To Remove Pool Solar Panels From Roof

Your Roof Isnt Compatible With Solar Panels

Demo day!! Removing solar panels off a roof!

In virtually all cases, you will need to drill into the rafters and seal it properly during installation. While solar panels can be installed on virtually any residential roof, some shingle materials arent as compatible with solar panels and may require additional consideration during this phase.

If you dont have the ideal roof for solar panels, poor installation tactics are more likely to make it leak. Roofs made from wood shingles, clay, slate, and terracotta tiles are particularly vulnerable to leaks and damage during installation. We advise replacing the areas of the roof where solar will be installed with composite shingles in this case, since it will be hidden under the array anyway.

If youre experiencing leaking with one of these roofs, youll want to contact your solar installer. Their warranty will hopefully cover the damage and help you resolve the problem quickly.

Who Is Responsible For Repairs

Unless you are leasing your system, you are responsible for maintenance and repairs. However, if certain parts are under warranty, you may have a significant amount of coverage on them. For example, if a panel is failing due to an installation error or without explanation, your warranty may cover it. If the unit cracked after an impact, you will be paying for repairs. Call your installer and read your warranty before you do any work on your equipment. They will have useful insight into your coverage, service limitations and options.

How Your Tile Roof Stays Waterproof

Whether your tiles are made of clay or concrete, neither of these materials alone will keep the rain out of your house.

While tiles do shed water, both clay and concrete are porous, which means that rain will eventually soak through. In addition, wind can drive water underneath the front lip of the tiles.

This means that the waterproof membrane underneath the tiles, known as underlayment, is the final barrier that keeps your house dry. Itâs these two components working together that make a tile roof so durable. The tiles do most of the work of blocking the sun, wind, and rain, allowing the more delicate underlayment to do its job as a waterproof barrier.

Good installation practices and the use of correct materials are critical for this system to work properly. This is why when you hire a solar installer it is important to ask some key questions.

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Pool Solar Panel Connections

Depending on the brand, the connections can vary, but when you buy a kit of 2 or more panels they will include the plumbing and hardware to connect the panels to each other.

Smart Pool solar panels have 1.5 threaded female openings on either end which you can attach a 1.5 male thread, while Fafco panels have barbed ends that protrude out at each corner or end that are sized for radiator hose and standard stainless hose clamps.

If you are installing on a rooftop, be sure to pick up enough fittings to make the transition over the eave of the roof, and down to the ground and some pipe straps to secure the plumbing run to the roof and wall. For masonry walls, use tap-con screws to secure the pipe clamps

From there you can find the appropriate connector pieces for your PVC, flex, or above ground pump & filter hose at your local hardware store.

Connect the line gong to the panels to a bypass valve after your filter for the water supply and tie the bypass line and returning solar heated water line into your return line with a tee fitting. Now you can turn on the pump, open up the by-pass valve and send the water to the solar panels.

If you havent worked until past dark, place your hand over the pool return, and youll start to feel the heat right away!

What Are Solar Heaters And How Do They Work

Costs to Remove Solar Panels from Your Home

Pool solar panels are constructed of rows of small, hollow tubes made of black polypropylene or rubber that are seamed together to create a large surface area called a panel.

The sunshine heats the black mat and as water passes through, the heat is transferred to the water and returned to the pool.

Solar panels are an eco-friendly way to heat your pool 10-20 degrees warmer, with do-it-yourself installation, zero emissions and with zero operational costs. With no gas or electrical lines to run, they are favored by pool owners everywhere!

Solar heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the mechanics are basically the same. You can use your existing pump to circulate water through black tubing which naturally absorbs heat from the sun and sends that heated water back to your pool.

The more surface area the solar heater has, the more BTUs of heat are generated. And the more BTUs you generate, the greater the volume of water you can heat. Since a pool is open to the air, heat can be lost quickly. To combat the heat loss, it is recommended to over-size a solar pool heater.

One or more panels can be joined to create more surface area. Panels can be installed for above ground and in ground pools, positioned in a variety of ways, and controlled manually by turning a valve or automatically, with a solar controller.

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Solar Panel Removal Cost

On average, it solar panel removal costs about $500 with average prices ranging from $400 to $600 in the US for 2020 according to HomeAdvisor. They also add another $200 for shipping equipment off site and $600 for uninstalling the solar panel mounting hardware, putting your closer to around $1,000 total to remove solar panels. HomeAdvisor estimates another $800 to get your roof work completed.

Total estimated costs to remove and reinstall solar panels costs about $714, with average prices ranging from $195 to $1,236 in the US for 2021 according to HomeAdvisor.

Common reasons homeowners choose to remove solar panels include:

  • Transferring the system to another home
  • Repairing, replacing or improving their roofing systems
  • Getting rid of a broken or outdated solar system
  • Updating to a brand new solar system
  • Replacing solar panels

How Much Does Solar Panel Removal Cost

Knowing the cost of solar panel removal is one of the biggest questions and concerns that customers have. You already paid for your solar installation, and you probably dont want to pay for the process of having them removed and put back on.

At POWERHOME, we offer qualified homeowners 100% financing options with $0 money down2 to start, so if we did your solar installation, then its entirely possible that you didnt pay a thing upfront to have them installed.

To complete a solar panel removal, complete roof repairs, and reinstall the panels, there will be associated costs. The potential costs are why its best to have any current roofing issues identified and addressed before you begin the installation process. Doing so may avoid what can be an even more expensive process.

While added costs may cause customers alarm, its best to look at any cost through the lens of potential lifetime savings. Here at POWERHOME, we estimate that the price of electricity will continue to rise. Adding solar to your home can help protect your family against utility hikes. Even though there will be a cost for solar panel removal and reinstallation, in the long run, you can potentially save a lot of money on electric bills.

These are important factors to consider when asking how much does a solar roof cost?

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Do Your Panels Actually Need To Be Removed

If a recent storm or other weather event has damaged the glass in your panels, it may be possible to repair the glass or other pieces without removing them entirely from your roof.

Have your solar installer out to assess the damage. They may decide to make a partial repair by removing the broken glass. Or they might solder together cracked surfaces without taking the panels down. In fact, your system may still work fine or even well with broken surfaces, so have a solar professional check your panel output before you request a full removal.

Maintaining Your New Solar Panels: What You Need To Know

Pool Solar Panel – A How to Fix

Switching to solar panels can be a process, but maintaining solar panels is fairly simple. In this way, solar panels are a lot like roofing shingles. With just a little care and some regular inspections, your solar panels should last for many decades. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining your solar panels in Florida.


Debris can fall on shingles during wind storms and throughout the fall when trees drop their leaves. In the summer, we get quite a bit of rain in Largo, Florida. At this time of year, rain washes solar panels naturally. However, at other times of year, we see far less rain and solar panels may become a lot dirtier.

Check your solar panels for debris during the fall, winter, and spring. If you see debris on the panels, spray them with a strong jet of water from a hose. Hopefully, you can do this from the ground or from the safety of a ladder. Do not walk on your roof if you can avoid it climbing on your roof can be dangerous for you and also risky for your solar panels.

If your home has hard water, be aware that frequent cleanings can lead to scale buildup. Over time, scale buildup blocks the sun and reduces the efficiency of your solar panels. A test should tell you whether your home has hard water, but most of the time it’s easy to tell anyway. If your home has hard water, you’ll see scale buildup on your home’s faucets, dishes, and shower doors.


Maintaining Efficiency


Contact Your Solar Company

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What Happens If I Need Roof Repairs Before Installing Solar Panels

The last thing that any customer wants is to have a solar panel installation completed and then discover their roof is leaking shortly after that, requiring solar panel removal. Here at POWERHOME, our experts will complete a full evaluation of your home and roof before installation. The assessment will note any repairs that need to be made before beginning the installation process, to minimize the risk of needing to remove solar panels in the future to do a repair.

A large factor when considering how much does a solar roof cost is first determining if you need any repairs before installation.

Customers will be provided with a quote and an outline of POWERHOMEs expert recommendations. Our goal is to help our customers be as educated and informed as possible.

If your roof shingles are nearing the end of their warranty, or have damage that needs to be addressed, it makes sense to have the work done at the same time as your solar panel installation to avoid a future solar panel removal.

Having both processes completed by the same company, POWERHOME, makes for an easier and more convenient experience. You wont have to coordinate with different parties, review various proposals, or worry about timing issues. Our experts can take care of everything seamlessly.

If youre concerned about how much a solar roof costs this is good news, as its likely that you will never have to worry about replacing your solar installation.

Why Is It Better To Replace Your Roof Before Installing Solar Panels

At this point, we have established that replacing a roof can be quite expensive. However, it is a better option. Its a one time expense which will save you in the future.

The insulation of your house depends on your roof. So, if you need to turn up the AC in the summers or increase the heat during the winters more often, then it means your roof isnt able to insulate properly.

Moreover, a new roof will raise the value of your home. Dont worry about spending too much money on it because if you choose to sell, the money will return to you.

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Do Solar Panels Void Roof Warranty

Unless you and your contractor take the proper precautions, the installation of solar panels can void your roofs warranty. The majority of solar panel installation companies take extreme measures to preserve the integrity of the roof and keep the warranty intact.

Solar panel installers will often get permission from the roofing manufacturer or licensed contractor before starting the panel installation process. If any roofing problems are detected, the repairs will need to be completed prior to the solar panel installation. If solar panels are installed on a damaged roof or a roof that cant handle the extra weight of the panels, the roof warranty is likely to become void.

The most common rooftop solar panel installation process requires holes to be drilled into the roof in order to secure the panels to the rack. Licensed solar panel installers will properly install the panels and patch the holes to preserve the integrity and proper functioning of the roof. When the holes are improperly drilled and not properly filled, water can get into the roof and void the roof warranty.

Are Solar Shingles Better Than Solar Panels

Pool Solar Panel Installation

The main reason why people are more interested in solar shingles than solar panels is that shingles look more aesthetically pleasing. They definitely give your roof a nicer look, but are they really better than traditional solar panels? Lets assess the situation:


  • Have a higher home value


  • Less efficient in comparison to conventional panels
  • Higher module temperatures
  • Only a few contractors offer this option

It is apparent that solar shingles have quite a few drawbacks.

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Bottom Line: Tile Roof And Solar Panels Can Go Great Together

If you have a tile roof, this article isnât meant to scare you away from putting solar panels on your roof. In fact, tile roofs and solar panels are a great combination, because a properly installed tile roof can last 100 years. This will outlast your solar panels . That means that you shouldnât have to worry about needing to pay to remove your solar panels to fix a roof issue underneath.

But all of this depends on having a good installer to do the work. Use this guide to help you find a great contractor, and use The Solar Nerd to get multiple quotes from qualifed contractors in your area.


Where Will You Position The Support Brackets On The Roof Sheets

There is a right place and a wrong place to position support brackets on roof sheets. The wrong place is in the dip or pan of the roof sheet, ie the bottom of the sheet because this is where the water will always collect. It makes sense then not to have any penetrations in this vulnerable position. The best place to penetrate the roof sheet with fixings of any kind is at the top of the pan.

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When Its Time To Replace Your Solar Pool Heater

All good things come to an end. A solar pool heater that has provided you with over a decade of service has most certainly paid for itself in energy savings and enjoyment. When the time comes to replace your system, rest assured that we will give you good advice and an excellent product that will outlast the competition and protect your roof. The decision to replace a solar pool heating is not an easy one, but you can trust us to give you an honest assessment and work with you based on your particular circumstance.

If you are in need of solar pool heater repair or replacement, contact us today for a free assessment!

How To Remove Solar Panels

How To Correctly Install a Roof Hook for Solar Panel Installation By Atlantic Renewables

If you need to have your panels cleaned or repaired, the removal may be as simple as unbolting the panels from their mounting device and unplugging the connecting power wires below. However, for a full removal, the solar circuit must also be disconnected from the main line, a task which can complicate the work and increase your labor fees.

Additionally, if you hope to sell your home after the panels are removed, youll also need to have your installer remove the mounting hardware that holds the panels upright. Once they remove these pieces, its possible that you will expose openings where the initial installer cut into your roof to add the mounting device. These will need to be patched to keep the roof from leaking. Typically, that means calling in an additional contractor who specializes in roofingwhich also raises the price.

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How Our Solar Removal And Reinstallation Process Works

At Forme Solar Electric, we coordinate with roofers and insurance companies to ensure that you maximize your savings while securely removing and properly reinstalling your solar energy system. Most roofers aren’t trained to handle high-voltage electrical equipment like your solar energy system. So a lot of roofers aren’t willing repair your roof unless the solar panels are removed. That is because removing your solar panels can be a liability that they do not wish to take on since they aren’t sure how to reactivate the solar energy system once the roof is repaired.

Our professional solar panel removal and reinstallation service means that you are working with a solar company that will handle everything from the execution of the work to the administrative paperwork to ensure that your solar energy system is back on and operating as soon as possible. We help homes and businesses in Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside County ensure that the solar panels on their roof aren’t a problem.

We help both homes and businesses remove and replace their solar panels. Our expert technicians can help you through the entire process from beginning to end.

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