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Are Sole Treadmills Any Good

Best For Walkers Sole F63

Are Manual Treadmills Any Good?

Looking for a top-quality walking treadmill under $1,000? The Sole F63 is a solid choice and it comes with a stellar warranty to match. The warranty itself demonstrates the brands confidence in the machine, and includes lifetime coverage on the frame and motor three years on the parts, deck, and electronics and one year on labor. At just $999, the Sole F63 offers a range of commercial-grade treadmill components. These include a 2-ply belt designed for durability, advanced deck cushioning to reduce the impact of your routines, 2.5 track rollers, and a heavy-duty motor. There arent any flashy high-tech extras on the F63 such as a big touchscreen, but you are guaranteed durability, quality, and enough workout programming and stats tracking capabilities to keep you motivated and challenged.

The Sole F63 features: a 3.0 CHP motor that supports up to 15% incline a roomy 60 running surface wireless heart-rate monitoring capability and 10 onboard training programs to diversify your training. You can keep on top of your stats on the F63s 6.5 LCD. It works with Soles free fitness app for stats tracking and data sharing, allowing you to sync your data to your favorite fitness apps. See our detailed review of the Sole F63.

Lifetime Frame & Motor 3 Years Deck, Electronics, Parts 1 Year Labor

Main Differences Between The Sole F80 Vs Nordictrack 1750

The main differences between the Sole F80 vs NordicTrack 1750 are:

  • The Sole F80 has 10 preset programs, whereas the NordicTrack 1750 utilizes iFit for a variety of trainer-led workouts.
  • The Sole F80 has a 9 screen that displays stats, whereas the NordicTrack 1750 has a 10 screen that lets you follow along with a trainer .
  • The Sole F80 inclines from 0 to 15 percent, whereas the NordicTrack goes from -3 to 15.
  • The Sole F80 offers a lifetime warranty on some parts of the treadmill, whereas NordicTrack maxes out at 10 years.
  • The Sole F80 has a spot for your tablet so you can follow along with workouts or shows of your choosing, whereas the NordicTrack has a built-in screen for playing iFit workout videos.
  • The Sole F80 doesnt require or encourage you to pay for an extra service when you purchase the machine, whereas the NordicTrack 1750 comes with a year of iFit for the family, which will encourage you to keep it up when the year is over.
  • The Sole F80 has a 3.5 HP motor, whereas the NordicTrack 1750 has a 3.75 HP motor.

Sole Treadmills Prominent Features

Okay so, Im convinced! What are the best features that I should look for in a Sole treadmill? Do these features make a Sole treadmill better than other treadmills on the market?

All right!

Well, many Sole treadmill models have features that simply make them the best treadmills in their class.

All Sole Fitness treadmills have whats known the Sole patented CushionFlex Whisper Deck Technology. That particular innovation helps make workouts more quieter by placing less tension on the treadmills motor.

It also has the added effect of reducing joint impact by up to 40 percent in comparison to running on a harder surface.

That design pretty much makes a Sole treadmill a great choice for people that need a treadmill that doesnt place a lot of stress on their joints. Its suitable for people who have those same concerns, mainly due to any health conditions that require a less stressful workout.

Speaking of the Sole treadmill motor, many of Sole Fitness treadmills feature strong, commercial-grade motors.

Most of their treadmills have motors with 3.5 HP a piece, though newer models and their best commercial treadmills do have motors of at least 4.0 HP.

The treadmill tracks have running areas that are known to extend as big as 62-inches by 20-inches.

So, youre going to have a lot of room, regardless of the model you choose.

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Why Run On A Treadmill At All

Why would you want to get a treadmill for your home or climb onto one in a gym when you can just run outside? Well, there are several key benefits.

Treadmills are safe and convenientTreadmill sales skyrocketed a year ago, when the world went on lockdown to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. During the stay-home period, theres no safer way to get your workout in than from the comfort of your own house or apartment. Plus, you dont have to deal with rain or muddy surfaces.

You can better simulate your raceIf you live in a flat region but have a hilly race coming up, a treadmill can help you mimic the course by adjusting the machines incline setting. Some newer treadmills even allow you to preload real course profiles and will automatically adjust up and down to follow the incline.

It may help your formSome research shows that runners have reduced stride lengths and higher stride frequencies on a treadmill as compared with ground running. You could also use the treadmill on speed workouts to hit intended time goals, since you have no choice but to run at the speed that youve punched into the machine.

Sole Treadmill Reviews A Look At The Models

Sole F63 Treadmill

There are currently six treadmills in the Sole lineup, with a model for every budget and fitness level. There are four models that fold, and two that do not.

It starts out with the entry level F63 and finishes with the top of the line TT8, a new commercial-grade machine with decline capability in addition to incline.

All of the Sole treadmills feature the companys patented impact-reducing suspension system, grip and wireless heart rate monitoring, 10 built in programs, up to 15% incline capability and rock solid warranties. These are features that are typically found on much more expensive treadmills, so you really get a lot of value here.

Even the base F63, at under $1000 on sale, is just packed with great features. In addition to everything above, you get a large 20 x 60 cushioned running surface, free chest strap, cooling fans, sound system, Bluetooth workout tracking, a strong 3.0 CHP motor and easy folding capability.

Check out our Sole treadmill comparison charts

As you move up in the lineup, the F65 gives you a wider 22 x 60 running surface, a larger display and a stronger motor than the F63.

The F80 is perhaps their most popular treadmill, with a large 9.0 display and a strong 3.5 CHP motor. The F85 is another step up, with the largest display and strongest motor of all of the folding treadmills at 4.0 CHP.

As far as the two non-folding models, the S77 is nearly identical to the F85, and the TT8 as we mentioned is a light commercial treadmill for heavy use.

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Sole Reviews: What Do Customers Think

We could stand around all day and talk about how a product looks, but the real key to understanding it is by reading customer feedback. And thats precisely what weve done with our Sole treadmills review. Below, youll read a handful of the most helpful customer comments we found across the web.

First, we headed to Treadmill Reviews to see how the Sole F80 held up to the test. It ranked at 9.8/10 stars, a rating that reflects this models versatility, capacity, and features.

This sites Sole treadmills review stated that the F80 is roomier and more powerful than the previous model, and that its built to last with commercial-grade parts. The low price is what sealed the deal for the reviewer, who felt that, overall, the treadmill had great value.

The only issue mentioned was the treadmills lack of built-in programs. As the F80 has only 10 to choose from, the reviewer noted that shoppers might prefer treadmills with the option to download new workouts. We can understand that, but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for, and 10 workouts are better than none.

Next, we turned to Trustpilot to check on how the brand was perceived overall. From 999 customer reviews, Sole received a total 3.5/5-star rating. Weve included the rating breakdown below, if youd like to see how that final score was calculated.

  • 5 stars: 64%
  • 2 stars: 4%
  • 1 star: 11%

Sole Treadmill Product Line Summary

When it comes to exploring all the treadmills SOLE has to offer, we like to point out that their growing line has a lot of similarities between each of their models. The video below will take you through the similarities and differences between these treadmills. For more detailed information, read these models individual reviews below.

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Incline / Decline Range

  • The Sole F80 rivals other machines with a +15% incline max. It doesnt offer decline options but that also allows it to sit slightly lower on the floor. At a 0% grade, the F80 has an 8 deck height, which makes it easy to step on and off. Incline training helps strengthen glutes and hamstrings to offset quad dominance and facilitate muscular balance in the lower body. Also, adding incline variability to a training regimen helps prevent overuse injuries and ensure muscular balance. The solid build on the F80, combined with impressive incline and speed range, creates a powerful and well-rounded piece of exercise equipment.

The Sole Treadmill F63 Review The Verdict

Sole F63 Treadmill Review

Based on our research and consumer reviews, the Sole F63 is a product that delivers what it promises. The only caveat is that it may takes a few seconds to ramp up or down to the desired running speed .

The price is very reasonable for a near gym quality treadmill, and the product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are no hidden fees with this purchase, and you will be able to easily locate the product on the official homepage of Sole Fitness.

For your money, this particular treadmill from Sole Fitness is a dandy deal, and it gets our full recommendation.

Todays sale price on the F63 Sole treadmill $1,099.99 (was: $1,799.99

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Looking For A Treadmill With An Extra Challenge

Another feature to consider when shopping for a home treadmill is whether or not it has a power incline and/or decline. The top treadmills with inclines have a steep maximum slope that allows you to walk or jog uphill, adding intensity and variation to your workout. In order to do this they require powerful motors that can shift the deck to an upwards slant and quickly change direction depending on what the user or preset selects. Theres a whole host of benefits you can gain with this feature. Some of these are physical, as when you add incline to your workout you watch your calorie burn soar, your muscles work harder, and your body receive fitness results faster. Whats more, using incline is a great way to stay motivated as it allows you to add a new dimension to your workouts and to mix up your exercise routine. Users can get even more out of the incline feature if they work out with an interactive app such as iFit in which the incline syncs with the elevations and dips of different terrains and landscapes around the world, bringing your walk, jog or run in that specific location to life.

Where Are Sole Treadmills Manufactured

Sole fitness equipment is manufactured by the brands parent company Dyaco. An article in the Taipei Times announcing Soles acquisition by the Taiwanese company detailed that Dyaco supplies products to Sole Fitness on an original design manufacturing basis and helps sell the brands products outside of North America.

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Best Home Treadmill For Incline Training Nordictrack X22i

Incline training is a great way to sculpt your lower body while diversifying your workout routine. If youre looking for a treadmill that supports incline training while keeping you entertained, check out the X22i by NordicTrack. It can hit a remarkable incline of 40% , taking your training up a notch beyond what many other treadmills on the market offer. As youre watching iFit routines on the 22 Smart HD Touchscreen , the incline and decline will automatically change in line with the Google Maps trail or iFit workout you are tuned into. With this dramatic an incline, its a truly immersive and entertaining workout experience.

Other highlights include: a powerful 4.0 CHP motor 44 onboard workout programs iFit Bluetooth chest strap included for wireless heart-rate monitoring and Bluetooth audio capabilities. The X22i offers total-body training, so its good for a home treadmill as you are essentially getting to train your full body with one machine. If youre looking for an immersive and motivating way to start incline training at home, the X22i wont disappoint. See our detailed review of the NordicTrack X22i.

Warranty 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor

Want to compare these models to see which one is best for you? Try our comparison tool. To use it, just check off any treadmill you want to look at in more detail and then click compare. Learn more about what to look for when shopping for a new home treadmill below.

Bluetooth And Audio Options

Transitional Design Online Auctions

The Bluetooth Sole Fitness mobile app will record all fitness data as you workout, even if you are using your device to listen to or watch something else during your session. You can also connect your phone to the Bluetooth speakers and listen to your choice of fitness classes, TV shows, or music through your treadmill instead of earbuds.

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Best Buy For Durability & Performance

Fred Waters reviewing a Sole Treadmill.

On our last visit to Sole corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT, we met with two of the owners. During our visit, we discussed Sole treadmills and the philosophy behind them. As it was explained, the companys goal is to offer the highest quality treadmills in their price range. Rather than spending money on bells and whistles, money is spent on components and engineering that can withstand abuse.

The result are several treadmills that are the best value in the $1,000 $2,500 range. In fact, a leading consumer magazine gave the Sole TT8 the third highest rating in their recent review, giving it an Excellent for construction.

Weve watched this company go from a relative unknown to a major player. Recently, a popular consumer magazine gave one of their models a Best Buy rating and several of their models received Excellent ratings in different categories. Thats what happens when you offer exceptional quality at a great price.

Sole F80 Folding Treadmill

The F80 treadmill is Soles most popular model and for good reason: it gives you the most bang for your buck! This folding treadmill offers the same 22 wide by 60 long deck as on the F85 with roughly compatible training programs. A 3.5HP motor will support most types of training and households with multiple users. It doesnt have the same updated screen as on the F85. Instead the F80 includes a standard LCD screen with digital metrics and a simple console. 10 training programs including 2 custom heart rate programs come preloaded so theres no need for an internet connection or a monthly subscription! Check out the Sole F80 to see all this machine has to offer.

  • 15% Incline

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Sole F80 Vs Nordictrack 1: Which One Is Better

The Sole F80 vs NordicTrack 1750 are both excellent treadmills from well-known fitness brands, so its no wonder youre on the fence about which one is better.

Lets take a look at how they differ, what they have in common, and which one may best fit your needs and preferences. Ill give my recommendation at the end, but you cant go wrong with the Sole F80 or the NordicTrack 1750. It really boils down to which features are important to you.


Features And Benefits Of The Sole F63

Sole F63 Treadmill Review

A good exercise treadmill provides the user with a great cardio workout along with options for strength-building and weight reduction.

Ideally, the user should be able to enjoy a basic cardio workout or go full-bore into a program that mimics an outdoor run that would include hills.

The Sole F63 has six pre-set programs that offer a range of workouts from mild cardio to extreme fat burning. The user-friendly console lets the user know how fast theyre walking or running, how steep the incline, time, distance traveled, calories burned, pulse and pace. Theres a quarter-mile track feature, and a graph that shows the peaks and valleys for different programs.

Clearly, its not enough just to be able to get on the treadmill and walk or run you want to be able to track your progress. The Sole F63 display enables the user to do this effectively.

Another noteworthy feature is the foldable design, enabling you to fold up the treadmill and put it out of the way.

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The Sole F63 Treadmill 2021

The Sole F63 treadmill could be the next best thing to a health club piece of equipment.

Consumer magazines and reports acknowledge the Sole F63 as being on of the best in its class, and a great value at $1,099.99 . Also, dont miss that Sole Fitness is starting to unveil previews of their Black Friday deals for 2021 .

Sole Fitness has been building treadmills for decades , and incorporates quality components in every treadmill product.

The Sole F63 features a strong, 3.0 CHP motor that delivers speeds of up to 12 mph, and the treadmill features 15 levels of incline. When the treadmill is not in use, the deck locks into place to ensure that children and pets remain safe.

Theres also a stop switch for user safety.

Additional features of the Sole F63 include a high contrast white back-lit display with digital readout , a fan for user comfort, and built-in Bluetooth audio speakers that allow the user to hook up their smart devices.

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