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Can You Clean Solar Panels

Solar Panel Cleaning Services To Consider

How To Clean Solar Panels | Like a Pro!

If you want to limit your search, here are a few companies that offer their services in various parts of the USA.


HelioPower offers the services of their highly skilled team. They have the required knowledge and provide regular maintenance services. In fact, its a plus to find a cleaning company that also offers general inspection and maintenance check.

HelioPower covers all the services that you may need for the maintenance of your solar system. Prior to an in-depth cleaning, their professional team performs a visual inspection. The company also handles all types of electrical components, which are essential for any solar power system.


The ability to automate the solar panel cleaning and maintenance is the aspect, which sets this company apart from its competitors. The idea of cleaning your solar panels with the help of an automated system sounds fascinating.

This is possible with Hliotex, which offers automated solar panel cleaning mechanism. The system is designed and programmed to clean your array regularly. The type and cost of such cleaning system depend on the size of your panels and environment.

The cleaning system offered by Heliotex also comes with anti-theft devices, which ensures the safety of your solar panels against theft.

Blue Oak Energy

Solar Maid

Solar Maid covers the largest service area in the country. Unlike some local solar cleaning services, this company offers cleaning services in various states.

Safety Tips For Diyers

In between getting a professional team like Royal Flush in, there are a few simple ways you can help your system out.

The average bit of dust will be cleaned away by the rain and it wont be worth getting the professional cleaners in. If you are in a heavily polluted area, or there could be some extra dirt or obscuring objects up there, break out the garden hose and clean the panels down, keeping your feet on the ground.

If something is not budging or you need to clean a whole lot of grime and bird poop off the array, then follow the safety precautions and get up there when its a cool day and you have a safety harness and hard hat.

Use a sponge with washing-up liquid to clean the area gently. Ultimately, you may decide to leave cleaning to the professionals and just make spot checks to see how badly they need some upkeep.

One solution to prevent you having to climb up on a ladder to inspect the system could be to have a professional company install a CCTV camera pointed at the panels so you can see for yourself when they need cleaning.

How To Clean Solar Panels: Do It The Right Way

Regular clean solar panels will make it more efficient and enhance its service duration.

If you are a homeowner with solar energy, then you might search for how to clean solar panels.

Your solar system will produce less power if your panels are covered with dirt, dust, or garbage. It will perish your expectation that you desired from the solar system.

To make your solar panels active and useful, you should clean them after a certain period.

In this article, you will get the basic idea of solar panel cleaning, and you will understand the need for solar panel cleaning.

This writing will also explain solar panel cleaning, maintenance, and upkeeping procedures

Finally, you will have complete knowledge of solar panels cleaning with the answer of some FAQs.

Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Cleaning your solar panels will keep the system trouble-free and increase its lifetime.

As you clean your cars or home appliances to protect them from dirt and dust, in the same way, you have to clean your solar panels.

A solar panel can be untidy by dust, dirt, leaves, or other things. This dirt can prohibit sunlight on the solar panels.

With a frequent cleaning exercise, you can get sufficient energy from the system. Otherwise, the system will produce less energy than its capacity.

Lets explore more.

  • Wrapping Up
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    The Economics Of Paying For Solar Panel Cleaning Dont Pan Out

    Paying people to clean your solar panels costs more than its worth. Even in a situation that is as close to being best case as is realistically possible.

    Lets say you rescue a panel cleaners poodle from drowning during the great poodle flood of 07. As a reward she gives you a great deal on cleaning panels, only $5 each, and you pay her to clean them twice a year.

    Your rooftop solar system is 5 kilowatts with 20 panels. Its in a sunny location that, without cleaning, generates an average of 25 kilowatt-hours a day. You have a 44 cent feed-in tariff and because you are never home during the day you receive it for every kilowatt-hour generated.

    If solar panel cleaning twice a year results in a 2% increase in average solar generation, then you will earn around an extra $80 a year, but you will have spent $400 having your panels cleaned. So even under excellent circumstances it makes no financial sense. Even if having your panels cleaned twice a year increased their average output by 10% a year, which is extremely unlikely, you would only just break even.

    Do You Really Need To Clean Solar Panels

    Cleaning Solar Panels

    If you live in an area that gets occasional rain, then you probably dont have to worry about how to clean solar panels at all.

    As the old saying goes, if it aint broke, dont fix it, and solar panels are a great example of that.

    You may have noticed a drop in energy production and think your panels need a clean, but there might be other reasons for the decrease in efficiency.

    Solar panels only work when the sun shines on them, so make sure there are no trees blocking the sunlight or overgrown vegetation nearby if theyre on the ground.

    If theres a problem with your energy production most of the time its the inverter, not the panels, so check the system overall before you grab a bucket and sponge.

    Solar panels only need to be cleaned if you live in the outback or by the beach and sand/dust builds up over time.

    If you think your solar panels need to be cleaned, give us a call and we can offer a system check and clean.

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    How Do You Clean Solar Panels

    Now that weve covered why you should clean your solar panels, and how often, its time to take a look at how you can actually go about said cleaning. Some of the usual methods of household cleaning arent going to be appropriate for solar PV panels. On the other hand, some very simple cleaning tools and methods can be employed to keep your panels just-like-new.

    How To Clean Solar Panels On Roof

    If youre currently in possession of solar panels for your home, then youre already taking a step in the right direction. Youve made a choice to equip yourself with a smart, long-term energy investment that will serve you for decades. However, the maintenance of your solar panels is a whole other ballpark that you need to grapple with.

    While it may seem like a daunting task at first, solar panels kits are extremely durable and can be cleaned easily with just the right equipment. You may also be wondering how often you need to clean your solar panels here you will find the answers to your most pressing question related to solar panel care.

  • 4.Conclusion
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    Avoid Using Water With High Mineral Content

    Module manufacturers recommend the use of distilled or de-ionized water to clean solar panels. Mineral-rich water may leave deposits of particles over time and its chemistry is not recommended for the glass of modules.

    If you do not have access to de-ionized or distilled water, you can use a water-softening hose attachment to filter those minerals.

    A Note About Washing Solar Panels In The Summer

    How to Clean Solar Panels and Improve Performance

    If you clean your solar panels during the summer, take care to use lukewarm water instead of cold water. Washing your solar panels with cold water when they are hot can cause the solar panels to crack. It is preferable to wash your solar panels in the morning, before the sun heats your solar panels too much.

    Washing either early in the morning or during the early evening hours also decreases the risk of the water evaporating before youre able to squeegee the water off, resulting not only in streaks and water spots.

    Find today’s best prices for your home improvement project.

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    Home Solar Panel Cleaning Tips & Checklist

    “Do solar panels require regular maintenance or cleaning?”

    We get this question a lot. And luckily, the quick answer is no. Nature does the bulk of the work for you, but a quick cleaning once or twice a year, may help your system perform at its peak potential.

    Here are some tips for determining when and if you should clean your solar panels, how to clean your panels, and when it’s time to call in professional help.

    Is It Worth It To Clean Your Solar Panels

    Based on the research, experts are leaning toward no. And especially if you want to hire a professional company to clean them over the DIY method. The return on investment is just not there to justify the trouble. Lets take a look at some numbers. On average, when your solar panels get dirty, expect a 5% or less change in output. And thats just when theyre dirty. In most climates, if there is dust or debris on the panels and their energy output is registered 5% less than other times, the next rain will wash away the debris and the solar panels will return to their optimal efficiency. Even if you live in a drought-prone area it will rain again.

    In addition, most solar panels are tilted to a high enough degree that most buildup will run right off the panel instead of sticking to the top of it. Even with tilted panels, you might have some slight buildup on the lowest panel but the decrease in output based on this alone is so minuscule, its not something worth worrying about.

    Lastly, its a pretty small tradeoff, energy-wise and cost-wise, to climb up on a ladder, get on your roof, and clean your solar panels yourselves. When you think about getting out there and dragging a hose up to the roof to clean them, this point might really start to hit home.

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    Are Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Services Worth It

    The other option, if you dont wish to clean your panels yourself, is to hire a professional to do it. This can be the best choice for panels which are particularly dirty, or if you have a roof which may be too dangerous to walk on. More importantly, a professional cleaning job is the easiest way to ensure that the job is done thoroughly and well, without any costly mistakes.

    Do Solar Panels Need To Be Maintained

    When &  How To Clean Your Solar Panels

    Solar panel maintenance isnt that hard, but its essential. Your solar panels are a key component in the power generation process. Keeping them clean to allow for more surface area and not shaded with trees will help with the efficiency and longevity of your solar energy systems. During heavy periods of snowfall, some maintenance may need to be done.Solar panels are easier to clean than roof shingles, concrete, or brick. They are not prone to rusting like metal-based systems.

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    Clean On A Cloudy Day

    When its a cloudy day, its generally a good idea to clean them.

    Cloudy days are ideal because it will be less likely for the wind to blow the dust off the panels before its cleaned, plus the sun is not making the panels hot, so it will be easier to clean them without any risk of burning yourself.

    Can You Use Vinegar To Clean Solar Panels

    Yes! In fact, natural cleaning products such as vinegar are great for cleaning glass solar panels. Mix some non-abrasive detergent or soap with some water and vinegar to make a gentle but highly effective solution for your panels. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it to rid your solar panels from dust and dirt.

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    How Does Extreme Weather Impact Your Solar Panels


    Solar panels are made for durability, which means you can keep on using them for years to come. Best of all, theyll keep performing at peak efficiency even after years of wear and tear, thanks to their advanced design. This includes rain, wind, snow, and even hail. Not only that but theres evidence that they survive hurricanes, with places experiencing hurricanes having little damage to their solar panels.

    However, they are not 100% indestructible. On rare occasions, thin-film photovoltaic panels can suffer damage due to extreme weather conditions, such as hail, hurricanes, tornadoes and lighting. This is why you should take advantage of a good warranty and/or have your solar panels insured by your homeowners insurance policy.Panels are affected by the weather, mostly with regard to heat. If it gets too hot, a reduction of 1% per degree will occur. However, if you lift the panels off the roof or ground, this may prevent overheating and keep them cool, thus maintaining their production level.

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    What Would Cause You To Wash Your Solar Panels

    A couple of things can go wrong with your solar panels. One of the possible problems is the accumulation of dirt and other materials on the panels surfaces. When the reception screens are clouded, energy received from the sun is inadequate. Studies have shown that dirty solar panels produce 25% less electricity compared to clean ones.

    So, periodically, you have to roll up your sleeves, find your way to the rooftop, and clean up your solar panels in order to keep them working properly. This should only come up a few times in a year. Rain downpours sufficiently wash the dirt, dust, and bird droppings off the solar panels, most times. Nevertheless, strong winds with pelting raindrops stick foreign materials on and this is why washing is necessary.

    Applying pressure washers might seem like the right step to take. This is because pressure washers have long reaches to ease you and provide intense pressure to ensure surfaces are squeaky clean. In truth, pressure washing is ideal for cleaning exterior parts of your building, from the rooftops right down to the gutters but not for your solar panels. You may cause irreparable damages to them.


    Cleaning Your Solar Panels Is Easy

    Sunnova solar panels are durable and built to withstand the elements. Even so, solar panels may accumulate dust and debris over time, potentially reducing the amount of solar energy output from your system. That means, youll occasionally want to rinse off your panels to keep that all-important sunlight pouring in. Typically, rainfall will serve as a consistent and effective method of washing the panels. However, in more arid climates where rainfall is minimal and dust storms are often, it may be necessary to periodically rinse your solar panels.

    We put together a few recommendations to clean your panels with plain old water! You can do this safely from the ground without getting on your roof.1

    Easy Recommendations:

    • Spray your panels with a garden hose, safely from the ground do not get on your roof.
    • Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals that could damage the panels.
    • You should not clean your solar panels during the hottest part of the day because the extreme temperature difference between the water and the solar panels may cause the glass to crack.

    We want your solar system operating to its maximum potential, on a continual basis, year after year. With a little maintenance on your part along with your Sunnova protection plan, we can work together to ensure your home solar system generates to its maximum potential.

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    How Often Should You Clean Solar Panels

    To ensure you stay on a proper cleaning schedule, please refer to your manufacturers instructions.

    How often you need to clean your panels will depend on the weather conditions where you live.

    Some people may need to clean their panels weekly, such as those that live in a desert area. Others may only need to clean their panels once a month or even less frequently.

    Solar Panel Cleaning Costs Money

    Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Solar Panels ...

    Professional solar panel cleaners insist on being paid for their services. It doesnt matter how much you bargain with them, they always refuse to do it for free. Even my own children expect me to pay them money to clean solar panels and if I forget theyre up there and put the ladder away, they ask for hush money not to tell my ex-wife.

    The amount of money you will be charged varies on where you live, how many storeys your home has, and how many panels you have to clean. A reasonably common price is around $7.50 a panel for a one storey home or $10 a panel for a two storey home. But they do have a minimum charge, so if you only have 4 panels dont expect to get them cleaned for $30.

    If you shop around you might be able to find someone who will clean your panels for under $5 each. But note that less professional cleaners might be more inclined to make a mistake such as flushing a load of soap suds into your rainwater tank.

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