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Do Solar Pool Covers Heat The Water

How Does A Solar Pool Cover Work

Do Solar Covers or Solar Blankets Actually Warm Your Pool Water???

A pool cover works in three ways:

  • It floats on the surface of the pool and allows the suns rays to enter the pool to heat up the water.
  • It acts as a giant blanket and insulates the pool which greatly reduces heat loss, particularly at night and during windy weather.
  • As no water is exposed to the air, evaporation is greatly reduced. The process of evaporation is one of the largest ways heat is lost from the pool.
  • Obviously using the sun to heat a pool is very eco-friendly and can save you money if you use a pool heater.

    How Effective Are Solar Pool Covers

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    Solar pool covers otherwise known as solar blankets are swimming pool covers that use the suns energy to keep swimming pools warm. But how effective are solar pool covers? Many pool owners are skeptical about the usefulness of covering their pools to retain heat or protect it. Read on for information on pool solar cover effectiveness.

    Choose The Elite Solar Pool Blanket For Superior Performance

    Ten years ago, the team at Elite Pool Covers set out to improve on all aspects of the run of the mill round bubble blankets and succeeded by developing the Elite Super Bubble Blanket that is proven to out-perform all solar types of round bubble blankets on the world market.

    There are a number of run of the mill round bubble type blankets on the market. These tend to keep the heat in your pool the same, as they all have similar small bubble size, same average insulating qualities, same lifespan and similar thicknesses.

    The Elite Super Bubble Solar Blanket is truly superior and is proven to outperform all other round bubble blankets according to independent scale tank tests and comparative guarded hot plate tests to Australian Standard AS4859-1.

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    Solar Sun Rings For Inground And Above Ground Swimming Pools

    If a solar blanket seems like too much of a hassle to put on, take off, and store during the swimming season, you may prefer solar rings or squares. These can even be decorative because some of them have patterns and images such as palm trees printed on them, while others come in fun shapes such as flowers.

    Solar rings are sold individually for around $25 to $35 each, or in sets for around $140 to $160 or more, depending on how many rings come in the set. The number you need to cover your pools surface will depend on the sizes of both your pool and the rings.

    Solar Pool Cover Bubbles Up Or Down

    The 9 Best Solar Pool Covers of 2020

    Good question as it is not really obvious.

    However the answer to whether you have the bubbles up or down on solar cover is always bubbles down into the water.

    The bubbles side has a larger surface area than the flat side so heat is transferred into the water more efficiently than if the pool blanket was the other way around.

    The bubbles contain air and this is heated up by the sun and the heat is then transferred by the process of conduction. The flat side is the tough side whereas the bubble side is generally the least tough side. So having the bubbles facing down on the pools surface means they are protected from anything which may drop in the pool.

    The smooth side therefore faces upwards. The beauty of it being smooth is that it makes it easier to clean. You can run the hose over it before you remove it from the pool.

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    Clear Vs Blue Solar Pool Covers

    Indeed, cover color does affect your swimming pool temperature, but it is not quite as straightforward as you may think there is a bigger picture. The presence/absence of air bubbles in solar pool covers, the thickness, the type of material, and the color influence various performance features, including heat transfer, heat absorption, and heat retention. While solar pool covers come in various colors, people often pitch the clear vs. blue solar pool covers for different reasons. But the question is, what advantages do they offer over each other?

    In this article, we compare the properties of clear vs. blue solar pool covers to guide your choice between either of them.

    Why Trust The Spruce

    Erica Puisis has been covering the best products for outdoor and indoor living at The Spruce since 2017. Her research and areas of expertise have included pool heaters, cleaners, and water testing equipment. To find the best options for this essential pool accessory, she considered the thickness of each solar cover, its ability to retain heat, block UV rays, or provide passive heating for pool water, and the length of any warranty periods.

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    What Is The Best Solar Pool Cover

    There are three types of solar covers: blankets, rings, and liquid. Here are our top picks for all three.

    NOTE: These solar pool covers are available to buy on either Amazon and Check both sites for availability. All the links are affiliate links which means if you click a link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. It helps us keep the lights on

    For a classic solar cover thatll not only heat your pool but will also help reduce water and chemical evaporation at night, we like this lightweight clear solar cover. Perfect for both inground and above ground swimming pools.

    How Do Solar Covers Work

    DIY solar heater – How to build and does it work

    One of the most valuable qualities of a solar pool cover is that it reduces evaporation, which in turn saves on energy and water costs and consumption.

    Water evaporates because of the elements. Evaporation is affected by climate, temperature and wind, and a solar cover provides a barrier of protection from those elements.

    Scientifically, heres the scoop: A pool naturally collects heat throughout the day, but is usually not enough to keep it heated consistently at various times of the day or year.

    It traps the heat in and protects the water from the elements. It also prevents heat loss caused by evaporation.

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    How Fast Does A Solar Cover Heat A Pool

    January 9, 2021 By Denise Martin

    A solar pool cover saves energy and water. It heats your pool water naturally and effectively.

    Traditional swimming pool heaters will run up a high utility bill. The best solar swimming pool covers save you from all that hassle of having to frequently clean and filter your pool.

    All these benefits are great, but you might ask How fast does a solar cover heat a pool?

    In this article, well answer this question along with a few others.

    Lets dive in!

    What Makes The Elite Solar Pool Blanket Different

    The Elite Super Bubble Ultra Heat Deep Colour Blankets are proven to heat better than standard pool blankets thorough smart design, including:

    • Larger bubble sizes, making it the best insulating round bubble blanket available
    • Thickness of 550 micron
    • Darker colours that heat better than lighter colours, giving you a warmer pool and a longer swimming season

    Elite Super Bubble Solar Blankets are salt-safe and chlorine safe and will out-last other round bubble blankets due to their thickness and bubble design.

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    Are Liquid Covers Safe

    You might be concerned about putting additional chemicals into your pool. But a liquid solar cover is simply another safe and effective addition to your pool system.

    Liquid covers have been used by both residential pool owners and commercial pool owners over recent years. The chemicals used within the products are FDA-approved. Studies also show that liquid solar covers are safe to use with any sanitizing system and will not damage your filter.

    The chemicals used within liquid pool covers are also safe to use around your animals, so you dont have to worry about their impact on your family pets. It is important to note, however, that some liquid covers do contain chemicals that can irritate the skin. So carefully note the individual chemicals in the liquid cover product before you make your purchase.

    You may start by trying a product for a short time to see if your family can tolerate the chemicals. This is a great way to ensure their safety and comfort over many summers spent playing in the sun.

    Sun2solar Midwest Canvas Clear Diamond

    Pool Covers

    The Sun2Solar Midwest Canvas Solar Cover is the best solar cover for an inground pool for those looking for a budget-friendly option. It offers good heat retention throughout various seasons. This is made from a resin material, and the cover itself is a clear cover.

    Unlike many other common solar covers, this uses diamond-shaped bubbles with the claim that with a diamond design you get greater coverage of bubbles to absorb more UV rays. While the low price on this solar pool cover definitely makes it a good value for the ones we evaluated, it did rank low on both ease-of-use as well as durability compared to others.

    Next, on our best solar cover for inground pool list, we have this solar cover from Down Under that makes use of a double blue layer technology that aims to give the cover more durability. It features reinforced seams that try to help it fight against wear and wind resistance in spite of the fact that it is very lightweight.

    More about the durability, this solar cover is made from vinyl that is UV stabilized to fight of fading from both the sun and the chemicals from the pool. Also, it comes with a decent 3-year warranty. Althought it works well, our biggest issue with the Down Under Blue Solar Cover is that it is often not available to buy and probably not the best choice for someone needing a solar pool cover in a timely manner.

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    How Fast Solar Covers Heat A Pool:

    The rate at which water is heat depends significantly on the intensity of the sun and the period the water receives direct sunlight at large. Besides this, the size of your pool and the weather condition of the area you live in other dependable factors. Generally, it takes the cover 12 hours to heat pool water by 5 degrees.

    However, to attain this measure, you need to cover up the pool as much as possible and also the pool needs to get at least 6 hours of sunlight every day.

    + Solar Covers In Stock

    We carry 3 unique solar cover styles that can help to maintain the temperature in your pool. Whether your pool is too cold to enjoy consistently throughout the Summer or you’re currently spending a fortune heating it, you’ll be able to extend your swimming season and save money with a new solar blanket. We are Canada’s source for swimming pool solar covers, with over 10,000+ cover shapes and sizes in stock and ready to ship!

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    Whats The Difference Between A Solar Cover And A Solar Blanket

    While people typically use the terms solar cover and solar blanket interchangeably, they are actually quite different.

    A solar cover is a broad term for a group of substances placed or applied on the surface of pools to raise the temperature or hold warmth in the pool. These substances include solar blankets, solar rings, and liquid solar covers.

    A solar blanket, on the other hand, is a type of solar cover. It is made for warming pools, retaining warmth in pools, and reducing water evaporation from pools. Solar blankets are typically made from materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, or vinyl. These materials come in various thicknesses , and they are sometimes UV-stabilized for durability. They may also come with air bubbles for higher heating efficiency.

    How Do You Get Water Off Of Your Pool Cover

    How To Heat Your POOL (3 Ways) | Swim University

    Some pool owners use a pump to remove excess water from a swimming pool cover. You can also help prevent this issue by choosing a swimming pool cover made of mesh: Dirt and debris wont be able to get through, but a tight weave will allow water to pass through. If you live in a part of the country where snow and ice are common, consider adding an inflatable air pillow underneath your pool cover. This creates a dome shape in the center of your pool, which prevents water from pooling and freezing in the middle of your pool cover.

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    Are Liquid Solar Pool Covers Safe

    Yes, it is perfectly safe to use liquid solar pool covers! In small amounts, just like any other pool chemical, it is perfectly safe if accidentally ingested and yes, keep the bottle of the unused liquid solar pool cover out of reach of children.

    Liquid solar pool covers are also designed to just pass through your filter elements so they wont clog them up. Since the layer of chemical is super light and super thin, it mostly stays on the top of your pool while the water is getting filtered through your system.

    You can also safely swim while the liquid pool cover is applied. It is chemically formulated to part or give way whenever someone is using the pool then once everyone is out and the water is once again still, the chemical layer comes together again to create the cover.

    Does A Solar Pool Cover Heat The Water

    Solar pool coverspool waterwarmpool solar coverwaterwarm

    Only Solar Pool Covers Actually Heat the WaterFirstly, it’s only solar pool covers that heat water. Other pool covers such as thermal and rigid covers retain heat but don’t actually warm the water. Here’s how a solar pool cover keeps your water warmer.

    does a solar cover help heat a pool? In addition to heating the water, a solar blanket helps prolong the effectiveness of pool’s chemicals. It effectively heats the pool water by allowing more of the sun’s rays to enter the pool, while its air bubbles trap the pool’s heat during the night. You should keep the cover on as much as possible between swims.

    Consequently, how long does solar cover take to heat pool?

    Directly convert solar radiation into usable heat: In an in-ground pool, a cover can increase the water temperature by 5 degrees F for each 12 hours of coverage.

    Are pool solar covers worth it?

    Research shows that pool covers can increase water temperature by 4 degrees. This can make the difference between swimming and not swimming on some cooler days. Plus, when you consider how much money it would cost to warm your pool using a gas or electric heater, a solar cover clearly saves money.

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    What Is The Best Color For A Pool Cover

    People often consider clear solar pool covers as the best type of pool covers. However, while clear solar covers offer the best heating, they may not always be the best in all situations.

    The best color for a pool cover may ultimately depend on your personal preferences and other factors unique to you. For one, if you prioritize rapid and efficient pool warming, then a clear solar pool cover will work best for you. If you also want more heat gain and a higher rise in temperature, you should get a clear solar cover.

    However, if you want some visual appeal, you may opt for a colored pool cover. Some of the solar pool cover colors available include blue, black, or grey. You may also get one with two colors or tones. Of such solar pool covers with two colors is blue-black solar covers and blue-silver solar covers.

    If you live in an area that does not get enough sunlight per day, you should prioritize heat retention. To this end, you should get solar pool covers with dark colors. It could be black, dark blue, or even dark grey. These types of solar covers will absorb and save some heat for your pool long after the sun is gone. This way, they make up for the short periods of light from the sun. However, you will need water circulation to distribute the heat within the pool.

    Although some colors are better in some situations, clear pool covers will always be valuable in most situations. This may be why they are typically considered the best.

    How To Store A Solar Cover

    Pool Lilly Pad Solar Cover

    Properly storing your solar cover at the end of the outdoor pool season is essential if you want to prevent damage and replacement costs.

    • Lay the cover out on a flat area and hose it down.
    • Let it dry completely. You can use a leaf blower to speed up the drying process. Dont let it air dry for too long in the sun as it can burn/damage your grass.
    • Once dry, fold it up and place it into a container with a secure lid to prevent animals and debris from causing damage.
    • Follow all manufacturer instructions. In most cases, you just use water and no special cleaners are required.

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    Liquid Solar Cover: The Future Is Now

    Is it really possible that you could pour something into your pool water that magically warms it up? Yup. Thats basically how liquid solar cover works. Except its not magic its more science!

    Liquid solar cover contains aliphatic alcohols, which form a monolayer film on the surface of the water, thereby requiring upwardly escaping water molecules to expend energy in forcing adjacent molecular chains sufficiently apart to pass between them

    In plain English? A one-molecule-thick layer of fatty alcohol sits on the surface of the water, inhibiting the waters ability to evaporate normally. Preventing evaporation prevents heat loss, and voilà! Your pool stays warmer than if you had no solar cover at all.

    Liquid solar cover ranges in price from about $10 to about $30 or more, depending on brand and whether you buy a single container or a pack of multiple containers.

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