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Can You Use Pine Sol To Wash Clothes

Peroxide To Disinfect Laundry

How to Clean a Bathroom with Pine-Sol

You might only think of peroxide when you have a cut, but it works great for your laundry to kill germs.

  • Add a cup of peroxide to white clothes after the washer has filled and before the cycle starts.
  • For light or pastel-colored clothing, add 1 cup of peroxide to the bleach dispenser after the washer has filled to disinfect colored clothing.

Given the bleaching properties of peroxide, it’s important to test the clothes before adding peroxide to your colored load. Additionally, never pour peroxide directly onto your colored clothing.

Borax To Disinfect Laundry

Does borax disinfect laundry? Yes, it does. To use borax to disinfect, you’ll want to fill the washer with laundry and hot water. You’ll then add ½ cup of borax to the washing cycle. You can also use a homemade detergent with borax. When it comes to the cleaning power of borax, it works best with hot water so make sure your clothing can be washed on hot.

Types Of Disinfectants To Use

  • Chlorine bleach such as Clorox can be used as a disinfectant in the wash cycle and is best suited for white cotton fabrics. Check the label to determine the strength of the bleach. To be effective as a disinfectant, there must be a 5.25% to 6.15% concentration of sodium hypochlorite.
  • Phenolic disinfectants like Lysol Laundry Sanitizer can be used on white and colored fabrics. Phenolic disinfectants are usually added during the rinse cycle. This is currently unavailable but we’re keeping the link here in case it becomes available when you’re shopping.
  • Pine oil disinfectants like Pine-Sol can be used on both white and colored fabrics. To be effective as a disinfectant in the wash cycle, the product must contain 80% pine oil.
  • Hospital-grade disinfectant sprays like Clyra Medical Technologies’ Clyraguard add another level of protection to cloth masks . Clyra’s is specifically designed to inactivate the COVID-19 virus while also keeping any fungi and bacteria at bay. This odorless, non-toxic spray is also rated for use by anyone with sensitive skin and is FDA registered and independently tested by the Galveston National Laboratory.

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How To Disinfect Laundry With Heat

When it comes to household chores, youll soon find that heat is your friend. One time you can make heat work for you is when you need to sanitize your clothes. Some ways to do this include:

  • Wash temperature: Wash your clothes at the hottest temperature possible. But check the label on each garment first, because some clothes shrink or lose color in hot water.
  • Use your dryer: The heat from your dryer can kill bacteria that escaped the washing machine, especially if you wash your clothes in cold water.
  • Iron your clothes: Prolonged exposure to the high heat from an iron will kill pathogens.
  • Try a steamer: To further sanitize your laundry, try a handheld steamer. Simply wave it over your clothes to kill bacteria and get out wrinkles. Its a win-win!

How To Clean Tile Floors With Pine Sol


Now that you know Pine Sol is not safe for grouts on tiles and pets, youd want to ensure that these two elements are not present around your house. In other words, your house should be both grouts- and pets-free, so you can use Pine Sol to clean up your tile floors.

The first thing you should do is to add a quarter cup of Pine Sol products to a bucket of water. We recommend using the Pine Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner since this variant is the most flexible Pine Sol product. As an alternative, use Pine Sol Original Squirt and Mop for ceramic and porcelain-based tiles.

Next, plunge cloths or mops after mixing Pine Sol with a bucket of water. Squeeze the cloths or mops before mopping the tile floors. Continue to clean up until youve covered the entire tile floors.

Place a mat or a rug, turn on your aircon units, and leave the room for around 5 minutes to dry the tiles. Finally, use brooms o get rid of the debris around your rooms.

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Using Bleach To Disinfect Laundry

  • Choose the right bleach: Make sure your bleach has between 5.25 and 6.15 percent of sodium hypochlorite. We recommend this bleach.
  • Read clothing labels: Bleach works in cold, warm or hot washes, but the temperature of the water could affect your clothes.
  • Add bleach before clothes: For a regular size load of lightly soiled laundry, add ¾ cup of bleach to the bleach dispenser. If this isnt possible, add it to the machine as its filling up with water, before the laundry has been added. For heavily soiled clothes, use 1 ¼ cup of bleach instead.
  • Then, add detergent: Add the normal amount of detergent to the wash.
  • Wash: Run the cycle.
  • The bleach will remove up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Its also a great idea to make sure your washing machine gets a good clean every few washes to prevent further spreading of illnesses.

    Frequently Asked Questions Section

    This section will address the commonly asked questions on pine sol, including its properties, ingredients, whether it is toxic, etc. It will also discuss what the product is used for, mixing it with other sanitizers, etc. So, read on to learn more about the most frequent questions about Pine-Sol cleaner.

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    Keep Cats From Pooping In The Wrong Corner

    Cats love to use corners of your home to do numbers 1 and two. However not all cats are like that, but if your cat has this situation.

    Here is how to get your cat to stop doing this nasty act. Simply wipe the corner with Pine-Sol. Cats just hate the smell of Pine-Sol and will avoid the smell as much as possible.

    Can I Use Mr Clean In My Laundry

    How to Clean Hardwood Floors with Pine-Sol

    MrCleanmyusingwash clothes

    Adding the DisinfectantTo use Lysol or another liquid-based disinfectant in the laundry, add about ¾ cup to one cup of the product. For larger loads or heavily soiled loads, use a full cup, while smaller loads only require 3/4 cup. Add the disinfectant just as you would add bleach or color-safe bleach to the laundry.

    Secondly, can you use shampoo to wash clothes in washing machine? It’s made for use with cold water in sinks and works almost as good as your laundry machine back at home. Shampoo is designed to remove oils and grease. Don’t forget the travelers clothes dryer–the hair dryer. I have used shampoo, also, which is ok for more delicate, lightly soiled laundry.

    Consequently, what is a good substitute for laundry detergent?

    baking soda

    What is a good disinfectant for laundry?

    Using Household Items

    • To use white vinegar, add 1 cup of it to the rinse cycle.
    • To use hydrogen peroxide, add 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide to the wash.
    • Borax can be used in addition to your regular detergent.
    • Oxygen bleach does disinfect, though it is not as strong of a disinfectant as chlorine bleach.

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    As A Cat And Peat Repellent

    This is perhaps the most surprising use of Pine SOL. If you have a cat that treats every corner of your house as its litter area then just clean all these places with Pine SOL.

    Cats hate its fragrance and they wont create any further nuisance. Pine SOL is also a great fly repellent. Clear the area of people and pets and spray Pine SOL. Let it sit for a few hours and hose the area down. The area should no longer be afflicted with annoying flies and other little critters. Again ensure that no one uses the area before it has been properly cleaned with water.

    Is Pine Sol Toxic

    Pine-Sol isnt toxic. However, it is important to take the necessary measures while using it since the product emits hazardous chemicals. Besides, a study conducted by Womens Voice for Earth revealed that Pine-Sol contains other toxic chemicals that are not indicated on the bottle, including plathlates, carcinogens, etc.

    It has been claimed that these chemicals cause pregnancy complications, cancer, and defects at birth, disruption of hormones, as well as aggravation of allergies. Moreover, it is important to note that this product is also toxic to pets. So, you need to rinse a surface thoroughly after cleaning if you have pets or avoid it altogether.

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    How Much Pine Sol To Use To Clean Concrete

    For general concrete cleanup, use a 24 oz. bottle of Pine-Sol® for 12 gallons of cleaning power. Make your Pine-Sol bottle last longer by adding water to the formula. Use your Pine-Sol cleaning solution to clean floors and other areas around your home, including hardwood floors.

    Follow by rinsing with water. Pine-Sol cleans most surfaces in the bathroom, including the tub or shower, sink, toilet, cabinetry, diaper pails, laundry bins and floors. To keep toilets fresh, pour 1/2 cup of Pine-Sol into the bowl, then brush and flush.

    Pine-Sol cleans the surfaces of washers and dryers, but it also effectively cleans heavily soiled clothes and other fabrics. Pour full strength Pine-Sol on greasy clothes, gently rub in, and then wash.

    Recent Posts

    Enjoy Your Fresh Smelling Clothes


    Whew! Who knew there were so many âcuresâ for musty clothing? If this problem is plaguing you, try one of the solutions above to see if you can remove the smell.

    Alternatively, try one of the preventative measures such as cleaning your washer regularly and leaving the door to the washer open when not in use.

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    Pine Sol Uses You Are Probably Unaware Of

    Pine SOL has been a popular cleaning agent for almost a century now. Part of the reason behind its amazing longevity is its versatility. It can be used for a multitude of purposes. Today, we will list all the possible ways in which you can use this rather amazing chemical concoction.


    Mixing Bleach And Pine

    Are you wondering does Pine-Sol kill germs even better, if mixed with bleach? Mixing these products in particular portions emits poisonous chlorine gas. This gas is extremely toxic, and will quickly lead to respiratory arrests, losing consciousness, and dying when breathed in.

    So, these products should always be used separately. Besides, each of these products is potent and will produce strong fumes during usage. So, it is important to ventilate your house for safe usage, particularly in confined areas such as the washroom. Mix these products only with water.

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    How To Disinfect Laundry Without Bleach

    When allergies and colds strike, the first thing you want to do is wash away the pollen and bacteria off your clothes. And when summer is in full effect and youre constantly washing tablecloths and napkins to remove mustard stains from hot dog night, laundry seems to be a never-ending cycle.

    Washing your clothes is a good start, but a simple wash cycle cant do the job on its own it takes a safe and powerful disinfectant. Along with your laundry detergent, you may use bleach in your wash cycle, but if the harsh chemicals and fragrances cause skin irritation or damage to your clothes, there are alternatives to bleach that can eliminate bacteria and remove tough, stuck-on stains.

    Does It Kill Bacteria Viruses Mold Etc

    7 Pine-Sol Hacks You Never Knew

    There is a lot of uncertainty as to whether this product gets rid of bacteria, viruses, mold, etc. or not. Well, it does. Pine-Sol is capable of killing several germs since it is potent enough at getting rid of bacteria, viruses, and mold, as well as other pathogens. This product will eliminate household bacteria or viruses, especially during the flu and cold seasons, or when there are other outbreaks. When applied as instructed and at full strength, it will disinfect against household germs and bacteria, including Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Athletes foot fungus, etc.

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    How Does Pine Sol Clean Washer And Dryer

    Pine-Sol cleans the surfaces of washers and dryers, but it also effectively cleans heavily soiled clothes and other fabrics. Pour full strength Pine-Sol on greasy clothes, gently rub in, and then wash.

    Pine-Sol isnt corrosive like bleach and also leaves behind a fresh, pine scent. When cleaning with this product, you should dilute 1/4 cup of Pine-Sol in one gallon of warm water. You can use diluted Pine-Sol to clean hardwood, linoleum, tile, counter tops and several other surfaces. Pine-Sol can be harmful to pets.

    How To Disinfect Cloth Masks

    In my years of testing different cleaning methods on fabrics in a textile lab, I learned that washing cotton in hot water and drying it on the high heat setting will effectively sanitize it. However, if someone in your household is ill or has a compromised immune system, you may want to add a disinfectant to the wash cycle when cleaning fabric masks to ensure that germs are killed.

    The type of disinfectant you should use depends on your mask’s fabric. While chlorine bleach is an excellent disinfectant, it can weaken and discolor fabrics if used incorrectly. Always read product labels and carefully follow directions.

    Due to the novel coronavirus, some of these products might be currently unavailable online or only available in-store. We’ve decided to keep the links as we’ve seen availability come in and out.

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    How To Clean Laminate Floors With Pine Sol All

    Laminate floor is easy to clean and maintain. If your floor looks dull from all the dirt, dust, grime, and grease, Pine Sol is all you need to restore its natural shine.

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your laminate floors with Pine Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner

    Step#1: Start by sweeping and vacuuming the laminate floors so as to remove dirt, debris, dust, and other loose dirt. Mopping the floor before removing loose dirt can scratch it as you move the mop back and forth. Use a soft-bristled broom to sweep the floors

    Step#2: Mix ¼ cup of Pine Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner with a gallon of warm water.

    Step#3: Mop your floor with the Pine Sol-Water mixture. You can use a regular mop although I find using a spray mop makes cleaning much more easier. Plus a spray mop does not splash a lot of water on the floors, thus making it ideal for water-sensitive floors like laminate. There are numerous spray mops in the market but I totally recommend the O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop. Its a really cheap spray mop that leaves your floors really clean plus you can use Pine Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner in the refill bottle. The mop comes with a versatile microfiber mop that you can use wet to deep clean your floors or dry to dust your floors. If using a regular mop, be sure to wring it out so as not to allow water to stand on the floor

    Can You Use Pine Sol On Carpet

    7 Pics Can I Use Pine Sol On Wood Floors And View
  • References
  • Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner is a commercial cleaning agent thats commonly used to clean and sanitize various hardy and nonporous surfaces. These surfaces include sinks, toilet bowls, and floors . But did you know that you can also use this product to effectively clean and disinfect your soft and cozy carpet?

    Pine-Sol is an effective Multi-Surface Cleaner that can eliminate stubborn spot stains on your carpets. Get the microfiber cloth, test the cleaner on the surface before embarking on a cleaning mission. Spray the cleaner and allow it to sit for about 10-20 min before rinsing it off.

    Read on to find out how to use Pine-Sol to get rid of dirt, grime, stains, and odors on carpet fibers.

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    How To Disinfect Clothes With Bleach Alternatives

    Bacteria thrive at temperatures of 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Thats the reason many of us are familiar with the dangers of not storing or cooking food at the correct temperatures. Thats also the reason regular machine washing doesnt sanitize clothesthe water just isnt hot enough to kill bacteria. But if you have a washer with a sanitizer cycle, youre in luck.

    How To Disinfect Colored Clothes

    Hot water is best for disinfecting clothes. But when it comes to some clothing, you’ll need to use cold water to wash delicate and bright, rich colors. Therefore, you have to think of alternative ways to kill germs that are living on your clothes. And bleach is not an option for colored clothing. When it comes to washing colored clothes, you’ll:

  • Use the warmest water allowed on your labels.
  • Use laundry detergent with bleach alternative.
  • Dry for at least 45 minutes.
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    How To Restore Leather Shoes After A Flood

    Water is particularly damaging for leather dress or athletic shoes, handbags, hats, and clothes and floodwaters filled with mud and bacteria are even worse. In fact, most suede and nubuck boots and shoes cannot be salvaged after a flood. If minor damage is caught in time, however, you may be able to salvage leather goods damaged by floodwaters.

    How To Remove Stains In Your Car Using Pinesol

    How to Clean Walls with Pine-Sol

    Pinesol isnt just a household cleaner as you are also able to use it for your automobile, as well as a plethora of other places. We tend to drop and spill a lot more in our cars than we realize.

  • Gather materials. First, you will need to make sure that you have some warm water in a bowl, an empty spray bottle, a cloth, Pinesol, and a scrub brush.
  • Dilute the Pinesol. Add 1 part water to 1 part Pinesol to a water bottle and shake it to mix. You should make sure that its about 1/4 bottle Pinesol with 1/4 parts water to have plenty of room to mix it.
  • Wet the area with water. Take your cloth and dip it in the water that you have in the bowl, and apply it to the stain. Make sure it is thoroughly covered. However, your seat should not be dripping.
  • Apply the Pinesol and scrub the stain. Once the surface is wet, spray the mixture onto the spot and scrub. You should scrub this with a scrub brush or a toothbrush. Make sure you get down into the fibers.
  • Dry the seat. Next, wipe up the mess with your wet cloth, and then rub it dry with a dry cloth. Let it sit overnight to dry.
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