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Next Total Solar Eclipse Us

The 2024 Total Eclipse Path Through New Brunswick

The next 100 years of total solar eclipses in the U.S.

The shadows point of entry into New Brunswick is the same spot as it left Maine but from the Canadian side, its a little tougher to get to. Take 550 north from Woodstock for a ways through the countryside. The road takes a left turn and then 540 splits off to the west, while 550 continues to the north. If you go west on Wesson Road, and then north on Wasson Road, that road will curve around toward the west and then back again toward the east. When you get as far west on Wasson Road as you can get, youre as close to the point of entry of the shadow into New Brunswick as youre likely to be able to get. Dont everybody go to this point at once, though!

Within the province, Hartland and Blackville lie right on the centerline. Fredericton lies closer to the southern limit, and so only sees 2m18s at 16:33:40ADT. Moncton and Bathurst lie just outside the southern and northern limits, respectively. But the shadow itself cuts right through the middle of the province, and so many people here will already be in totality or wont have too much of a drive to see it!

After spending just over six minutes in New Brunswick, totality takes its leave on the beach, north of Cap-Lumière, at 16:38:11ADT.

Cmo Fotografiar El Eclipse Solar Total De 2024 Paso A Paso

El 8 de abril de 2024, llega con tiempo a la localización. Lo mejor sería que llegases antes de que empiece el eclipse parcial. Luego, coloca el trípode justo en el punto de disparo. Es decir, en la posición del Pin Rojo en tu planificación con .

Pon el objetivo en tu cámara. Configura la cámara para disparar en RAW. Desactiva la estabilización del objetivo. Y sigue los siguientes pasos según la foto que quieras.

Eclipse solar parcial

Estos son los pasos para fotografiar un eclipse solar parcial:

Anillo de diamantes

Estos son los pasos para fotografiar el anillo de diamantes durante un eclipse solar total:

Las perlas de Baily

Estos son los pasos para fotografiar las perlas de Baily durante un eclipse solar total:

Corona solar

Estos son los pasos para fotografiar la corona del Sol durante un eclipse solar total:

Cromosfera del Sol

Estos son los pasos para fotografiar la cromosfera del Sol durante un eclipse solar total:

Incluye el paisaje en la foto del eclipse solar

Durante la totalidad, si quieres incluir el paisaje en la foto sigue estos pasos:

Centra la atención sobre tu sujeto

Para incluir un sujeto interesante en tu foto del eclipse solar, sigue estos pasos:

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Seeing One Total Solar Eclipse Isnt Enough

Once you see one total solar eclipse, its likely youll want to catch another. The next total solar eclipse is April 20, 2023, and its a hybrid eclipse. Totality is only visible in a very narrow path over Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea. Below is a map from Michael Zeilers, which can act as a travel planner for the keen eclipse chaser.

Bottom line: The next total solar eclipse visible from North America will be on April 8, 2024.

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Buy Your Equipment Before The Hype Train

A young eclipse viewer in Weiser, Idaho.

Prices for solar viewing equipment skyrocketed leading up to the actual eclipse. ISO-approved glasses were sold out in stores everywhere. I personally witnessed people on Facebook Marketplace attempting to sell flimsy, paper solar eclipse glasses for $25 and $30 a pair. And online, it proved difficult to find anything but bulk packages or overpriced five- or 10-packs.

A five-pack of solar eclipse glasses on is still selling for just under $60 , nearly $12.00 a pair. Back in June, the exact same five-pack on Amazon sold for just $6.50 , or $1.30 each.

Set a , wait for the price of solar viewing glasses to come back down, buy a few pairs for the family and store them in a safe place. On the other hand, seven years is quite a ways off. Maybe youre better off setting a reminder and buying them at a much later date. Just remember to buy them before prices start skyrocketing a month or two before the 2024 eclipse.

The 2024 Total Eclipse Path Through Durango

Total solar eclipse to sweep across U.S. in August

The shadow comes to Durango at 12:08:30MDT, in a heavily forested area along the Baluarte River. The states capital city lies just off the centerline, and gets 3m 50s of totality just after 12:12MDT. The town of Nazas lies almost exactly on centerline, and is the nearest place to the point of greatest eclipse! This means that folks there will see 4m 28s of totality the longest possible for this eclipse just before 12:15MDT.

Totality misses the state of Zacatecas by only about 6 miles. The towns of Hidalgo and Ejido Zaragoza get a 99.5% partial eclipse, and Colonia Emilio Carranza does a tenth of a percentage point better but no locations within Zacatecas will see totality itself.

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Where Are The Best Places To Watch The ‘great North American Eclipse’

There are some incredible places to experience totality, from Niagara Falls on the U.S-Canada border to cities including Indianapolis, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Dallas.

However, the biggest consideration when planning where to go shouldn’t be geography, but the weather. The places with the best chance of clear skies during April are Mazatlán, Nazas, and Torreón in Mexico, and Texas in the U.S.

“Weather prospects for the Great Lakes and New England are less than desirable,” says Zeiler. “Given the weather odds, Mexico and Texas will be the magnet for millions of smart eclipse chasers.”

He also points out that while San Antonio and Austin are within the path of total eclipse, they’re right on the edge of the path, so Texans living in those cities are advised to drive an hour or so to the north or west to get over four minutes inside the shadow of the Moon.

It will be worth it.

“The 2024 eclipse will be a different experienceâthe sky will get darker compared to the 2017 eclipse because of the longer duration,” McGlaun said. “And oh my gosh, the second time really is just as cool!”

The 2024 Total Eclipse Path Through Chihuahua

A very tiny portion of the state of Chihuahua sees totality. Almost totally contained with the small De Palomas lakes region, this piece of the state sticks far enough into the path that a determined person could hike the 8 miles or so east from the lakes, and get a respectable 3 full minutes of totality! Do not attempt this unless you are experienced, know what you are doing, and are able to fully accept the physical risks that hiking in this forbidding desert area might bring. If you are successful, we would love to hear all about your Chihuahua eclipse experience!

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The 2024 Total Eclipse Path Through Maine

Pelee Island is the first Canadian soil to see totality, enjoying 3m15s at 19:12:44. The shadow hits the mainland at Point Pelee Dr in the National Park south of Leamington, at 15:13:15EDT.

From there, the shadow follows Lake Erie perfectly, moving up Hwy 401, just missing London. And actually, the big cities of Chatham-Kent, Kitchener, Woodstock and Toronto itself also lie outside the path you really need to be down on the coast! But Hamilton is barely inside the northern limit, and weve already mentioned Niagara Falls prime location. In Hamilton, youll want to be as far southeast as you can be, to maximize your time in the shadow.

It is bad news for the really big city Toronto is tantalizingly close to totality but you have to go out into the lake, or around it to the west or south sides of it, to see totality.

The eclipse path then passes just south of Oshawa, and picks up along the Lake Ontario coastline again just west of Cobourg .

Belleville and Kingston are good for totality, but Ottawa unfortunately lies north of the path. Cornwall is also squarely in the path.

After its nice run up the coast of both lakes, the shadow leaves Ontario at 15:27:26EDT on the St. Lawrence coast, on road 2 just east of Lancaster .

The 2024 Total Eclipse Path Through New Hampshire

A total solar eclipse sweeping across the US- BBC News

New Hampshire is touched by the shadow for just less than four minutes! The first spot of totality happens at 15:28:03EDT, where 114 crosses the river at West Stewartstown.

Lancaster sees about 45s of totality at 15:29:08EDT, and there really arent any other big towns in this northern part of the state that lie in the path. Berlin is well outside the southern limit , and all the larger cities in the south of the state lie well outside the path.

It is interesting that Wentworth Location and Dixville Notch those towns that proudly vote first in every US presidential election lie squarely in the path!

The shadow leaves the state at 15:31:54EDT in the forest, at the point where Maine, New Hampshire, and Quebec come together.

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Total Solar Eclipses Through Us History

The total solar eclipse of June 24, 1778, began in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and swept eastward, passing close to Philadelphia. There, it was observed by prominent astronomer David Rittenhouse, whose comments on the eclipse were published in one of the first volumes of the American Philosophical Societys memoirs.

Thomas Jefferson, who was in Virginia at the time of the eclipse, wrote in a letter to Rittenhouse that were much disappointed in Virginia generally on the day of the great eclipse, which proved to be cloudy. In , where it was total, I understand only the beginning was seen. Jefferson went on to humbly request that Rittenhouse send him a more accurate timepieceone designed to be for astronomical purposes only.

David Rittenhouse. Portrait by Charles Willson Peale.

In 1780, Harvard College commissioned the Reverend Samuel Williams, Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, to observe the total solar eclipse predicted for October 27, 1780, although the Colonies were still at war with Great Britain. Professor Williams traveled to what is now Penobscot Bay in Maine, where the British naval officer in charge of the area allowed him to land long enough to make his observations. Unfortunately, the maps of the area were so poor that he found himself just outside the path of totalitya misfortune for which he could hardly be blamed!

Solar prominences photographed during the eclipse of May 28, 1900.

Were Two Years Away From The Great North American Solar Eclipse Of April 8 2024

Book your travel, buy your glasses, and get ready for the show of the decade on April 8, 2024

On April 8, 2024, the Great North American Solar Eclipse will cross the country, plunging a 124-mile-wide swath of land stretching from Mexico to Canada into night-like darkness.

First, the crowds gather, spreading out picnic blankets, setting up lawn chairs and stringing up hammocks. Theres a social, even jovial atmosphere until the sunlight begins to dim, and an unnerving shadow seeps across the entire landscape like a rising tide. The chatter quiets as eyes lift to the sky. And finally, it happens the sun is consumed entirely by a pitch-black disk, nighttime arrives in the middle of the day, and everyone gasps then cheers.

The spectacle of a total solar eclipse is an awe-inspiring moment, one that many skywatchers travel the world to witness. In 2017, the United States experienced its first total solar eclipse in nearly 40 years, with an impressive 88 percent of the adults in the country turning out to view the show.

Now, the next one is on the horizon. Two years from today, on April 8, 2024, the Great North American Solar Eclipse will nearly bisect the country, plunging a 124-mile-wide swath of land stretching from Mexico to Canada into night-like darkness.

Two years might seem like a long time away, but given the popularity of total solar eclipses, its just about time to start making viewing plans, especially if you plan on traveling for the event.

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The 2024 Total Eclipse Path Through Coahuila

The total eclipse enters the US just a few seconds after 13:27CDT, at a point in Eagle Pass TX, where the Rio Grande takes a wide bend just southwest of Gonzalez Elementary School. Eagle Pass sees 4m24s of totality at that same time.

Moving up through Texas, the path of totality splits San Antonio in half. Here, youll want to be as far northwest as you can be locations in the middle of downtown are NOT in the path. Out at UT San Antonio, folks will see 2m30s, starting just after 13:33CDT. If you can take the drive west on I-10, Kerrville is just about on centerline, and youll get 4m24s just after 13:32CDT.

Austin is just inside the southern limit. Closer to the centerline lie Temple and Waco .

San Angelo, Wichita Falls and Abilene are NOT in the path! You have to get southeast to see totality! And Houston is also outside the show. Folks there will only see a 94% partial eclipse somewhat mildly interesting, but not amazingly exciting like those only about 60 miles northwest of you are seeing! Ditto for Corpus Christi you are NOT in the path!

But if youre staying in the DFW area, here are some timings you can count on:

  • Mesquite: 4m3s just before 13:41CDT
  • Dealey Plaza: 3m46s at 13:40:30CDT
  • Irving: 3m24s at 13:40:30CDT
  • Love Field: 3m32s just before 13:41CDT
  • DFW Airport: 2m58s just before 13:41CDT
  • UT at Arlington: 3m16s just after 13:40CDT
  • Fort Worth Zoo: 2m32s just after 13:40CDT
  • Plano: 3m25s just after 13:41CDT

The 2024 Total Eclipse Path Through Vermont

August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse across America.

Passing from west to east over a tall, thin state doesnt give much time for totality, and in fact the entire eclipse visits Vermont for less than six minutes all told. It hits land first at 15:25:45EDT, on South Hero Island in Lake Champlain . Burlington gets 3m14s of totality at 15:26EDT, and Montpelier gets 1m30s at 15:27:35EDT.

The shadow leaves the state at 15:31:21EDT, east of Stewartstown NH, at the point where Beecher Falls Road and the river leave the state up in its far, far northeastern corner.

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The 2024 Total Eclipse Path Through Illinois

No, we did not forget about Illinois! Totality enters Illinois at 13:58:15CDT along the Mississippi River, just south of East Cape Girardeau . Lots of great memories here from 2017, as we ourselves saw that eclipse from Carbondale! In 2024, Southern Illinois is again on everyones radar, as places like Carbondale , , Makanda , and Murphysboro once again take their place in the path! Giant City State Park will one again be able to host totality visitors, and the whole SIU Saluki experience will be like a great replay for a brand new generation of students!

And this time, Cairo is IN THE PATH! Just please make sure to pronounce it like the locals.

In 2024, a lot of Illinois towns get their turn at the totality they missed in 2017. Towns like Mt. Vernon, Salem , Greenup , Du Quoin and Lawrenceville will see the shadow, weather permitting. Beautiful Rend Lake might be a nice place to watch an eclipse from your boat just make sure to be as far south as possible, because the southern part of the lake gets about 15 seconds more totality than the northern part!

The shadow leaves the state at 14:07:04CDT, at a bend in the Wabash River on a road labeled E. 700th Ave, a few miles SE of Palestine. Not quite 9 minutes from first touch to last but what a lot of great memories that shadow will bring to everyone!

When Is Our Next Solar Eclipse The Secret Solar Eclipses And Rings Of Fire Coming Soon To North America

When is the next eclipse? The sun is partially eclipsed in the first phase of a total eclipse in Grand Teton National Park on August 21, 2017 outside Jackson, Wyoming. Thousands of people have flocked to the Jackson and Teton National Park area for the 2017 solar eclipse which will be one of the areas that will experience a 100% eclipse on Monday August 21, 2017.

Getty Images

As you may know, a partial solar eclipse is taking place today on planet Earth. Sadly, its only possible to see it from Chile, where observers will see up to 54% of the Sun eclipsed by the moon just before sunset. Expect incredible photos!

North America is living through a golden age of solar eclipses. By now you will have probably heard about the next total solar eclipse coming to North America in 2024. Just a few weeks ago the two-year countdown began to what will be a jaw-dropping totality on April 8, 2024.

However, there are plenty of other solar eclipses coming to North America that have not been as well publicised.

In fact, in the remainder of this decade no fewer than six solar eclipses will be viewable from the U.S. and Canada!

These are the solar eclipses North America has coming to it in the 2020s:

This composite image shows the moon as it moves in front of the sun in a rare ring of fire solar eclipse as seen from Tanjung Piai in Malaysia on December 26, 2019.

AFP via Getty Images


The next solar eclipse occurs .

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