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How Many Solar Panels To Run Small Air Conditioner

Can A Solar Generator Run An Air Conditioner

Running a 5000btu air conditioner on Harbor Freight solar panels?

Solar generators come in various sizes, featuring different power outlets, output power, etc.

One of the most popular high-end solar generators is featuring 2000W continuous watts, 4800 surge watts, 2000Wh internal battery, 85% energy efficiency, 700W max. solar input, etc.

Without solar panels, Bluetti AC200P can provide 1200W for ~1h and 20-25 minutes. Also, even if a full 700W of solar panels is attached to the Bluetti AC200P, it is not enough to both charge the unit and power the 1200W AC unit .

But, if such AC unit is throttled down from 1200W to 500W, using Bluetti AC200P and 5 Bluetti SP200W solar panels, one can do one of the following:

– fully recharge 2000Wh battery in 3.5-4 hours, even somewhat faster in favorable weather conditions,

– power 500W external load without discharging the built-in battery.

And when the sun is gone, the fully charged internal battery can power a 500W load for an additional ~3h and 20-25 minutes.

Are there larger units than Bluetti AC200P that can, for example, accept more solar panels? Yes, there are, but they also tend to cost more, much more.

Also, the 1200W/2000W AC unit in our example is just that – an example.

For the most up-to-date offers and prices, feel free to check the Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station manufacturer page , or Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator Amazon link .

Running Air Conditioner During Day Or Night

When running AC units and other loads during both day and night, one needs:

– solar panels of enough power to collect the sunlight and convert it into electricity,

– solar battery charge controller to convert the electricity from solar panels into electricity suitable for charging the deep cycle battery ,

– large deep cycle battery or battery pack,

– power inverter that will convert energy from the battery and solar charger controller into electricity suitable for powering external loads, in this case, 1200W/2000W AC unit.

Also, we will also assume:

– solar battery charge controller/power inverter efficiency is 80%,

– solar panel energy efficiency is 50%,

– there are 8 hours of daylight.

In order to run a 1200W AC unit for three hours, one needs to provide 3600Wh of energy to the AC unit. Since energy conversion is not ideal, the battery must be able to store:

EBat = EAC / CCeff = 3600 Wh / 0.8 = 4500 Wh

Note: actual energy efficiency, in this case, is usually lower than in the first case, but not by much. So we again used 80% energy efficiency for the solar charge controller.

In order to collect 4500 Wh of energy during 8 hours of daylight, 50% energy efficient solar panels require:

P = Ebat / = 4500 Wh / = 1125 W

of installed power.

But, one also must have a deep cycle battery capable of storing 4500Wh of energy – since we didn’t calculate energy losses in the battery, it is highly recommended to use a high-quality lithium battery to store such an amount of energy.

What Size Inverter For A 5000 Btu Air Conditioner

An inverters job is to convert the DC power generated by the solar panels and stored in the battery bank, into the AC power that your 5000 BTU Air conditioner needs.

But these inverters come in different sizes and with different characteristics. So, what size inverter will you need?

In general, you need a 1500W inverter if the 5000 BTU unit is the only load running on the inverter. If the inverter will be supplying energy to other appliances as well, you would need 2000-4000 watts of inverter capacity depending on the load. In any case, it should be a Pure Sine Wave inverter.

A good way to go about sizing the inverter is to start off with 1500 watts of inverter capacity just for the 5000 BTU unit, and then add the maximum load that will be running simultaneously with the air conditioner.

For example, if you have 2 light bulbs, rated at 60 Watts each, and a laptop that uses 50 Watts of power. The additional load is:

Load = + 50 Watts

Load = 170 Watts

In this case, a 2000W inverter would be a good fit. However, as stated before, make sure its a Pure Sine Wave inverter as opposed to a Modified Sine Wave inverter.

If one of these appliances is motor-driven , make sure the air conditioner is already running before turning that appliance on. These appliances require a relatively high amount of power to start, and the inverter might not be able to handle 2 surge wattages at the same time.


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How Does A Solar Inverter Work Some Basics

Solar panels produce direct current but home appliances need alternating current thats why you need an inverter to convert d.c. to a.c.

An inverter chops up the direct current into packets or pulses, and re-shapes them electronically into the smooth sinusoidal waveform, just like the power fed into your home by utility companies.

How To Connect The Air Conditioner To Solar Panels

How Many Solar Panels To Run Air Conditioner?

There are two ways to connect the solar panels to the AC unit. The connection method depends on the type of AC unit you have. If your air conditioning unit takes DC power, you can connect the air conditioning unit straight to the solar panels and bypass an inverter. This method may be problematic in the future if you need to run the AC during cloudy days.

The second method connects the air conditioning unit to the standard inverter, power controller, and battery bank. These are typically called AC inverter air conditioning units and are much like the ones you use in your house. These tend to be the cheaper options and can run off battery power during the evenings or overcast days.

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How Many Solar Panels To Run Ac

All air conditioning units have different efficiency ratings, meaning if we used their electrical kilowatt ratings as a comparison, it wouldnt reflect their cooling power.

In other words, if we have 2 AC units that are rated at 1.5 kW, theres a strong chance that they might not have the same cooling power.

For this, we look at the energy efficiency ratio, telling us how well an air conditioning unit cools.

The EE rating system is based on an outdoor temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit and an inside temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

We need to take the air conditioner units British thermal unit and divide it by the electrical rating of the unit in Watts. After this, you will be left with a ratio thatll indicate the efficiency of the ac.

If you have an air conditioning unit that has an EER of 11, it falls under the category of being an efficient AC.

Anything below 11 and around 10 is recommended for countries or locations that experience hot, humid climates.

SEER Ratings

Another power rating that people in the ac market look at is the SEER rating. This takes into account an air conditioner’s cooling capacity over a range of outside temperatures instead of fixating on one or two specific values.

The S in SEER means that the ratings are seasonal.

When the motor inside an air conditioning unit starts up, it pulls more current than when it runs continuously.

Surge currents only last for a few seconds, and the heating effect on the wiring isnt too drastic or significant.

Solar Generators And Air Conditioners

Today I am going to focus on powering air conditioners with solar generators. Since I cant go through every single power station and air conditioner out there, lets talk a little bit about how you can figure it out by reading about the products.

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Who Are Solar Powered Air Conditioners For

Not everyone may be able to use a solar powered air conditioner. This may have you asking: is it something for me? The good news is that even with a small space, you can still use one.

Even if you cannot install full solar panels for your home, you can still use a solar air conditioner with a few panels to start out. Those who have homes off the grid will also take advantage of these.

If you are looking to spend less money on their utility bills, its clear that using solar energy will be a plus. Especially during the summer months when using an air conditioner is obviously needed.

Who better than to call a professional if you need a solar power air conditioner or a cooling system installed? American Home Water and Air offers the best air conditioner installation and repair services near Phoenix, Arizona, and were just one phone call away from putting something together so you can enjoy cool air while living off the grid.

How To Select The Best Rv Air Conditioner

How Many Solar Panels To Run an Air Conditioner?

There are a lot of options out there. Here are some essential tips for choosing the very best portable RV air conditioner for your needs.

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a new RV air conditioner. But, the top three factors that most people may overlook are:


Pick one with a sleek, aerodynamic shape. This way, your AC unit will be shaped to resist wind drag which helps your vehicle from being slowed down in severe weather and increases fuel efficiency.

BTU also is known as British Thermal Units

Before buying an air conditioner, its essential that you know the amount of BTU needed to cool your RV. This number is based on the square footage of the RV. A large RV needs over 18,000 BTU to assure a continuous cooling of the space. You dont want to buy an AC unit that is too weak and cant sufficiently cool your RV.

Refer to this chart:

Easy Installation

The perfect air conditioner unit has to be light-weight and slim for a hassle-free DIY fitment into the RV.

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Example Of Calculating How Much Power Air Conditioning Uses

Lets say your one-ton ac unit uses 500 watts of power each hour. If you leave it running all day, you will use 12 kWh or 360 kWh in a month.

If your electricity provider charges $0.13 kWh net metering, then you will be charged $43.20. .

Seeing how much money homeowners could save on their energy consumption each month is enough motivation to install solar panels to maintain cooling capacity for a much lower monthly rate.

How Many Solar Panels To Run 5 Ton Ac Unit

Air conditioner is needed when its hottest, which is the four hours around noon-time in most locations.

This is a lucky break, because this is the same window of time when the suns energy is high and solar panel power output is at a maximum.

1 Ton of air conditioning cooling capacity is about 1.2kW, so if you run it for 4 hours it would consume 4.8kWh over that time.

Logically, a 5 Ton air conditioning unit will consume:

4.8kWh x 5 = 24kWh

A 300 watt solar panel can produce 300 watts x 4 hours for the same time period which equal 1.2kWh.

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What Type Of Rv Air Conditioner Do You Want

There are 3 types: mobile vertical ones, window installations and roof-mounted A/Cs. Each type has its pros and cons, and different power consumption. Since cool air is heavy, it makes more sense to install the roof-mounted type.

Of these, there are models which run on either AC or DC. Those that use DC power can be powered directly by solar panels or the battery bank without the need for a solar inverter.

The most recent type of solar air conditioner even has an integrated window. It is ideal for those who want a skylight as well as an air conditioner.

The built-in air conditioning units in RVs have 2 kinds of systems: evaporation system and compressor system. The former has lower power consumption but increases the humidity. The latter can dehumidify room air and integrate heating.

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Sizing The Battery Bank

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Run an Air Conditioner?

Now its time to talk about electricity storage. There are not many calculations involved in this step here. With an AC unit that can draw 150 amperes, you will need 150 ampere-hours hourly as you plan to run the AC at night time .

Running the AC for an additional hour ahead of the sleeping time might be comfortable for you to go to sleep, but it will cost you additional 150 ampere-hours. If you have the capacity, you can undoubtedly go for it.

Your battery banks capacity will tell you how much you can operate your AC when the sun is not out. Using the above example, you will need 650 ampere-hours daily, at least in your batteries, before you go to sleep.

Its simple you need to determine your average daily use that is measured in watt-hours. And then, you will have to determine how many days you must backup in case of an emergency or when you are off-grid.

After that, you need to assess the average discharge depth for the battery bank and the average temperature your batteries will be exposed to during your trips.

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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need To Run A 15 Ton Ac

A 1.5-ton air conditioning unit can cool off a space thats 600-900 square feet . For AC power consumption calculations, one ton of cooling is equal to a thousand Watts. So for 1.5 tons of cooling, it will take:

1.5 x 1,000 Watts = 1,500 Watts

We can simply divide 1,500 Watts by the number of Watts in your solar panel. In this case, it will take fifteen 100-Watt solar panels or five 300-Watt solar panels.

How Much Solar Power To Run A Window Ac Unit

The number of solar panels you will need will depend on the make, model, and brand of the air conditioner. One brand-name air conditioner requires 535 watts per hour to push out 6000 BTUs.

Another brand will require enough solar panels to handle only 450 watts for 5000 BTUs. then a third brand name will require enough electricity to cover its 520 watts per hour need and you will get 6000 BTUs out of that model.

The final brand-name window air conditioner will need enough power to handle its 425 watts per hour demand. That is for 6000 BTUs as well. That calculates the number of solar panels very easily. In most cases, you would think you would need only 2 solar panels

However, since solar panels do not operate at 100% efficiency and lose some power as the system works, you will most likely need 3 solar panels of 250 watts each to produce the amount of electricity you will need.

The other factor you’ll have to be concerned about is how much sunlight the solar panel receives. In a 12 hour day, that figure may be as low as 50 watts and on average the panel only produces about 125 watts per hour.

This fact means that you may have to go to 4-6 panels just to produce the amount of energy you will need to run your window air conditioner. Having more panels producing more electricity is not a bad thing as you still have to cover the start-up power demand which is often a lot larger than the run time demand.

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How Many Solar Panels To Run A Five

This is a somewhat complicated question because not all solar panels are the same. The solar panels used by private homes are typically between 100 and 250 watts. 250-watt solar panel provides more energy than a 100-watt one, so youll need more of the latter to run the same air conditioner.

You also need to consider the size of your air conditioner and how many hours you run your AC every day.

In the example of a five-ton air conditioner, say you run your AC for four hours a day, when temperatures are at their peak.

If the five-ton AC unit runs continuously during this time , it will consume 24 kWh.

If you also have around four peak solar hours a day, which would be the case in summer for most climates, you can expect to receive around 300 watts of energy per hour from a 300-watt solar panel, which is equivalent to 1.2 kWh.

Therefore, you will need 20 solar panels of 300 watts each to produce 24kWh, enough for a five-ton air conditioner.

How Many Solar Panels To Run 1 Hp Air Conditioner

Solar Shed: Running a Cheap Air Conditioner

A single 1 HP air conditioner has 745.7 watts, while domestic solar panels have an average power output of about 265 watts though this can also range from anywhere less than 225 watts to over 350 watts.

You can use 10 solar panels to run a 1 HP air conditioner. But again, remember that this number can still change depending on many different factors as stated above.

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How Do Solar Air Conditioners Work

Solar air conditioning works by using solar energy to power an AC unit.

These appliances can be installed in your home so you get cool air during the day when there is plenty of sunlight available, but they are also combined with other green energy systems to work at night too.

If you want a system that runs all the time consider getting one that is powered by solar energy, AC power, and DC power. This way you get to use the appliances that work best for your lifestyle while using green energy too!

Are You An On

When you install the solar power system for renewable energy, you will have the option to be grid-tied or install an off-grid system. Each has its advantages.

When you use a grid-tied system, you will still be connected to the utility grid. This means you can still get efficient power at night and on cloudy days.

An off-grid system wont rely on the utility meter to create more electricity. Instead, if you need more power to keep the AC running, it will convert dc from the solar battery bank.

The battery bank stores extra renewable energy from solar PV that you can use later.

If you use so much electricity and the battery runs out, many property owners who own an off-grid solar panel system will use a power generator to provide electricity.

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