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Is 14k Solid Gold Real

First Things First: What Is 14k Gold

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The gold used for engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry is rarely ever 100% gold. Rather, gold comes in a variety of purity levels, like 14k and 18k. Not to be confused with carat, which refers to your diamonds actual weight and represents its overall size, the karat grading system describes golds purity. The more pure gold present, the higher the karat rating.

14 karat gold is not actually pure gold. 24k gold is naturally very valuable, but due to its malleability, it is not always the best choice for jewelry that one might want to wear on a daily basis. 14k gold, therefore, is bonded with other metals to create a much stronger metal alloy. 14K gold may incorporate zinc, nickel, silver, or copper, and is approximately 58% gold. OK. Now that we have an idea of what 14k gold is and why its used in jewelry, lets talk about color.

Gold Karats In A Nutshell

Lets start with a basic explanation of what a karat is and why its an important determining factor when choosing a piece of jewelry.

A karat is a measure of the fineness, or purity, of gold. To be specific, a gold karat is approximately 4.1667 percent of a pure gold alloy – in other words, 1/24 of pure gold. A piece with 24-karat gold, therefore, contains gold that is totally pure.

So what about golds that are rated at 18k, 14k, and 10k?

K Italy Markings Meaning

When you have a golden chain marked with 14K, you should be aware that only 14 out of 24 parts of metal used to make the chain are gold. Other parts are made of metal alloys. Keep in mind that it doesnt mean the chain is fake, only that its quality depends on the percentage of gold it contains.

As you have probably known, gold jewelry is marked 14K, 18K, 20K, or 22K, representing its purity. You can also find 8K, 10K, and 12K gold, but those are of lesser quality. In most countries, 8K and 10K are not considered gold and dont have markings.

Pure gold marked with 24K is rare and very expensive. It is also challenging to process due to its softness. In fact, it is necessary to mix this pure metal with others to make it more effortlessly shape.

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Pros And Cons Of 18k Yellow Gold

18K gold consists of 75% gold, and among commonly sold gold metals, it has the highest amount of gold. You wont usually find gold rings beyond 18K because they tend to get scratches and deformations way too easily.

18K is typically used for high-end jewelry like diamond engagement rings. Obviously, 18K gold is the most expensive, but its also the one thats least likely to tarnish. It is, however, more prone to being affected by every-day use as it is softer.

That said, 18K gold rings require more care than 14K yellow gold rings. It will be a challenge telling 14k and 18k apart. And if they look the same, would you pay extra for a feature you cannot see?

18K gold rings are the best choice for anyone who wants to have the most amount of gold in the ring while still possessing enough durability. Needless to say, preferring18K over 14K is mostly a matter of knowing that the 18K gold ring contains more gold and is, therefore, more exquisite.

Is 10k Gold Real Gold What Is 10k Gold

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10 karat gold, when compared to other gold karat materials used in jewelry, is sometimes misunderstood as being an inferior gold material. Most consumers wonder is10k yellow gold real, since it is the least expensive gold karat option in jewelry. Yes, 10 karat yellow gold is considered real gold because it has 41.7% pure gold in its mixture. The 10k gold meaning is that it contains 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloys and other mixed metals. Typically, 58.3% of 10k gold is made up of alloys and mixed metals. These other metals in10k gold are typically zinc, palladium, silver, copper, or nickel. 10k gold in comparison to 14k gold, 18k gold, and 24k gold will have the least amount of pure gold in its mixture, which is why 10k gold is the least expensive gold material you can buy. Legally in the United States and some other countries, gold materials cant be sold as real gold if they dont use at least 10 karats of gold. If real gold jewelry is sold and advertised as anything less than 10k gold, that probably means the gold is fake. This is another reason why 10k gold is real gold, since it is globally recognized by the FTC and categorized as a real gold material. Even though 10k gold has the lowest purity count of gold in its mixture, 10 karat yellow gold is still a great material to use in jewelry because of its price point and long lasting durability. 10 karat gold, whether its yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, are all considered real gold materials.

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Where To Buy Gold Wedding Rings Or Diamond Rings

With no prior knowledge of gold or diamonds, one would initially opt for a jeweler with the most experience as its seemingly the safest. Timeless ancient stones blend just right with brick and mortar stores. Because lets face it, traditional jewelry shops classic approach suggests the impression that theyre the true keepers of the most valuable gems in the world.

This is why most people find it hard to believe that you can buy precious stones and metals from the internet! But believe it or not, this is what the future of shopping is all about.

You can buy gold wedding rings or diamond rings in both physical and digital shops. However, what sets online shopping to a whole new level is youll have a wider selection at a cheaper cost as online stores dont have to pay for inventory and fancy showrooms.

The best place to buy gold wedding rings and diamond rings is James Allen. They offer nearly 500 different ring settings in 14K yellow gold, 18K yellow gold, 14K white gold, 18K white gold, platinum, and rose gold. You can conveniently see each ring from every angle!

As far as diamonds for engagement rings are concerned, James Allen is the only place that will let you view all their diamonds in high definition 360° videos at up to 40x magnification! This feature is particularly useful for inspecting inclusions in diamonds and thus, can save you a lot of money if you are buying SI1 or SI2 clarity diamonds. Go and check out James Allen for yourself!

Gold Purity And The Differences Between White And Yellow Gold

Gold, just the word brings to mind value, rarity, wealth, beauty and jewelry. But what is gold? Yes the scientists tell us gold is an element with the chemical symbol Au. We know it is the heraldic metal and it is a rare yellow mineral that is the most malleable and pliable of all metals. Yes, but what does that mean to me? Gold is a beautiful metal that is used to make timeless jewelry. Gold can be bent and molded into elegant engagement rings to show the eternal affection of one person to another. Gold is an expression of love.

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Acid Testing: The Most Reliable Method

Perhaps the most reliable way to find out the gold content of jewelry is to do an acid test. .

Although you can buy an acid testing kit and perform the test at home, interpreting the results can get tricky depending on the gold alloy examined. This is why we recommend that you have such a test done by a professional.

Heres how acid testing works:

The jeweler will take some sample material from your jewelry and then apply acid to it to observe if there is a color change, which will indicate what metals the sample contains.

Acid testing is used mainly to determine the karat of solid gold jewelry, but it can also indicate whether the piece is plated.

Its also useful to know that many gold-plated pieces are coated with 24/22/20/18-karat gold, so if you come across an item whose surface acid-tests like 24, 22, 20, or 18 karats but the price is too cheap for that karat, then the jewelry is probably plated.

Alternatively, if you scratch a plated piece deep enough, you will see the underlying metal, which will confirm that the jewelry is not solid gold try this on your own risk, though.

Note: Solid gold does not mean pure. You should keep in mind that solid pieces consist of an alloy of gold and other metals, and the purity of this mixture depends on how much gold it contains. A piece can be made of solid gold and have very low gold purity at the same time .

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Understanding The Difference Between Hollow Gold And Solid Gold

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Most important when buying gold is if its hollow or solid. To many, this is a huge durability factor. How to tell the difference is by weight.

Hollow gold is easy to spot with a lower price tag. Then once you pick it up and feel the weight, you will know. Its so light that you may think its for display. Keep in mind it can be damaged quickly.

Solid gold is most sought after since it’s known to last the longest. As far as quality and durability, this is the best choice. You can wear it every day with no hassle.

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The Break Down: Plated Filled Vermeil And Solid Gold

Plated, filled, or solidits all too easy to get swept up in the confusion surrounding jewelry materials, gold in particular. Our designs are made with recycled solid gold, which, unlike plated, filled or vermeil, is built to last and wont rub off or change color over time. One of our core values as a company is qualitywe want to make sure that there is longevity in your VRAI pieces so you can enjoy them for years to come. Since were serious about our materials, we felt it was time to explain the difference between plated, filled vermeil, and solid gold.

Gold Plated

When something is gold plated, its gold content is usually less than 1%. This means that the piece is a base metal that takes a quick dip in a gold bathhence the plating. While plated pieces may possess the same luster and gold appearance at first, this layer is often quick to fade when washed, rinsed, or rubbed too hard, leaving behind discolored skin and dirty looking jewelry. Most fashion jewelry is gold-plated, which allows the cost to be as low as possible.

Gold Filled

Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil is a common type of gold plating, which uses sterling silver as the base metal. Vermeil is more hypoallergenic and has a thicker layer of gold than normal gold plating, which is why you’ll see it in stores selling fine jewelry. However, with enough scuffs and scratches the plating can wear off.

Solid Gold

Gold Filled Or Solid Gold: Look At The Gold Markings

Solid gold pieces are usually stamped with their karat number only. For example, an 18-karat item should have a stamp such as 18K, 18kt, or 18KP.

In Europe, you may see karats expressed as a decimal, percentage, or parts per thousand: Thus, an 18K piece may be stamped with a marking such as 0.75 or 750 since 18 karats imply 75% gold content .

Gold-filled jewelry should also have markings indicating its karat number. However, such pieces usually have additional letters and numbers stamped that indicate that they are not solid gold.

The most common identifier of gold-filled items is the sign GF after the karat number.


As an example, 1/10 22K GF is a marking which tells you that the item is gold filled and its gold layer is made of 22-karat gold the fraction 1/10 before the karat number means that one tenth of the items weight is gold.

Sometimes, instead of the stamp GF you may see the letters RGP, standing for rolled gold plate. This type of jewelry is made in the same way as gold-filled pieces, but its gold layer is much thinner.

Note: Although a simple karat number stamp such as 14K, without any additional letters, should mean that the piece is solid gold, there may be some vendors that could sell gold-filled jewelry that is not identified as such by the letters GF.

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What Is 14k Gold Worth

The price of gold is never a fixed price, and the cost of gold is constantly changing. Gold is a commodity, and traded on the stock exchange. Jewelers also determine their own price points for how much 14k gold is worth. At the time this article was written, 14k gold was valued on the market at $34.57 per gram and $1,075.17 per ounce. 14k gold is worth purchasing as an investment, and as a piece of jewelry to wear everyday. 14k gold is a great value because it is long lasting, wont fade easily, and the value will only increase overtime. For more information about 14k gold jewelry pricing, please visit The GLD Shops website to browse all the incredible gold pieces offered in 14k gold.

Pros And Cons Of 14k Yellow Gold

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Being the most popular choice, nearly 90% of all wedding rings and engagements rings sold in the United States consist of 14K gold. Why is it so popular? 14K contains 58.5% gold and is the perfect compromise as its still quite durable and will not easily tarnish.

It also has a beautiful yellow gold color that youll have a hard time telling apart from an 18k. Aside from being a premium gold, it is still comparably cheap.

Theres a huge gap in durability between 14k and 18k as the former will usually take much longer to show visible marks of wear and tear. This is why 14k gold is the best choice for anyone looking for the perfect balance in durability, price, and look.

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Is 14k Gold Good Quality

In our article about 24k gold, we specifically discussed the delicacy and softness of 24k golds 100% purity level, and why that isnt the best option for gold jewelry. 14k gold in comparison is a very durable gold material, because of the alloys and materials mixed into the gold. This makes 14k gold jewelry strong, long lasting, and excellent for everyday use. For those with active lifestyles, or those who prefer to wear their gold jewelry during physical activities, 14k gold is a great material option for you to buy. 14K gold is a good quality material to use for jewelry. 14k gold will always have a great affordable price for a high quality piece of long lasting gold jewelry. This is why The GLD Shop loves to implement 14k gold into our jewelry collections. Be sure to check out our latest styles of gold jewelry offered in 14k gold materials.

What Is 14k Gold Fill

We choose to work with 14k gold-filled because it allows us to offer top-of-the-line quality at an affordable price. The thick outer layer of gold makes it highly durable and safe for people with allergies or sensitive skin. We get a lot of questions about gold-filled and what it actually is. So we’ve compiled a list of Q& A below on some topics that we hope you find helpful!

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How Much Does A 14k Diamond Ring Cost

In general, the price of a 14K engagement ring setting can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the type of setting you choose. Solitaire settings in 14K gold tend to be the most affordable, while more ornate settings can be significantly more costly.

Not sure how much you should set aside for a 14K gold engagement ring? 14K gold is the most popular choice of engagement ring metal, largely due to the fact that it offers a similar look and superior durability to 18K gold at a lower price.

Weve explained this in more detail below, with several examples of 14K gold diamond rings to give you a full idea of how much you should spend on a setting.

The price of a diamond ring can vary tremendously based on two factors. The first is the type of metal that you choose for the setting. The second is the size and quality of the diamond you choose to set in the ring.

Weve covered diamond prices in our price article, so lets look at the amount youll spend for the setting.

When looking at the price of 14K gold, its often helpful to compare it to other fine metal types: platinum and 18K gold.

Generally speaking, 14K gold will be less expensive than both of these options, as it contains a lower percentage of gold relative to its other alloy metals. It will also be considerably cheaper than a platinum setting.

What Is 14 Karat Yellow Gold 14 Karat Gold Definition

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14k gold, or 14k yellow gold, is comprised of pure gold blended with other materials and alloys.These other materials, along with the pure gold, could include zinc, copper, nickel, or rhodium. The definition of 14k gold is that its purity of gold will always be 58.3% pure gold mixed with 40% other parts. 14k gold will have 14 parts gold out of the 24 pure gold count, and the other material count is 10 part other metals.14k gold and 14k yellow gold refer to the same thing, and they are not two different definitions. The term 14k yellow gold is used only to differentiate between 14k white gold or 14k rose gold. There are also a few ways to authenticate 14k gold jewlery. 14k gold will be stamped with either 14k or 14kt. Sometimes you may see 585 or 583 stamped on 14k gold jewlery. These numbers indicate the purity gold percentage of 58.3% that is always found in 14k gold.

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