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How Much Solar For A Tiny House

Thinking Of Switching To A How Many Solar Panels Does It Take To Power A House

Tiny House Solar System for High Power Use

Panels bigger than 100W will start to have more similar measurements as basic property photovoltaic panels. Here are simply a few small panel options you can purchase: There are a number of other necessary components that you’ll require to have set up in order to create and utilize electricity from a little panel.

Solar panels don’t produce functional electricity independently, so you can’t just plug in an appliance to a panel to power it. Setting up a practical off-grid solar power system like this indicates working with wires and electrical elements. Unless you have experience dealing with photovoltaics and electrical systems, it may deserve your time to hire a qualified electrician to set your small panels up for energy generation.

The 2nd type of smaller sized photovoltaic panels is the basic classification of solar devices – small solar panels for home. This could consist of anything from portable phone battery chargers to solar-powered speakers, keyboards, backpacks, and more. In general, devices like solar phone chargers are much smaller than a photovoltaic panel, typically portable or even collapsible for easy transport and use.

You’ll Have To Clean Your Solar Panels Regularly

You can’t relax once you’ve set up your solar power system. You’ll also need to maintain it, mostly by keep your solar panels clean.

You know how annoying it is when birds do their business on your car? They’re now going to be doing it on your solar panels. Snow, branches, twigs, and other random bits and pieces will all build up on there too, so you’ll need to make cleaning a regular activity. Are you prepared to wake up to no electricity on a snowy morning and have to head outside to clear it first thing?

The other thing to bear in mind here is the position of your solar panels. If they’re on the ground, cleaning them shouldn’t be too difficult. But if they’re on your roof, you’ll have to climb up onto it. Now imagine doing that when it’s covered in snow and ice

Ben says:

How Many Solar Panels You Need Location And Orientation

Now lets go straight on the factors that will determine how many solar panels it will take to power your tiny home. First on the list is your location and orientation of the solar panels.

Where you are and how your solar panels will be oriented can help you determine the number of solar panels you need. A solar panel will get the most power when the rays of the sun hit its surface perpendicularly. So its important that your solar panels face the correct direction and have the right amount of tilt to ensure they will be able to produce as much energy as it can.

If you install your solar panels correctly, then you may need fewer solar panels than if they face the wrong direction.

The solar production also varies by location. Is your tiny house in a place with lots of sun? Or is it inside the arctic circle that only gets 6 months of light time? Or are you in a place with lots of clouds?

If your tiny house is in Yuma, Arizona, then youre in a good place to use solar panels. Arizona, apparently, is among the places in the United States with the most sun. Interesting fact: Arizona gets 4300 sunny hours a year.

States like Nevada, California, Colorado, Florida, and New Mexico also get a healthy dose of sunlight every day. While states like Alaska, Connecticut, West Virginia, and Michigan are among the cloudiest states in the US.

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Generators For Tiny Houses:

There are many different types of generators you can buy to power a tiny house. Tiny house generators are the same generators that you might use to power your RV.

These generators can be fueled with electricity, gasoline, diesel fuel, and even propane. The most popular of these generators is the diesel fuel generator. That typically comes with the highest electricity ratings, and the cost of fueling this type of system is usually more reasonable than using the other types of fuels.

Also, electric generators tend to have small storage capacities and are better suited for emergencies than everyday use. Another reason for this is that youd end up having to drive your tiny house somewhere to charge up your electric generator.

With the other generators, you need to bring some fuel to your tiny home to power up your generator.

Find out how much fuel a generator uses on our post titled, How Much Fuel Does an RV Generator Use.

Mounting Solar Panels On A Tiny House Roof

Tiny House, Tiny Electric Bill: Why You Need Solar Panels ...

Many people want solar panels on the roof of their tiny house, but I opted for a ground mounted solar array, which I highly recommend. Tiny house roofs only have around 200 square feet of space and since most roofs are pitched, you can really only mount panels on one side. This means you only have around 100 square feet of space for panels.

What I did was mount my solar panels on stands on the ground. After considering all the options: roof mounted, pole mounted, solar trackers, and fixed ground mount, Im really happy with my decision.

The benefits of a ground mounted array are huge: being able to easily clean my panels, clear off snow that covers my panels after a snow fall, keeping the panels cooler and being able to shade my house while placing the panels in an open field.

The biggest benefit of ground mounting my panels is that I could have a way bigger solar panel array. This meant instead of 600 watts on the roof of my tiny house, I could put 4,000 watts on the ground in the field right next to my tiny house.

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Inverters Can Be Noisy

The fourth reason to reconsider building a solar-powered tiny house is that inverters can be quite noisy because of their cooling fans. They’re also quite big. If you work from home like me, or if you’re particularly sensitive to noise, this might become irritating.

That said, there are ways around this. Chris and Malissa Tack for example mounted their inverter in the front box of their house, on the hitch. If you want to build a solar-powered tiny house, you’ll need to think carefully about where to put your inverter. This could affect the rest of your design and limit you in other ways.

Photo courtesy of Chris Tack

Ben says:

How To Build A Solar Power System For Your Tiny House

Before anything I needed to determine the best placement for the solar panels to make sure it had good solar exposure and didnt fall into shadows too much. To do this I used a tool called a solar path finder which is a semi reflective dome that you position at the location, then snap a photo.

The photo is then loaded into a program and spits out a whole bunch of calculations.

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Solar Panels Installation Costs Varies By Provider But It’s Generally Around The Same Cost Here Is The General Cost You Can Expect For Going Solar

Almost half of American homeowners say theyve considered installing solar panels. Its an excellent option for tiny house homeowners.

You might be looking to get off the grid or reduce your carbon footprint even more. Solar panels can help you do it. One question you and many homeowners have is about solar panels installation costs.

How much is going greener going to run you?

This guide will give you a good idea of what it will cost.

How Much Power Do I Need

Tiny House Power Usage (Finding How Many Solar Panels You Need)

Residential homes use 900 5000kWh a month . To generate this much power with solar / wind and to store it, you will need a lot of space and a large budget. It is unrealistic to generate that much power with portable power or when space is at a premium. Instead, power conservation and realistic expectations should drop your power needs by prioritizing what equipment and appliances are essential.

Something we rarely do when we are on the grid, but must be much more aware of when off-grid, is adding up the power usage from all sources.

Typical equipment and power that you may want to run are: *

*Note: the numbers above are average estimates only. For more exact numbers, look at the Amp / Wh rating on your appliances. Use DC appliances wherever possible as you lose power when you run it thru an inverter. Some items can be replaced by hand-crank appliances .

**Some, less expensive or older, inverters are highly inefficient and may double the power consumption for AC appliances. Check the specs.

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Building My Battery And Inverter Cabinet

Next, I built a cabinet to house all the gear. I wanted a stand alone space because the batteries are so heavy. At 118 pounds each, plus cabling and other equipment, the whole unit is over 1,100 lbs. The top and bottom sections are divided so that the gasses from the batteries dont go up into the electrical section for a very important reason.

Looking at the cabinet, on the sides of it, you can see the vents. When you use lead acid batteries you have some off gassing as the batteries discharge and recharge. These gasses are volatile and can ignite, possibly leading to an explosion. To take care of this I installed two vents like this which provide adequate venting.

Is Solar Practical For Tiny Houses

In general, I think for tiny houses in one spot, solar is very realistic. Even if you dont start out on solar, the cost savings of living in a tiny house can let you save up for the install pretty quickly. When I rented an apartment, I was paying $1500 a month, compared to my tiny house that costs me about $15 a month . Living in a tiny house allowed me to save a ton of money while having a comfortable home.

So thats the surface level details of the system, Im going to be doing something in the future which will be a how to size, choose parts, hook up and all the other details of doing solar for your tiny house.

Your Turn!

  • Do you want to do solar for your tiny house?

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How Net Metering Works

Let us assume that you are gone in a vacation with your family. The solar system still generates energy when youre gone but since you are not using it, its being automatically sent back to the grid and you get credits for it. As a result, your electricity bill will decrease according to how many credits you have.

Knowing the answers to the above questions will give you a good understanding of the number of panels needed to achieve your daily energy production goals and will allow to calculate in a realistic range solar panels needed for your home.

Temporary Power Connections 50 Amp Plug

The Big Rise Of The Tiny House

This is my preferred method and how I power my tiny house. I use a 50-amp plug from an RV supply store for about $30, plus an extension cord that I assembled myself by purchasing the ends and wire. The wire for a 50-amp drop cord is pretty pricey $3 a foot if pre-made or $1.50 per foot if you do it yourself.

Essentially, this is just a giant outlet that pumps a lot of power through it. Ive found with my local code enforcement that if I use this approach, it being temporary is a critical factor in being legal.

If my tiny house was hard wired, that would open up a huge can of worms legally speaking. Being that it is temporary by nature of the plug, building inspectors instantly lost interest, which is exactly what I wanted.The other benefit of this approach is that you can roll into almost any RV park and plug in, which makes this a win-win in my book.

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How To Calculate Your Tiny House’s Solar Power Requirements

Ultimately it all boils down to your power consumption. Not every tiny home is going to be consuming the same amount of energy. A tiny house with a propane stove and heater running a few lights and a ceiling fan will have lower energy requirements than a home that has power-hungry appliances like an electric stove and refrigerator.

An online solar power calculator can help you convert your current electricity load into a solar power system, giving you a rough idea of how many solar panels you need based on the capacity or wattage of one solar panel your required kWH for the month.

What Is The Cost Of A Set Of Solar Panels

In the past few years, the upfront costs of solar panels have fallen by up to 30%. This is all thanks to new technology, more competition and a rise in environmental interest.

Again, prices will vary from company to company, including the amount of energy each panel can provide. As a general estimate, a six-panel 2100KW is around £6000 which includes the inverter and a battery-powered system.

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You Might Not Get Enough Sunlight

Depending on where you live and the exact position of your tiny house, you may not be able to get enough sunlight. Even if you can get enough during the summer, you might not be able to get enough during the winter.

This has two main implications. Firstly, it’ll determine where you park your tiny house. You’ll need to choose land or a parking spot that gets a lot of sunlight. Then you’ll need to locate and choose the best spot on that piece of land. This might mean missing out on nice views, being further away from any amenities, and not being able to hide your tiny house from view.

The other implication is that you might need a second energy source, for when there’s not enough sunlight. This will complicate your design and build.

Ben says:

if you’re choosing the minimalism of living in a tiny house, I’d like to think that your energy requirements will also be scaled-down proportionally as well. What’s the point of living small if you’re burning electrons like a McMansion? That means that your PV array will likely be smaller than a typical trophy home: It might fit on your roof, or it might fit on a fold down awning, or on a pack-up rack out in the yard. Think about it this waypeople use PV panels on RVs, and on sail boatswhy not on a tiny house?

The Benefits Of Solar Panels For Tiny Houses

Living Off Grid: How We Set Up Our Tiny House Solar System

Many people move into tiny houses in an effort to minimize energy usage. The tiny house movement has moved many, per se, to live a more sustainable and conservationist living, putting the environment first before anything else.

Compared to traditional houses, tiny houses are much smaller. Yet, that doesnt necessarily mean they dont need energy. In fact, tiny houses need energy as much as conventional homes. They need power for heating, cooling, lighting, and other appliances.

Tiny house dwellers choose solar panels because they generate clean and free electricity. This way, they cut their energy bills further and save money.

Theres a lot of benefits you will reap from having solar panels on your tiny house. As mentioned already, you can save money on electricity bills. Plus, you can also help protect the environment and take control of your own electricity generation.

If you have a solar panel system, it will help increase the value of your home if you decide to put it on sale in the future. You see, prospective buyers admire free and renewable energy.

Moreover, tiny houses are mobile, meaning youll likely move from various places over time. So if you have a tiny house on wheels, then a solar panel system is the way to go!

And because you have your very own electricity, you will not have to rely on power sources wherever you end up placing your tiny home for a bit of time. Instead, you can have a continuous source of energy no matter where you are.

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What I Love About The Yeti Solar Generator:

Its an all-in-one system. The inverter, batteries and charge controller are combined to create a solar generator.*Note: the Yeti generator cannot generate power without solar panels.

Its extremely portable. Its on wheels! We store it in the cab of our truck when we are on the road.

I can recharge it from a regular outlet if there is no sun.

It weighs only 103 lbs. That may sound like a lot, but lead-acid batteries are heavy.

Its affordable. $1599 for the Yeit Solar Generator. Thats cheap for solar!

It powers almost everything in my Tiny House RV. The Yeti can keep my computers, phones, and cameras charged, as well as my LED lights and water pump powered forever, as long as I have sunshine. Its a small system only 1250 watt hrs, so I cannot use my hair dryer nor my space heater. I use alternative appliances to lower my electrical need: propane water heater, propane stove top, propane refrigerator, and a wood stove heater.

Tiny House Electrical Materials List

There are a lot of elements that go into wiring a tiny house. Choosing the right components and connecting them correctly is key to a safe install. The NEC dictates many if not all of these considerations, so make sure you follow those guidelines.

Here are some of the key elements and my recommendations for them:

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