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Does Solar Work When The Power Goes Out

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What happens to solar when the power goes out?

If you are interested in learning if your home is solar-eligible, we can help you. Solar Energy World offers a variety of Best-in-class solar energy storage brands including Tesla, Enphase and SolarEdge with solar panel installation so you never have to worry about power outages again.

How much does it cost to add battery storage to a solar system? Our solar battery storage system pricing varies depending upon how much power you would like available to you when the grid goes down, the type of solar panel brand you purchase or lease, the size of your solar system and several other factors. When you schedule a free solar evaluation with us, it includes a detailed cost benefit analysis so you can decide if adding storage to your installation would make economic sense for you.

Should you wait to go solar if you are not ready to get our solar battery backup?

There really is no good reason to wait. You can start saving money right now, without battery backup. Solar Energy World has thousands of customers without solar battery back-up and they still save 20-100% on their electricity.

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Can Solar And Batteries Outlast An Extended Power Outage

It depends, experts say. Just expect to make a few sacrifices.

Staff writer Greentech Media

Solar and storage companies may see a rush of business after PG& E’s power outages.

Even by the standards of the generally well-informed clean-energy customers in California’s Bay Area, Todd Karin is a savvy one.

Karin works as a postdoctoral researcher in the energy storage and distributed resources division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Last year, he chose to add solar and storage to his home, first buying an array of Panasonic panels and then adding a Tesla Powerwall a few months later.

Karin said the decision to go solar was an environmental and economic one, but the energy storage he had installed was in preparation for an uptick in power outages. He lives in a part of rural Solano County situated between San Francisco and the Central Valley. Though power outages roiled the Bay Area last week with Pacific Gas & Electric reporting a peak of 738,000 impacted customers Karin and many of his neighbors were prepared.

Almost all of our neighbors have generators. You can hear it when you go outside, Karin said. One of our neighbors got a generator from a hospital that they were throwing away. They could light up the whole town if PG& E would let them.

Solar And Power Outages


What happens during a power outage? Does having solar panels prevent power outages?

During major power outages or shortly afterwards, Solar Energy Worlds phones ring more than usual. Homeowners want to know if they will be immune from power outages if they go solar. The answer depends upon what type of solar system they decide to purchase or lease and whether or not they have a solar battery storage unit as well as solar panels.

If you have solar panels installed on your roof or property they will continue to generate electricity during power outages, as they do every day because the panels still absorb sunlight and solar energy. However, if your system is grid-tied, and you do not have a solar battery, you will not be able to use that energy to run your home during a power outage because you solar system will automatically shut off for safety reasons.

However, if you also have a battery backup system, you wont have to worry about that.

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Future Costs Of Batteries

The cost of lithium ion batteries has been dropping dramatically, just like it has with solar equipment. This means that if have a battery system, the inevitable replacement cost in 5 to 15 years should be substantially lower than the cost that you pay now.

Just keep in mind that the current 30% federal tax credit will be dropping in 2020, and drop to zero in 2022, unless Congress renews the credit again. This means that you might not have the benefit of incentives that are available now.

Power Through Blackouts With A Solar Battery

How does Solar Energy get Stored?

Power through blackouts with a clean, reliable solar battery like Brightbox and take control of your energy storage. By diverting the excess solar energy your panels create to your battery and backup panel, you can power essential appliances and the most important rooms in your home.

While a generator sometimes offers a temporary solution in the face of a blackout, it runs on dirty fossil fuels, can be disruptive and at worst dangerous.4 Brightbox makes energy independence safe, simple and hassle-free. You also have the freedom to choose what and how much you want to backup in case of an outage.

Brightbox is more than just solar battery storageits a holistic service that puts the power in your hands. Our Solar Guarantee comes with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance so you wont be left in the dark.

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The Joy Of Battery Backup Systems

A battery backup system, when used with your solar panels, it is not at all dependent on PG& E. The power from your panels is stored in the battery system connected to your home. For that reason, your lights stay on during a blackout. These solar energy systems will even generate electricity during a blackout, and you can store the excess energy that your panels produce in three ways:

  • to avoid peak rates,
  • for emergency use, or
  • to go completely off the grid.

Your home doesnt have to be completely off-grid to benefit from a battery backup system. Hybrid systems are connected to PG& Es grid, but they also have battery storage options. A hybrid system will give you power during a blackout because it can run off of the battery-stored energy. If your system is properly managed, youll keep your power on in case of a blackout.

Do I Need A Generator With My Solar Panels

When it comes to having rooftop solar panels, its not uncommon for people to assume that theyll have electricity to power their home during a blackout. And at first blush, this makes sense. Solar panels make electricity. You have solar panels. Ergo, you should have electricity. Unfortunately, that isnt quite the way it works. But that doesnt mean that it isnt possible!

There are, of course, a variety of ways to maintain your lights-on status when the rest of the neighborhood is in the dark:

  • A generator

But first

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Advantages Of Using A Battery

Also referred to as a hybrid solar system, the battery-backed solar panel system features some unique benefits such as

Economical than the off-grid solar panel system

Compared to the off-grid system, the hybrid solar panel system is highly affordable when installing and maintenance. When using this system, you will not require a backup generator, and you can also reduce the size of your battery.

It is much promising.

Even though not most homes are equipped with a hybrid system, it features a lot of potentials. It is by far one of the best transition systems to smart grids of the future.

Does Solar Work During A Blackout

Does my solar power work if the power goes out?

One of the questions people ask us when installing grid connected solar power systems is: Do they keep my power on during a blackout?

Alas, no. When the grid goes down, a grid connected solar array goes down. This is because the grid connected inverter which converts DC photovoltaic power to AC household current, is designed to trip out during a blackout and not feed power back to the grid .

The problem is after a big storm clears or if there is a problem with the grid causing a blackout for some time the sun could be blazing and your solar power array could be developing hundreds of volts with nowhere to go. Without a battery backup system connected to the inverter to complete the circuit, not a single electron flows into our homes.

With our State and Territory Governments constantly moving the goal posts with Feed-in Tariffs, suggesting extra fees and charges be applied to solar power users and the unkown factor of constant rises in grid power coasts and our ageing sometimes unreliable infrastructure there has to be a better way.

Backup generators are an option, but are not a renewable energy, are expensive on fuel, require servicing and have a large upfront cost that puts many people off. Hybrid Solar PV Systems with UPS or Battery Back-up use bidirectional inverters which can convert DC to AC or AC to DC . If theres a power outage, the system can drop the grid and continue powering the house.

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How Solar Batteries Keep The Power On During A Blackout

Solar batteries store energy generated by your solar panels. Its a liberating technology because even though youre connected to the grid, you can also function kind of like a virtual power plant and keep your lights on even if theres a power outage all around you.

The batteries store the energy, and you can choose to use the power theyve stored up whenever you wish.

In fact, there are three primary uses for a Sonnen Eco battery system:

1. Backup Power for Emergencies

You can store up to 16KW of power in Sonnen Eco battery systems, as youll see in a moment. In their Eco 10 system, the table below lists an example of systems you can power at full power for nearly 5 hours. As you can see, if you reduce your power usage, your most critical systems will last even longer.

For prolonged power outages, once your stored energy is used up, you would then lose power. So probably watching DVDs on your LCD TV isnt a wise move.

2. Using Solar Power Whenever You Want

Did you know you can use solar power at night? Its true!

One of the best reasons to consider getting a Sonnen Eco battery system is to maximize the amount of solar energy you use each day. You can store up the solar energy during day when you dont use as much power at home. And then at night, you can switch on the batteries and use the energy.

But youll save a lot more money using all the power yourself than selling it back.

3. Targeting Your Solar Energy Usage

What to do?

Will Solar Panels Work During A Power Outage

Solar panels, by themselves, will not work in a power outage because they are grid tied. This means your solar system is wired into your electric companys grid, giving you the ability to take advantage of net metering. When the power goes out from your electric company due to a natural disaster, routine maintenance, or due to an overload, your panels will also stop producing energy from the sun. This is for safety reasons when the electric company sends utility workers to fix the lines.

And yes, this means solar panels alone will not work during a power outage.

But wait: theres more to the story. First, lets take a look at why power outages happen and why theyre becoming more common.

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Still In Limited Supply

I had heard about the new 3000TL-US, 4000TL-US, and 5000TL-US inverters late last year, and heard that they would be shipping in the first half of 2013, but it turns out that we got one of the very first to be installed in the U.S. or at least in the Northeast. Demand is very high for these systems.

I suspect that within a few years, most grid-tie inverters will include this emergency-power option. I havent had to test it out yet, but will be ready for that ice storm this coming winter!

Coming Soon: Your Personal Nanogrid

How Solar Works

Sunnova is working on integrating traditional generators and demand-side management alongside its storage-plus-solar system to create a nanogrid that the company will then manage as a service provider.

Because conventional generators use fossil fuels, that solution isnt as clean as solar-and-storage alone, but it could offer higher reliability during extended outages.

Whatever solution customers choose, Berger said most recognize that climate change is worsening the impact of natural disasters, whether or not they live in California.

We see it all around the country and around the world, said Berger. This seems permanent this is not going to go away. Its not a one-time event, or two times. Its not just the wildfires its the hurricanes as well.

There’s no reason to sit in your house and wonder when the utility is going to shut off the power or when the power lines are going to go down. Frankly, thats a bit archaic, he added.

We should, as a society and not just in the United States, but globally be demanding better service. Right now, an increasing number of folks are able to go out there and get that better service.

Now in its fifth year, the Energy Storage Summit will bring together utilities, financiers, regulators, technology innovators, and storage practitioners for two full days of data-intensive presentations, analyst-led panel sessions with industry leaders, and extensive, high-level networking.

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Batteries May Help Cut Your Utility Bills In California

Did you know? During the day when your solar is sending power into the grid, Californias utilities are compensating you for that power at a lower rate than the rate they are charging you for power during the evening. That happens because currently, Californias three main utilities bill you for power using Time-of-Use rates. With TOU rates, the time of day affects how much the utility company charges for power. The highest rates are charged from 4 PM to 9 PM in the evenings.

A grid-tied solar system with batteries is designed to power your home during those peak rates. The batteries are then recharged during the day from your solar system. This enables you to power your home normally during the day, and then power your home with your batteries during expensive peak rate hours. That can help you avoid paying those expensive peak rates.

Solar Power During Power Outages Requires A Special Inverter

Some models of Inverter have extra power outlets that arent connected to the grid. You can draw some power from those power outlets during a blackout if the sun is shining. Keep in mind that because you are drawing all your power directly from the sun that the amount of power you get will vary throughout the day. In general, youll have the most power towards the middle of the day, and less power in the morning and afternoon. The direction your solar system faces will determine when its peak power output occurs.

Be ready for the next blackout with this blackout preparation guide

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Best Practices During Power Outages

Powerwall brings you energy independence and security, so life in your home can carry on uninterrupted during a grid outage. During a power outage, Powerwall discharges its stored energy to provide power to your home. However, if your Powerwall is off-grid for what may become an extended duration, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the following best practices to extend the backup duration of your system during an outage.

Power Outages Are Increasing At An Alarming Rate

Got Solar? What happens when the power goes out?

The United States leads all developed nations in power outages and blackouts,5 affecting millions of people6 in the path of severe storms, wildfires, and heat waves. On the East Coast, high winds at 60 mph winds cut power to more than 1 million customers and toppled 4,000 power lines. On the West Coast, a raging fire in California forced utility companies to shut off electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes.7

Power companies are now preemptively shutting down the utility grid because they anticipate a blackout. For example, news outlets up and down California are reporting that utilities are planning on voluntarily shutting down power. If wildfires, heat waves or customer demand is too much for the grid to handle, utilities want the authority to turn off the power that feeds our homes.8

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So How Can I Keep The Power On

There are several options for keeping the power on, depending on how much you need and where you need it. Make sure your system can be disconnected from the grid before activating back-up power, for the reasons outlined above.

  • Back-up generator. If your needs are modest, a small fuel or oil generator can provide enough power to keep the lights on or other appliances running until power is restored.
  • Dedicated battery. This is a small battery that is hooked up to a single circuit to keep it running, for example your fridge.
  • Back-up battery. This can be a single battery or a bank of batteries that are charged by your solar panels. When the power goes out, they can be set to power potentially your entire house, at least until they run out of charge.

Just remember that while back-up batteries are tempting, power outages in Australia are fairly rare and a good battery can set you back between $5,000 and $20,000.

What if I’m off-grid?

For off-grid systems that aren’t connected to the main power network, you will most likely already have batteries installed as part of your set-up. In case of a power outage on the network, you won’t be affected, and your solar panels and battery back-up will continue to function as normal.

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