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Can I Use Pine Sol On Wood Floors

What Else Can I Use Pine Sol For

How to Clean Hardwood Floors with Pine-Sol

What about the areas of your house with rugs or carpeting? Turns out, you can also use Pine Sol to remove stains and dirt from carpets. Heres how it works:

  • Spray or pour the Pine Sol cleaner on the stained or dirty area of your carpet.
  • Then, rub it into the fibers and pile, lifting the stain. You may need to let it soak in first before scrubbing at the floor.
  • Wipe the area with fresh water until there is no solution left on your carpet.
  • Allow the carpet to dry completely.
  • If you want to clean an entire carpet. You can add some diluted Pine Sol to your carpet cleaning machine for a thorough cleaning and deodorizing.

    Pine Sol Cleaning Mop

    Cleaning mop which Pine-Sol recommends comes with a wide head and cleans more areas in just one push. It saves a hell lot of time as well the energy. A larger area even the congested corners of the room can easily be accessed by this product as it has the ability to swivels 180 degrees.

    Its spray bottle provides full control to its users as they can control the solution quantity on their own. It is non-battery operated spray and you can control how much quantity of the cleaner you want to use one each cleaning spot.

    The solution spray bottle is tightly sealed with a non-slip foam grip to keep it safe from spilling. It gives excellent control while mopping the floors.

    These solution bottles are refillable and can be used over and over again without the fear of cracking or leaking. You can use any solution of your choice to fill it up, but this product works best when used with pine sol all-purpose cleaner. Scratch-free, absorbent, and removable microfiber pad is included in price. It can be used both on the wet as well as on the dry floors. Do not fear of getting scratches on the floor now, use it on bare floors and have a fantastic look.

    Last but not least, this cleaning pad can also be washed over and over again without ruining the quality of the fabric. Prolong the life of your pine sol mop by spending money just once. It saves a lot of your money for sure.

    So How Do We Clean Our Homes Without Worrying About Bringing Toxic Chemicals Near Our Families

    By going back to the basics and using simple, trusted, time-tested ingredients.

    Vinegar is probably as old as civilization itself , and people have been cleaning their homes with water and vinegar for years.

    But when I tried a simple 50/50 solution as a simple homemade floor cleaner, I was left wanting more.

    More grime-fighting power. More streak-free shine. And lets face it, more nice scent .

    In my search for something stronger, I found a recipe which mixes equal parts water, vinegar, and alcohol, with a few drops of dish soap.

    After testing out a small area, I was in love. I finally found something that really cleaned my floors and didnt leave any streaks on my dark colored wood!

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    What Your Mamataught You

    Fill up the sink with hot water & a cap full of your favorite Pine Sol floor cleaner. Add 2 tbsp of vinegar & use to clean any type of floor. I use this method on my hardwood floors to get a clean, smooth & shiny surface!

    Hardwood flooring isnt just beautiful, its also durable. And, with regular cleaning and maintenance your hardwood floors can be easy to care for.

    Read on for simple tips on how to clean, maintain and protect your hardwood floors, and keep them looking their best.

    Hardwood Floors Steps To Clean

    After selecting your favorite scent of Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner, youre ready to begin cleaning your hardwood floors. With regular cleaning and maintenance your hardwood floors can be easy to care for. Follow these steps:

    You can also use Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface Cleaner to clean wood furniture by following three simple steps.

    Hardwood FloorsTools For Cleaning

    Cleaning hardwood floors involves just a few steps. But, before you start cleaning, its important to gather the right cleaning products and tools.

    To give your hardwood floors a thorough deep cleaning, youll need the following:

    • Broom, dust mop or vacuum
    • Conventional mop or a microfiber mop
    • Toothbrush or sponge for tougher stains
    • Bucket
    • Gloves
    • Cleaning products safe for hardwood floors

    You can also use Pine-Sol® Original Squirt N Mop®. Its safe for wood and hard, nonporous surfaces. You can apply it to the floor directly from the bottle.

    Things That Should Never Ever Touch A Hardwood Floor:

    Can You Use Pine Sol On Engineered Wood Floors

    Wet mops: The #1 source of damage to finishes Although people might think that sloshing a soaking wet mop back and forth over their floors is a good idea, this will actually ruin the finish and damage the wood itself. A mop that is used to clean hardwood floors should only be slightly damp.

    Vinegar is good for cleaning many things, but not hardwood floors White vinegar was once a popular product used to clean hardwood floors. And a quick Google search reveals that a lot of people still recommend using it. But vinegar should not be used as a hardwood floor cleaner because its acidity can lead to etching in the woods surface.

    Avoid ammonia Ammonia will discolor, deteriorate, and dull the finish. Using ammonia to clean a wood floor will take years off of its life.

    Steam cleaners are bad news You should only use steam cleaners on carpets and other surfaces that they are designed for. Using a steam cleaner on a hardwood floor can cause peeling, cracking, and cloudiness in the finish.

    Popular cleaning products Most of the cleaning products sold in grocery stores arent friendly to wood. Theyll damage the finish if used over a long period of time. Pair one of these products with a soaking wet mop and youve got a recipe for disaster.

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    Add Sweeping And Mopping To Your Routine

    To begin, Gagliardi suggests sweeping or vacuuming with a hard floor attachment to remove any loose dirt from the hardwood floors. After this step, combine one-fourth cup of Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner with a gallon of water. Mop wood floors with this solution . “Use a conventional mop or you can use a microfiber mop,” she says. To clean and disinfect your floors in one step, you can also try Clorox Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths to trap particles, dirt, and hair.

    Manfredini adds that you should avoid certain substances when cleaning the particular material. “While your grandmother may have used vinegar and water to clean, vinegar is an acid and long-term use will dull the floors,” he says. Instead, use other natural-based solutionslike Bona No Scent Floor Cleaner Liquid . “Just spray, allow to stand for two minutes, and then mop it up,” Manfredini shares. “No rinsing required.”

    Will Swiffer Ruin Hardwood Floors

    Swiffer mops and pads work great for removing dirt and breaking up build-up on floors, whether it’s a mop pad or a WetJet. If your floor is finished properly, they’re perfectly safe for use in cleaning hardwood. If your floor is unfinished, oiled, or waxed, a Swiffer can break down the wood or finish on these types of flooring.

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    Best Wax: Sc Johnson Paste Wax The Original Formula

    Courtesy of Amazon

    Wood floors need to be waxed from time to time. The original SC Johnson Paste Wax is all you need when duty calls. The hard-finish wax blend is a go-to for restoring some of the most worn wood planks. SC Johnson’s multipurpose formula deep-cleans hardwood flooring and leaves behind an ultra-rich, satiny sheen. You can use it on wooden furniture, leather, metal, cork, and vinyl, too.

    Can You Use Pine Sol On Hardwood Floors

    Cleaning Floors : How to Clean Hardwood Floors With Pine-Sol

    Yes, you can use pine sol on hardwood floors. Dirt, grime, and grease on hardwood floors such as laminate can be hard to clean but pine sol is a great tool to tackle it in no time.

    Its an effective cleaner, a disinfectant and a deodorizer that has been around since 1929. Pine Sol is suitable for any type of hardwood floors and below are step by step guides on using it on hardwood floors.

    You are at a great advantage when using pone sol because its a universal cleaner. It doesnt end at using pine sol on hardwood floors, this cleaner can also be used on tile floor, ceramic tile, carpet, cement, granite and linoleum surface. This makes pine sol the winner as a multipurpose cleaner, it cleans almost everything.

    Heres the interesting part, pine sol has a nice scent which gives your home a great fragrance.

    Applying pine sol on hardwood floors isnt just limited to the good looks of your home, but its aroma as well.

    Its available in six nature-inspired scents, orange energy, lemon fresh, lavender clean, wildflower, mountain energy, and sparkling waves.

    Applying pine sol on hardwood floors also helps disinfect the floor, it is important to follow instructions whenever applying it to the floor and dilute with water.

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    Should You Be Using A Solvent That Suits With Your Hardwood Floors

    Of course! You should prefer a solvent that suits your hardwood floor. Try to avoid choosing those cleaners that adversely affect your hardwood floor.

    Some of the top flooring renovation specialists believe that removing wax from hardwood floors might be a challenging deal for everyone.

    You should have a well-defined DIY hardwood floor cleaning work plan during those situations. It will help you quickly clean and remove the dirt and dust from your hardwood floors.

    How To Clean Wood Floors The Right Way

    In most homes, the best wood floor cleaner is plain old soap and water, and the only tools you need are a broom, vacuum, and mop. The best mop for wood floors is a microfiber flat-head or string mop you can easily wring out. You can control the amount of moisture in the mop, and the microfibers pick up dirt and grime better than some traditional mops.

    Mix one tablespoon dish soap and one quart of water in a spray bottle. Going with the grain of the wood, spray a light mist of your cleaning solution onto about a 3×3 area and start mopping. Remember, water and moisture can damage hardwood floors, so you only want just enough cleaner to get the job done. Move across the floor backward as you mop to prevent walking on the wet floor. Theres no need to rinse just let your hardwood floors dry. If they look a little dull, you can use a clean, dry microfiber mop to buff back the shine.

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    Why Do These Ingredients Work So Well

    Even though I knew vinegar and water have been used to clean homes since time immemorial, I still needed to know exactly how and why the ingredients in this all-purpose cleaner work so well to clean surfaces, cut grease and grime, and disinfect areas by keeping bacteria at bay.


    With a very low pH level of 2 and a high acid content, vinegar is a very unpleasant environment for the growth of microorganisms. In fact, a study from 2014 found that acetic acid is an effective mycobactericidal disinfectant that should also be active against most other bacteria however it will not kill dangerous bacteria like staphylococcus.

    Vinegar is also a great degreaser and buildup fighter. It cuts through mildew and soap scum, and can kill mold in the bathroom.

    For household cleaning, you want to use distilled white vinegar that you can pick up at the grocery store. It will look something like this.


    Were using isopropyl alcohol here. In some countries its called surgical spirits or rubbing alcohol, and can be picked up at any pharmacy or chemist. Whatever you call it, its the clear stuff thats used to clean and sterilize minor cuts. 70% alcohol is what I use, but you can also find 91% . It will look something like this.

    Caution: Alcohols fumes can be very strong , so make sure youre using it in a well-ventilated area. Alcohol is also flammable, so keep it far away from any flames or heat sources.

    Essential Oils

    Can You Use Pine Sol To Clean Laminate Floors

    Can You Use Pine Sol On Laminate Wood Floors  Park Art
  • References.
  • Pine Sol Multi-Purpose cleaner is one of the most-effective cleaners for various surfaces including kitchen sinks, cabinets, and countertops. However, did you know that you can also use this product to effectively clean and disinfect your laminate floor surface? In this article, well guide you through how to do this. Weve also reviewed a few alternative cleaning strategies you can use for laminate surfaces if you dont have Pine Sol Cleaner.

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    Is This Homemade Floor Cleaner Safe To Use Around Pets

    The base of the recipe is perfectly fine for use around pets, but some have voiced concern that essential oils may be harmful if ingested by pets, especially cats.

    Although essential oils, when used properly, have been used to treat many ailments in pets and humans alike, you should take precaution when using them around your furry friends, especially if they have compromised immune systems or other health issues.

    For a great, comprehensive guide, written and verified by a veterinarian, check out this post: Essential Oils for Dogs: A Beginners Guide

    As always, please do your own research and consult with your pets veterinarian or a licensed aromatherapist, if you have any concerns.

    Approved Cleaning Products For Hardwood Floors

    When it comes to long-term care and maintenance, make sure your clients are aware of what they should and shouldnt use on their floors. You should include information about approved cleaning products and processes in the floor care guides that you hand out to your clients. to read our guide to floor care guides.

    To further encourage good cleaning practices, you might even consider giving out floor care kits to your clients.

    As a contractor, its up to you to lead by example. A few good products to use during and after a hardwood floor installation or refinishing include:

    Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner For long-term maintenance, you should advise your clients to invest in a product like Bonas Hardwood Floor Cleaning Spray. This product is designed for use on hardwood floors, so its wood and finish-friendly.

    Basic Coatings IFT This intensive floor treatment is designed to remove the toughest of dirt and grit from hardwood floors. It also removes scuff marks, waxes, oils, and polishes. Using IFT is the first step of the Tykote Dustless Refinishing System process.

    Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean This product is designed to clean hardwood floors without damaging the finish. Its a commercial-grade cleaner thats safe to use on all wood and laminate floors. This product is the second step in the TyKote Dustless Refinishing System process.

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    Mixing Other Solvents With Pine

    As noted by Prudent Reviews, the manufacturer’s recommendations warn consumers not to mix Pine-Sol with any other household cleaners. Not only is it dangerous, but you’re not maximizing the germ-killing power of the product by mixing it since it already kills 99.9% of germs. Pine-Sol already consists of two agents, propylene glycol and benzoic acid, that are instrumental in eliminating stains and odors while knocking out bacteria and mold. Therefore, if you’re looking to do a deep clean, you can use undiluted Pine-Sol to utilize its full strength. Only do this if the formula doesn’t react harshly with what you’re planning to clean and if the area where you’re working is well ventilated.

    With that in mind, also note that these chemicals interact with other solvents like vinegar and ammonia by emitting fumes. This is why the manufacturers recommend against mixing Pine-Sol with other cleaning solutions because these fumes can be dangerous.

    Final Tips For Maintaining Hardwood Floors

    How to Clean Laminate Floors with Pine-Sol

    In addition to the above advice, Nogales-Hernandez says to make sure you clean up all spills immediately to prevent the wood from warping or becoming discolored. She adds, Ensure you use protecting pads on all the furniture, and dont drag any furniture on the floor, as this can cause serious damage. While youre at it, use rugs in entryways and other high-traffic areas, and consider refinishing your floors every three to five years to keep them protected and beautiful. Next, find out which products will clean your house in less than an hour.

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    How To Remove Stains On Hardwood Floors

    Consider your flooring’s finish before trying to remove a stain from wood floors. If the stain is on the surface, your floor probably has a hard finish, such as urethane. If the finish stain has penetrated through to the wood, the floor probably has a soft oiled finish, common in older homes whose floors have not been refinished and resealed. For floors with a hard finish, wipe surface stains with a soft, clean cloth. Never use sandpaper, steel wool, or harsh chemicals because they can permanently damage the finish.

    The following remedies are for hardwood floors with soft oiled finishes. If needed, end each treatment by staining the wood, then waxing and buffing the spot to match the rest of the floor.

    • Remove dark spots and pet stains: Rub the spot with No. 000 steel wool and floor wax. If the area is still dark, apply bleach or vinegar and allow it to soak into the wood for about an hour. Rinse with a damp cloth.
    • Remove heel marks: Use fine steel wool to rub in floor wax.
    • Remove oil-based stains: Rub the area with a soft cloth and dish detergent to break down the grease. Rinse with clear water. If one application doesn’t work, repeat the procedure. Keep children and pets out of the room until you’re done. Let the spot dry, then smooth the raised grain with fine sandpaper.
    • Remove watermarks or white stains: Rub the spot with No. 000 steel wool and floor wax. If the stain goes deeper, lightly sand the floor and clean with fine steel wool and odorless mineral spirits.

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