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How Much Does A Solid Wood Interior Door Cost

The Great Interior Door Debate Hollow Core Vs Solid Core Interior Doors

How To Install Interior Doors

There are two common interior door types used in residential construction: hollow core and solid core. Each door is constructed differently and has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

When choosing interior doors, it is important to consider which door type will best suit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Weve broken down some differences between hollow core and solid core doors to show you how they stack up in three main categories sound and heat insulation, longevity, and finally, cost.


Hollow core doors are the most commonly used interior door in mid-priced new homes. They are constructed with a thin layer of wood or fiberboard applied over a honeycombed cardboard or plastic core. Hollow core doors have made great strides in quality compared to the early years and are lightweight and easy to move and install.

Sound & Heat Insulation Hollow core doors have minimal sound blocking quality, and the air pockets inside allow more heat to pass through.

Longevity Though these doors are stable and will rarely warp or swell, they are structurally weak and prone to damage. Also, hollow core doors are much harder to modify and repair due to their hollow nature.

Cost Hollow core doors are significantly less expensive and are often used as a cost-saving feature in a new home.



Is It Worth The Cost To Install Solid Core Doors In A House

I am debating if it is worth the cost to install Saddlebrook Solid Core doors in the entire house rather than the standard hollow door. They decrease the amount of sound by 50% and feel heavier. Is it worth it?

  • Cancork Floor Inc.

    6 years ago

    Only your ears and your pocket book can answer this for you. A busy house with a person with sensitive ears will know right away that doors closed = much quieter. A person with very little sensitivity to noise and a thin bank account will not appreciate the drain on expenses.

    Cost to benefit ratio is tough. It is all about “nerves”. To someone with sensitive ears these doors are a god-send. To the next person they are a waste of money. Only you and the people you share the space with can answer this. You know yourself. You know the compaints about noise in the past. You know the people you live with. Only a discussion between yourself and everyone together can decide “value”.

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  • Standard Interior Door Sizes

    Interior doors must have a minimum height of 80 inches, which is standard for most homes. Interior doors may have standard widths of 24, 28, 30, 32, and 36 inches. When creating an accessible home or converting a home for aging in place, the minimum door size is 36 inches.

    Most homes have doors ranging from 30 to 36 inches in width for passage, with closets using smaller doors. Older homes and small spaces like half-bathrooms sometimes also have smaller doors.

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    Bifold Door Installation Cost

    The cost to install a bifold door averages $100 to $300, making the total cost range from $200 to $2,300. Bifold doors are commonly used for closets and other wide areas. They come in many sizes and materials. Lightweight hollow doors are easier and less expensive to install than heavier solid doors. The doors are installed on a track, usually at the top of the doorway, making the installation fairly easy in most cases.

    How Much Clearance Does An Interior Door Need

    SIMPSON 36

    An interior door needs 1/8 of clearance to account for the handle, and a 1/8 gap between the top of the door and the head jamb. The gap between the bottom of the door and the floor depends on the type of flooring. Technical requirements to allow for air circulation may require a 1 clearance to the floor.

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    Additional Considerations And Costs

    • Exotic woods. If you choose to have a door made with or premium-grade wood, the doorâs cost could be 40% more or even higher.
    • Door repair. Sometimes, doors can be repaired rather than replaced. Depending on the door type, your costs for this can be lower. For example, repairing a pocket or barn door can be significantly less expensive. Expect door repair costs to start at $50, increasing according to the door type and material.
    • Value. Doors are integral to every home. Upgrading hollow core doors to solid or to better-quality doors can improve your homeâs value.
    • Paint. If your doors are in otherwise good condition, it is less expensive to paint them rather than install new ones.
    • Hinges. If you purchase a prehung door, it comes with the hinges attached. Slab doors do not, and they require the hinges to be purchased separately.

    Maintenance For Solid Wood Doors

    As with most wood doors and frames, solid wood doors will warp, expand, or shrink with fluctuating temperatures. If you choose solid wood interior doors for your home, keep in mind that these are not the best doors for bathrooms, saunas, or other areas that experience high levels of moisture. Be sure to check your home’s solid wood interior doors regularly for any signs of warping or rotting due to moisture.

    Despite this difficulty with moisture, solid wood interior doors are very stable and can last years. Unlike flimsier door materials, these doors will not crack or chip over time. Solid wood interior doors’ strength will protect them from most dents and dings caused by moving furniture or minor household accidents.

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    Labor Cost To Install An Interior Door

    There are several installation types for interior doors. You can have a prehung door, which includes the door frame and jamb, with or without trim, or you can have a slab door with or without trim. This is just the door, which can be installed in an existing frame or have a separate frame made just for the door. For ease of installation, most people opt for the prehung door, unless the existing frame is in good condition.

    Installation Type
    $360 – $2,800

    Cost To Replace A Door Threshold

    How Much Does Solid Hardwood Furniture Cost?

    The cost to replace a door threshold is around $70 for labor. The cost of an average wooden threshold is around $15. However, thresholds can be made of many different materials. It is possible to install marble, vinyl, or tile thresholds. Each has varying costs, with some stone thresholds costing up to $90 apiece. The threshold width, how it abuts the flooring, and the material you are removing all factor into your final costs.

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    Interior Doors Made For You By Curtis Lumber In Our Own Door Shop

    Curtis Lumber is the place to shop for complete interior door units because we manufacture them in our own door shop to your specifications. Whether you need 1 or 100 doors, Curtis Lumber can manufacture doors quickly, efficiently and deliver them with less handling. You can be assured that your doors will arrive at your home ready to install. There is simply no better supplier of interior doors than Curtis Lumber.

    Cost For Service Door To Garage

    The cost to replace a service door to a garage ranges from $350 to $1,500. Cutting a door opening in the garage wall and rough framing adds $600 to $1,200 depending on if it’s a load-bearing wall. Pros recommended service doors to be fire-rated, but they only need to follow fire-separation requirements of the building code.

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    Hiring A Door Installation Professional

    Installing a door is difficult to do yourself correctly. If you get it wrong, youll have to pay a pro to redo it. Exterior doors need to be well insulated from the weather and provide proper security. Professionals can install a door in hours and ensure it’s properly fitted and level with the floor.

    Before hiring a pro, be sure to:

    • Ask friends, family, and neighbors for references or compare pros on HomeGuide.
    • Get at least 3 price estimates.
    • Verify reviews on HomeGuide and Google.
    • Check the Better Business Bureau for their reputation.
    • Never pay upfront, and avoid paying in cash.

    Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted door installers:

    How Do You Maintain A Wooden Front Door

    How much does a handcrafted solid wood door cost to make ...

    If you have a wood door, apply a quality oil for fiberglass or metal doors, you can apply a light coat of furniture wax after cleaningjust be sure its a very light coat! For the best exterior wood door maintenance, clean it once a week, and for metal and fiberglass doors, clean at least once monthly.

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    The Bottom Line: Opt For Dependability And Strength

    While both options offer an elegant appearance to your spaces with interior doors, hollow core doors deliver a host of advantages that often make them the superior choice. Thats why Home Surplus offers a wide range of high-quality hollow core doors, which give you peace of mind without having to sacrifice style. From 2-panel Roman Arch doors to 6-panel Colonial doors, our helpful staff will assist you in finding the right fit.

    If youre still unsure which interior door cores are right for your home, our experts are here to navigate you through your options. We can even create personalized design options to suit your preferences, whether youre replacing the doors on your kitchen pantry or adding more stability to your bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. When youre ready to take the first step in the process, stop into one of our three locations today or contact us by phone in Keyport , Bellmawr , or North Bergen .

    Cost To Add A Pocket Door

    The installation cost of a pocket door ranges from $100 to $2,500. This makes the total cost range $220 to $3,500. Pocket doors are installed inside the wall of the home. This means installation is easier and less costly when putting one in new construction. If you choose to retrofit or install a pocket door in an existing home, your installation costs are much higher. In addition, the door size, wall width, and door weight influence your final costs.

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    Glass Doors & Other Accents

    Glass doors and interior doors with custom accents cost $170 to $1,300 based on the amount of glass and whether the door is slab or pre-hung. Door glass is typically available in decorative, reed, ripple, or satin styles, with clear and frosted glass being the most common.

    Interior Glass Doors

    $190 $1,200 $390 $1,300

    Interior doors have other design options such as carved wood features, metal details, custom finishes, arched shapes, and various opening styles, such as folding, bypass, sliding, hidden, or wall-mounted. Interior doors are also available in various panel designs for instance:

    • Colonial Colonial doors have recessed panels framed by muntins, rails, and stiles.
    • Plantation Plantation doors have either a full or half door panels of louvers or slats that allow for more ventilation for closets and laundry rooms.
    • Shaker Shaker doors feature square edges around a flat inset panel that are designed with a symmetrical look.

    Cost To Replace An Interior Door Frame

    Shop built – DIY Solid core door

    The labor cost to replace an interior door frame is between $180 and $300, depending on the frame size and material. The cost of a new frame is $40 to $70 for most wood frames. This makes the total average cost $220 to $370 for a replacement door frame. This does not include the cost of installing or replacing the door. Interior door frames can be made of several materials, impacting costs. However, most are made of wood because this is the easiest to install the door within.

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    Costs For Solid Wood Doors

    Solid wood interior doors are approximately 50% more expensive than other interior door materials that are hollow inside.The price of a solid wood interior door depends on the kind of wood used and the style of the doorwhether the door is flush or paneled, for example.

    In general, solid wood interior doors start around $200 to $500 for a basic model. Expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 or more for higher-end woods such as mahogany or walnut. Installation costs usually add between $50 to $300 to your overall price.

    Bathroom Door Replacement Cost

    The cost of a bathroom door replacement is between $290 and $4,000. Bathrooms require privacy, so the doors must be fairly solid and shut securely and lock. Therefore, most bathrooms have either solid wood doors or solid core doors. If you have a small bathroom that cannot accommodate a door swing, a pocket door may be a good option. Pocket doors are also good options for Jack and Jill bathrooms because it eliminates the need to have two door swings. Depending on the door type and installation, this can mean a wide cost range.

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    Hollow Core Door Price

    The cost of a hollow core door is $30 to $300 on average. A hollow core door is a shell or skin made of wood, MDF, or vinyl with nothing inside. These doors are very lightweight, quick-to-install, and inexpensive, but they do not block sound as well as other doors. These doors are most commonly used for closets, but they may also be used for bathrooms and passages. They can be found in many different styles and sizes. Depending on what the door is made from, it can be fairly low maintenance and lightweight.

    Cost To Replace Door Threshold

    How Much Does an Interior Door Cost?

    The average cost to replace a door threshold is $30 to $80 when hiring a professional, and between $5 to $30 when installing it yourself. Prices depend on the type of flooring on each side of the threshold and the material options.

    Thresholds or saddles are available in plastic, wood, and metal. High-rug thresholds are suitable for use when there is a carpet. Pre-hung doors come with thresholds already in place.

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    Cost Of Fitting Internal Doors

    The cost of fitting internal doors is $30 to $400, depending on the existing doorway. If the new door is the same size as the frame, trimming and fitting costs $30 to $70. Otherwise, cutting the wall opening wider and redoing the framing to fit a larger door costs $250 to $400.

    Typically only flush solid-core doors are available for trimming. Trimming doors with inset panels or hollow-core doors damage their structural integrity, and instead, the doorway needs to be widened.

    How To Order A Prehung Door

    Measure the width of the door frames rough opening between the jack studs. Then measure the height from the underside of the door header down to the top of the subfloor. The prehung assembly will be 2 inches narrower and 1 ½ inches shorter than the opening to leave enough room for shims and insulation.

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    What Kind Of Interior Doors Are Solid Core

    Solid core interior doors are a made from a solid material at a reasonable cost. Read on for more information about this smart choice for your homes interior doors. Solid core interior doors are built with a fiberboard inner core and layers of wood veneer. Solid core doors can be finished to resemble solid wood.

    New Door Frame Cost By Material

    How Much Does It Cost To Paint Exterior Doors?

    The door frame is what your door sits in and attaches to. It can be plain and utilitarian or highly decorative, depending on the doorway, size, and shape. Most homes have wooden door frames, but it is possible to have door frames made of steel, iron, and marble. Each of these has its own set of costs, depending on the door size and material.

    Door Frame Material
    $1,200 – $2,000

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    Installing Your New Door

    If you choose to get a prehung door, the installation process is fairly straightforward and quick. The contractor will trim your jamb and door frame to fit the opening. Theyll double-check the rough opening and install temporary cleats to hold the frame in the correct position as they nail it in. Then, theyll lift the frame and door into place before shimming the door to open and hold it. If they need to make fit adjustments to the rough frame, now is the time. Theyll nail the frame into the openings studs before installing the door. Theyll install your trim if needed.

    A blank door installation takes more time and it can be more labor-intensive. The contractor will have to measure and drill spaces for the hinges and other hardware into the frame. Then, they have to check that the alignment is correct before marking and leveling it. Theyll apply temporary cleats to hold the door in place when they attach it to the frame, and then theyll install the hardware.

    Its also important to note that blank doors can add to your cost to install interior doors because youll have to finish them before installing them while prehung doors usually come finished and ready to go. This can increase your labor costs.

    Solid Core Vs Hollow Core Doors Cost

    Hollow-core doors cost $30 to $240 on average, while solid-core doors are slightly more expensive at $60 and $330. Labor costs for both doors range between $100 and $350 per installation. Prices depend on whether the door is made from composite or premium wood.

    Solid Core vs. Hollow Core Doors

    Door alone costs $60 to $330. Door alone costs $30 to $240.
    Complete installation costs $150 to $680. Complete installation costs $120 to $380.
    Ideal for bedroom and bathroom doors, high-trafficked rooms, or areas where privacy is preferred. Suitable for closets, laundry rooms, pantries, or areas with low traffic.
    Stronger, heavier, resists wear and tear. Cheaper, lighter, less durable, and harder to repair.
    Provides better insulation of noise and air, and offers more fire protection. Less protection from either noise or fire. Poor insulator.
    Made from medium-density fiberboard , engineered wood, or foam with a wood veneer. Made from wood or MDF shell which is filled with honeycomb cardboard, pieces of wood, or both.
    Both come in a variety of materials, designs, and qualities.

    Prices for the door alone can vary depending on the quality and type of wood or composite. Solid core doors are not the same as solid wood.

    Hollow vs. Solid Core Door Cost By Wood Type

    Wood Type
    Reframing The Opening $110 to $220

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