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How Does Solo Stove Work

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solo stove yukon how it works

If your patio is enclosed or covered, you should not use it on the patio. You can get fairly close , however if youre using a sleeping bag, I wouldnt be within 4 feet due to risks of coal. Cleaning up and maintenance are easy! After a fire, just dump out the ashes no need to wipe anything down. Simply make certain to save your wood range in a cool, dry place when youre done using it to avoid rust airflow. In general, the Solo Stove Ranger fire pit is a high-quality, minimalist, portable backyard fire pit heat. For us, it deserved the money.

You dont like smelling like a campfire every time you sit around one. You require a portable fire pit thats fairly light-weight to take RVing or tailgating. Youre going to utilize it typically enough to justify the rate . You simply like having a cool ass bonfire in your garden . * If youre looking for a portable range to induce outdoor camping journeys, consider the Solo Range Lite or Solo Stove Campfire instead.

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit Review

Cover When Stored Outdoors

A little moisture on the outside of your fire pit is okay as long as you dry it off with a towel. However, moisture can damage the grate and ashpan inside your fire pit. We recommend using Shelter with your fire pit to keep it safe from the elements.

Are solo stoves safe?

Solo StovesaferdangerousSolo Stove

How do you solo a stove?

How does solo stove work?

Solo StoveWorks

Overview Of The Breeo Line Up

The Breeo brand offers several fire pit models with exclusive features to fit your requirements and budget. The top models include the Double Flame, the X Series, and the Luxeve.

The Breeo fire pits feature high-end stainless steel with innovative design, efficient airflow technology, convenient features, and sustainability. With a Breeo in your backyard or porch, there is nothing you would be worried about!

Is The Solo Stove Bonfire Really Smokeless

Solo Stove is known for their unique bonfire design that maximizes airflow and the burning process for a more complete burn with little to no smoke.

Per their instructions, the key is to keep the stack of logs below the secondary air vents. So as long as you can refrain from overfilling it, then yes, it truly smokeless â or nearly smokeless.

Here is a video that explains how it works, and then weâll go over the pros and cons of this bonfire pit as well answers to some of the questions Iâve received from readers.

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How Does The Bonfire Prevent The Damage

Solo was kind enough to develop a stand that fits like a glove at the bottom of the unit. This inclusion places a barrier between the decks surface and the pans exterior. Remember also that the elevated grates design lends itself to damage prevention.

You could even take the protection a step further by investing in your barrier system. Make sure to choose something heat-resistant and place it under the bonfire.

How To Use The Solo Stove Yukon

Solo Stove Campfire first burn

The Yukon Solo Stove is really easy to use and requires almost no assembly out of the box. Make sure you set the stove on a surface youre not worried about burning or melting. A dirt patch or stone patio is a good surface option. If you do want to put the stove on a deck, the stand is sold separately. Its never a bad idea to add some bricks or other heat resistant surface between the base of your Solo Stove and patio. Avoid putting the stove in tall grass or below hanging trees that may easily catch fire.

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Solo Stove Ranger Compact Fire Pit & Stand Yard & Home

Nevertheless, Kayla and I have found that there is considerably less smoke than a routine camp fire and this helps a lot with the campfire odor. All Solo Stove products are made out of 304 stainless-steel. That stainless-steel building and construction makes it quite darn resilient. Nevertheless, unlike other fire pits on the market, its not made from cast iron and thus isnt as heavy or as durable. So its better to be a bit gentler with it rather than tossing logs in willy-nilly. However, if you do somehow break it, youre covered by a Not ten years.

Youll have this thing till the day you die! .) Our preferred feature of the Ranger! Thanks to its light weight and the long lasting bring case it features, you can quickly bring your Bonfire in your Recreational Vehicle outdoor camping, or to any tailgating events!Kayla and I personally like sitting at a campground, getting comments from passer-bys on how cool our Solo Range is and asking where they can get one!No item is best ! It was tough for us to come up with cons to the Solo Range Bonfire.

You Have To Wait For The Fire To Go Out Naturally

Solo Stoves are designed to burn wood until it turns into fine ash, which is great for clean-up. Unfortunately, its not great if you want to end your fire pit session early. The fire pit doesnt have any vents that can cut off the air flow and extinguish the fire before the wood is fully combusted. You cant pour water over the Solo Stove, either, because the water will clog the system when it combines with the fine ash. This means you need to wait for the fire to go out naturally.

Solo Stove does sell a shield that keeps sparks and embers inside, which is handy if you have to temporarily walk away while its burning.

Solo Stove also sells a lid, but recommends waiting to cap it until the fire has burned down and there are no flames present.

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Do Solo Stoves Keep You Warm

If youre purchasing a fire to make those long evenings outdoors a cozier experience, this is probably going to be your first question

How warm will a Solo Stove keep you?

How close do you have to sit to the fire?

How many people can you comfortably fit around it?

You dont want guests shivering in the dark!

The answer will unfortunately vary depending on which of their products you buy Solo Stove offers a range of grills, camping stoves, and fire pits, and the heat output will vary according to size and design.

Most of Solo Stoves grills and camping stoves wont really output much heat into the surrounding area they are designed for cooking with, and so need to trap the majority of their heat inside, keeping pans and grills hot. The Solo Stove camping stoves are also built for maximum portability, so they arent really big enough to warm you.

However, Solo Stove has three different options when it comes to fire pits, and all of these will bring you warmth as well as ambience. They are bigger and less portable than the grills and stoves, but perfect for setting up by a holiday cabin or in your backyard.

Are Smokeless Fire Pits Safer

Solo Stove Campfire Explained

A no-smoke fire pit means youll inhale less smoke while enjoying your time outside. Less inhaled smoke is better for everyone, especially people who have lung conditions like asthma or COPD.

However, smokeless fire pits burn hotter than standard fire pits. The flames also typically stretch much higher. Bigger and hotter flames do create a higher risk of being burned. If you follow the same safety precautions you do around any fire, you can enjoy it safely.

Theyre safer outside than an outdoor electric fire pit!

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Solo Stoves Dont Belong Beneath Low Overhangs

Its easy to underestimate just how much heat rises, or how high flames can get once a fire is really underway. If youre very focused on checking the immediate surroundings for potential problems, you might forget to look up dont.

Always check above your Solo Stove site just as carefully as you would check the vicinity and the base youre setting it on. Think about which way the wind might blow the flames, and how big the fire is going to be. As always, its better to be safe than sorry, so be extra cautious.

Solo Stove recommends leaving up to 20 feet between the stove and any overhanging structure. This includes low branches, awnings, or patio overhangs. The fire will produce a lot of heat, and even if it doesnt actually set fire to the overhang, it could cause a lot of damage to it.

Remember too that an overhanging structure will prevent the stove from ventilating as effectively, and could trap fumes down around the stove. If youre sitting nearby, this is dangerous. Its much better to let the fires output dissipate freely into the sky, without the interference of overhanging structures.

From The Back Deck To The Backwoods

Spending more time outdoors and in nature has been the bright spot of quarantine. We have packed in more hiking and camping in the past six months than in the last six years. A big plus of the Solo Stove Bonfire pit is that it’s portable. A perfect camping companion, it doesnt take up too much space to transport.

Not to get too technical into the magic behind Solo Stoves Signature Airflow Design, but the strategically placed holes in the double-wall structure suck the air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top. This results in a lively flame with intense heat, but with minimal smoke and ash leftover.

Since its designed to keep smoke to a minimum, its great to take on nature adventures, because its not spewing ash and blowing smoke in the wind. When camping, this is especially important, as fire safety in the great outdoors should always be a top priority. Solo Stove is the perfect car camping fire pit as it comes with a black carrying case with a handle for ease of transportation. The snug-fitting case is also great for storage.

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Solo Stove Bonfire Review What We Didnt Like

We really wish there was an easy way to dump the ash after were done, such as a removable ash pan that could slide out. We wanted to dump the ash into a hole before we left, but it was a little difficult to get the ash out of the stove since you have to dump the whole thing.

Another concern we had with the Solo Stove is putting out the fire it burns super fast , so usually its not an issue waiting till its all burned out. But I felt terrible having to dump water into it while it was still super hot. I was nervous it would affect the Solo Stoves stainless steel body, so we did small amounts of water at a time. To their credit, I looked at the stove after and I didnt notice that the crazy temp change left any damage to the stove.

Will The Solo Stove Bonfire Burn Grass

Solo Stove And Pot

Surprisingly to everyone here at Every Mans Cave, this question is asked often. In fact, so often that we wrote an article on what to put under your fire pit to avoid damaging your lawn. That article was written with the traditional fire pit in mind. Similarly, many have asked if the Solo Stove Bonfire will burn the grass or other material directly beneath it.

The answer is, maybe ! This particular stove, or fire pit as many call it, is designed to utilize air-flow very efficiently. This is the key to its great burn and smokeless claims. You can read more about there here.

The inside of a fire pit can and will get very hot which could potentially ignite any dry material it may be resting on. Lucky for you, the Solo Stove Bonfire, along with all of their fire pits, offers an available stand accessory.

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Are Solo Stoves Hot

This question might seem simple, given that Solo Stoves use fire, but its definitely a reasonable question. After all, an open fire and a contained fire can be very different things.

The short answer is yes, Solo Stoves are hot. Metal is a good conductor of heat, so even if you have one of the double-walled Solo Stove products, you can rest assured that plenty of that heat will be coming through to you.

Solo Stoves are also highly efficient, burning wood entirely to ash, which means they can produce a lot more heat than you would expect, even with a relatively small blaze. You dont need a massive fire to get a really good amount of heat production.

The idea behind the double-wall which many Solo Stove products have is that the air is already warm before it is sucked into the fire. This helps to keep the fires temperatures high, ensuring that they burn efficiently and keep smoke levels to a minimum and produce a lot of heat!

Solo Stove Bonfire Backyard Bundle

For those who need a more medium-sized fire pit for their backyard, the Bonfire is the perfect fit. Now you can even save close to $300 when you get it with all the bells and whistles, including the stand, shield to help with stray embers and shelter to protect it from the elements. This bundle is also available on sale for the Ranger and Yukon.

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Where Can You Use The Solo Stove Bonfire

Its one-piece stainless steel construction makes the Solo Stove Bonfire easily portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

This wood-burning fire pit is ideal for:* any home setting: patio, driveway, or backyard* a trip: camping, picnic by the river or the beach

When using away from home always check with local regulations about the use of fire pits that burn wood and take all the safety precautions that are advised.

Design: Looks Good Burns Better

Solo Stove Bonfire Review – Watch Before Buying!!

The Solo Stove Bonfire is a 19.5 inch-wide wood-burning fire pit made of highly durable, premium-grade stainless steel. The steel drum has a minimal design and polished finish that didnt take away from the old-school campfire aesthetic we were looking forand it looked just as good when it wasnt burning.

The pit itself is designed for the most efficient fire youve ever experienced. Its a double-wall wood-burning firepit. The flames build from two spots. It has a base that allows oxygen to directly fuel the embers from the bottom and vent holes near the top of the canister that allow heated oxygen to fuel existing flames.

There is an ash pan at the bottom that catches loose ash and keeps the pit from burning the ground its on. Even if youre as familiar with outdoor campfires as we are, using this fire pit will totally surprise you. The fire in our Solo Stove was higher and hotter than any fire weve ever built with hardly any effort. It was easy to ignite and we really could not believe how long the fire lasted.

One of the Solo Stoves best features is that it claims to produce less smoke than your average fire. We felt we like we could sit closer to the fire without smoke in our face and also pitch our tents/park our car closer to the fire without having to worry about excess smoke drafting in.

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What Fuel Do You Use In A Smokeless Fire Pit

Most smokeless fire pits burn firewood. You can find outdoor stoves that burn everything from charcoal briquettes to sawdust bricks, but theyre designed for their specific fuel type and probably arent smokeless.

If youre supposed to burn sawdust, wood pellets, or other materials, the manufacturer will note it on the packaging. Burning other fuel sources in a smokeless pit designed for firewood could create a large amount of smoke.

How To Make A Solo Stove

The truth is, there are plenty of locations to discover the solo range for sale below is an approximately date list of places we’ve found. The Yukon Solo Stove is actually simple to utilize and needs nearly no assembly out of the box. Make certain you set the range on a surface area you’re not worried about burning or melting.

If you do want to put the stove on a deck, the stand is offered separately. solo stove bonfire amazon. It’s never a bad concept to add some bricks or other heat resistant surface area between the base of your Solo Range and patio area. Prevent putting the range in high grass or listed below hanging trees that may easily ignite.

Start with little kindling and think about utilizing a fire starter, newspaper or something else that will capture quickly. When the kindling starts to burn, add a couple of larger pieces on top, developing gradually to full-sized logs. In the beginning, your fire may be a bit smoky as the logs begin to catch and the stove warms up.

Due to its plus size, the Yukon Solo Stove takes about 20 minutes and a great deal of wood to get going. You can anticipate to put 8 to 10 logs in when getting the fire going. Take care as the whole Solo Range gets really hot while in use. Allow the fire to stress out on its own and cool totally prior to handling.

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Backyard Mvp: Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit Review

Were spending more time than ever at home, which is why investing in your house and its outdoor space has become a top priority. Cold weather means spending more time forced indoors, so with winter approaching, I have been looking for multiple ways to prolong the life of our back patio into the colder months.

I knew I wanted to invest in either a gas patio heater or a fire pit. Quickly, I decided on a fire pit for the cost, ease of use, and mainly, because fire pits are a magnet for gatherings and late-night conversations over smores and drinks. After reading multiple reviews and talking to friends and family, I ultimately decided to try the Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit.

Editor’s Note: We love this fire pit so much that we want to give you one for free! Enter for your chance to win through December 7 at the bottom of this article.

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