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Are Solar Panels Worth It In Ohio

How Solar Power In Ohio Could Be A Financial Boom

I’ve had Solar for 10 Years… Was it Worth it?

Ohio, like many Northeastern and Midwestern states, was built largely on manufacturing. The state relied on heavy industry and manufacturing jobs to fuel its prosperous cities and towns, but many of those jobs have evaporated over the past half-century. In solar, however, Ohio may have an opportunity to jump-start its sputtering economy and reinvigorate the cities and towns that have struggled to find their way after the decline of manufacturing.

More than 6,500 people are already employed in solar-related jobs in Ohio, and with additional investments and a greater commitment from the state, the solar industry could become a driving force in the Buckeye State for years to come.

Do I Need To Buy A Solar Battery If I Install Solar Energy Panels On My House

In short, no.

In most areas, it is not necessary to buy a solar battery when you install solar panels on your roof. This is because most utilities offer some form of net metering, which effectively allows homeowners to sell the excess energy their solar panels produce to the power company, instead of physically storing it in a battery.

Even though battery storage is getting cheaper, it still has a relatively long payback period. For example, the Tesla Powerwall only costs around $12,000, including installation, but it will still take almost 10 years for it to pay for itself.

Another important factor when deciding are solar panels worth it is how high your electricity rates are and whether or not your utility offers retail net metering. Places with high electric rates and full retail net metering are often some of the best places to install solar.

With that said, it may be worth considering installing solar with a battery system if you live in an area that does not offer net metering.

Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

There are not many disadvantages to solar energy that we can come up with.

As mentioned above, this specific form of energy is beneficial in almost every way.

The one thing which we can say can be counted as a disadvantage is that the sun does not shine 24 hours a day.

There are times when the weather turns cloudy, or its rays get heavily blocked, which leads them not to be able to reach the earths surface, and due to that very reason, the solar panels stop producing electricity.

In other words, we can say that a user of these solar panels cannot be dependent on then all the time.

Solar panels being large, they consume a lot of space for their efficiency.

The sun doesnt shine in the night, of course, which leads to the user being forced to purchase a large battery bank to store power for later use.

Coming towards the use of solar panels in cars and other automobiles, solar energy is not that efficient as that of a vehicle using petrol or other fossils as they dont have the same speed and power as a typical fossil or gas-powered car does.

Solar panels are no doubt an excellent invention of the century and have provided many ease.

Still, due to the lack of technology, its very costly and is not affordable by everyone.

To draw to your attention, there is a thousand time more solar power that comes in contact with the earths surface than the amount that is being used by the worlds population.

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Advantages Of Using Solar Energy

As the years move forward, the advancements in technology are considered to be life-changing in many different aspects and have provided ease to human life.

Solar energy, specifically, has made a lot of advancements.

In the present year, its a whole lot easier to buy solar panels and to set them up to get electricity from sunlight.

But come to think of it, how is this energy used and in how many aspects?

In addition to this, is solar energy an excellent alternative to fossil fuel and other resources that harm the planets environment?

If given a short answer, then yes, solar energy is beneficial in many aspects, and yes, its an excellent alternative source of generating electricity.

There are many benefits of using solar energy over fossil fuels, which include environmental, budget, efficiency, and many other aspects.

But let us elaborate it a bit.

Day by day, the use of solar energy is becoming more and more popular.

Solar energy is a lot cheaper than any other form of electricity as its just a one-time installation, unlike other non-renewable forms, which cost a lot.

Solar energy is pollution-free as it involves no burning, which leads to no greenhouse gases to be released into the environment.

It further provides a clean source of power and as the sun is a renewable source which also leads to the fact that its available all the time.

As a matter of fact, these solar panels use batteries to conserve energy in them to use it later i.e. during cloudy days or the night.

Myth #: Solar Panels Dont Pay For Themselves

Big banker thinks âworldâsâ? largest *rooftop bifacial ...

Many people pushing this myth are basing their knowledgefrom where the PV industry was 5 or even 10 years ago. A lot has changed since then. Efficiency ofsolar panels continues to increase, and material cost as well as installationcosts steadily decrease every year.

Solar panels will pay for themselves in ~8 to 16 yearsdepending on what province youre in. Your location will determine the key metrics when trying to assess the cost of solar panels. These factors are what solar power incentivesare available to you, how much you pay for energy/transmission & distribution, and how developed the solar market is .

Solar panels have now reached the point where they will payfor themselves. It is still a medium tolong-term investment, but it makes sense especially if you plan on being in thesame house for the next 15 years.

Key Takeaway: If youre looking to get your money back in 5years, try private equity investment. If you arelooking for a very safe long-term investment which will pay for itself overtime while providing you insurance against a volatile electricity market, thenlook no further.

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Finding The Right Installer

As solar is a fast-growing energy market, there are many companies out there using various sales tactics. This causes many of the prospects to enter a stressful and confusing scenario. YellowLite is a solar installation platform that has been focused only on the design and installation of solar energy systems.

How Much Solar Generation Can You Expect In The Winter

Depending on where you live, your solar generation will probably look a lot different from mine. For example, if you live in the southwest, you will see a lot more sunny days in December and January that I do here in Buffalo.

However, if you live in the northwest, your weather will be probably be grey and rainy for much of the winter – definitely less favorable for solar. You can use a weather service like Accuweather to find out what the historical averages for your city are.

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Why Are Solar Panels Not Worth It

Solar panels are something, with the advancements by the day, with a lot of uses.

Logically speaking, solar panels provide ease in almost every way, but are they worth the cost?

The answer is yes and no.

Why? If we say yes, then thats all because of the fact and advantages mentioned above.

Theyre eco-friendly, eliminate the greenhouse effect and a great alternative to fossil fuel.

But in spite of these advantages, the answer no would be because, for starters, technology is advancing day by day.

With each passing day, there are a lot of advancements in the field of technology, therefore, creating the impression that your solar panels will get old fashioned as compared to those which generate more power and are more efficient.

Furthermore, these panels are to be installed on a vast scale to power an entire house that can be of a very significant cost.

Most houses dont even have a large enough roof for the installation of these plates.

This technology is only available to those who are financially stable and also have good earning per month.

Apart from the individual cost of the solar panels, there comes the federal tax credit of 30%.

So, of course, these solar panels arent available or affordable to the people who have low-income, renting, or the people trying to find a job.

Another reason why I would say that these are not worth the cost and time is the reason that because of these panels, a user comes in debt to twice the price.

Then why sweat?



Review Your Electric Bill

Cost of Solar in Ohio ?

Heres a fundamental rule for solar panels: the higher your electricity bill, the more youll benefit from solar panels.If your electric bill is very high, then youre probably going to save more money with solar panels. If your electricity bill isnt very high, then youre less likely to save money.

Take a look at your electric bill, and try to determine how much money you spend on electricity in one year, five years, and ten years. That should give you a pretty good idea of how much you stand to save with solar panels.

Keep one thing in mind: electricity rates can fluctuate sharply. If there are national changes in energy consumption or electricity prices, then the amount of savings can change.

For example, assume that youre paying 12 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity. If electricity consumption in your area increases , then your bill may increase from 12 cents per kilowatt-hour to 20 cents. That would increase your electricity bill, and you may now find it more worthwhile to install solar panels.

The opposite is also trueif electricity prices dropped in your area, you might find solar panels less worthwhile.

Keep an eye on your local housing market and make an educated guess on what your areas average electricity costs will be over the next several years.

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Solar Electricity Generation On A Sunny Summer Day

Summer here means a lot of sunny days, and because of that the summer months are the best overall for my electricity generation. But itâs also hot, which means that my solar panels run at a lower efficiency. This clearly shows up in the production reported by my Enphase system. Hereâs one peak day in July:

You can see a nice smooth production curve, showing that it was a clear sky all day long. And yet, with a total production of 28 kWh for the day, thatâs noticeably less than the day on May 8 where the system produced 33 kWh, even though this day in July was almost a full hour longer.

Solar Power Savings By Month In East Palestine

A 5kW system will save someone in East Palestine up to $77.53 on an average month. That’s significant given the average Ohio power bill of $112.25 per month. Heres a monthly breakdown:


Data based on 1 zip in East Palestine, OH. Data reliability is rated excellent.

Savings Methodology

We estimate savings with a system that is very efficient at 19% of energy captured with a standard 5% total system loss. System loss comes from both the unavoidable and the avoidable Do note that the system will b e slightly less efficient as it ages, too.

For example, July is the highest-sun month in East Palestine with an average of 5.48 kW per meter per day. An efficient 5 kW system will cover about 25 square meters depending on the roof. So, the following is the savings calculation for July in East Palestine:

5.48 kW/m2 * 25m2 = 136.95 kW/day available

136.95 * 19% efficiency = 26.02 kW/day captured

26.02 kW * 95% system retention = 24.72 kW/day usable

24.72 kW * Ohio average of $0.13 per kW * 30 days = up to $99.62 in savings in an average July.

These assumptions are very good for the average home in East Palestine, but nothing beats the accuracy of getting your own quote.

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Myth #: Solar In Canada Doesnt Work Because There Is Too Much Snow

Its a little surprising that the misconception of solar panels in winteris still mentioned as frequently as it is.

Winter does not hinder the performance of solar panels asmuch as you might think. Yes, if thereis 30cm of snow covering the modules, then they will not produce energy BUT theamount of hours they are covered with snow on an annual basis is minimal.

Most solar irradiance comes in spring/summer/fall monthswhen there is no snow coverage. If mostsun-hours come when there is no snow, then the effects of snow coverage areminimized. To quantify this trend, NAITperfomed an in-depth study of snowcoverage on solar modules in Edmonton, Alberta and Grand Prairie,Alberta. This study determinedthat snow coverage will only reduceannual solar energy output by ~5%.

Please note: snowcoverage losses may be slightly greater than the cited value due to the averageresidential property being more shielded from wind . However, even at 10% lossof energy, solar panels can still generate 100% of your demand quite easily.

Solar energy in Alberta, Saskatchewan, NWT and many other jurisdictions is net-metered which means you can develop a rolling credit in thesummer time, and use up the credit during the winter when the sun is notshining as much.

Key Takeaway:Production on December 21st does not matter as much as how muchenergy you produce from January 1 to December 31. Yes there will be some days when the moduleswont turn on, but our sunny summers make up the difference.

Are Bifacial Solar Panels Worth It Jp Morgan Thinks So

Solar Power, Ohio: How Is Solar Power Doing in Ohio?

Greetings readers, and welcome to your weekly solar news update. This week we are looking at bifacial solar panels. In fact, JP Morgan Chase just completed a 2.8 MW bifacial solar panel roof installation at their Columbus, Ohio location. The solar installation will meet 18% of the locations energy requirements. So are bifacial solar panels worth the investment? Clearly JP Morgan thinks so.

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Are Solar Panels Right For You

Solar panels, usually mounted on your roof, convert the suns energy into usable electricity. Are you considering if solar is right for you and your family?

Theres a lot to think about when determining if solar panels are a good option. Before you make a decision, consider some of the facts and read our helpful guide for homeowners.

Weve also launched a new solar calculator an easy-to-use tool for all AEP Ohio residential customers to provide accurate, rooftop solar information. With info from the calculator you can make fully informed decisions about what options are best for you. Understand your homes solar potential with a personal assessment, and decide if solar is the right decision for your family.

What youll need:

  • To make the best use of the personalization tool, have your usage data from the last 12 months handy, and be ready to answer questions about the physical orientation of your roof.

What to expect:

  • Compare options: View personalized options side-by-side to understand how different scenarios impact your costs in the near-term and long-term.
  • Review personal assessment: Find out your solar savings potential based on your rooftop characteristics, your electricity use, electricity rates and available tax credits.

Control The Rising Energy Costs

Electricity rates are always fluctuating. Over the decade, the solar cost has dropped by almost 70 percent. But the electricity rate has gone up by 5 percent. These rates don’t seem to be going down any time soon. So with solar, you will get the benefit in energy generation. Utilities are adapting to renewable energy. The U.S. government is also looking for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This, literally, is the best time to take the helm in solar.

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Myth #: Solar Capacity Growth Does Not Tell The Full Story

More and more people are writingabout how the solar industry is misleading the public by citing capacity growth trends.

The basis for this is somewhat of a head-scratcher sincegrowth in PV capacity is a very compelling sign of a healthy industryaccelerating to meet the growing demand of the public. But I will humour thenaysayers and outline ‘the whole story’ of solar here.

Solar PV capacity is increasing at ~95%/yr in Alberta . Globally, PV capacity is increasing at around60%/yr. These numbers do not mean thatsolar is already dominating the market, but that it is slowly catching on. The graph below shows the Alberta solar power capacity growth trend of the last decade.

Solar energy represents a tiny, tiny fraction of global energy and even smaller fraction in Canada. Solar energy inAlberta represents about 0.1% of the energy generation profile, with about 90%coming from fossil fuels. The imagebelow shows the breakdown, with solar not even visible.

In Ontario, which has 99%+ of the solar power in Canada,about 1% of theprovinces energy comes from solar. Currently, solar energy plays a minuscule role in the energy generation inCanada and the world.

But this data does not mean that solar power doesnt work,or isnt viable. It simply means thatmore time is required for the solar market in Canada to develop. Provinces such as Albertawould benefit from more solar since the emissions from energy generationare the highest in the country due to coal being the dominant fuel source.

Will My Solar Panels Still Work During Power Outages

Is Home Solar worth it? | Conversations with solar homeowners

Solar energy is powered by solar panels and these solar panels absorb the energy from the sun to create electricity. However, this electrical is converted to AC electricity in order to properly power your house.

Unfortunately, the solar panels do not serve as a backup electricity source if the power to your home goes out. That said, it is possible to invest in solar-powered generators and other solar power products that may help during times of power outages.

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