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Solar Pool Cover With Reel

Additional Solar Pool Cover Information

Hydrotools 52000 (by Swimline) Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Reel Install & Review

A solar cover saves you money and extends your swimming season. By absorbing and trapping the energy of the sun, a solar cover can heat your pools water by up to 15 degrees without using a gas heater or propane pool heater, thus saving you on heating costs by 50%-70%. This is the same on in-ground pools and above ground pools.

A solar cover also holds the suns heat in the water when the nights start to get chillier as the summer season wanes. By keeping the pool water warm, for free, youre extending the fun you can have in the pool for the season. It also works in spring, when the days and nights start to get mild, but arent too warm, the solar cover can kick start the heating process and get you in the pool early.

If having a large solar cover that always needs putting on a taking off the pool isnt your thing, In the Swim has a unique set of items called liquid solar covers. These products retain your pools heat without having a physical solar cover you always have to manage and move. Natural Chemistrys COVERfree liquid solar cover is a popular and very effective item that also decreases water evaporation. Put the Solar Fish liquid cover into your pool, two fish for larger pools, and its fin dispenses Heatsavr that is highly effective at reducing heat loss but not detectable by swimmers. The innovative Solar Sun rings holds insulating air to trap heat and use magnets to connect to each other to cover your pool for easy use.

How Does Pool Solar Cover Reel Works

Installing a solar cover deck is usually attached at one of the in-ground pools ends. This has a long metal pole extended between two T-bars, which is generally equipped with wheels to facilitate mobility.

Its built like this because the cover becomes heavy once its soaked and you fold it up. To some models, pool professionals have to install the deck in your pool permanently.

At one end of the solar cover, youll see a hand crank attached to the reel. Youll use this to spool the cover when its time to open up your pool.

Its a really simple design. However, it makes a significant difference in terms of using your cover swiftly and effortlessly, without causing injury to yourself.

Important: "Always remove a solar pool cover before allowing anybody to swim, especially children and dogs. Partially removing it or folding it back isn't enough. They can get caught under the cover. You have to entirely uncover the pool to avoid the risk of drowning" - Matt Giovanisci, Founder of Swim University®.

Rockys 3a In Ground Pool Solar Reel

If you are still looking for a lifelong option, consider going with the one produced by Rockys Reel. Even though it is the most expensive choice in the market, it is designed to last a lifetime.

Coming up next, we have the most reliable and heavy-duty option that you can possibly buy right now. The Rockys 3A solar cover reel is made specifically for heavy-duty applications and compatible with up to 20 feet pool width. This reel is designed with strong die-cast aluminum which offers better reliability and construction quality than any other option in the market. Still, it is very easy to use and can be moved by a single person.

The Rockys 3A Ground Pool Solar Reel has a positive anchoring system that enables faster and more stable operation. Thus, it becomes a great choice for commercial and public pools. Even though it is light in weight, it is very strong in construction which is of great quality. As for the reliability of the device, Rockys Reel is offering 10 years of warranty, guaranteeing an even longer lifespan.

Best Features

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Do The Type Of Straps Matter

Solar pool cover reels usually come with two types of fasteners that actually connect your pool cover to the reel itself.

These are either embedded straps or hook-and-loop straps:

  • Embedded straps connect directly to the reel by drilling and screwing them in place. Typically, they are much more secure than other kinds of connections because they are embedded directly into the reel by means of grooves in the metal.
  • Hook-and-loop straps use Velcro instead, looping around the reel and eliminating the need for drilling any holes. This makes assembly a breeze but may not hold up with long term use.

So, if you have a large pool with a heavy cover, the hook-and-loops straps may not cut it and you may want to spring for the embedded-style straps.

  • COMPLETE KIT: Includes 8 each of Straps (6ft long…
  • 1 YEAR GUARANTEE: We got tired of straps breaking…
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Works on pool covers from 10ft to…

Hurricane Solar Reel System Features:

Yaheetech 21
  • Blanket rolls on and off in seconds
  • New sturdy nylon straps
  • Extends the life of the solar blanket by protecting it from being dragged over rough surfaces
  • Strong and sturdy with its heavy-duty t-base
  • Pre-drilled easy to install
  • Easy to use by one person!
  • Full-sized winding wheel for easy reeling
  • Quick release bracket clamps
  • Engineered with sealed, high-strength nylon bearings for effortless one-person operation.

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Does It Work With Your Solar Cover Size

Its important to get a reel thats compatible with the size of your solar cover and ultimately the size of your pool.

If you cant find a reel that perfectly matches, its better to err on the side of slightly too wide as opposed to slightly too narrow otherwise youll need to cut down your cover and leave more of your pool water exposed.

Fortunately, you should have no trouble finding reels in various sizes, from small 16ft or 18ft reels all the way up to the longer 24ft or 26ft variants.

These sizes will be clearly stated on the product listing or box, so just double check it matches up with your cover if you already have one.

Some cover reels also allow for adjustable width between a specific range , meaning you can have a custom setting for your pool without having to worry about missing a few inches.

Do Apr Cover Systems Come With The Pool Cover

No, they dont. We wanted our products to allow for as much flexibility and freedom as possible. The Auto Pool Reel and Auto Pool Roller were designed to be compatible with almost any type of swimming pool cover, so that our customers can choose a cover that best suits their needs or use their existing pool cover.

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The Vingli Aluminum Solar Cover Reel

When it comes to rolling and unrolling a solar cover, the VINGLI offers all the characteristics youre searching for. The heavy-duty, rust-resistant aluminum pipe has three parts that you can lock together to avoid drooping while supporting a heavy cover.

Its stainless steel legs and big rubber wheels provide stability. And because of the grooved reel rod, the integrated straps remain intact.

The middle rod is telescopic, allowing it to accommodate pools ranging from 6 feet to 18 feet wide. Once you roll up the cover, the reel secures it in place to prevent it from being accidentally unrolled. The solar cover reel is also a bit taller than some other solar cover reels, making it a little simpler to use. Included in this setup is a cover clip.

Are You Better Off Building Your Own

DIY Pool Cover Reel STAND for Hydrotools 52000 (by Swimline)

If money is tight and youre looking for the cheapest possible option, you might consider going the DIY route instead.

Its very possible to build your own pool cover and reel with a few basic, easy to acquire items, along with a hacksaw and electric drill.

It likely wont be as sturdy or durable as some of the products weve reviewed in this article, but it should last at least one or two seasons if done right, hopefully giving you enough time to save up for a commercial reel.

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Sun2solar Cover Deluxe Reel System

Sun2Solar is one of the most reliable options to appear on our options today. The reel from Sun2Solar is a great option for a long-term option within a budget-friendly price range.

Next up, we are featuring the solar pool cover reel from Sun2Solar. The Sun2Solar Deluxe Reel System features a high-quality reel with durable stainless steel construction which is perfect for installing near a pool. It can easily cover pools within 20 feet width and works perfectly with 800 and 1200 series options. The aluminum tubes on the Sun2Solar Deluxe Reel System measure 3 ¼ inches in diameter, making it a rigid and heavy-duty option.

Along with that, you can also find 2 large tires on the reel right below the crank which makes it possible to move the unit around despite the heavyweight. The effort needed to wind the solar pool cover is minimal with the Sun2Solar Deluxe Reel System as it offers a gear system on the crank. The gear system increases the applied force to offer faster and smoother operation. You will get a 3 years long warranty period on the Sun2Solar Deluxe Reel System.

Best Features

More About Pool Solar Reels

Every swimming pool with a solar blanket is incomplete without one of our pool solar cover reels. Solar cover reels like our inground pool economy solar cover reel are relatively inexpensive and make warming your pool far more convenient by allowing for easy covering and removal of your solar blanket. With the help of our pool solar cover reels, pool owners no longer need to struggle with their pool blanket to keep their pool water warm.

At In The Swim, we offer a wide selection of high quality solar cover reels from Rocky’s, Pool Boy, Horizon and GLI for both above ground and inground swimming pools. For example, we offer both basic solar cover reels and deluxe low profile solar cover reels with all budgets in mind.

There are also cover reels with built in casters that make moving your pool blanket out of the way when there are swimmers in the pool. Many solar cover reels offer the use of one handle for single-person use or dual handles to make rolling up the solar cover easier and faster. Our selection of pool solar cover reels also includes heavy duty commercial grade solar cover reels, solar cover reels with a unique T base design that provides superior stability as well as a powered solar blanket reel that does all the work for you.

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Are There Any Alternatives To Solar Cover Reels

For smaller above-ground pools, there are other options out there that dont require you to mount a reel on the pool deck or purchase a mobile reel.

Probably the best is solar hooks.

These are exactly as they soundseveral PVC hooks that are mounted on the exterior edge of the swimming pool.

Pull the cover off, drop them into the hooks, and this way the cover can be stored and out of the way.

Keeping the cover off the ground reduces the amount of dirt and grass get on the pool and using solar hooks takes just a few minutes to retract the cover.

The folks over at In the Swim make a quality set that includes five hooks and mounting hardware.

Solar Cover Reels Parts & Accessories

Aqua Splash Pro Above Ground Pool Solar Cover Reel System

Want to make taking off and putting on your solar pool cover easier? Solar cover reels are the way to do it. Whether youâre looking for a manual or automatic reel for your above ground or inground pool, has you covered. We offer dozens of solar cover reels giving you the chance to find the perfect fit and style for your pool and solar cover. Choose between cover reels made of stainless steel or aluminum, and select the proper size or length for your pool. Whether you have an inground or above ground pool, we have a reel to make taking your solar cover off and putting it back on easy. We even carry several solar cover reel parts to many any repairs easy to complete. Thereâs also a selection of casters available so you can easily make your pool cover reel mobile.For a detailed guide to finding a solar cover reel, check out our Buyerâs Guide and FAQ dedicated to the topic.

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Maintain Water Temperature For Free

Unlike other types of pool heaters, a solar cover helps to maintain heat in your pool for free. Other than the cost of the solar blanket, there are no associated costs to operate your blanket . Proper use of a solar blanket can retain up to 10 degrees of additional heat in your pool, depending on the amount of sun your pool gets throughout the day, and the duration it is exposed to the sunlight.

Does It Work With Thicker Solar Covers

Mil is the term used to denote the thickness of the plastic of your pool cover. Thicker plastic and higher mil mean better protection for your pool and a more durable cover in the long run.

If you have a very thick solar cover, youre going to need a reel that can accommodate its thickness and extra weight.

This is an important consideration when looking to purchase a solar cover reel. Not all reels will give a mil size accommodation in their specs, so its a good question to ask of manufacturers before you buy.

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Automatic Solar Cover Reels

Automatic solar cover reels turn an otherwise manual reel into an electric-powered, automated reel system.

The hand-crank is replaced with an electric motor that activates rotation in both directions with the press of a button.

These tend to be a little slower than doing it by hand, but its infinitely more satisfying to use.

Charavector Solar Cover Reel Set

Solar cover reel review. Don’t avoid using your solar cover because of the on/off difficulties.

CharaVector is a known brand that specifically deals with home decoration appliances and accessories. It includes furniture, electric fireplaces, and even solar pool cover reels.

We have another premium solar pool cover reel on our list from the house of CharaVector. It is designed for 5 to 18 feet wide in-ground swimming pools. This thick and solid reel cover has stainless steel legs and aluminum tubes that make it rust-proof, durable, and offers long-lasting performance to maintain a clean pool at any time.

Its versatile range and adjustable length will make it fit perfectly in all shapes of pools, irrespective of the pool type. It has an eco-friendly design with large treaded wheels and a hand crank that make it easy to carry for proper usage and easy to fold for storage, in which all these can be done by a single person. The anti-slip feet, threaded knob, and flexible grooved reel tube on the cover reel will enhance the stability of the stand.

The structure of the reel includes 7 sections of aluminum pipes, an essential accessory offering corrosion resistance. Furthermore, you will get a 6-month warranty on this CharaVector store pool cover reel, which is quite short at this price range.

Best Features

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I Lost My Safety Keys / I Need Replacement Part

Were always eager to work alongside our clients to solve problems, supply misplaced parts, or find creative solutions to specific challenges that are unique to their pool or pool environment. Go to our shopping page and scroll all the way down to miscellaneous parts to learn how to replace anything specific. Contact us via phone or email for all other inquiries.

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Solar Pool Cover Reel Systems

Dont wrestle with your solar pool cover!

While the benefits of solar pool covers are numerous, the downside is that the covers can be cumbersome to use. A solar pool cover reel system will help take the dread out of the daunting task of covering and uncovering your pool.

Depending on the model, a solar pool cover reel system is either automaticpush a button, and it does the work for you, or hand-cranked with one handle for a single person to crank or dual handles for two people working together makes rolling up the cover fast and easy. Some models even have remote controls!

The purposes of a solar pool reel system are

  • – To deploy the cover when the pool is not in use
  • – Uncover your pool when ready for use
  • – Provide a place to store your cover for the swimming season

At Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast, we proudly offer some of the best solar cover reels for above ground pools, in-ground pools, and commercial pools available.

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Best Bang For Your Buck Solar Cover Reels For In

Pool solar covers are an excellent investment for your in-ground pool because they add an extra layer of protection to your pool from external elements. The best solar cover reels will have many additional features that make them easier to use and store. But if youre not sure which type is best for you, then heres what we recommend for you.

How Do You Use A Solar Cover Reel

Inground Commercial Solar Cover Reel System, 14

The device sits on the deck at one end of your inground pool. It consists of a long, metal pole extended between two T-bars, one of which usually has wheels to make it easy to move around. This is nice because once that wet cover is rolled up, it can be a little heavy. Some models can be permanently installed on the pool deck.

Suspended from the long middle bar are several heavy-duty straps with clips on the end. Those clips are attached to the edge of the cover to allow the cover to be rolled onto the reel.

On one end of the solar cover reel is a hand crank or a wheel. This is what youll turn to spool the cover onto the metal rod.

Its a simple design, really. But it makes such a difference in being able to maneuver your cover quickly, easily, and without throwing your back out or inventing new curse words.

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