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Lorde Solar Power Tour Merch

Lorde Drops Her Third Studio Album


Solar Power was released earlier today, much to the delight of Lorde fans. The album contains 12 songs in total, including hits such as Solar Power, Stoned At The Nail Salon and recent single Mood Ring.

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You can also get more Lorde content than ever before as she just released her enhanced album accompaniment to Solar Power. This includes more behind the scenes audio and video content which explores:

Her own deeply magical adventures in nature, most of which took place in New Zealand all of which directly inspired Solar Power.

Solar Power Merch Is Almost Here

Along with a tracklist for the album, Lorde has shared her new collection of merch, along with an explainer that the range is a little more expensive than in the past for sustainability reasons.

On her online store, Lorde posted: Hey, its me. I know the prices for these garments are a little higher than what youre used to for my merch. I worked with an ethically-minded, environmentally responsible supplier called these pieces are made from 100% recycled US-grown cotton some are even made from reclaimed manufacturing waste. Repurposing waste product uses less energy and water. Your garment is a bit better for the planet than most new stuff, and thats what youre paying extra for. Tight. Thanks for understanding!

Lorde added a notice to her website explaining why her merchandise for this album is a little higher than what fans have been used to.

The Lorde Cult

Prices range from $64.95 for a T-shirt, $79.95 for a long-sleeve T-shirt, to $49.95 for a tote bag.

Where To Buy Lordes Solar Power Merch

You can get your hands on Solar Power merch at Lordes online store here.

Lorde has just dropped 14 new t-shirt designs, two hoodies, two caps, a tote bag, and three different water bottle designs. You can also buy a Stoned At The Nail Salon lighter and ashtray.

The hoodies retail for around $60-$80, and the water bottles cost $42. Lorde has said that these prices are slightly higher than normal for her merch because she partnered with an environmentally responsible supplier and has used 100% recycled cotton.

You can also buy Solar Power vinyl for $36 and the music box for $22, which contains bonus tracks and exclusive content.

This Blue Marble Vinyl of Solar Power by @lorde is stunning! Happy new music Friday

Elliot J Crutchley

Some fans are preparing themselves to spend a lot of money on the new Solar Power merch.

Im about to spend a ridiculous amount of money on lorde merch :/

Halima Jibril

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Customs Charges And Delays

Some countries may require import tax, duties, and customs fees for the imports. These charges, if applicable, are determined and charged by the Customs office of your country. Paying these charges is your responsibility. There might also be delays in delivery times due to customs checks which are out of our control. For more information, please contact your local Customs office.

Lorde Isn’t Selling ‘solar Power’ Cds

Lorde Solar Power Tour T

If you want to listen to Solar Power and you should, its an incredible album youll need to either download it digitally, or purchase a collectible record .

Instead of selling CDs, Lorde is selling Solar Power music boxes. I decided early on in the process of making this album that I also wanted to create an environmentally kind, forward-thinking alternative to the CD, she wrote on her website. Its a plastic-free box, about the size of a CD, that comes with loads of extra visual content, handwritten notes, exclusive photos, and a download card for the album.

My Lorde music box came!! The artwork is just

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Lorde Is Going Global

Lordes Solar Power 2022 world tour is taking her to New Zealand, Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, and across Europe. Its a tour thats great for us and our friends in New Zealand but very sad for fans in countries that wont be experiencing the solar-powered tour IRL.

lorde finally re-appeared and returned from the sun

Bon Boulais

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Lorde: The Solar Power Tour

Lorde and REVERB are partnering on The Solar Power Tour to take environmental action and work toward a better future for people and the planet

Working with REVERB, Lorde is taking steps to make her tour more sustainable and empowering her fans to take action for people and the planet. The Solar Power Tour will be CLIMATE POSITIVE drawing down more greenhouse gas emissions than created .

Richmond Hill Ontario Merch

Lorde – Solar Power

Check out this canadian design “Richmond Hill Ontario, Canada”, perfect for yourself or friends who are Canadians and love the symbolism of Canada, the maple leaf!Get it as a surprise or birthday gift or Christmas gift for your best friend, friends, relative, boyfriend or girlfriend who loves Richmond Hill!This can also be a souvenir for tourists or friends who had visited your city, Richmond Hill!

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Richmond Hill Ontario Pride design will be a great gift for every occasion!

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Richmond Hill Ontario Canada retro distressed design will be a great gift dor every city lover!

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Richmond Hill Ontario Canada retro distressed design will be a great gift dor every city lover!

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Richmond Hill Ontario Canada retro distressed design will be a great gift dor every city lover!

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This birthday t-shirt is a perfect gift idea for your friend who is from Richmond Hill in Ontario . The fun birthday T-shirt is an amazing gift for people who love Canada

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Lorde Australian Tour Dates

After visiting New Zealand, Lorde will be heading to Australia for four shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

Pre-sale tickets will be available on Wednesday, June 30 at 12pm local time for people who are signed up to Lordes mailing list. General sale tickets will be available on Monday, July 5 at 12pm local time.

You can see the full tour schedule and find more details on buying tickets to Lordes 2022 Solar Power tour here.

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Lordes ‘solar Power’ Merch Is Made With Sustainable Recycled Cotton

For Solar Power, Lorde wanted ethically-minded and environmentally-conscious merch and was specifically interested in our Trash Collection to offer fans gender-neutral pieces responsibly made from 100 percent recycled cotton, Crespo tells Green Matters exclusively via email.

The music merch industry can be very old fashioned, but not Lorde! Crespo continues. Were thrilled to work with an artist who gets that eco, ethical, enjoyable is the future of merch and be able to bring her ideas to life.

Everybody.Worlds Trash Collection features cotton jersey and fleece clothing made from 100 percent U.S.-grown cotton manufacturing waste . The company reclaims and recycles all those materials into new cotton yarn, and then into fabric, without any synthetic or chemical additives.

The garments are dyed after they are sewn, to help reduce dye waste. Everybody.World makes all Trash Collection pieces in Los Angeles , and they are completely biodegradable, with the exception of the label.

Its an entirely new way to approach sustainability in apparel and the whole process takes place in North America, starting with the farms where the cotton is grown, Crespo adds.

Lordes online merch store features T-shirts , long sleeve shirts , and hoodies as part of the Trash Collection. Additionally, Lorde is selling accessories including bucket hats, reusable water bottles, cloth totes, lighters, and ashtrays, but she has not shared the origin of these items.

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Fans React To New Lorde Album

Lorde fans have been waiting patiently for over four years for new music from their favourite New Zealand singer. However, the wait is now over and they can finally listen to Solar Power on repeat for the foreseeable future.

People have taken to social media to share their love for the new album, as well as addressing the fact that it has had some negative reviews.

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entering a new dimension while listening to lorde’s solar power

Two Solar Power Tour Shirts For Sale

Solar Power Sweatshirt Lorde Merch Solar Power World Tour

Hi all, I bought these last night at the Nashville concert but similarly to her webstore merch, these are a bit oversized. Theyre not quite as oversized as the webstore merch but still bigger than I prefer to wear as Im typically in between small/medium and these shirts are closer to being between a medium/large. They are both marked Medium and are brand new, have never been worn. Theres nothing wrong with them except they just dont fit me well.

The merch line was so horrendous last night so if anyone would like to avoid that, DM me if interested and also Im willing to do international shipping as well.

I also have several Solar Power webstore shirts that are also Mediums Im trying to sell if anyone is looking for merch thats no longer available. And a small Homemade Dynamite shirt lol.

EDIT: The tour shirts have sold!!

Here’s a list of what’s still available, all oversized mediums:

  • Prettier Jesus longsleeve

  • purple SP tracklist longsleeve

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