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Solar Power Companies In California

Momentum Solar: Most Accessible

California to cover canals with solar panels

Momentum Solar intentionally limits its availability to states with robust tax incentives and established net-metering programs. Net-metering programs allow you to sell surplus energy your system generates back to the grid, either for credits on your future energy bills or annual payouts. This allows Momentum Solar to maximize its customers solar savings.

Momentum Solar Snapshot

  • Warranties: 25-year workmanship and equipment warranties
  • Payment options: Full purchase, solar loan, solar lease and PPA
  • Panel type: Monocrystalline

Builds fully custom solar panel systems

Partners with Enphase for solar battery storage

Provides educational resources, such as blog posts and videos

What We Dont Like

Doesnt provide online cost information

Some customer reviews mention messy installation and difficulty in follow-up visits

Eliminate Electric Bills & Maximize Roi On Your Solar Panels

Westcoast Solar Energy will make your quest for energy independence a great experience. Weve become one of Californias best solar power companies in the North Bay, and are proud to serve Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake counties. We value hard work, dedication to quality solar installations, and ethical dealings, thus delivering both a stellar reputation and a position of leadership.

To be clear, leadership does not mean the number of installations or revenue generated. Leadership is based on quality and longevity-based solar installations and the recognition throughout the North Bay community for our commitment to these core values.

Westcoast Solar Energys founder Nate Gulbransen is a Sonoma County resident. His long-term goal is to bring clean and reliable solar power to the Bay Area and provide exceptional service to the area he calls home. Nates core values arrived by seeing firsthand what other solar companies were doing that contributed to poor workmanship, cutting corners, and questionable ethics. Westcoast Solar Energy operates a 100% in-house turn-key operation by doing entire solar power projects with their own high-tech equipment, skilled labor, the best materials, and by implementing solar industry best practices.

The Advantages Of Working With One Of The Best Solar Companies In California

Homeowners enjoy numerous advantages after installing solar power with a top solar company, including reduced monthly bills, improved access to reliable electricity in areas with frequent outages, and a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Expert planning and construction smooth the transition to clean energy.
  • Superior customer support clarifies communication, minimizes mistakes, and maximizes access to renewable energy incentives.
  • The best solar companies design cost-effective systems built with high-quality components.

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Find The Best Solar Companies In California For 2023

It isnt easy deciding which solar energy company is the best for your project. We reviewed hundreds of solar installers and found the best solar companies in California.

California is hot, and as the sun shines on your roof, you may wonder if solar panels are worth the investment. There are many benefits to installing solar panels, plus California has some of the best solar companies!

This article will examine excellent California solar companies and what makes them great.

Average Online Rating And Customer Reviews

California Solar Electric Company. United States,California,Grass ...

Online ratings and reviews shouldnt be the only things you rely on when choosing a solar company, but they help paint a picture of what its like to be a customer. You should read as many reviews as possible from a variety of sources to get an unbiased view of the public opinion on any companies youre considering. Be wary of companies without reviews, especially newer companies where a lack of reviews may indicate a lack of experience.

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Q How Do I Qualify For Free Solar In California

California does not have a free solar program. Instead, the state offers rebates and tax incentives to reduce the cost of solar panels. Cost-saving programs available to Californians include Disadvantaged Communities Single Family Solar Home , Self-Generation Incentive Program , the Federal Solar Tax Credit, and California Net Metering.

Best Solar Company In Los Angeles County & Vicinity

About The Business:

You cant beat local, honest, and dependable. This LA solar company offers the highest quality panels at a fair price. They strive for excellent customer satisfaction and install your system effectively and efficiently. Their solar professionals design and install a solar system that lets you get more energy and electricity savings for your home.

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Equipment And Damages Warranty

Unfortunately, California is a state known for natural disasters, making solar systems a risky investment if you dont choose a company that offers a comprehensive warranty. The best Californian solar companies offer 25-year warranties on parts, labor, and performance, and we highly recommend giving some weight to the warranty when choosing which company to patronize.

California Solar Consumer Protection Guide Overview & Faq

Instability costing solar customers

Power your home with solar. Check out the California Solar Consumer Protection Guide for the latest solar energy information & installation requirements.

The California Public Utilities Commission presents the California Solar Consumer Protection Guide. The CPUC recommends that solar providers give out this guide during their first contact with potential customers.

Solar providers submitting applications to interconnect residential solar customers in the service areas of Pacific Gas and Electric Company , Southern California Edison , San Diego Gas & Electric , Bear Valley Electric Service , and PacifiCorp are required to collect customer initials and a signature on the California Solar Consumer Protection Guide.

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Type Of Solar Equipment Used

One final way to determine if a solar panel installation company is the right fit for you is to see what kind of solar equipment it uses. Many companies offer a variety of equipment from numerous manufacturers. Some companies will mix and match panels, inverters and other equipment from different manufacturers to save you money or because company technicians are knowledgeable about the best combinations of different manufacturers equipment.

Companies also offer solar panels of different styles and designs including some that are lower profile or designed for more extreme weather. Some companies, like Tesla, also offer solar roofing tiles.

Why We Like Them:

Premium is the buzzword of choice: Premium panels, financing, customer service, and installation. I like that they start your project with a welcome call to the customer to be sure everyone is on the same page. This should be mandatory for every solar project! They also end your project with a phone call, which is a nice touch.

Review Highlights:

Their customer service is top-notch and something we dont often find in this day and age. The quality of workmanship from installation to site cleanup was high. The people who worked on the project onsite were professional, thoughtful, and communicative. While on-site, they were efficient and effective. The office staff were responsive and provided quality answers and information. Top Notch!

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Going Green With Solar Power

We all share this Earth together and if it continues down the path it is with regards to climate change, its highly likely that we can say goodbye to the end of human life on Earth and thats no fun to think about.

This alone motivates us to get everyone surfing on the solar energy wave, but we know not everyone wants to hear about gloom and doom which is why we also get to be excited about the financial investment that solar panels provide to either individual homes or whole business outfits.

Its time to ride the wave! Surfs up!

Safe Solar Surfing With Stellar Support From One Of Californias Top Solar Energy Companies

Best Solar Company Downey

No matter what your location is, whether youre residential or commercial, or whether we did the initial installation or not, Solar Sun Surfer also does maintenance and repair support for all solar panel installations in California.

We pride ourselves in making sure that your personal wave of solar energy is always cresting its optimum performance and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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The Premier Solar Company In California

NRG Clean Power is Californias leading solar energy & battery backup provider. Using our comprehensive solar solutions, we work with homeowners to create the perfect residential solar system. When creating our custom solar systems, we consider home energy consumption, budget, location, and more! In short, we are your total solar partners.

Finding the right solar company in California may seem daunting at first however, homeowners can keep a few things in mind to help ease their search.

Leased Vs Owned Equipment

Some solar panel installation companies will sell you the solar equipment so you can own it outright and immediately start keeping all the money you save on utility bills for yourself. Other companies make starting your journey to using green, renewable energy affordable by leasing the solar set-up to homeowners. This helps you save money upfront and employ your utility savings to help you eventually pay off the equipment.

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Alameda County Solar Financing

Using a 20-year property assessment known as PACE financing, the city of Berkeley had a successful pilot program from 2008 to 2009 as the first city in the country to allow residents to obtain solar power without any initial payment. In the plan, property owners paid as much in increased property taxes as they save in energy costs, allowing them to install the panels for free at no cost to the city. Thirty eight projects are being installed for the pilot stage of the program. PACE financing has spread to 28 states, but is on hold in many due to objections by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, including in Berkeley . Legislation has been introduced to require acceptance of PACE financing.

How Much Should I Pay

Solar panel users to get new bill under California Public Utilities Commission proposal

About These Solar Companies


Tesla is the nations largest photovoltaic installer. The company is famous for its commitment to relentless innovation in financing, technology, and virtually all aspects of solar service.

Tesla rolled out its signature solar roof tiles in late 2016. What sets Tesla apart from its competitors is its focus on a comprehensive energy solution that includes perfectly-integrated solar generation, battery storage, and electric vehicle solutions. While primarily a residential installer at its inception, its now a major player in the commercial and utility-scale spaces as well.

Tesla can be reached through its website at


Vivint was named #2 on Solar Power Worlds Top 500 Solar Contractors in North America list and continues to be an award-winning company dedicated to customer service and decreasing the carbon footprint of its clients.Compare quotes for your home.

Vivint won numerous awards related to its client care, including the 2013 Peoples Choice Stevie Award for Favorite Customer Service Provider and Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year. The firm additionally received the 2016 Community Impact Award from Trade & Industry Development magazine because of its involvement and dedication to communities throughout California.

Vivint can be reached through its website at or its phone number 1-877-404-4129.




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What Our Clients Are Saying

They have earned our confidence… With other solar companies, our projects have suffered dramatically systems need to be carefully planned, coordinated, and permitted. With the wrong contractor, coordination and approvals can fall apart, delay provision of permanent power, and ultimately delay occupancy. We have now landed on Cal Solar Inc as our go-to contractor, their team of experts and installation professionals are exceptional.

Tim Kohut

AIA, CEA, Director of Sustainable Design, NCORE

We have chosen Cal Solar over the competition for both existing buildings and new construction because of their self-perform capabilities. They have not only validated our decision with their performance but their savings analysis has delivered as expected.

Jake Fermanian

How Do I Find The Most Affordable Solar Company In California

To find the most affordable solar company in California we recommend getting a few quotes from solar companies to compare and contrast total costs. Doing so will allow to gain more insight once each company conducts an energy audit. You can also compare financing options as well: Is it better for you to pay in full, lease, or take out a loan? What solar incentives or solar rebates are available in California? Does it explain the federal tax credit? Does the company offer any of its own PPAs? Is net metering offered?

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Best Orange County Solar Company

About The Business:

This solar installation company specializes in custom solar installations using Premium Solar panels. They offer a variety of premium panels. When it comes to pricing, theyre simply the best, keeping overhead low so they can pass the savings on to you. Flexible financing is offered.

Tesla: Best Solar Battery Add

Best Solar Company in San Francisco, CA

Tesla is a widely recognized solar brand known for its solar roofs. These use small solar panels that double as roof shingles, providing a more low-profile look than traditional solar systems. The companys solar battery, the Tesla Powerwall, is also popular. It connects with Teslas mobile app, allowing you to customize savings and view your energy consumption habits.

Tesla Snapshot

  • Warranties: 25-year product and performance warranties
  • Payment options: Full purchase and solar loan
  • Panel type: Monocrystalline

Offers 24/7 active monitoring through its mobile app

Offers solar shingles to create a high-efficiency solar roof

Provides instant quotes online

What We Dont Like

Customer reviews mention long wait times for installation

Customer reviews are overall negative

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See How Much You Could Save With Solar Energy In California

We are Solar Sun Surfer, one of the leading California solar energy companies and a group of solar power enthusiasts who always stand by on what we believe to be one of the most promising forms of renewable energy out there.

Californians, on average, experience over 260 days of glorious golden sunshine, making it a great place for anyone wanting to go solar to experience the most it can possibly offer.

While we are a relative newcomer to the solar game, we arent new to the technology nor inexperienced in the areas that count when it comes to doing quality installations, customer service, repair and maintenance on all solar power panels, water heaters, and pool heating equipment whether its for residential or commercial locations.

  • We are a professional solar company in California that comprised of staff ready to provide products and services for your home or business.
  • A trusted solar power firm that offers quality services including commercial solar installation, pool heating, solar water heating, and solar panels.
  • Solar Sun Surfer is dedicated to delivering not just the best products, but a high level of performance and customer service.

Now is more important than ever to go solar if youre at all interested in either generous savings on your electricity bill or the future of the planet we all depend on for everything from food and water to simply enjoying the world-famous California lifestyle.

Free Consultations And Estimates

Another great reason to consider hiring a solar panel installation company is if it offers free consultations and estimates. While most companies will offer a free estimate, not so many will actually provide free consultations. Finding a solar panel installation company that will meet with you and talk you through all the options shows that it is prioritizing its customers, so youll know youre in good hands.

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Should California Residents Hire A Professional Solar Installer Or Diy

Installing solar panels in California is appealing for many reasons, but the cost may lead to some hesitancy. Many homeowners may look to install DIY panels to avoid solar panel installation costs. But is it a good idea?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • How much do you save with a DIY solar panel installation?
  • Are you capable of installing your own solar panels?
  • Is the cost saved from DIY worth the risks?

Q What Is The Most Important Factor When Choosing The Best Solar Company In California

CA Public Utilities Commission Aims To Reduce Rooftop Solar Incentives

All candidates should be licensed, bonded, and insured and have a clean business record. Beyond this basic set of credentials, customers may want to limit their search to NABCEP-certified solar installers. Ultimately, the best company for any project will be able to complete the job on time, on budget, and according to specifications outlined in the contract.

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Compare Types Of Solar Equipment

Just like clothing brands, solar equipment brands come with their own price tags and level of quality. Solar panel systems are sized by watt, and different types of solar panels have varying watt output.

California sees ample sunshine, so you may be able to power your entire home even with a cheaper solar panel that produces less energy . Or, you can pick high-efficiency panels and install fewer of them. Either way, youre saving money.

If you dont live in an area prone to power outages, you can also save by skipping out on a solar battery installation. However, keep in mind that utility companies, like PG& E, will frequently perform public safety power shut-offs when there are wildfire risks, which have been especially frequent up and down the Golden State.

Green Home Systems: Most Comprehensive

Green Home Systems has one of the most comprehensive product selections of any provider on this list. The company offers high-quality monocrystalline solar panels from notable manufacturers, such as LONGi and Panasonic, plus an assortment of solar batteries and backup generators. Green Home Systems also installs solar roofs, which consist of small monocrystalline panels that act as roof shingles.

Green Home Systems Snapshot

  • Warranties: 25-year product warranty and performance guarantee
  • Payment options: Full purchase and solar loan
  • Panel type: Monocrystalline

Has a wider assortment of solar products than competitors

Offers solar roofs

Provides $0 down financing to qualifying customers

What We Dont Like

Doesnt provide cost information online

Some customer reviews mention difficulty with scheduling and callbacks

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