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What Happens To Solar Panels In A Hail Storm

Does Solar Panel Work At Night

What Happens If My Solar Panels Get Hail Damage | CAM Solar

No, solar panels dont have the ability to generate electricity during the night because they need the sunlight in order to do that. They tend to go to the sleep mode when this part of the day comes along and to stay that way until the sun begins to rise again. Some experts, however, claim that solar panels can work based on some other light sources like the moon or some strong street lights, but it is negligible since the output will be extremely low.

What Are Solar Panels Made Of

Solar panels are made of semiconductor materials. They use solar energy to generate clean electricity. The generated solar power can be stored using a battery for later use. The most common semiconductor material of a solar PV panel can be either crystalline silicon or amorphous silicon .

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Add A Layer Of Methacrylate

Although solar panels are pretty resilient against the vast majority of bad weather, investing in additional hail protection might be helpful if you are in an area prone to large hail storm activity. Adding a Plexiglas shield will also protect solar panels from extreme rain, high winds, and other storm activity.

Methacrylate is a clear polymer plastic that will create a highly waterproof and strong cover to protect PV modules against many storm conditions, regardless of the severity. Because they are clear, full sunlight can reach the surface of the solar panels. This allows continued energy production and is a cost-effective method to help your solar panels withstand hail storm conditions.

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Set Your Solar Panels On Mobile Or Moveable Sets

If you live in States with a high risk of hail occurrences, it is very much advisable that you set your solar panels on mobile or moveable sets. This will enable you to act once you are alerted by the weatherman on the possibility of hail occurrence. All you would need to do is simply move or shift your solar set to a safe area or place and move it back after the hail.

Hail And Light Hailstorms

Hail damage: Solar Panel Inspection Guide  AEF ...

The good news is that small hail or a light hailstorm will not damage solar panels, due to the protection of the tempered glass or toughened glass. A solar module from reputable manufacturers with tempered glass can resist wind impacting up to 125mph which equates to hailstones the size of a softball .

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What If The Solar Company Goes Out Of Business

Many solar companies have come and gone in the last decade.

If the solar installer goes under, you can contact the manufacturer of the panels or other faulty equipment.

In that case, the manufacturer will connect you with a dealer or a contractor who can look at your system and figure out whats wrong, Airth said.

Again, most manufacturers offer long-term warranties so theyll cover repair costs.

Going with more established manufacturers can help on this front. Theyre more likely to be around for the duration of your warranty.

The situation could get more complicated if your warrantys up or the manufacturers gone under too. If thats the case, you may need to track down a new company to help with repairs and foot the bill yourself.

Your Solar Panels And Hail

Led by the NREL and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energys SunShot Initiative, solar panels have undergone extensive testing to improve durability and resilience. This includes testing solar panels under hail-like conditionsfor example, one of the tests involved shooting ping pong-sized ice balls at solar panels at 70 mph.6

The work of these organizations were put to the test in 2017. A particularly severe hailstorm in Denver caused significant damage across the city, shattering car windows and leaving golf ball-sized dents on roofs and vehicles. However, out of the 3,000 solar panels on the NREL Denver campus, only one solar panel was broken.6

Given the extensive quality testing that solar panels must undergo, its no surprise that the solar panels in Denver stood up to this surprise hailstorm. This is especially good news for those living in the south-central part of the United States, like Texas or Colorado, where hailstorms are most common.7

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How Heavy Are Those Panels Anyway Will My Roof Be Able To Handle Them

Solar panels actually arent that heavy.

Most are just 2 to 3 pounds a square foot, which isnt a problem for most roofs.

But if your roof is in need of replacement or major fixes in the first place say youve had a termite infestation or have some leaks youre not an ideal candidate for solar until you get a new one.

Can Your Solar Panels Stand Up To Hail

Tesla Solar Roof vs Hail Storm in Texas

Here in Central Virginia, you may have noticed a few homes with solar panels on the roof. At first glance, these flat, grid-like panels may appear to be fragile. However, solar panels are made to be durable and long-lasting. Homeowners who have invested in these means of long-term, renewable energy want to protect their investment. Since solar panels go on roofs and other outdoor areas, they are made with nature in mind.

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Most Hail Stormsarent Usually Severe Enough To Significantly Damage Solar Panels

Solar panels were designed to be outside and stand up to the elements. That being said, when hail hits a home hard enough your solar panels may have cracked glass, which could affect their production, and your mechanical components may be dented or damaged. Many other aspects of the home could be damaged and should be evaluated for an insurance claim.

Will My Solar Panels Survive A Hail Storm

As mentioned before we only choose top-quality products that are proven to be durable anywhere in Colorado. This means that you dont need to worry about hail damaging your solar panels. The panels we choose are proven to withstand large hail and are likely more durable than your roof. If the hail storm is severe enough to damage any of your solar panels then your roof is likely going to be severely damaged as well. Allowing you to make a claim with your homeowners insurance to get new solar panels and a new roof at the same time. However, it is always recommended to check with your insurance company to ensure your new solar system is covered.

In fact, back in 2017, the Denver area was hit with a pretty severe hail storm with golf ball-sized hail leaving thousands of cars and roofs damaged. After the storm had passed the National Renewable Energy Laboratory whose main campus is located in Golden, Colorado set out to examine the damage. They looked at their 3,000+ solar panels powering their building and just one panel was broken.1 It seems that the one broken panel was hit multiple times in the exact same place causing small cracks in the glass.

While solar panels are not indestructible they are designed to withstand some of the harshest weather that Colorado has to offer. After all, the goal of switching to solar is to save you money, provide energy independence, and give you peace of mind.

Discover How Much You Could Be Saving With Solar

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What To Do If Hailstorms Damage Your Solar Panels

The storms that hit southeast Queensland over the weekend were some of the most destructive in recent memory. Massive hail stones wrecked cars and windows, as well as roof tiles and solar panels.

Damaged solar generating systems pose a hazard to residents and electrical contractors. If you suspect your system has been damaged please take the following precautions:

  • Damaged solar cells or panels may still produce voltage and may pose a fire hazard or electric shock risk whilst in the sun.
  • Broken panels may have left glass on your roof, gutter, and rainwater tanks. This poses slip, cut and falling object risks to persons around the home.
  • Do not touch solar panels, invertors, and storage batteries if you suspect they may be damaged after a weather event.
  • If safe to do so, shut the solar system down following the instructions labels or information left by your installer.
  • Check with your insurance company regarding claims process and repair.
  • If you are a tenant you will need to contact your landlord or rental management agent to make arrangements for hailstorm damage inspection and repair.

Contact a Master Electrician to arrange for the system to be inspected for operation and safety before returning the system to operation.

What If Your Solar Panels Are Damaged


In the event that your system is damaged by severe weather, most homeowners insurance covers rooftop solar systems, and no separate policy is needed. However, its a good idea to make sure your policy reflects your homes value with the solar system since solar does increase the value of your home.

If you install a ground mount system or a carport, an additional policy might be necessary, because your insurance company may not consider the system a permanent attachment to your property.

Once you made the decision to purchase a solar system, contact your insurance agent and make sure you have adequate coverage for the full replacement cost of your solar system.

If you use a PPA or lease your system, its most likely covered under the system owners policy. However, you should examine the contract to make sure adequate coverage is provided, and be sure to let your insurance agent know about it.

While solar panels are not invincible, they have proven their sturdiness storm after storm, from hurricanes in the southeast to Rocky Mountain hailstorms. To make sure your solar investment lasts for decades, partner with an experienced and reputable contractor that uses quality parts.

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Water Damage To Solar Panels

Water damage from deteriorated or old seals is another common pain point for solar panel owners. This is not much different than the insulation or sealing of window panes. As the sealant gets older, it becomes less effective and allows water to leak through. When this happens, it can lead to short-circuiting and degrade the components of your solar panels. To avoid water damage, take the time to reseal each panel or have a licensed solar panel contractor do this for you. They will be able to see if anything else can be done to maintain your solar panels.

Each panel is tested before installationtypically while its still at the factory. Still, sometimes short-circuiting still happensits usually caused by manufacturing defects and will occur when exacerbated by strong winds or rain. Ask your contractor if your warranty would cover issues like this and then consider purchasing an extended warranty to protect you in the future.

How Solar Panel Work When There Is No Sun

We all know that solar panels are based on solar cells that absorb sunlight and transform it into usable electricity. Every manufacturer says that it is extremely important to place the solar panel in a way that will guarantee its always exposed to the sun. Thats logical since it needs as much possible sunlight in order to do its job. So what happens when there is no sun one day? What if the storm took over the sky?

The answer is nothing happens, solar panels will continue to convert photons into electrons or direct electricity. There is a huge misconception that the solar system wont be able to produce power we need if there is no direct sunlight. It can actually because solar panel cells dont necessarily need direct contact with sunlight, they just need those photons emitted by the sun.

So even if the day is super cloudy, photons will be spread into the atmosphere, and the solar panels will be able to absorb them and generate electricity. But you should know that the solar system wont be as efficient during those days as it would be on a bright sunny day. It will have less energy absorption. If there are clouds in the sky, your solar panels will work with a maximum of 25 percent capacity, so there definitely will be a difference in power output.

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Set Your Panel At An Angle Away From The Hail

Having a professional fix your solar would get you covered on this. Hails have their angles at which they fall and professional weathermen know exactly how to set your solar panel to an angle that will deflect the fall and pressure of hail.

Solar panels are usually placed and mounted to face the south at angles 18° to 45° to deflect the natural course of hail.

Having your panels mounted at an angle less than this, say 10° will make your panels more vulnerable to hail damages.

Solar Panel Glass Protection

Will hail damage my solar panels?

While its essential to think about panels that are efficient and powerful, you shouldnt overlook the fact that solar panels are a long-term investment with a lifespan of decades.

The glass barriers provide protection from external damage such as hail, rain, and dust. Thus, its critical to pay attention to the sort of glass protection they have in order to make sure they are both durable and safe.

When it comes to solar module glass, you basically have two options:

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What To Do When Your Solar Panels Are Damaged

Despite plenty of indications that solar panels will withstand some severe weather conditions, and some easy steps you can take to prevent damage, there is always a possibility that a particularly nasty storm will inflict some harm on your solar panels.

In this case, its best to make sure you have a backup plan to mitigate the financial impacts when the worst happens.

Use A Layer Of Methacrylate Coating

Methacrylate coating is another effective way to protect your solar panels from hailstones. The reason why this method works is that methacrylate acts as a hail guard for the solar panel underneath it. When hailstones hit the coating, the solar panel has more strength to repel impacts to it. As the methacrylic coating is quite thin, light easily passes through it.

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What If My Roof Is Damaged

What happens if the panels are not damaged but the roof is? Typically, all you need to do is file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance to replace your roof. Most likely they will want a full roof replacement including the area that was protected by the panels. Be sure to include the cost of labor to remove and reinstall your solar panels when you file your claim, that way it won’t cost you a dime out of pocket!

How Durable Are Solar Panels

How does smoke, dust and hail affect solar panel ...

If you decide on purchasing a high-quality solar system, you wont have to worry about it. Those solar panels will be able to resist a lot of inconveniences and stay bulletproofed to weather impact. Usually, top-rated solar systems are placing their durability as number one attribute, right next to their efficiency, and they will probably degrade extremely slowly. Most manufacturers claim their products will look like they are new for years if properly maintained, and that they will produce 92 percent of power up to 25 years of usage.

It is also important to say that even though solar panels look very fragile and super sensitive, they are actually used as roof protectors, regarding extreme weather conditions. They can hold on to a significant amount of snow, for example, but you should remove it as soon as you can in order to enable them to work again.

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Measure Performance Of Your Energy System

The next step is to check the solar power output curve of your solar energy system. Your solar energy monitoring system or mobile app can determine how much power in kilowatts youre currently generating in real-time.

A decrease in the amount of solar power being produced can mean that theres increased resistance or that there are more serious issues such as a broken solar panel. You should contact a specialist or contractor to inspect and fix these problems for you.

How To Protect Solar Panels From Hail

Although the glasses of solar panels are built to withstand significant pressure and stress, the panels are still fragile. This means that when imparted by weigty materials or pressure such as hail, it is capable of being destroyed or shattered.

Each time a hailstorm happens, numerous solar panels get damaged. An annual accumulation of these damages on solar panels has been estimated to a loss of about twenty-two billion dollars annually

So it is necessary that you know exactly how you can protect your solar panels from hail damage. Here are some tips for you:

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What Are The Australian Standards For Solar Panels

Solar panels are made from tough tempered glass to resist hail and they have to be tested under Australian standards to withstand a direct strike from hailstones with a diameter of 35mm about half the size of a golf ball. But when you get larger hailstones they can smash your panels which is something to be mindful of.

What Size Of Hail Can Damage A Solar Panel

Breaking Solar Panels – The Hail Storm Test!

Although most solar PV panels are made of tempered glass that is less prone to cracking than ordinary window glass under the impact, theyre still vulnerable to damage if struck by a large enough hailstorm stone.

The majority of hail damage to solar panels is caused by hailstones that are bigger than an inch in diameter. Large-sized hail, especially those with diameters of 1.5 inches or more, are generally the source of evident storm damage.

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