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Solar And Wind Hybrid System

Why Should You Buy The Best Hybrid Solar Wind Power Generation System At Amazon

DIY Solar And Wind Power Hybrid System

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Hybrid Solar Wind Power Generation System

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  • How Does A Wind Turbine Inverter Work

    The blades of wind turbine rotate the rotor of the generator and these are mostly variable speed generators to synchronize with variation of wind turbine speed. The generators are synchronous and non-synchronous.

    The synchronous generators are connected to the grid and are synchronized with the grid electricity. These generators produce electricity depending on the voltage and frequency of the grid electricity.

    The inverter used in wind turbines is not identical to a solar inverter. It usually consists of first AC to DC rectifier with a filter. This DC is either directly stored in a battery with the help of a charge controller.

    Otherwise the DC to AC converters are used to synchronize and supply it with the grid or with the load. Power electronics equipment, filters and transformers are used to synchronize electricity generation of wind turbine with the grid and the load.

    The generation and transmission of electricity from a wind turbine is managed by the inverter and other ancillary equipment along with it.

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    Blue Pacific Solar Hybrid Solar And Wind Kits

    Blue Pacific Solar has a range of stand-alone hybrid energy systems available, each of which includes a standard Primus wind generator with a built-in charge controller, a pre-built power center, and a varying number of 300W solar panels.

    These pre-wired DIY packages are a bit more expensive than the other kits on the market but simplify the installation process.

    How Much Does A Hybrid Solar System Cost

    Hybrid Solar, Wind Plant Launched in Iran

    A hybrid solar system to be specific consists of:

    • grid connection
    • battery back up to counter power outages

    All these entities connected to each other by cables describes a type of hybrid energy system, as solar panels and batteries are the main generators here, with the ability to save energy in one of them. So how much will it cost to go full hybrid solar system cost? A lot!

    Let us work down the rough costs for this as an example for a hybrid 2kW grid tied with battery storage solar photovoltaic system.

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    Grid Tied Wind Solar Hybrid System Cost

    Solar panels, 2kW = 2000W

    If each panel is of 200W then 10 panels are required. If panel is pretty good quality and cost approximately $300 each, solar panels for this system will cost: $3000.

    Hybrid inverter, 2kW = $2000

    Batteries the energy storage size depends on the load to be tackled, so assuming: $3000

    Charge controller: $400

    Ancillary equipment like wires and cables: $200

    Misc expenses: $100

    So a the parts for a 2kW hybrid solar system can cost around $8700, it is a basic estimate as a lot of companies with different prices and specifications charge at different rates.

    Now let us assume this wind solar hybrid system is grid connected with batteries and do a cost analysis/payback from such a system.

    As per global solar atlas, a 1kW system in Colorado can produce 1800 kWh per year and so 2kW system will generate around 3600 kWh per year of electricity in Colorado, USA.

    Assuming electricity price per unit as 12 per kWh or 0.12$ per kWh, then a 2kW system can generate $432 worth of electricity in a year.

    This means a hybrid solar system with grid connection and battery storage will take at least 20 years to cover its cost if just talk about value of electricity generated by solar panels in a year in Colorado, USA.

    Best Batteries For Solar Power Storage

    There are various options to store solar energy and in many forms. The solar panels generate direct current and with the help of a DC optimizer and charge controller is supplied to batteries.

    In other cases the same direct current is fed to the inverter to convert it into alternating current to supply to AC loads or the grid in case of an on-grid system.

    Off-grid solar systems usually have batteries to store energy generated during the day and supply during night with the help of inverter to AC loads or directly to DC loads through junction box.

    All energy storage systems are good for storing solar energy it is just the viability of these options and the scope of use in any particular location which narrows down to any particular option.

    Well these options are:

    • Compressed air
    • Heated molten salt storage

    These are some of the options to store solar energy and each is suited as per the solar system design and energy consumption requirements of that installation.

    Electrical energy is stored and released in form of chemical energy in a battery. For homes and small businesses at present batteries are the best options to store solar energy. There are many different types of batteries like lead-acid, lithium-ion, Nickel-Cadmium, Sodium sulphur etc.

    For different applications, different batteries are used, which are dependent on energy and power capacity, operating temperature, discharge rate, depth of discharge and energy density of that battery type.

    Lithium Phosphate

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    Working Of Wind Power System

    Wind energy is also one of the renewable energy resources that can be used for generating electrical energy with wind turbines coupled with generators. There are various advantages of wind energy, such as wind turbines power generation, for mechanical power with windmills, for pumping water using wind pumps, and so on.

    Wind Power System

    Large wind turbines are made to rotate with the blowing wind and accordingly electricity can be generated. The minimum wind speed required for connecting the generator to the power grid is called as cut in speed and maximum wind speed required for the generator for disconnecting the generator from the power grid is called as cut off speed. Generally, wind turbines work in the range of speed between cut in and cut off speeds.

    Wind Turbine

    Wind turbine can be defined as a fan consisting of 3 blades that rotate due to blowing wind such that the axis of rotation must be aligned with the direction of blowing wind. A gear box is used for converting energy from one device to another device using mechanical method hence, it is termed as a high-precision mechanical system. There are different types of wind turbines, but the frequently used wind turbines are horizontal axis turbines and vertical axis turbines. The figure shows different blocks of the wind turbine generator system.

    Wind Turbine Generator System Block Diagram

    Wind Turbine Generator

    Wind Power Generation using DFIG

    Benefits Of A Wind Solar Hybrid System

    Off Grid Power | Our 2Kw Solar Wind Hybrid System

    Theres night even in the sunniest places and calm times on the windiest plains. But your power demands cant always conform to the availability of wind and sun. Fortunately, installing a hybrid system goes a long way to alleviating this issue.

    Low light or wind conditions doesnt have to mean you are entirely without power. Installing a grid-tie system ensures that, when your renewable systems output naturally dips, the existing grid picks up the slack.

    Installing a feed inverter with your grid-tied system also allows many customers to effectively supply power back to the grid. This is called net metering, and it uses a bidirectional electrical meter to send excess power that your system generates back out. Depending on your specific utility, you may even be able to get money back on your bill .

    While having a grid-tied system with a battery backupa requirement when incorporating a small wind turbinedoes help protect you from losing power when the grid goes down, its not foolproof. You must be conscientious about your power consumption while running on batteries, otherwise youll use it up faster than it can charge.

    One of the big advantages of a combination wind and solar power system is that oftennot always, but oftenwhen sunlight decreases, wind increases and vice-versa.

    When theres not enough wind to turn your turbines, your solar panels can make up the difference.

    This information really comes into play should you make the decision to expand your system .

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    What Is Solar And Wind Hybrid Generation System

    Solar and wind hybrid generation system uses wind energy and solar energy as the main power supply source of the load, and cooperates with high-efficiency, maintenance free lead-acid or colloidal battery energy storage system to supply new energy to the load. The system is a composite renewable energy power generation system integrating wind energy, solar energy, battery and other energy power generation technologies and system intelligent control technology.

    Solar and wind hybrid generation system is mainly composed of wind turbine, solar photovoltaic cell module, controller, battery, inverter, AC and DC load, etc. The wind turbine converts wind energy into electric energy to charge the battery, and then the inverter converts the DC in the battery into standard AC.

    Inverter is an important part of solar and wind hybrid generation system. It can ensure the normal use of AC load equipment. At the same time, it also has the function of automatic voltage stabilization, which can improve the power supply quality of wind solar complementary power generation system. The inverter of Jixiaoseries of Solarparts adopts integrated advanced microprocessor technology and pure sine wave output. All modules are equipped with overload, short circuit, overvoltage / undervoltage and overheating protection. It is an important component of wind solar complementary power supply system.

    Solar Wind Hybrid System

    When an aero-generator and an SPV system are interfaced, the power generation from these is mutually supplemented, and the resultant hybrid system offers areliableand cost-effective electric supply in a decentralized mode. The wind-solar hybrid system mainly consists of one or two aero-generators along with SPV panels of suitable capacity, connected with charge controller, inverter, battery bank, etc. to supply AC power.

    Why do we need Hybrid System?

    The conventional energy sources decreases day by day and they may produce pollution which is very harmful for world and increasing the global warming. So the aim of world is to reach the 40 percent rate of the Renewable energy sources in the energy production by 2020. One option to achieve this aim is to increase the rateof the solar and wind energy in energy Production. These energy sources provide 26.1% electricity for the consumption. These targets can be realized by Increasing the green energy production. This target can be realized by member states in function of geographical and economical ability. Recently in Eastern part of Europe we can finda lot of farms, situated in remote area, where electricity supply has not reached. One obvious solution for electrification of these regions is the installation of small-scale stand-alone solar and wind energy production systems.

    Established wind/PV Hybrid Power Generation Unit

    Wind Turbine / Solar PV Modules


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    Wind Turbine & Solar Panel Combinations: A Guide To Hybrid Systems

    May 18th 2022

    Its advice most of us have heard since we were children: dont put all your eggs in one basket. That still holds true for renewable power systems. A wind turbine and solar panel combination helps you get the best performance from your setup.

    Our hybrid systems are designed to avoid the common pitfalls that can cause wind- or solar-only systems to come up short. After all, the sun cant always shine and the wind cant always blow.

    Out of all these, installing a wind-solar hybrid system is the most impactful thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of your renewable energy system.

    Theres a reason were not called Missouri Wind or Solar. The combination of solar and wind technology helps you unlock the full potential of your turbines and panels. That improved experience helps turn renewable power doubters into believers.

    Today, we want to outline the reasons why this combination is more effective than either system on its own, discuss some ways to set up your system, and some possible expansions and customizations of your wind and solar setup.

    Solar And Wind Hybrid System


    In USA, solar and wind hybrid system is a sustainable choice as in summers the solar generates good amount of energy and in winter, when sun is seldom seen, the wind turbine generates the required energy. Also solar energy being not available at night gives wind energy an upper hand to behave as the main electricity generating technology.

    This solar and wind combination can be used for on-grid installations and also can work really well for off-grid scenarios in remote places. It is just the battery storage is required for off-grid installations and without the grid connectivity solar and wind hybrid can act as the sole energy generator, with the help energy storage backup like batteries.

    The basic advantages of a hybrid system:

    • uninterrupted power supply
    • better utilization of renewable energy sources
    • properly managed load

    are all inherited in a solar and wind hybrid system.

    It is just the cost of such a system which can disappoint the consumer or installer and if it is off-grid with battery storage it even gets higher. The availability of suns irradiation and flowing energy of wind are the most important aspects to install such a system.

    Year round availability of both of these in any particular location of proposed installation should be thoroughly investigated to compute a profitable solar and wind hybrid energy system.

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    Designing And Sizing Of The Proposed Solar

    In this study, the major aim was to meet a daily irrigation pumping demand for the banana plantation. From Table , to irrigate the required two sections of banana plantation, 33,730L of water will be required, where each section will be irrigated for 5h. Wind-solar electric energy generation by wind turbines and solar PV panels change between months depending on the available weather conditions that include solar irradiation, temperature, air density, wind speed, and air pressure. When the metrological data of Kalangala district are put into consideration, it is assumed that more benefit will be gained from solar energy than from wind energy. There are more advantages in using hybrid wind and PV solar technologies as compared to using them separately . Figure is the proposed system connectivity with two inverters, battery, controller, solar panels, wind turbine and charger controller.

    Fig. 5

  • Sizing and selection of battery

  • How Is Wind Energy Harnessed

    To understand wind power generation and its use, it is very important to understand the wind. There are four parameters which should be analyzed, recorded or obtained to understand the potential of the wind resource. These four parameters are:

  • Wind speed
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • In these, wind speed and direction are most important, whereas temperature and pressure affect the density of the air and thus the wind energy available, so should be accounted and recorded.

    The data can be recorded by specific instruments for each and an anemometer is required to record wind speed. Wind speed data of at least 1 year at the site of installation is beneficial and additional data from nearest metrological station can be used to understand the wind speed and direction of that particular location.

    As the wind speed and direction changes with days, months and seasons, a comprehensive wind data is first required to understand the resource and potential of installing a wind energy turbine to generate electricity.

    To get a better view about wind speed Global Wind Atlas is a good way to start. This shows the mean wind speed of different regions of the world. If mean wind speed is above 5m/s, the potential to install wind energy system arises. Otherwise to confirm, data from local meteorological stations and practical readings from devices like anemometers should be considered.

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    Finite Element Analysis Of The Turbine

    The wind turbine was designed using SolidWorks 2019 software as shown in Fig. , with a blade height of 2.82m and a radius of 1.41m. The model was then simulated in SolidWorks 2019 flow simulation environment, and therefore, the turbine flow behaviour, static pressure, turbulence intensity and stress distribution was analysed at three times the peak wind speed of Kalangala district at an elevation of 30m , and the results are shown in Figs. and .

    Fig. 9

    Net present value of income stream at r=5% per year real rate of interest is 12,935,468 UGX.

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