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How To Install Solar Panels On Clay Tile Roof

Bottom Line: Tile Roof And Solar Panels Can Go Great Together

DIY Solar Panel Install on clay tile roof

If you have a tile roof, this article isnât meant to scare you away from putting solar panels on your roof. In fact, tile roofs and solar panels are a great combination, because a properly installed tile roof can last 100 years. This will outlast your solar panels . That means that you shouldnât have to worry about needing to pay to remove your solar panels to fix a roof issue underneath.

But all of this depends on having a good installer to do the work. Use this guide to help you find a great contractor, and use The Solar Nerd to get multiple quotes from qualifed contractors in your area.


Installing Solar On Clay Tile Roofs

In Southern California, many homes have traditional Spanish tiles on the roof. This is also a part of a Mediterranean trend in homebuilding, and traditionally these tiles are made of clay. As any homeowner with clay tiles knows, they are extremely fragile and can break very easily.

This is why when installing solar panels on a clay tile roof, experts take extra precautions. This means the experts will remove your clay tiles to mount racking feet, metal hooks and flashing directly onto the homes roof. Then, new tiles will be inserted above these to conform to the roofs aesthetics. In some cases, expert installers may place a new metal piece in its place instead.

Asphalt Shingles- the Most Common Type

The most common type of roof material is asphalt shingles. These affordable shingles are very popular with home builders. Because they are so common in residences, installing solar panels on asphalt shingles is easy and straightforward. Installers will typically drill studs, install panel mounts and flashing to prevent any water from creeping in.

Metal Roofs

Some homeowners have really artistic homes and use metal roofs. Installing solar panels on a metal roof isnt as complicated as one would believe- its actually as easy as either clamping solar systems onto a raised metal seam or drill holes and add flashing to prevent any water damage.

Concrete Tiles or Rubber Roofs

Read more about how long a roof can last depending on what type of material its made from.

Can You Install Solar Panels On A Tile Roof

Whether youre purchasing a home with a tile roof, or youre about to have one installed, youve already made a sound investment in your home. Tile roofing is a beautiful way to enhance the appearance of your home while providing long-lasting protection against harsh weather and fire. While the cost of installation can be expensive, you can expect your tile roof to last 50-75 years. The durability of tile will save you money on re-roofing in the long run. It will also decrease the amount of roof waste that goes to landfills each yeara staggering 11 million tons annually. Best of all, theres a way to increase your homes value while making it even more energy efficientby adding solar panels.

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Concrete Roof Tiles The Ideal Roofing Material To Pair With Solar Panels

If youre in need of a new roof, whether it be for a new home or existing one, and are considering having solar panels installed, look no further for a complementing roofing material than concrete roof tiles.

Not only are they durable, sustainable and aesthetically stunning, but concrete roof tiles are also inherently energy efficient. In fact, concrete tile roofs can cut the transfer of heat into the attic by up to 50 percent when compared to other roofing materials. Plus, their inherent reflective properties permit the reflection of sunlight, which releases the heat instead of absorbing it and transferring it from the roof deck and into the structure. This can contribute to limited HVAC usage inside the home, reducing energy costs and the overall attic temperature, extending the life of the roof. Plus, with the addition of solar panels, you will receive a monthly savings of over $100 in utility costs maximizing the overall energy efficiency and energy cost savings from your roof. This is possible due to the fact that you only pay for electricity when your monthly energy consumption exceeds what can be captured by your solar panels, aside from the initial cost of purchase and installation.

So, select a roofing material that will maximize your energy cost savings, reduce your carbon footprint and increase the lifespan of your solar investment and choose concrete roof tiles.

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What Benefit Do Solar Panels Add To Your Home

Clay S

Having a tile roof already helps make your home more energy efficient. This is because roofing tile is installed individually, instead of in sheets or in an overlapping style . As a result, it leaves space around each tile to allow for ventilation, and it creates a thermal barrier for heat transfer into your home. This barrier makes heating or cooling your home more efficient, which saves you money on your utility bills each month.

But your can further defray your energy costseven potentially eliminating themby adding solar panels to your tile roof. Beyond the initial cost of purchase and installation, youll only be paying for electricity when your monthly energy consumption exceeds what can be captured by your solar panels. With the appropriate size system for your home, energy consumption, and climate, you can expect serious savings.

In addition to saving you money on your monthly utility bills, solar panels will increase your homes value, while decreasing your overall carbon footprint. And depending on where you live, your local utility company may even purchase excess energy collected by your panels, which helps you to make money!

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Tile Roofs

The Cons of Tile RoofingTile is a heavy material Because of how heavy a tile roof can be, its important for your home to have the proper structural reinforcement to safely support it.Tile roofing can be expensive Clay or concrete roof tiles can cost twice as much as asphalt shingles.5 days ago

Tile Roofs Popular In The Southwest Are The Hardest For Solar Installers To Work With Heres How To Avoid A Shoddy Install That Ends Up Leaking Years Later

Tile roofs look great, donât they? Not only do they really suit the architecture of the southwest where they are most popular, but theyâre practical too. A well-installed clay or concrete tile roof can last 50 or even 100 years.

But when it comes to installing solar panels, tile roofs represent the biggest challenge for solar installers. Not only can installing on a tile roof be more expensive, but there can be a higher risk of a poor installation causing damage to the waterproof integrity of the roof, leading to expensive repairs down the road.

That doesnât mean that you should shy away from solar if youâre a homeowner with a tile roof. In this article, weâll talk about the challenges, equipment that manufacturers have designed to make solar tile installations better, and things to watch out for when hiring a contractor to work around your tile roof.

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Bottom Line: Work Closely With Your Solar Installer To Understand Whats Being Installed On Your Roof

Your home is probably your most valuable asset, so if youre going to get a thousand pounds of solar equipment mounted on its roof, its a good idea to ask a few questions about what youre buying and how it all works.

However, while the choice of the solar mounting system is sometimes influenced by aesthetic considerations – such as the decision to choose between a railless or conventional rail-based mounting system – for the most part, the choice is often best decided by the solar installer. Engineering considerations and the familiarity of the installation crew with the product are among the reasons why the homeowner should usually leave the decision to the experts.

That said, there are situations where the installer may ask you to make a choice, such as choosing a betweeen a comp-out or a tile replacement mount for your tile roof, or between an attached or ballasted rack for your flat roof.

Whatever the case, make sure that you work with a high quality solar installer who will keep your best interests in mind.


Synthetic Or Artificial Roof Tiles:

Installing Solar on a Clay Tile Roof

The look of synthetic or composite slate roof tiles is similar to that of actual slate roof tiles, but without the weight and inconvenience of repairing damaged tiles, as well as the ongoing maintenance of checking your gutters to ensure there is no water backing up on the slate that could freeze and break tiles in the winter. Brava synthetic slate tiles come in a variety of colors and have a Class 4 impact rating. Theyre composed of an ecologically friendly composite material and are lightweight.

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Solar Energy With Clay Tile Lightweight Concrete Tile And Metal Tile Roofs

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There are three types of roofs that present significant challenges for installing solar: clay tile roofs, lightweight concrete tile roofs, and metal tile roofs. These roof types each have benefits that make them a great choice for homes. Unfortunately, tile roofs do not withstand the impact involved with rooftop solar installation. In fact, tile roofs are easy to break just by simply stepping on them, a necessary part of any rooftop solar installation.

Clay tile roofsA clay tile roof has an estimated lifespan of 100 years. This means that they can be decades old and still a great roof. In fact, many clay tile roofs still around today were installed in the 1930s. If needed, homeowners can replace individual tiles. Sourcing tiles that match a roof installed a long time ago, however, can become a problem. If, for example, during a solar installation a solar contractor came along and broke 50 tiles, the homeowner would need to source the tiles again. This may result in tiles that have a different look or a really long lead time to receive.

Can You Climb On Solar Panels

BUST In theory you can walk on any type of solar panel, but either you or the panel, or both, might not be very happy with the outcome! You definitely dont want to walk on aluminum-framed glass panels, but other types are designed specifically to be walked on, like Solaras Standard and Power M series.

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Installing Solar On A Clay Tile Roof

Clay tiles are often confused with concrete tiles. If you have a clay roof, your installation process may differ from your composite-roof or concrete-roof neighbors. Tiles may have to be removed and later filled back in, and a few may break potentially increasing the total cost of your system. Learn more about how your roof ultimately affects your solar panel installation, and follow Pick My Solar for continued solar updates!

Pick My Solar was founded on the idea that clarity and transparency are important in the solar industry. By creating an online marketplace for homeowners, Pick My Solar is able to drive down the costs of solar while still providing the homeowner with a customized solar system from the best installers in their area. It is our mission to simplify the process of going solar, drive down costs, and provide the consumer advocacy necessary for solar to achieve broad market success.

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Roofing Tiles Are Brittle

Tile roofs

Roof tiles made of clay or concrete are strong when it comes to holding up to wind and rain, but they are brittle. This is a problem for workers who have to climb on your roof to install solar panels and the racking that holds them in place.

Simply stepping on a clay tile can fracture it. For a solar installer who normally has to spend a day or more on top of your roof, this means taking extra precautions when working around tile. This means being careful and slowing down – but time is money for contractors, so this can mean a more expensive install.

Also, because itâs so easy to break a tile by stepping on it, the installer will be responsible for replacing any broken materials that result from their solar install. This can also increase the costs of a solar install on a tile roof.

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Which Types Of Roofing Are Best For Building Solar

Solar power is rapidly growing in popularity, and Arizona is one of the hottest markets in the country right now. The idea of being able to harvest just a small portion of the energy that the sun pummels the earth which each day to power our homes is one which has a lot of people excited. In fact, solar is growing so quickly that people are often looking to build or even remodel their homes with solar energy farms in mind.

Most homeowners choose to install solar panels on their rooftop because their roof receives a ton of unencumbered direct sunlight each day, which makes them the most productive and maximizes the return on their investment. However, mounting solar on your rooftop does mean you have to work around the material your roof is constructed from. Solar panels arent exactly light, and theyll need to be securely mounted to your roof in order to withstand wind, rain, and other natural hazards which could cause them to shift or fall.

If you know youre going to have to replace your roof soon or youre looking for the ideal roofing material to use when building your new home, and you want to build it with solar in mind, then this blog is for you. Well take a closer look at which materials are best for solar integration, including which will last longest, keep your roof the most secure, and keep your home as energy efficient as possible.

Installation Of Clay Roofs Tiles:

If youre considering about replacing your homes roof with a new clay tile roof, there are a few things to think about first. Clay roofs are built of entirely natural materials and have a lifespan of up to 100 years.

Clay tiles are fire-rated class A and will not burn. Clay roofs are simple to maintain, and because they are an energy efficient roof, you may be eligible for a state or federal tax credit if you install one.

Before you put a clay tile roof on your home, there are a few additional things to think about:

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Are There Other Solar Options Besides Rooftop Panels

Yes, you could consider investing in ground-mounted solar panels. These are effective at collecting energy from the sun, although theyre not always preferred for a variety of reasons. First, they require a considerable amount of ground space, which means you might have to sacrifice other home features, like a pool or a screened-in patio that will bring you enjoyment and increase your homes value to make room for the panels. Additionally, if you are part of a homeowners association, there may be restrictions about placing solar panels in your yard because of how they impact the look of the neighborhood. Finally, ground-mounted panels take more time to install than rooftop installation because they require underground wiring and digging to stabilize panels. This additional time can increase your overall installation cost.

Whether you decide that roof-mounted panels or a ground-mounted setup is best for your home, one thing is for certain. Youll be lowering your monthly energy bills, increasing your homes value, and reducing your carbon footprint, for a very foward-thinking and forward-reaching investment indeed.

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Assess The Quality Of Tiles

Clay Tile Roof, Standard Solar System Installation by Treeium Energy in Baldwin Park, CA

It is quite common to find hairline cracks and fractures on roof tiles of local residences. As an expert local roofer, our job is to find out the faulty or broken tiles and replace them with newer and even stronger ones, so that it is able to take the load of the solar panels and its associated components. All the tiles on a roof should be in a good shape, in order to withstand the pressure and load of the solar systems & heavy panels.

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Its Easy To Mount Solar Panels On A Metal Roof

Typically, your solar installer will drill holes in your roof so that they can attach the mounting for your solar panels. This is one of the main areas of concern for many homeowners considering solar, as an improperly mounted solar panel system can cause leaks or other roof issues. Most qualified solar installers offer workmanship warranties and roof warranties to reassure their customers that there will be no issues with the installation.

If you have a metal roof, however, your solar installer likely wont need to make any holes in your roof at all, which virtually eliminates the possibility of issues down the road. There are a few alternative mounting options that make installing solar on a metal roof easier:

  • Standing seam metal roofs: Two different solar panel mount manufacturers, Quick Mount PV and Ecofasten, have products designed specifically for metal roofs with standing seams. If you have a standing seam metal roof, your installer can attach panels using a mounting system that clamps onto the seams of the roof without having to make any holes. As an added bonus, using this type of racking can speed up installation times because your installer wont have to drill holes into the roof.

What Direction Does Your Roof Face

It is better to have a north facing roof on any form of solar system, as this gives you the best sun exposure during the day. This is also okay if the roof faces east or west, but a roof facing south is not suitable at all. If you have a south facing roof, your installer will consider installing the solar panels on brackets on the ground instead to increase their performance.

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