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How Much Does A Sunpower Solar Panel Cost

Why Is Office Location In Australia Important

Are SunPower Solar Panels Worth It? (2019)

Most solar panel manufacturers entering the Australian market, first setup their distribution channels and worry about customer service later. This has led to many unhappy customers who are left trying to contact Chinese head offices to claim on their 10-year product warranty.

Relying on your solar installer is not always an option as weve seen many residential solar installers go out of business well within the lifetime of the systems they are installing.

SunPower has an Australian office located in Elsternwick, Victoria.

Saving Money With Manufacturer Rebates

Manufacturers want to make it easy for homeowners like you to make the switch to renewable energy. SunPower periodically offers rebates up to $1,000 to offset your solar panel installation costs.

Contact Freedom Solar and one of our specialists will help you find manufacturer rebates suitable for your residence.

Solar Panel For House Cost

The cost of solar panels is directly related to the size and location of your home. This article will help you determine how much it costs for a solar panel installation in your area, giving you information on how much you will save on your electricity bill, how long it takes to pay off the cost of your solar panel installation and more.

The cost of solar panels for a house varies depending on a number of factors, including the size of the system, the brand of the panels, and the installer. A typical cost of solar panels for a house is around $10,000, but the price can vary widely depending on your location and the type of system you choose. However, by understanding the average installation costs for solar power nationally, you can get a better idea of what to expect.

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Check Out The Temperature Coefficient These Are Some Cool Panels

The hotter silicon PV gets, the less electricity it will produce. Thats just the nature of the beast. Its not like paper where if you get it up to Fahrenheit 451 it will suddenly give off a lot energy by bursting into flame. Or rather, Fahrenheit 842, as papers flashpoint is actually 451 degrees Celsius.2 It appears Ray Bradbury didnt even bother to check the internet when he wrote Fahrenheit 451 back in 1953. What a lazy hack.

But highly efficient solar cells have a virtuous circle going where the more sunlight they convert into electrical energy, the less waste heat is left over to make the panels hotter. This is the opposite of a vicious circle, which is like Pac-Man when he gets drunk after a hard day of eating dots.

As a result of this, and also because the copper backing is also good at whisking heat away from the cells, these panels can run up to three degrees cooler than a run-of-the-mill panel, which results in higher efficiency.

Note this effect wont result in extra electrical production above its rating. It is included when the panels rating is determined, but it will cause them to degrade at a slower rate, because the lower the temperature the slower materials decay.

Integrated Solar Panel + Inverters

SunPower Solar Panels

SunPowers A-Series panels come with integrated microinverters built-in, which means that the DC energy produced by the panel is converted into AC energy right there on the panel. This eliminates the need for a string inverter elsewhere in the system and boosts production at the source, which means that these solar panels produce more power per square foot than any other solar panels that are commercially available today.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels In Virginia

The average cost to install solar panels in Virginia is between $22,000 and $38,500 or $16,280 and $28,490 after the 26% solar tax credit is applied. Its challenging to estimate where your total will fall within that range because many factors can affect your pricing.

To get a good idea of your price for going solar, youll need to consider your home size, its energy efficiency, your energy usage, the equipment and installer you choose, local electricity rates and much more. Its best to have a reputable solar installer assess your home and come up with an estimate designed to meet your needs and expectations.

The Lowest Cost For The Best Solar Panels

It is not magic. Our prices for solar are simply 40% less than the average competitor. Here is a how we do it.

  • We design a system to meet your power goals and set your budget.
  • Our bigger brand selection gives you choice and buying power.
  • We shop the market. You can DIY or we will have solar installers compete for your business.
  • No matter how you decide to go, you get name brand manufacturer warranties and all the tax credits and rebates. The system will be UL certified to pass any permit or utility inspections. You will enjoy 25 years or more of renewable solar energy. You will also spend about 40% less than the average solar company charges. That means more green in your wallet.

    Now some may claim to offer free solar installation. Wrong! There is nothing free about it. They are really offering financing or leasing, where you have to sign a long-term 20 year contract. In fact, those no money up-front solar lease or PPA programs cost $6.50 per watt. You end up spending more than double the price than you should for so-called free installation.

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    Take Advantage Of Lower Prices On Solar Panels

    Its 100 times cheaper to install solar panels today than it was in the mid-1970s, and according to GTM Research, utility-scale solar has seen the sharpest declines recently with a 17 percent drop, while residential solar prices have fallen by 8.6 percent.

    You may be asking yourself, If solar prices keep falling, shouldnt I wait for even lower prices? You could, but consider this.

    If a solar system in your area cost $17,000 today you could save $1,462 by putting off solar for another year, assuming current cost declines continue. However, you will delay the immediate solar energy benefits, known as opportunity cost. Lets say you have a $200 per month energy bill thats $2,400 a year in expenses that solar could eliminate . Paying $2,400 for electricity this year to save $1,462 next year puts the cost of waiting at almost $1,000. And when you factor in the time value of money concept, along with a potential utility rate hike, waiting makes even less sense.

    Is Tesla Solar Better Than Sunpower

    Solar Power Cost: Tips on How to Estimate Pricing (2018)

    There you have it, the differences between SunPower and Tesla solar. SunPower has the most powerful panels on the planet, with the lowest degradation rate, the longest warranty and the best aesthetics. Tesla uses inefficient panels, with a short warranty, high degradation rate, and wired cell appearance.

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    Federal Solar Tax Credits & Incentives

    When it comes to solar power, the federal government offers a number of tax credits and incentives. These benefits can be advantageous for homeowners considering a solar panel system.

    The Solar Investment Tax Credit is one such benefit offered by the federal government. This credit can reduce the purchase and installation costs of a new home solar system. In 2018, the credit is 26% of the cost of a new system and will step down to 22% after 2022.

    States may also offer solar rebates, which work similarly to the federal tax credit. There are local incentives for installing home solar systems in addition to state and federal creditsso make sure you research whats available in your area!

    Solar Panel Costs By State

    Solar panel costs in the U.S. typically include equipment and installation services. Visit the Solar Energy Industries Association website to learn about local incentives and tax credits in your area. Its usually in your best interest to take advantage of state clean energy programs when you can it lowers your upfront costs and shortens your payback period. According to our analysis, Washington is the greenest state, followed by Oregon and New Hampshire.

    • Available in CA and TX

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    How To Find The Lowest

    Again, the best way to assess the cost of solar is to get a quote from a certified installer near you. In addition to receiving an installation price, you can learn your estimated 25-year energy costs, how compatible your home is for solar and even compare quotes to find the best offer. The simple process of getting quotes from multiple providers can save you thousands in the long run.

    What Are The Technical Details Of The Sunvault

    Sunpower Solar Panels Cost

    The SunPower SunVault offers one type of battery, the 13 kWh battery. You can install up to two if you need more backup power, giving you a maximum 26 kWh of energy capacity.

    The SunVault system includes the battery itself, as well as the Hub+. The Hub+ is what controls the energy flow and dictates how the stored energy is used. For example, it can determine when there is no energy available coming from your panels and will then switch to stored energy from your battery.

    SunPower SunVault battery specifications

    10-year limited warranty

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    What Size Solar Panel System Do You Need

    The average home uses 905 kWh per month, or around 10,850 kWh per year, in electricity. The average size home with a decent amount of sunshine could install a 5 kW to 6 kW solar panel system to help reduce utility bills. You may want to learn about your sun number score for solar based on your homes location and average sunlight exposure discussed below. Also explore the different solar panels dimensions and sizes for more context.

    With solar panels, the money you save on your electricity bills can more than earn back your initial installation costs in 7 to 20 years. There are plenty of solar rebates and incentives available from both the government and local energy providers, which can significantly speed up your return on investment.

    You may also be able to participate in selling excess electricity from your solar panels by net metering in your area.

    Start Saving Money With Solar Sooner

    According to the time value of money concept, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. If we apply that to solar, that would mean going solar today may be more valuable than going solar a year from now, even if solar panel prices go down.

    Heres why thats the case.

    As soon as your solar system is turned on, you start generating electricity from the sun, which can lower your electricity bill. And while there are a number of factors that can influence your savings, such as location, shade, system size, utility rates, weather and local policies, the overarching principle is the same: The more solar energy your home produces, the less electricity you have to buy from the utility company. So by installing your solar system today, youre saving money now. Those are savings you wouldnt see if you were still waiting.

    Purchasing a solar system outright is the best way to achieve higher long-term savings. And depending on your system size, energy usage and local utility rates, a solar system may pay for itself in five to 10 years. After breaking even through bill savings, you will enjoy free renewable electricity for the lifetime of your system. And if that system is powered by SunPower panels, it is projected to continue saving you money for up to 35 years.

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    Power Product And Service Weve Got You Covered

    While most solar warranties are full of headaches, the SunPower® Complete Confidence Warranty keeps things simple with one company covering your entire system. And with rigorous testing and unmatched reliability, its best warranty you may never need to use.*

    • *. Jordan, et. al. Robust PV Degradation Methodology and Application. PVSC 2018

    Why Choose Sunpower Solar Panels

    How much do solar panels cost? | California Solar Guide

    SunPower is one of the most trusted and well-respected solar manufacturers around and their history speaks for itself.

    Should you decide to invest in SUnpower solar panels, you can be guaranteed of the following benefits:

    • Durability
    • Increased energy generation
    • High efficiency

    The Sunpower Maxeon 3 range of solar panels deliver a power output of 400W the first residential panels to reach that level which can deliver your home with 60% more energy than conventional panels over the 25 year warranty period. For their Maxeon panels to still be achieving efficiency levels of 92% going into the 25th year makes this range of panels a huge investment.

    If you’re interested in SunPower solar panels for your property, use our service to get free quotes from solar installers based in your area. Simply complete our online form and you’ll be matched with up to 3 installers qualified to carry out the work. Once you have the quotes, you can compare them to ensure you’re getting the most competitive price from the very best person.

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    How Much Does A Whole House Solar System Cost

    According to the CSE, a typical residential 5kW system costs between $3 and $5 per watt when installed, which results in a range of $15,000 to $25,000. There are no tax credits or incentives associated with that cost. The amount of money youll need to pay for solar panels depends on how much energy you use at the moment.

    Saving Money & Saving The Environment

    The financial savings are clear. Not only will solar decrease your monthly electric bill, it will increase your home value and let you start saving money from day one. Your financial budget suddenly seems brighter when you begin to see your savings from your electric bill each month.

    Financial benefits aside, you can rest assured knowing youve done an incredible thing for the environment. Youve taken advantage of the capability to generate clean, renewable energy, straight from the sun.

    According to the EPA website, an 8.6kW home solar system avoids the equivalent of an estimated 9,606 pounds of carbon dioxide being released into the air each year, doing the work of approximately 50 mature trees. If your entire neighbourhood went solar, it would be like growing a forest.

    Install solar now and know that you can feel good about doing your part to help change the way our world is powered.

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    Are Sunpower Panels Worth The Extra Cost

    This answer will be different for everyone based on budget and power needs, but in general, we recommend that SunPower panels are indeed worth the extra cost. If power density, efficiency, and a strong warranty are important to you, then you cant beat what SunPower is offering.

    Additionally, their panels are available in extremely high wattages, so you can power your home or business even if your energy consumption rates are high. In fact, in a recent EnergySage ranking of solar panels, SunPower earned the best and highest reviews of every solar panel brand listed.

    However, not everyone needs the absolute best solar panels. If you have plenty of space on your roof and want to keep your budget on the lower end, installing more panels that are slightly less efficient can work out to be more economical and just as effective as going for top-of-the-line SunPower panels. Conversely, if you have limited space and aim to maximize production as much as possible, SunPower panels might be the perfect option for you.

    How Do I Know How Much Sun My Roof Gets

    How Much Do Solar Panels Cost For My Homes?

    The more direct sunlight your home receives, the more power the panels can produce. But theres a little more to it than just sunlight. To see if your house is a good candidate for solar, try out a solar panel suitability checker such as Google’s Project Sunroof. Then set up an appointment for a solar consultation with an expert wholl visit your home to inspect its orientation , roof angle and tree shading to see if your roof will receive enough sunlight to meet your family’s electricity needs. SunPower’s solar consultations are free, online or in-person, and you can learn more about your home electricity needs and savings options.

    SunPower panels are proven to be the most efficient on the market*not to mentioned unmatched at generating power in low-light situationsbut, excessive shading will reduce the amount of power that can be generated.

    It’s also important to know a SunPower Equinox® solar solution has unique, factory-integrated microinverters in each panel. Meaning, if one panel isn’t producing energy because of shade, neighboring panels receiving more sunlight can still generate solar energy for your home.

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    Which Is Better Sunrun Vs Sunpower

    SunPower has a large market share in the industry because it offers the best panels with the highest conversion efficiency of 22.8%. There are so many solar power companies right now, and it is important to have a value proposition somewhere. Sunrun does not have a clear efficiency advantage or a cost advantage.

    Cost Of Solar Panels In Virginia: Local Solar Installation Prices

    Heres a quick look at the estimated cost of solar in Virginia:

    • Average Cost Per Watt: $2.75
    • Cost of Average System: $22,385*
    • Cost of Energy Without Solar: $51,942
    • Payback Period: 13 Years**
    • Lifetime Savings of Going Solar: $21,692

    *Average system size is calculated using data from the Energy Information Administration. This price is after tax credit.**Payback period is calculated assuming the system is purchased in cash.

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