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How To Maintain Solar Panels

Final Thoughts On Solar Panel Maintenance

How to Maintain Solar Panels : Solar Panels

Despite being a reliable source of energy, solar panels have to be maintained to function efficiently. After all, the dirt can lower its output level therefore, you should always monitor your panels production rate. In addition, the solar panels have to be washed more than twice per year. So make sure youre safe while cleaning the roof-mounted panels and use the brush with long handles to clean the hard-to-reach areas.

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The Following Four Tips Are All You Need To Know About Solar Panel Care And Cleaning

One of the big advantages of solar energy systems is the fact that they require so little care or maintenance. With no moving parts, solar installations undergo very little degradation over time. reports that the life expectancy of solar panels has increased in recent years as the manufacturing technology has become more sophisticated. The rule of thumb used to be that panels would lose 1 percent of their effectiveness with each passing year, but that figure has now substantially decreased. Now that solar panels are being made with monocrystalline silicon, they will maintain 92 percent of their efficiency after 20 years.

Should You Clean Your Solar Panels

Generally, solar panels dont need to be cleaned rooftop panels at an angle will naturally clean off with rainfall. If you live somewhere where there is a lot of smog, dust, or dirt, you may see a dip in your production over time that can be remedied by cleaning your panels. If your panels are mounted on your roof, however, your best option is to hire a professional cleaning service rather than try to clean them yourself. Your installer will be able to recommend someone local to help you.

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How Often Do Solar Panels And Systems Need Maintenance

PV solar systems require little maintenance over their 30+-year lifespan. Most blogs and articles you read will corroborate that. Unless your solar PV system has bad parts, was installed incorrectly, or an outside factor causes damage to the system, theres little PV system maintenance needed to keep your solar system running. The same goes for solar panel maintenance. In most cases, you dont even have to worry about cleaning your panels!

And theres a good reason for this. Unlike more complex machines – HVAC units, cars, wind turbines , solar systems have very few moving parts. Theyre remarkably simple for the work they do.

That said, the most complex part of your system, the inverter, is what is most likely to have issues. But theres no need to fear. All leading inverter brands have warranties that should cover any issues that arise within the first 10 – 25 years. Solar batteries also come with warranties, though they are often much shorter than panels and inverters.

One of the best ways to minimize the need for PV system maintenance is by starting off on the right foot. Partnering with an experienced, reputable solar installer should be #1 when going solar. The benefits are twofold: youre more likely to have a properly installed system with quality parts, and youre more likely to be covered by effective warranties.

While the best installer may not be the least expensive, your future self might thank you, and it could be cheaper in the long run.

How Do I Know If My Solar Is Working Properly

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

One simple health check is looking at the color of the lights shining on the inverter box during the day, when the system is meant to be working. Green lights on the box means that the system is functioning as it should. Orange or red lights during the day could mean theres a system event or fault.

If theres a red flashing light, be sure to look for an error code on the display. Alternatively, you may look up the inverters user interface through a web portal to find out more about the cause.

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Home Solar Panel Cleaning Tips & Checklist

“Do solar panels require regular maintenance or cleaning?”

We get this question a lot. And luckily, the quick answer is no. Nature does the bulk of the work for you, but a quick cleaning once or twice a year, may help your system perform at its peak potential.

Here are some tips for determining when and if you should clean your solar panels, how to clean your panels, and when it’s time to call in professional help.

How Does Extreme Weather Impact Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are designed to be durable. Top quality solar panel installations allow PV systems to withstand all kinds of weather, from wind and rain to snow and more. Youll be glad to know that solar panels hold up well against hail, as found by the Department of Energy. They can even survive hurricanes, as evidenced by the limited damage to solar systems in North Carolina during Hurricane Florence in 2018.

Of course, they are not 100% indestructible on rare occasions can suffer damage by hail, hurricanes, tornadoes or lightning. But as long as you have a good warranty, and/or your panels are covered by homeowners’ insurance, you should be able to have any damaged panels repaired or replaced. Somewhat ironically, the type of weather that most commonly affects panels is heat. When the temperature gets over 90 degrees, panels lose efficiency approximately 1% per degree. However, by elevating them a few inches above the ground or roof, you allow for air circulation, which can help cool them down and maintain energy production.

Learn more: How hot do solar panels get and how does it affect my system?

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Clean And Care For Your Solar Panels

In many cases, rain will take care of keeping your panels clean. This is especially true when solar panels are installed at a steeper tilt, because dust and pollen will typically be washed off with every rainfall. If your panels do happen to acquire an unusually heavy coating of dust or pollen, however, you can easily clean them with plain water. Some homeowners just direct the hose spray up to their panels and shower them off, imitating the action of rain.

The main thing to watch out for is any danger of scratching the glass, because this can reduce the light that gets to the solar cells. For this reason, when you choose solar panel cleaning products, its important to avoid any type of abrasive cleanser. Detergent cleansers can also be problematic, because they can leave streaks and smudges that may be hard for you to see. These can also decrease the light that passes through. Rubbing alcohol dissolved in water can take care of any oily residue or other dirt that may have found its way onto the glass. If youre going to wipe down your panels, you should generally use a soft cloth or squeegee. Since solar panels are made of glass, you dont need to shop for specialized solar panel care or cleaning tools.

What Is A Feed

How to Clean and Maintain Your Solar Panels | A& R Solar

The Feed-in Tariff scheme, was introduced by the Government in April 2010 and finished in March 2019. It was designed to help generate more renewable energy across the UK. Under the FiT scheme, the owner of an approved solar power system will get paid for all the electricity the solar panels produce. The is managed on behalf of Ofgem by a designated FiT Administrator.

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Do Solar Panels Need To Be Inspected

Yes, to make sure that your panels are operating at optimal capacity, we recommend scheduling regular inspections with our team. During these inspections, well make sure that your system is in proper working order and that everything is functioning at peak capacity. This will ensure that your panels are generating the most energy and save you on repair costs down the road.

Ensure that your solar panels last their entire lifetime by investing in the proper care of them now! For any questions or assistance in maintaining your panels, dont hesitate to contact our team! Either visit our website or give us a call at 519-8099 for maintenance and service.


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What Is The Standard Warranty For Solar Panels

Make sure you are getting a good solar panel warranty before you go solar. This is because if your solar panels’ efficiency does start to decrease, you’ll need professional maintenance that can potentially cost you thousands of dollars over the years. A good solar company will give you a warranty of between 15 and 25 years, and guarantee that your panels’ energy production remains at 85% or above for that entire time.

Find the best solar companies in your area!

Solar Panel Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know

Solar Panels Maintenance Package  How Do I Find the Best ...

Solar panels are a great investment that can provide you with renewable solar energy for the next 25 years or more. But how do you maintain them? Are they like your car, requiring regular tune-ups to stay in peak condition? Or are you supposed to just leave them be? Read on for answers to the common solar panel maintenance questions.

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Solar Power Equipment And Maintenance Safety First

The best way to get the job done is on the ground with a long-handled implement. But if thats not possible and you choose to go on the roof, you must take precautions.

For example, a rope should be attached to a safety harness to prevent falling to the ground a method often used by professionals.

Additionally, no one should be on a roof without a hard hat and a safety harness. It is a potentially fatal environment. Check out this advice about working at these heights before you start. The task of solar panels cleaning is not worth your life!

How Do You Repair Or Replace Solar Panels

If your solar panels need replacing or repairing, your best bet is to hire a professional. If your panels are still under warranty and are losing efficiency, get in touch with your solar company. They will likely send someone to assess them and either fix or replace the affected panels.

If your panels have sustained any form of physical damage, that should be covered under your homeowners insurance or in a separate equipment warranty.

Try finding out if your panels are covered for damage and who you can call to file a claim. Either way, you shouldnt try installing or repairing solar panels by yourself unless youre an experienced technician with home solar systems experience.

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Solar Panels Are Designed To Be Low Maintenance

Unlike a boiler, your solar panels should work efficiently without a yearly service. You shouldnt need to pay extra costs for maintenance packages to keep them running well. In fact, you dont usually even need to clean your solar panels we get enough rain in the UK to do that for you. But if youve got any questions about keeping your solar panels in good condition our Solar Care team can help.

Weve been fitting solar panels since 2011, so weve got plenty of tricks and technical tips up our sleeves. Weve shared lots of them here, but if you cant find what youre looking for, get in touch.

First, here are a few ways to check if your solar panel efficiency is up to scratch.

How Often Do Solar Panels Require Cleaning

How To: Maintain Your Solar Panels

Again, nature may take care of the routine cleaning for you. But keep an eye on your monthly electricity bill or monitoring app. If you see a noticeable drop in production, it might be time for a quick clean. As a general rule, cleaning your system about twice a year should be sufficient.

If you live in the western United States where wildfires are annual occurrences, be sure to check your solar panels for ash or soot build-up after nearby fires have been safely contained. Since they are different from typical dust or animal droppings, you may want to contact a professional to find out the best way to clean them from soot build-up.

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Fall Maintenance: Leaf And Debris Clearing

Solar panels can keep producing energy well into the fallas long as they arent covered in loose leaves or other vegetation. Theres no guarantee that your roof and array will stay leaf-free, however, even if you dont have tall trees overhanging your home. Autumn winds can carry debris into the air, depositing it on your panels and rack.

Fortunately, leaf removal is one of the easier solar maintenance tasks out there. Its on par with cleaning your gutters. If you have proper safety equipmentsturdy rope, a harness, a ladder, may be able to tackle the job yourself. Before you do, though, check your panel warranty to ensure that you wont accidentally void it by using a brush or roof rake to clear leaves.

If youre unsure about your ability to do the project on your own, you can always consult a professional cleaning company.

Discoloration Or Snail Trail

Snail trail refers to the discoloration of the solar panel, usually seen after a number of years. If a defective silver paste was used during the manufacturing process, it could lead to this form of discoloration.

Oxidation may occur between the silver paste and the encapsulated material as moisture accumulates on the panel due to the defective silver paste.

Snail trail will often lead to a chemical breakdown towards the frontal part of the panel, which becomes visible. This greatly reduces the performance of the solar panel. Plus, snail trails may also cause microscopic cracks, which usually decrease the power production capacity of the panel.

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Solar Panel Replacement Cost

You can expect to pay $15,000 to $21,000 for the replacement of solar panels, compared to $400 to $1,000 for the repair. Your final cost will depend on how many units need to be replaced. They often last beyond their expected lifespan of 20 years. Expect new and advanced models to last about 50 years. These need replacement only if they break beyond repair, are physically damaged by wind, debris, or other factors, like them, showing inefficiency and declined energy production, or poor racking or bad weather caused damage.

Renters With Solar Who’s Responsible

How to keep solar panels from being stolen

If you move into a home with solar already installed, your landlord has a responsibility to ensure that the system is appropriately maintained, says Jemima Mowbray, policy and advocacy co-ordinator at the Tenants Union of NSW.

“As a renter, you absolutely have the right to request that your solar system is maintained to make sure your home remains habitable and safe,” she says.

If the solar system on your rented home causes a fire, the landlord could be liable to pay you compensation

In fact, if something goes wrong and the solar system on your rented home causes a fire, the landlord could be liable to pay you compensation.

“If the landlord has failed to properly maintain the system and this has led to a fire, you have the right to claim compensation for economic loss,” says Mowbray. “I would recommend keeping a note of how well the system is being maintained, as well as the expected lifespan of the system.”

She notes that in the rare case that the tenant has bought the solar system themselves, they’d be responsible for maintenance.

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Inverter And Housing Maintenance

To begin with, we remind that the solar inverter is an indispensable part of a solar installation which converts direct current output into alternating current. It also comes in a smaller format, called a micro-inverter.

Maintaining an inverter is a hassle-free task. Once a year, the air inlets must be cleaned so that the device can cool down properly. The indicator lights and various displays must also be checked at this time.

This procedure limits the decreased productivity of the device at the end of its service life. It should be noted that a solar inverter has an estimated service life of about 10 years. In addition to being cleaned and maintained, it will need to be replaced at least once during the service life of the photovoltaic system.

Last but not least, we turn our attention to the other connector housings. Their maintenance consists of dusting off and verifying the indicator lights.

How Do I Clean And Maintain My Solar Panels

Folks with tilted panels on their roofs dont have to clean their panels during the rainy season. And that is because the rain clears all the accumulated dirt. But during the dry season, you will have to clean it manually at least twice per year. Fortunately, this is a straightforward task that anyone can do, but make sure you clean them late in the evening or early morning when they are not hot. For this DIY project, you will need the following tools:

  • A hose with a sprayer
  • A soft brush with an extendable/long handle
  • Squeegee or window wiper
  • A container of fresh soapy water
  • Solar panel monitoring system

Luckily, a solar panel kit has everything you will need to clean the panels. So, when buying your solar system, make sure the cleaning kit is also included. Most kits dont have brushes with extendable handles, so if you install them on the roof, make sure you get one.

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