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Blue Wave Solar Pool Cover

How Fast Does A Solar Cover Heat A Pool

Blue Wave Pool Cover Review

In an inground swimming pool, a solar cover can increase the water temperature by 5 to 8 degrees F for every 12 hours of coverage. With no cover at all, pool water absorbs a substantial amount of sunlight. A white plaster pool averaging 4.5 feet in depth absorbs approximately 60% of the suns energy. This energy will heat the pool by about 0.7°F per hour under direct midday sunlight. See our full deep dive into how fast a solar cover heats a swimming pool here.

What To Look For In A Solar Pool Cover

Size, thickness and color are the most significant factors in choosing a solar pool cover.

Pool covers need to cover the pool exactly from edge to edge. Large, high-quality solar pool covers close to 800 square feet will cost around $300, whereas a smaller cover closer to 100 square feet will be closer to $100 or lower budget brands like Intex will have cheaper options available for many sizes. If your pool cover is slightly larger than your pool, you can cut it to size.

Thicker pool covers should offer better insulation in colder, windier climates, said Gilda Dobrica, founder of ProSwim NYC and creator of the Teach-Your-Child-To-Swim e-course. Thin pool covers around 8 to 10 mils can save you about $100, broadly speaking, and may be sufficient in warmer climates. Solar pool covers with thickness between 10 to 12 mils fall in the medium range.

Blue solar pool covers are best. A UV-protected, translucent blue color offers a better balance between heat retention and pool chemical protection, Dobrica told us. Blue covers absorb UV Rays better, according to James Collins, vice president of curriculum development at the Goldfish Swim School, an organization that teaches kids how to swim. Dobrica said that a clear cover will warm the pool water the most, but it will also allow more UV rays, which can make chlorine less effective as a disinfectant. A chemically imbalanced pool without enough chlorine could lead to algae blooms in your pool.

Effect On Chemical Cost

Clear Covers

Since light will pass through a clear solar cover with relative ease, more UV rays get into the water. UV light is known to degrade chlorine, so with clear covers, chlorine levels will fall faster in the pool. Consequently, you will spend more on chemicals.

Blue Covers

The reverse is the case with blue covers. They do not let light through as easily as a clear solar blanket will, so chlorine degradation by UV light is slower.

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What Is The Best Color For A Pool Cover

People often consider clear solar pool covers as the best type of pool covers. However, while clear solar covers offer the best heating, they may not always be the best in all situations.

The best color for a pool cover may ultimately depend on your personal preferences and other factors unique to you. For one, if you prioritize rapid and efficient pool warming, then a clear solar pool cover will work best for you. If you also want more heat gain and a higher rise in temperature, you should get a clear solar cover.

However, if you want some visual appeal, you may opt for a colored pool cover. Some of the solar pool cover colors available include blue, black, or grey. You may also get one with two colors or tones. Of such solar pool covers with two colors is blue-black solar covers and blue-silver solar covers.

If you live in an area that does not get enough sunlight per day, you should prioritize heat retention. To this end, you should get solar pool covers with dark colors. It could be black, dark blue, or even dark grey. These types of solar covers will absorb and save some heat for your pool long after the sun is gone. This way, they make up for the short periods of light from the sun. However, you will need water circulation to distribute the heat within the pool.

Although some colors are better in some situations, clear pool covers will always be valuable in most situations. This may be why they are typically considered the best.

Final Thoughts Clear Vs Blue Solar Pool Covers

Blue Wave 28

There is a never-ending debate in the swimming pool industry about which color is better in the clear vs. blue solar pool covers. Both clear and blue solar covers are useful in pool water heating. However, while the clear types heat water faster and more efficiently, the blue types are better at retaining heat.

In many cases, the rapid heating and high efficiency of clear blankets are optimal. However, in places where the sun does not stay out for long, the heat retention of a blue solar blanket is desired. Your choice between clear vs. blue solar pool covers depends on the most features that matter to you. If you want, you may even get both types and use them to make up for each others flaws.

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Our Summary On The Best Solar Covers For Inground Pools

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to choose the absolute best solar pool cover for your inground swimming pool!

There are many benefits to having a quality solar swimming pool cover from maintaining your pool temperature to balancing out your pools chemicals. You can use the above reviews to decide which product is the best solar cover for your inground pool, our teams personal top pick is the Sun2Solar Clear Rectangle Solar Cover.

Let us know what you think about our top solar cover choices for inground swimming pools in the comment section below!

Sun2solar Midwest Canvas Clear Diamond

The Sun2Solar Midwest Canvas Solar Cover is the best solar cover for an inground pool for those looking for a budget-friendly option. It offers good heat retention throughout various seasons. This is made from a resin material, and the cover itself is a clear cover.

Unlike many other common solar covers, this uses diamond-shaped bubbles with the claim that with a diamond design you get greater coverage of bubbles to absorb more UV rays. While the low price on this solar pool cover definitely makes it a good value for the ones we evaluated, it did rank low on both ease-of-use as well as durability compared to others.

Next, on our best solar cover for inground pool list, we have this solar cover from Down Under that makes use of a double blue layer technology that aims to give the cover more durability. It features reinforced seams that try to help it fight against wear and wind resistance in spite of the fact that it is very lightweight.

More about the durability, this solar cover is made from vinyl that is UV stabilized to fight of fading from both the sun and the chemicals from the pool. Also, it comes with a decent 3-year warranty. Althought it works well, our biggest issue with the Down Under Blue Solar Cover is that it is often not available to buy and probably not the best choice for someone needing a solar pool cover in a timely manner.

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Whats The Difference Between A Solar Cover And A Solar Blanket

While people typically use the terms solar cover and solar blanket interchangeably, they are actually quite different.

A solar cover is a broad term for a group of substances placed or applied on the surface of pools to raise the temperature or hold warmth in the pool. These substances include solar blankets, solar rings, and liquid solar covers.

A solar blanket, on the other hand, is a type of solar cover. It is made for warming pools, retaining warmth in pools, and reducing water evaporation from pools. Solar blankets are typically made from materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, or vinyl. These materials come in various thicknesses , and they are sometimes UV-stabilized for durability. They may also come with air bubbles for higher heating efficiency.

Can I Leave My Solar Cover On My Pool All Winter

What’s the Best Pool Cover? (Solid or Mesh, Loop-Loc or Blue Wave)

As the weather starts to cool down and winter approaches, you may be wondering if you can keep your solar cover on your pool all season. The answer is yes! There are a few reasons why you might want to keep your solar cover on your pool during the winter months.Benefits of Keeping Your Solar Cover On One of the main benefits of keeping your solar cover on your pool during the winter is that it will help to keep the water warmer. Solar covers work by trapping heat from the sun and keeping it in the pool. So, even on cloudy days or in the evening, your pool will still retain some of that heat. This can be a real bonus if you live in an area with a colder climate, as it can help to extend your swimming season. Another benefit of keeping your solar cover on your pool during the winter is that it will help to keep the water cleaner. Leaves and other debris can blow into your pool, even if you have it covered. A solar cover will help to trap these items so they dont sink to the bottom of your pool and start to decompose. This can also save you time and money, as you wont have to clean your pool as often.Things to Consider There are a few things to consider before you leave your solar cover on your pool all winter long. First, you will want to make sure that your pool is properly balanced.

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Blue Wave Rectangular In

The durable Blue Wave Rectangular In-Ground Solar Blanket provide effective warmth for your swimming pool. Thermal bubbles can increase your pools temperature up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. These innovative cells trap and transfer heat, keeping your pool warm even on cloudy days and cool nights. For optimal heating, the transparent, blue polymer allows maximum sunlight to reach the depth of the water. Our UV-protected blankets are designed to withstand years of direct sunlight. Keep your in-ground swimming pool warm with a Rectangular 12-mil Blue or a 14-Mil Clear Solar Blanket. Designed to last, and backed by a 5-Year Warranty, our solar blankets are designed to outlast and out-perform Intex pool covers. Built with ease and simplicity in mind a solar blanket is for the person looking for simplicity and ease factors when needing to meet their pool heating needs. Get yours today from Pool Warehouse!

Blue Wave In-Ground Solar Blanket Features:

  • Designed for rectangular in-ground pools
  • Extends the swimming season
  • Increases temperature up to 15 degrees
  • UV-protected and chemical resistant

Blue Wave Solar Pool Cover

A blue wave solar pool cover is an excellent way to keep your pool warm and your energy bills low. This type of cover is made of a durable material that is designed to withstand the UV rays of the sun. The cover is also equipped with a built-in solar panel that helps to generate heat.

If youre looking to heat up your pool without breaking the bank, a blue wave solar pool cover is a great option. Solar covers are a great way to trap heat in your pool, and the blue wave solar pool cover does an excellent job of this. Not only will your pool be warmer, but youll also save money on your energy bill.

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Blue Wave Solar Pool Cover Reviews

As solar pool covers go, the Blue Wave solar pool cover is one of the best on the market. This cover is designed to absorb the suns rays and transfer that heat to your pool, making it more comfortable to swim in and helping to extend your swimming season. The cover is made of a heavy-duty material that is UV-resistant and can withstand years of sun and pool use. It also has a series of drain holes that allow water to pass through while keeping debris out. One of the best features of the Blue Wave solar pool cover is that its easy to install and remove. It comes with a built-in strap system that makes it a breeze to put on and take off.If youre looking for a solar pool cover that will help keep your pool warm and clean, the Blue Wave solar pool cover is a great option.

Clear Vs Blue Solar Pool Covers

NEW! Pool Solar Cover Blanket Blue Wave Magni Clear 12

Indeed, cover color does affect your swimming pool temperature, but it is not quite as straightforward as you may think there is a bigger picture. The presence/absence of air bubbles in solar pool covers, the thickness, the type of material, and the color influence various performance features, including heat transfer, heat absorption, and heat retention. While solar pool covers come in various colors, people often pitch the clear vs. blue solar pool covers for different reasons. But the question is, what advantages do they offer over each other?

In this article, we compare the properties of clear vs. blue solar pool covers to guide your choice between either of them.

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Blue Wave Ns440 Overview

The solar blankets are made to give you the maximum heating and insulation properties, combined with long life. Durable 12-mil blankets are loaded with thermal bubbles that retain heat at night and on cloudy cool days. The transparent blue color helps ensure that the sun’s heating rays are reaching your pool water. Your pool will be up to 15 F warmer than an uncovered pool. All the blankets are U.V.-protected so they last under the most intense sunlight. Available in a variety of sizes to fit your in-ground pool. They are backed by a 5-Year Warranty. Available at AppliancesConnection


UV-RESISTANTBuilt for the outdoors, this Rectangular 12-mil Solar Blanket for In-Ground Swimming Pools can withstand exposure to UV radiation and will tolerate even the most intense sunlight.

INNOVATIVE HEAT SOURCEBlue Wave’s technology employs insulating thermal bubbles that trap heat from the sun. These innovative cells retain warmth for effective heat retention even through cool summer nights and cloudy days.

EXTENDS THE SEASONThis thick 12-mil blanket uses passive solar heating to increase your swimming pools temperature up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

5-YEAR WARRANTYYour product comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. Your item will arrive damage free with all necessary parts and accessories. If something goes wrong, we’ll work tirelessly until you’re satisfied with your product.

Our Testing Method & Process On Finding The Best Solar Pool Cover

In order to discover the top solar swimming pool covers for inground pools, we used our outdoor swimming pool testing facility to test over 20 different covers over a period of 60 days. We tested and evaluated the ease of setup and use, cover durability, average pool temperature, and factored in the average price of the solar swimming pool cover online. We were able to narrow down our sample test size of 20 covers down to our top 10.

After narrowing down our list to the top 10, our team reviewed them individually and arranged them from best to worst based on durability, water temperature impact, pool protection, price vs. value, and general ease of use.

Our top 10 products consist of solar pool covers that do well at keeping the temperature in your pool steady, keeps out debris and other elements that can pollute your pool, and are generally simple to use. We kept these features and others in mind when creating our top 10 list.

TLDR? Weve got you covered- Our #1 Pick For The Best Solar Cover For Most Swimming Pools is the Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Cover.

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Where Do You Buy Solar Pool Covers

Our team agrees that the easiest place to buy a solar pool cover is online, due to the often cheaper prices and variety of options available. We recommend Amazon, In The Swim, or If you prefer to shop in-store, Home Depot or Leslies Pool Supplies are good options if you have a location nearby.

What Is The Best Color To Choose When It Comes To A Solar Cover For Your Inground Pool

Best Pool Cover? Solar Pool Cover Testing

As covered above, Solar pool covers are available in several degrees of thickness. When it comes to blue vs clear solar pool covers, in general blue solar covers are lighter and less think than clear or non-colored solar pool covers, this makes them more durable and usually better at heating your inground swimming pool.

Blue solar covers often measure 4 mils and 8 mils . Clear solar covers can measure 12 mils and 16 mils .

Thicker pool covers can be more on the pricey end compared to their thinner blue counterparts. We recommend picking one of our top 3 options we tested and reviewed in detail above based on your budget and how long you want your solar pool cover to last.

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Protect The Pool From Debris & Bugs

If you dont cover your pool, you risk leaving it exposed to a number of elements. Leaves, debris, and even bugs can fall into the water. This can risk damaging your filter. Also, as a solar cover maintains a steady temperature, it can reduce the chance of mildew developing inside the pool as a result of uneven temperatures.

How Do You Install A Solar Pool Cover

Installing a new solar pool cover is not incredibly difficult, but there are a couple of steps you want to make sure you dont miss. First, simply remove the cover from the box it came in and lay it next to your swimming pool. Carefully unfold it, as to not create any rips or tears, and then gently spread it over your pools surface with the bubble side down . Our team suggests leaving it out in the sun for a couple of hours if possible to give the cover time to decompress.

If you have a solar reel, this can usually be done with one person, otherwise, we suggest having a family member or friend help with this process. The next step is to cut the solar pool cover to fit your pool size & shape if needed, you want it to be a fairly tight fit, with a tiny bit of excess so no coverage gaps exist that would allow heat to escape. Check out our Full Guide on How To Install Solar Pool Covers for more details.

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