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Seiko Solar Watch Battery Replacement

Seiko Watch Battery Replacement Guide

How To Replace SEIKO V158 Solar Rechargeable Battery | SolimBD

In this guide, we will explain how to replace a Seiko watch battery. It does require some tools, but it should not take a long time. Make sure to work very carefully to prevent additional damage to your watch.

If youd prefer to leave the battery replacement to the experts, many opt to use our Seiko mail-in watch battery replacement service. You can request a free, printable shipping label to mail your watch to our service center.

If you feel comfortable performing the process on your own, follow the steps below to learn how to change a Seiko watch battery. Before continuing, make sure your watch is not a solar watch.

If it is, we recommend delegating to the experts for Seiko solar watch battery replacement. This rechargeable battery is actually a special cell called a capacitor, which should be replaced by a trained watchmaker.

How Long Do Seiko Solar Watches Last

Have you experienced finding a watch you kept in a box for a long time, and youre excited to use it only to find out that the batteries died out? Although there are ways to make it work again, its much easier if you can just wear it right away.

For solar watches like Seiko, this wont be a problem. Nevertheless, many people still doubt these watches reliability.

How long do Seiko solar watches last? Continue reading to find out.

Not Completely Solar For Seiko Solar Watches

It is a fact that solar-powered watches do not get all their energy from the sun. They can both get power from sunlight or artificial light such as light bulbs. Therefore, it is safe to say that its not only long-lasting but also reliable since you can charge it either youre in or out of your house.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your Seiko Watch Battery

To replace a Seiko watch battery usually costs about $25. Besides, this battery replacement cost entirely depends on the brand name, manufacturer, and watch type.

However, if you can replace the battery yourself, there will be no extra cost for the battery replacement task except the cost of the battery itself. Yet, if you want to do it with an expert, it will cost you a little bit.

Here, the cost can vary for a watchmaker, and it will depend on the time, the tools used for the battery replacement, and the liability risk of the job.

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All right, as I mentioned before that the battery itself will cost you about $25, yet when you do it with an expert, it will probably cost you around $30-$40.

Well, in the case if you have to go to replace your Seiko watch battery, I will recommend you to take your watch to a professional. This is because they know the ins and out of your watch and know exactly how they will replace the battery.

Secure The Cover Back On The Seiko Watch


Now that your watch is functioning properly, you can close the case with the same adjustable tool. Make sure to tighten it securely, especially if your watch is water resistant.

If your watch has a hinge case, you can press the case back on with your thumbs. It will need considerable pressure, and you will feel a click when it is secure. If youre unable to, we recommend a watch press set to ease the process.

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to change a battery in a Seiko watch. If you are having issues, please feel free to request a shipping label. We provide a variety of Seiko watch repair services, including battery replacements, watch movement services, rubber gasket replacements, watch face crystal replacements, band repairs, and more. Contact an authorized Seiko repair specialist with

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Open The Back Of A Seiko Watch

First, we will need to remove the back of your Seiko. Most Seiko watches generally have a back case with multiple indentations. Youll want to use an adjustable watch case opener to safely open your watch.

Adjust the size of the watch opener to fit around the back shell of the watch. Line up the nobs with the indentations of the case, and twist the cover off.

If your watch only has one small indentation on the back case, its likely a hinge case. Youll need to use a common cover remover, insert the edge into the slot, and lift the case up.

Find The Battery Size Of A Seiko Watch

Now youll be able to view the inner components of the watch. With a magnifying glass, see what type of battery powers your Seiko. Seiko battery replacement sizes are usually a 371 , or a 303/357 .

We recommend using a quality brand such as Duracell or Renata for replacement batteries for Seiko watches. At our repair center, we stock all Seiko battery sizes as well as dozens of other sizes.

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When I Need A Seiko Solar Watch Battery Replacement

Generally, the solar watch battery doesnt require replacement. It is designed to last longer. Many Seiko solar watch battery lasts for 20 years when regularly charged under the solar UV rays.

Watches kept in the dark place can also last for more than 6 months without needing the charge.

Many users have also claimed that the battery lasts most than 1 year in a single charge without needing the charge.

So it clearly shows that the Seiko solar watch battery replacement is not needed unless your watch is damaged due to unexpected events.

Also, if there is a necessity to replace the watch, then doing that is not that difficult. You can reach the nearby store and get the batteries replaced. The battery doesnt cost much and can be purchased from the local stores.

What Type Of Battery Is In A Seiko Solar Watch

DIY Seiko solar battery replacement

The manufacturer Seiko uses a secondary battery instead of a normal battery to build a Seiko solar watch.

This is because this rechargeable battery charges the solar watch by absorbing light, which converts into electrical energy.

Not only that, but also this secondary battery stores the converted electrical energy as a power reserve for the watch movement. And also, due to having the auto energy generating system, it can repeat charging and discharging. Thus, you can use your Seiko solar watch for a longer period of time.

Besides, Seiko claims that they provide a power-saving function into the rechargeable battery of their solar watch. Therefore, if you left the watch uncharged for a longer time, you dont need to worry.

Your Seiko solar timepiece will automatically stop operating. So, it can prevent unnecessary power consumption. Yet, whenever you expose it to light, it will immediately show you the current time.

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A Solar Watch Is Not Recharged Even Though It Was Exposed To Light Is It Broken

Sufficient strength of light and amount of time are necessary in order to recharge sufficiently. In case the strength of light and amount of time are not enough, there is a possibility of insufficient recharging. A Solar Watch is a watch which moves by converting light energy into electronic energy. Light energy received by a solar cell is converted into electronic energy. The energy is stored in the rechargeable battery and is used to move the watch. Unlike a disposable battery such as dry battery and button battery, a rechargeable battery is an eco-friendly battery. It can be used for a long period of time by recharging and discharging the energy repeatedly.

Solar Technology Has Improved In Recent Years

Its important to recognise that, similar to the technology in luminous watches, there are different types of technology used in solar powered watches. This means that a solar powered watch which you owned a few decades ago but didnt work very well is not going to tell you whether a new solar powered watch is going to be reliable or not. In a lot of ways it would be like considering whether to buy a new I-Pod on the quality of early MP3 Players.

Since the release of the early solar powered watches there have been massive improvements in the efficiency and storage capacity of the solar panels on your watches. The storage capacity of todays solar powered watch is so great that an Eco-Drive watch can run with no further charging from 30 days to 3,175 days depending on which model you buy.

Another positive of the technological improvements is that solar watches of today dont have to have the crazy innovative designs that the solar watches of the 70s and 80s needed in order to incorporate the solar panels to power the watch. Thankfully the solar powered watch of today doesnt look like some scary vision of what the 70s thought the future would look like. They look just as stylish as any other watch youd find today.

So, dont base your opinion on solar powered watches on the solar powered watch you owned 20 years ago. Todays watches are much more efficient, much better designed and much more reliable than any solar powered watches of the past.

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Developments In Seiko Solar Watches

Similar to the technology used in luminous watches, solar watches use various kinds of technologies. It means that the Seiko solar watch that Ive owned for a couple of decades now are not the same as the solar watches Seiko manufactured in recent years. You cant expect the new model of iPhone having the same functions as the iPhone 1, right?

Massive developments in storage capacity and efficiency have taken place since Seiko solar watches have been introduced in the market. I just bought a Seiko Prospex Divers watch, and I like that it has a 10-month power reserve. Also, most solar watches now dont need charging which can range from 1 month to over 8 years.

Aside from functionality, the design has improved much as well. You can see various styles from dressy to sporty. To sum up, in terms of reliability and design, dont compare modern Solar watches with the ones made many, many years ago.

Where Can You Find Professionals To Replace Your Watch Battery

Seiko battery TS920E 3023 34T 3023 24H for Solar watches V172 V174 V175 ...

Now that you have a good idea of how much watch battery replacements cost, its time to find the right people to do it. Here are great places where you can find experts in changing your watch batteries:

1) Youll want someone who knows about watches and has experience with them this is why I always go see my local jeweler when I need repairs or adjustments on mine!

2) Most department stores will also carry some stock for popular brands like Rolex so there should be no problem finding one.

3) My other favorite place would be an old-fashioned pawn shop.

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Which Tools Are Required For Wristwatch Battery Replacement

The tools for changing batteries are really necessary in most cases, especially when it comes to delicate pieces like watches.

There is a compiled list of all the necessary gears and equipment that people will need to change their batteries efficiently alternatively if you just want one pair done now but dont plan on doing any more soon then this is your guide!

How Can I Change The Seiko Solar Watch Battery

All right, to change the battery of your Seiko solar watch, you can take the watch to an expert or can change it yourself.

Although, it would be better if you take it to a professional watchmaker. Yet, if you want to change yourself, you have to follow several steps.

  • First, you need to remove your Seiko solar watch back cover using a special tool or a watch clamp so you can unscrew it.
  • After that, find the existing battery and remove it using tweezers. It will help you to lift the battery more conveniently.
  • Then you need to insert the new rechargeable battery into your watch. Here, you can use tweezers to insert the battery. And then, you have to press down the newly inserted battery to ensure that it is placed into its position securely.
  • Finally, check if you have properly installed the new battery and then put your watch back cover back in place again.

Well, you can follow the video below to understand the battery replacement process of your Seiko solar watch more easily.

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Do I Need A Citizen Solar Watch Battery Replacement

Usually, the solar watch battery lasts longer and doesnt require replacement . However, it would be best if you replaced the battery every 5 years to avoid leakage in the battery and damage to the watchs core functions.

Solar-powered watches are good, and they last for 6 months without needing the charge. The cell in the battery may last up to 20 years if you keep charging the watch regularly.

Solar watches require less power to function. The average size battery would be sufficient enough to power the solar watch for several months at a single charge.

Also, charging the full battery would require only one day.

The solar watch also comes with a built-in capacitor. Generally, the capacitor would last for more than 20 years. Even if you do not charge the watch regularly, it will still last longer.

With enough sunlight, the dead battery can be charged in a few hours. The charge will be sufficient enough to run your solar-powered watch for several months.

Solar watches are highly efficient. They dont require much maintenance. Also, most of them are waterproof and design to sustain in the lethal condition.

If you are a traveller and love to spend time in remote areas, these watches are great because they dont require much energy to keep running.

If the old solar watch battery shows the sign of damage, replace it with the new one. The replacement of the old battery with a new one would cost you around $30.

Bottom Line:


How Long Do They Exactly Last

Seiko SOLAR V176 Rechargeable Battery Replacement | Watch Repair Channel | SolimBD

According to Seiko, the batteries in their solar watches should last for a decade. With this length of time, the risk of environmental pollution from throwing away used batteries is greatly lessened.

The main advantage of Seiko solar watches is theyre maintenance-free. Therefore, battery modifications or replacing the electric battery is not needed.

Seiko solar watches last long due to its design. Some solar-powered batteries tend to look bulkier. These watches also utilize wrist actions to have power.

Although it can be charged with either sunlight or artificial light, sunlight can charge your Seiko solar watch faster. You can have it fully-charged for 3 hours. One full charge can last for 6 to 12 months even if used in a completely dark room.

In addition, Read our latest guide to the most popular deep cycle battery chargers and top-rated solar battery maintainers.

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Can A Seiko Solar Watch Battery Be Replaced

Usually, there is no need to replace a Seiko solar watch battery at a regular interval. But, yes, you can replace it depending on your watch ticking performance.

If you dont take proper care and maintenance of your watch and leave it in a dark condition for more than 6 months, it may not work well. So then, you may need to replace your watch battery or capacitor or kinetic cells to ensure its working condition.

Moreover, prolonged watch use reduces its performance, so you may still need to replace its battery.

Therefore, according to Seiko, one of the most recommended reasons to replace a Seiko solar watch battery after 10 years is to ensure its best performance.

Besides, they also recommend that to avert any watch damage such as battery leakage, you should replace your battery as soon as it completely runs out.

How To Replace Seiko Watch Battery

Many people are unaware of how to replace the Seiko watch battery. Have you ever wondered why your expensive watch, stopped working?

There are a number of reasons you might need to replace the battery in your Seiko watch, but one of the most common is when it stops working properly.

If this is the case for you and youre looking for an easy way to change out your batteries, if so, it is likely because the battery died and needs to be replaced. This blog post will teach you how to do this in just four simple steps!

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Environment Suited For Recharging

In order to recharge a solar watch, it is necessary to expose it to light. Since room light is weaker compared to sunlight, it takes a longer time to recharge the watch. Therefore, when recharging, please place the watch by a window and expose it to sunlight with the dial facing the sun. When recharging the watch, make sure that the watch is not heated to a high temperature.

Quick Guide To Replacing A Seiko Watch Battery

MT920 Capacitor for Seiko Solar V157, V158, 5K21, 5K22, 5K23, and V14 ...

Seiko watches have a variety of different models and types for their diverse collection. If you are unsure about what kind or model is right for your project, do not hesitate to ask us at any time!

Find the below step and follow same as its to change a Seiko watch Battery.

  • First of all, put the blanket on the floor or table and then start working on the battery replacement
  • Put the dial of your watch down and then inspect the back case of watch.
  • Open the back case of your watch by using some tool on the area of watch insulator.
  • Keep the tool in a side-to-side motion to loosen the back case of your watch.
  • You have to be very careful pullout the battery other I will damage the movement of watch
  • Take the casing ring and change the replacement battery.
  • With the casing ring out, slip in the batterys edge under the installer.
  • Align the arrow that is marked on your battery to the crown of your watch.
  • Remove your batterys installer and replace it with the casing ring.
  • Check if the date on your calendar was retained.
  • Pull the crown and push it back in after hearing the first click.

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