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Panasonic Solar Panels For Sale

Panasonichit High Efficiency Solar Panels

Panasonic HIT solar panels

Pack more power on your roof with Panasonic 96 cell Solar Panels , in the 300 Watt Solar Panel family. They have the same footprint as standard 60 cell modules, but over 25% more power! These high efficiency panels are designed for dense, residential rooftops, where space needs to be maximized.

Panasonicis a well known and proven brand, and is celebrating over 40 years inthe solar business. They continue to break records for their cell andmodule efficiency. Panasonic’s original SHJ state of art technology solar cell is composed of a thinsingle monocrystalline silicon wafer sandwiched by ultra-thin amorphoussilicon layers. This results in less impurities of the cells,achieving higher electronic quality, and ultimately performance. Inaddition, the SHJ solar cell can generate not only front side light, butalso rear side light, which enters between the cells, allowing forgreater performance in morning and evening light – up to 13% more daily energy production! Thepyramidal structure of the cell surface also helps increase theabsorption of more sunlight, generating more energy. These HIT solarpanels are a proven unique technology and have been in mass productionfor 19 years, proving to be leaders in the industry.

Years Linear Output Guarantee

Since 1 June 2018, the 25-year linear guarantee with 86.2% guaranteed performance after 25 years has also been valid for the Panasonic HIT N 330W Solar Panel VBHN330SJ53. The regular product guarantee of 15 years can be extended to 25 years by registering on www.eu-solar.panasonic.net free of charge.

Panasonic was founded in 1918 and has grown to become one of the largest Japanese electronics producers alongside Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba and Canon Inc.. In addition to electronics, the company offers non-electronic products and services such as home renovation services. The best solar panels from NASDAQ, Bloomberg and Fortune 500 listed solar panel manufacturers at best prices suitable for all weather conditions.

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How Do I Get Started

Solar is relatively straightforward, but it can be overwhelming at first. If you’re thinking about buying solar panels but aren’t sure where to start, give our solar experts a call at 888-899-3509 x1. They will walk you through the process of sizing a solar array and ensure you have all the right bits and pieces for your home. If you’re a Southern California resident, they can even help you find a local installer. We also offer pre-sized solar panel kits for common applications.

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Panasonic Hit Solar Panel Features

  • 19.4% efficiency or better
  • Pyramid Cell Structure technology helps absorb more sunlight to generate power
  • HIT solar panels provide higher efficiency vs. flatter conventional crystalline structures which reflect more light.
  • High efficiency even at high temperatures
  • Unique water drainage design

Employing 96 cells in the same size footprint, HIT solar panels produce up to 36% more free electricity compared to conventional 60-cell panels.

  • More solar power output per square foot
  • Fewer panels to install, faster installations
  • Ideal for small roof areas
  • Greater cost savings for homeowners over a 25-year lifecycle

Unique Water Drainage

Rain water is drained off the panel surface avoiding water stains and helps keep the solar panel clean.

100% Panasonic HIT®

Starting over 40 years ago with the research and development of photovoltaic cells in 1975, Panasonic has been a solar pioneer since the beginning of the green revolution. In 1997, the HIT® set the industry standard for high conversion efficiency. Satisfied customers worldwide have come to trust and rely on Panasonic quality ever since.

Panasonic manufactured and guaranteed

  • 25-year power output warranty and 15-year workmanship warranty
  • Vertically integrated in-house manufacturing of wafer, cell, and module
  • State-of-the-art production facilities and manufacturing processes
  • Industrys most stringent independent testing and quality control standards
  • IEC and 20+ internal tests

Operating Conditions & Safety Ratings

Panasonic 360w Solar Panel 120 Cell Evervolt Evpv360

Panasonic VBHN330SA17 330W Mono Solar Panel for sale online


  • Connector Type MC4 or MC4 compatible
  • DC/Charger Volt Compatible 12v, 24, 48v
  • Dimensions LxWxH 67.8 x 40 x 1.2 in
  • Frame color black
  • Normal Operating Cell Temperature -40 °F to +185 °F
  • Rated Efficiencies 20.6%
  • Scope of application Residential, Commercial, Boats and RV systems
  • Use Grid-Tie, Off-Grid
  • Rated Power Output 360 W
  • Voltage 44
  • Warranty 25-year product and performance warranty
  • Delivery Time 5-7 business days across the US

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Are Panasonic Panels Right For You

Now that you have an overview of the product, the 1 million dollars question arises. Of course, the answer is subjective, but when it comes to solar panels rating, numbers and statistics can help you greatly and influence your decision by a lot. When it comes to Panasonic, numbers dont lie and present you with an array of high-quality products at a very competitive price.

In fact, that is one of the best things about Panasonic products and makes it perfect if you want a good solar panel that will last long, with a warranty provided by one of the best and oldest tech companies in the world, but at a price that will not make you broke.

About The Panasonic Solar Business And Hit Solar Panels

Formerly known as Sanyo HIT Solar, Panasonic began in 1975 with the development of amorphous silicon solar cells. Panasonic has more than 35 years of history in the solar industry. Since that time, Panasonic has continued to carry out leading research and development for solar cells, and has developed further technical abilities and gained experience as it has had its panels installed in a large number of PV systems around the world, especially in the public and industrial markets.

More recently, in 1997, Panasonic released its HIT solar modules HIT stands for heterojunction with intrinsic thin-layer, and the solar cells used are a hybrid with a unique structure comprised of a thin mono-crystalline silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. HIT solar panels are known for their high conversion efficiency and excellent temperature characteristics, allowing HIT panels to generate more power throughout the year, even during peak summer months, compared to other types of crystalline modules.

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What To Look For When Choosing A Panasonic Solar Panel

Before you are ready to choose a particular model, it is a good idea to review the available installation space and its fitness. Theres no need to calculate your energy needs unless youre building an off-grid or hybrid system. Given the availability of net metering, even a modestly-sized system may significantly cut your utility bills. If needed, you can always add panels to an already existing array in the future.

To navigate among all the Panasonic models more comfortably, here are some of the key points to be kept in mind:

  • Price per watt is a good way to compare panels with different power ratings. It may be different from model to model depending on the power rating and technologies used
  • Wind and snow resistance. Despite being thinner than average, Panasonic modules can boast impressive maximum snow and wind loads 7,000 and 4,000 Pa accordingly
  • How well the panels overcome partial shading. Be it a cloud or a tree that regularly steals some of the sun, this is a serious problem that can considerably decrease your solar harvest. If you are dealing with it, look for models that are optimized to operate in these conditions
  • Power ratings. As a rule, panels with higher wattage also have higher efficiencies. In the case of Panasonis this proves correct. However, make sure that the larger modules fit well onto your roof

Panasonic Solar Panel Hit N Series 245w Black Frame Hybrid

Best Solar Panels 2022

including v.a.t.

Panasonic Solar Panel HIT N Series 245W Black Frame Hybrid :

For more than 30 years Panasonic has been setting standards for the development of new, innovative and high performance photovoltaic products and is one of the leaders in the heating and air conditioning sectors.

Panasonic photovoltaic modules are highly efficient and produce more power per square meter than traditional products and therefore you will need fewer modules on your roof to accomplish very high performance. Panasonics also manufactures an extensive range of air to air and air to water heat pumps that qualify for the new Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, with a range of Mono bloc systems available with high performance guaranteed.

Installing a solar system is a long-term and high value investment, therefore the quality of the individual solar panel is important. You should choose a brand that will give you a reliability guarantee and which you can trust. Panasonic is one of the most innovating companies in solar technology with experience going back more than three decades.

Panasonic manufacture the most efficient solar panels available in the UK today producing significantly more energy in the summer months than traditional solar panels and are therefore the ideal choice where roof space is limited. The panels are certified by internationally renowned, independent testing bodies such as the TÜV Rheinland, and meet European standards.

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Panasonic Solar Panels: Main Product Lines

Panasonic solar panels achieve their superior efficiency by using monocrystalline cells, which are characterized by their black color.

Panasonic is currently offering two product lines for the US residential market, and their main features are summarized below:

Panasonic Product Line
Up to 21.2% 350W, 360W, 370W versions

The EverVolt and EverVolt Black series use half-cut solar cells with the heterojunction technology. This design increases their conversion efficiency and power output with respect to conventional solar panels of the same size. Both product lines have the UL and ETL certification marks, which means they have been successfully tested for safe operation.

  • The 380W EverVolt and 370W EverVolt Black solar panels have the same dimensions, being 40 wide and 67.75 tall.
  • Using 20 of these solar panels, you can achieve a rated wattage of 7.6 kW or 7.4 kW , and they fit in less than 400 square feet of roof space.

Panasonic used to have the HIT solar panel series, which offered rated wattages from 315W to 330W. However, they have discontinued that product line to focus on the more efficient EverVolt and EverVolt Black series.

Compact Size And Wind

Best fit in portrait for small roofs. In order to continuously increase the quality of its high-performance HIT® modules, Panasonic is focusing on improvements in detail. The frame of the HIT® N340 solar module is now being strengthened from 35 millimeters to 40 millimeters, so that it can withstand wind and snow loads up to 5400 Pa. The frame is anodyzed and black. The HIT® N340 module is also officially released for mounting the mounting brackets on the shorter sides.

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Our Verdict: They Are Great While They Are Here

  • Panasonic is a highly respected brand with a 100-year history and 50 years of experience on the solar market.
  • Their product is always top quality and is backed up with a 25/25-year warranty. The failure rate of Panasonic panels is impressively low.
  • Their panels are most famous for Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer technology, which gives them the best efficiency at high temperatures.
  • Overall, the efficiency of their panels ranges from 19% to 21% good, but not the best.
  • Panasonic panels are designed mostly for residential use basically, there are no 400+W modules in their product line.
  • Several models in Panasonic’s product line have 4 bypass diodes which makes them exceptionally good at dealing with shading.
  • The 40mm aluminium frame makes panels very durable and capable of withstanding 5400 Pa pressure.
  • Panasonic Black Series shows that the company truly cares about the appearance of their panels.
  • Panasonic panels are on the more expensive side of the solar market.

Kw Panasonic Pv Photovoltaic Solar Panel Complete Kit

Panasonic (2pcs) HIT Power VBHN325SA17 325W Mono Solar Panels

2.88 KW Panasonic PV Photovoltaic Solar Panel Complete Kit

240M 72 cells, mono

The HIT® solar cell is made of a thin monocrystalline silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. This product offers the industrys leading performance and value, using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. The development of the HIT® solar cell was supported in part by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization .

Product features:

  • Water drainage frame rain water is drained off the module surface, avoiding water accumulation and stains after drying, even in low angle installations.
  • Power from both sides HIT® cells generate solar electricity simultaneously on the front and on the back side. This additional amount of light is combined with the light taken up by the front side of the module.
  • Vertically integrated factory efficient production flow improves product quality, as the entire process from cell to wafer is done at the same location. No risk of damage to individual components during transportation between factories.
  • 19.0% module efficiency
  • 10 year product and workmanship guarantee
  • Output guarantee: 10 years , 25 years

Kit Components

12 x Panasonic 240w HIT Panels

1 x Inverter

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How Much Do Panasonic Hit Solar Panels Cost

A single Panasonic solar module is likely to cost somewhere between £275 and £350 per module before installation and come with a 25 year power warranty as well as a 25 year product warranty.

When it comes to finding the most competitive price for the installation of Panasonic HIT solar panels, we highly recommend comparing multiple quotes. By taking a few moments to complete our simple online form, you can get free quotes from up to 3 installers based in your local area.

How Do Panasonic Solar Panels Perform With Hot Weather

The solar industry uses a metric called the temperature coefficient, which describes the performance of photovoltaic panels when exposed to high temperature.

  • The temperature coefficient tells you the percentage of generation capacity lost by a solar panel, for each Celsius degree of temperature rise.
  • This is a temporary effect: the capacity lost when solar panels heat up is recovered when they cool down.
  • The rated wattage is measured under Standard Test Conditions , which include a temperature of 25°C. For this reason, the performance drop with higher temperature is calculated using 25°C as reference.

As a quick example, assume youre comparing two solar panel models of the same wattage, but their temperature coefficients are -0.40% per °C and -0.30% per °C.

With a temperature rise of 20°C, the first panel would lose 8% of its rated output, but the second one would only lose 6%. In this case, the second panel is more productive at high temperature, even when they have the same wattage under Standard Test Conditions.

Panasonic has the best temperature coefficient in the solar industry, along with REC and Solartech Universal. The EverVolt and EverVolt Black series only lose -0.26% output per °C, which means the effect of high temperature is relatively small. With a 20°C temperature rise, the drop in productivity is only 5.2%.

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Why Invest In Solar Power

An investment in solar power today for your home or business protects you from rate hikes by utility companies and locks in your electricity rates. The right type of solar array can also provide you power during a power outage. Costs for going solar keep dropping, and with available financing options, home solar arrays have become something every home owner can afford.

Panasonic Solar Panels Have The Highest Energy Efficiency Conversion On The Market

2021 BEST SOLAR PANEL COMPARISON – LG vs Panasonic vs SunPower vs Solaria vs QCELLS

Panasonic Corporation is in the top three of the largest solar panel manufacturers in Japan. Their monocrystalline panels have maximum efficiency and high quality of materials. More than 50% of the companys revenue comes from solar panel sales and from construction of houses with built-in solar systems. Panasonic solar panels are known for their reliability, impressive power output and use of all the most modern technologies available.

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Panasonic Solar Panels Cost Pros & Cons The Ultimate Guide

Panasonic is a popular brand in the consumer electronics market, and they also manufacture some of the best solar panels. Panasonic focuses on product quality, and their solar panels can operate at high efficiency even when exposed to hot weather. They also offer some of the best warranties in the industry, protecting your investment for up to 25 years following the installation.

In terms of efficiency, solar panels from Panasonic are among the top five, converting up to 21.7% of sunlight into electricity. Only three brands have achieved higher efficiency ratings, and the difference is small: SunPower offers up to 22.8% efficiency, followed by LG at 22.3%, and REC at 21.9%. High-efficiency solar panels make your roof space more productive, generating more kilowatt-hours from each square foot covered.

Surprisingly, Panasonic solar panels have competitive prices in spite of being premium products. According to solar pricing data gathered by EnergySage , you can expect an average cost of $2.71 per watt when using Panasonic. This is below the US average price reported by the Solar Energy Industries Association , which is $3.06 per watt according to their quarterly report from December 2021.

Panasonic More Than 40 Years Of Researching Solar Energy

In 1980, the Japanese company became the first brand in the world to create solar panels with amorphous silicon. Today, Panasonic power modules are ultra-efficient and technologically advanced systems with the maximum power with up to 1,000 Watts and maximum current up to 15 A. Panasonic 400 watt solar panel is one of the most powerful PV modules on the solar market.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers recognizes the companys unique solar panel technology. Today, Panasonic is the absolute leader in the manufacturing of solar panels. The company’s products are being used in agriculture, industry, business investments, private homes, and for personal needs.

  • Energy Efficiency Conversion 19.4> #/p###
  • Operating temperature range is from -45 ° C to 85 ° C
  • Total peak performance – 320 and 325 W
  • 10% more energy production at higher temperatures compared to other brands
  • High efficiency under low light conditions
  • Reduced tendency to micro cracks. Ability to withstand thermal and physical stress

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