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Where To Buy Sole F85 Treadmill

Sole F80 Vs F85 Treadmill

Nordictrack 1750 vs Sole F85 Treadmill – Which is Best for You?

Sole has several models of treadmills at different price points. Just below the F85 is the Sole F80 treadmill. Both are excellent treadmills and while the F85 was rated best folding treadmill the F80 was rated as best treadmill in its price range. You arent going to get a bad treadmill if you choose the F80 over the F85, but you do get a few less features.

The Sole F80 has a lower carrying capacity than the F85. The F80 has a weight limit of 375 pounds while the F85 has a weight limit of 400 pounds. This difference is obviously only important to a very small handful of people, but there are other more important differences.

The Sole F80 has a less powerful motor than the F85. The F80 has a 3.5 CHP motor while the F85 has a more powerful 4 CHP motor. Having a more powerful motor means that it can change speeds faster and is less affected by you, the runner.

The last difference is that the F80 does not have a touch screen display. The Sole F80 has a 9 inch blue and white lcd display where the F85 has a 10.1 inch touch screen.

Less features means that you can get the F80 at a lower price than the F85. $500 lower, in fact. Of course only you can decide if saving $500 is worth losing some of the features on the F85.

Sunny Health & Fitness Electric Folding Treadmill Best Alternative Of The Sole F85 Treadmill

Run, or walk to your fitness goals with the top-notch Sunny health and fitness treadmill. In addition, you can comfortably exercise on the spacious treadmill deck of . The built-in shock absorption technology will also ease the impact on your leg joints as you will exercise on your folding treadmill.

It is specially designed for long-lasting and vigorous workouts the incline treadmill will support up to 265lbs. Moreover, the 2.0 HP powerful treadmill can take you up to 0.6 MPH to 10 MPH. You can set workout intensities with the 15 levels of automatic incline.

You can make the adjustments to your incline and speed with the handrails controls and the quick buttons on your console. Furthermore, with the hand pulse grips, you can check your heart rate. The built-in performance monitor will show the distance, time, speed, incline, calories burned, and pulse.

The 15 pre-installed workouts are the perfect option for you to mix up your training. It will automatically adjust your incline and speed. The console comes with an equipped body mass index calculator.

You can use the integrated device holder to place your tablet and your phone. You can charge your cell phone with the onboard USB port while you are working out.

Fold the treadmill upright after your workout, and while using the transportation wheel, you can glide the treadmill all over your home for easy storage. You will never get the hard treadmill crash on the floor because of the soft-drop mechanism.

Features Of The Sole F85 Treadmill

+ Welded Frame – Some treadmills frames are bolted together which is a point of weakness. They would also need to be tightened and checked regularly. The F85 is welded which means the steel is heated to high temperatures and connected to the other parts. This is why the F85 can have such a high maximum user weight and the frame has a lifetime guarantee.

+ Heart Rate Chest Strap Included – Instead of using the unreliable pulse sensors in the handlebars, Sole have included a chest strap which can transmit your heart rate to the treadmill. Your heart rate is shown on the display and you can see how your workout is helping you. This can also be used by the heart rate control programs which are recommended to help improve your fitness level.

+ Peak & Valley Graph – If you choose to use the incline or a program that has it, you’ll see a graphical representation of the terrain you’ve covered and are about to cover. You’ll know if you’ve got a hill coming or a resting flat surface. All this gives encouragement and motivation for you so you can keep going through the tough runs.

+ Wide 22″ Deck – The deck is long too and this is what we come into contact with as we run. We need a deck that’s long and wide for safety. Many people get injured on treadmills every year and the slightest loss of concentration can affect our stride. With a long and wide deck you’re less likely to come off and most importantly you can run with confidence.

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Belt Information And Roller Size

The treadmill has a belt that is strong but smooth. Its two-ply belt is made of two rubber layers, a thermoplastic protection sheet, and a nylon backing. The rubber layers add to the belts durability, while the thermoplastic sheet prevents the belt from over-stretching. The nylon coating helps the belt to glide smoothly over the deck and rollers.

Sole Fitness designed this treadmill with 2.75 rollers. Large rollers can help extend the life of your belt and prevent wear and tear over time. It should also offer a smooth and quiet running surface.

Where To Buy Sole F85 At Best Price

Sole F85 Treadmill Review 2020

Although one may think the official website is the best place to buy Sole Fitness treadmill, in recent time we recevied a few reports about their bad support, from our readers. Fortunately, the Sole Fitness equipment is available through , as well. There you’ll find better deals compared to the other online retailers.

The Sole treadmill line is on sale right now

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Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Treadmill

This treadmill will offer you everything necessary for a fantastic workout, along with everything that the at-home fitness enthusiasts could wish for. If you cant find an outdoor activity, this is the ideal solution for you. With this treadmill, your home will be your gym, and it will help you be in shape. With Sunny health and fitness exercise, treadmill exercise is so easy and fun.

Tracking your workout progress with this smart treadmill is more comfortable and easy with the digital monitor screen. You can track distance, time, program, speed, pulse, and also calories burned. With the digital console, you target your heart rate to ensure the proper tracking tool to workout efficiently and correctly.

With the transportation wheel, you can easily tilt the treadmill and store it in the storage. You dont need to lift heavy or get muscle strain. The front-wheel will allow you to move quickly with ease from one room to another room.

Also, the soft drop hydraulic mechanism will ensure hands-free unfolding. You dont need to drop your treadmill on your floors. So there wont be any worry about the treadmill breakage.

Hence, it is the perfect option for you to pick if you dont want SOLE F85 since it gives you the ideal folding mechanism.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Sole Treadmill

Most people prefer to try out a treadmill before they actually buy it.

You could, of course, go to an actual brick-and-mortar store, but when you buy from the Sole website, you still have the ability to try out the product, and in a way thats far better than just spending a minute or so on a treadmill in a store.

When you buy a treadmill from Soles website, you can try it out in your home for 30 days, and if, at the end of the 30-day period, you decide its not for you, you can send it back for a full refund. Sole pays the shipping both ways, so youre not out anything. Sole treadmills that are purchased from the website are also sold with no tax.

In addition to the free shipping, Sole also offers price matching if you find a Sole treadmill thats selling below the online price, all you need to do is provide Sole with the information, and theyll match the price.

Sole also offers assistance at a nominal price if you want to have the treadmill assembled for you, although they dont really recommend this option, since they believe that their products are very easy for the average person to assemble on their own.

If youre too busy to do it yourself, though, or you just dont want to be bothered, that option is available for you.

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Overall Build And Quality

With an all-steel hand-welded frame, the Sole F85 is constructed to handle a wide variety of users. This treadmill has fewer plastic components in comparison to other treadmills making it much more durable. Users can adjust their incline and speed ranges with quick select buttons on the console and the handrails.

Sole Treadmills Review: Pros Cons Cost And More

Sole F85 Treadmill Review |

Sole Fitness is a popular brand that manufactures several types of exercise equipment, including bikes, ellipticals, rowers, and climbers.

The company also offers a line of treadmills, including models such as the F63, F80, F85, TT8, F65, and S77.

Although these treadmills share many similarities, several differences set them apart.

This article takes an in-depth look at Sole treadmills and how the different models compare with one another.

Running surface: 20 x 60 in Foldable Speeds up to 12 mph 15 incline levels
22 x 60 in running surfaceFoldable Speeds up to 12 mph 15 incline levels
Running surface: 22 x 60 in Foldable Speeds up to 12 mph 15 incline levels
Running surface: 22 x 60 in Non-foldable Speeds up to 12 mph 15 incline levels and 6 decline levels9 preset programs
Running surface: 22 x 60 in Foldable Speeds up to 12 mph 15 incline levels
Running surface: 22 x 60 in Non-foldable Speeds up to 12 mph 15 incline levels

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Sole Fitness Foldable Treadmill F85

The SOLE F85 treadmill is the top model in the folding treadmill series and SOLE’s number one seller, featuring a 4.0 HP motor with output and performance second to none. The strong motor delivers challenging speeds up to 22 km/h and 15 different incline settings, and can run up to six programs including targeted cardio training and fat burning programs.

The F85 treadmill features the largest deck offered by SOLE with a 56 cm wide running surface. When not in use the deck locks safely into place. Other features of the F85 treadmill include a low-noise, Cushion Flex shock absorption deck, our longest commercial-sized belt, and a low-profile running hood that won’t get in the way of your stride.

With heart rate control programs that adjust your target heart rate depending on your age, and the ability to accommodate users up to 165 kg, the F85 treadmill is suitable for everyone.

SOLE Fitness App connectivity

Is It Wise To Purchase Sole F85 Treadmill

From this review, it is clear that Sole F85 treadmill holds its own when you compare it to some of the top brands on the market. Although it is more expensive, you get a better value for your money than with other brands.

When you purchase this treadmill, you not only get a high-quality console that gives you detailed information about your workout but also a high-quality motor that ensures you enjoy a smooth and quiet run.

Whats more, you are guaranteed to have a pain-free running experience since the treadmill is designed to prevent 40 percent of the joint pain often caused by running on a treadmill. You also get to enjoy numerous programs that help you customize your workouts to your liking.

All in all, there is no going wrong when you decide to get the Sole F85 treadmill. It truly is the best folding treadmill on the planet as the manufacturer claims.

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Sole App And Kinomap Integration

  • Bluetooth integration with the SOLE App enables you to design your work out plan, set your programme and track, monitor and record all your data. The SOLE App also integrates with a number of other fitness Apps such as FitBit, iHealth, RECORD and mapmyfitness, so that you can keep all your work out history in one place
  • Compatible with Kinomap, so you can select an exciting route from across the world, all from the comfort of your home! Choose a video and train on the Kinomap App. The incline or resistance of your equipment will change to follow the terrain of the video in real-time, for an immersive training experience.


Major Sole Treadmill Retailers Sears Walmart & Target

Sole F85 Treadmill Review 2021

You can also buy Sole treadmills at quality retailers like

Note that model selection may vary from store to store. As is the case with reputable sporting goods stores, you will be able to get assistance setting up your Sole treadmill if you need it.

Note that not all major retailers carry Sole treadmills. You wont, for example, be able to buy Sole treadmills at Walmart or Target not that were saying theres anything wrong with Walmart and Target, but Sole products are only stocked in higher-end outlets.

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Can I Listen To Music On It

If you dont want to watch tv or read a book you can actually listen to music on the Sole F85. The F85 has built in speakers on the console and you can hook up your phone or any mp3 player to listen. Sometimes I play music, but I really like to be productive so I will normally listen to an audiobook.

Sole F85 Treadmill Specifications

The Sole F85 has several amazing features that make it stand out from other treadmills on the market. Some of these features include:


This Sole Fitness treadmill features a 4.0 continuous horsepower motor that provides speeds from 5 to 12 miles per hour . In addition to this, the treadmill can support user weights of up to 400 pounds. That makes it great for individuals with different fitness levels and weight.


Like other Sole Fitness treadmills, the Sole F85 features a two-ply track that requires very little maintenance. Whats more, this treadmill has some of the largest treadmill rollers on the market at 2.7 inches in diameter. These rollers promote machine longevity and quiet operation.

The Sole F85 treadmill features CushionFlex Whisper Deck technology that is capable of reducing joint impact by up to 40 percent. That exceeds the impact reduction you get from other major brands. In addition to this, it muffles the sound of running thereby making it home-friendly.


The Sole F85 treadmill track has 30 levels of incline topping out at 15 percent. That helps trainees to focus on different muscle groups.


Safety lanyard

Treadmill accidents are quite common. Even the most experienced treadmill runner can slip and fall off a treadmill. Sole Fitness incorporated an automatic cord system that allows you to stop the treadmill in case you slip. It also has a stop button that helps prevent serious injuries when you slip.

Folding technology



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Lcd Display Control Centre

The treadmill console is user friendly with a vibrant 10.1″ HIGH RESOLUTION LCD display that includes a message board for clear instruction and feedback. The information that is displayed at all times includes Speed, Incline, Time, Distance Travelled, Calories, Pulse and Pace. There is also a 1/4 mile track feature and a Peak and Valley graph for different programs. Users can also access different speed and incline quickly with 7 rapid speed and 7 rapid incline buttons. The F85 includes an integrated tablet holder. This allows you to use your smart devices to watch shows or follow your workout routines. Seamlessly listen to music through the Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Speakers from any enabled smart device. Also included is a USB port to charge your smart devices during your training.

What We Think Of The Sole F85

Sole F85 Treadmill Review – 2021

During testing, it was clear to see that the Sole F85 is built to last. It was easy to set up, with clear and easy to follow instructions.

The Sole F85 is unlike many treadmills from other brands in that the warranty is for life. Weve mentioned this a few times but theres a reason for this: A large number of bad reviews for other running machines come down to poor customer service and/or warranties expiring and then the motor packing up. You wont face these issues with the Sole Treadmill F85.

One of our main criticisms is that the machine seems slow when changing speed. It takes several seconds to change and feels a little sluggish in doing so. We believe this is a design feature to prevent overstressing the motor.

The other drawback is the limited workouts and entertainment options. While the monitor is certainly large enough to see key info, and the sound system and fans work just fine, it doesnt come close to the interactive iFit workouts on the Proform Fitness& NordicTrack treadmills weve tested.

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Cushioned Deck With 22 X 60 Running Surface

The F85 also incorporates an exceptional 22″ wide running surface and 2.75″ rollers making this treadmill truly comfortable for any type of user. The SOLE Cushion Flex shock absorption technology provides multiple points of cushioning throughout the deck support system for maximum impact absorption.

Now About The Sole F80 Treadmill

Wow, thanks for telling me about that! Can you tell me about the Sole F80 now? What makes it different from the Sole F85? Which one should I get if Im choosing between the SOLE F80 vs F85?

Well, the main thing that separates the Sole F80 from the Sole F85 is the price.

There are also some features that separate both treadmills from one another and make them different enough to, well, consider different. Though, ultimately, youre going to be looking at the price first.

The price of the Sole F80 is almost as expensive as the Sole F85 at list price this time, its price is $2,799.99. Retailers typically discount the price to as much as $1,599.99. So, youre not going to get this treadmill at a price lower than that brand new. When it comes to these treadmills, remember thats a good thing!

Now the Sole F80 is more or less the same in design and performance as the Sole F85.

The main thing that it shares with its slightly more expensive counterpart is its design and quite a few features that make it just as powerful as its counterpart.

On an interesting note, the motor is less powerfulthough, not by much.

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