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Where Can I Buy Solar Cells

Solar Panel Performance And Product Warranty

How Many Solar Panels Should You Buy?

One of the most important criteria to consider is what warranty is provided by the manufacturer. As with most products the length of included warranty is a very good indicator of quality and durability.

Solar panels come with a performance warranty and a product warranty. The performance warranty guarantees the solar panel will still produce a minimum percentage of its nameplate output at the end of its expected life . Solar panels output always gradually degrade over time, but the rate at which they do so depends on the solar panel quality.

A solar panel product warranty covers defects in the manufacturing process. Typically in the industry we see a minimum of 10 years provided as a product warranty.

All of the companies in our top 10 list have an office in Australia who you can contact to claim warranty. This is important to ensure you have some options if your installer goes out of business.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need

To determine what size system will best fit your needs, make a list of all the appliances and devices you plan on running. The main appliances to take into consideration when addressing energy needs may include a TV, lighting, water pump, laptop, fans, microwave, and refrigerator. We recommend inputting that information into the Renogy solar panel calculator to help determine your specific solar panel needs.

What If I Sell My Home

If youre thinking about selling your home after going solar and arent sure of whether you will see the benefits of ownership, think again!

When your home has solar panels it truly adds value to your home. Berkeleys Lawrence Lab conducted a study in which they found homes with solar sell faster, and at a higher value. The added value of a solar system comes out to about $4/watt! For an average 5kW system, that comes out to $20,000!

Even if you are in the process of paying off a solar loan most homeowners will use some of the earnings generated from their home sale to pay off their solar loan. The added value can be fixed into the sale price, since the system is a part of your home and will produce free electricity for decades.

With a lease or PPA, the new owner buying the home must agree to take over the agreement when they move into the home until the duration is complete. This can often complicate the sale.

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost

Make sure youre fully aware of the expense of installing solar panels before buying. On average, expect to spend at least $15,000 to $20,000 to buy and install solar panels. You will likely need to hire a professional to install them, and you also need to account for any repairs your roof may require beforehand.

Be prepared that while you will save money on your bills, it will take a long time to make back the initial expense. Many solar panel installers will provide a calculator to see how much you’ll save per month if you have solar panels.

Can I Use Solar Energy For Home Heating & Cooling

Can I Buy Solar Panels And Install Myself

Please keep in mind that solar panels produce electricity and should not be used to produce electricity for heating or cooling sources. If heating is your main issue, explore the resources on this website for Solar Air Heaters and Solar Water Heaters in the Other Renewables section here in our Resource Library. Solar air heating and solar water heating are examples of solar thermal technologies which produce heat but not electricity . While solar electric panels are not an economically feasible choice to power your air conditioning, a solar panel can power an attic fan that can help reduce the amount of time you use your AC.

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What Shapes Sizes And Types Do Solar Panels Come In

Solar panels vary in length and width and are typically less than 2 inches thick. As their power output has increased over the years, so too has their physical footprint . While some panels available today can be lifted and moved around by just one person, more and more are becoming large enough to require two people to maneuver them. The largest panels are long enough to incur an oversize shipping charge from many shipping carriers. You can read more about the increasing size of solar panels on our blog.

  • Framed solar panels are the industry standards. They are the most cost-effective and applicable for most home solar panel applications.
  • Foldable solar panels are lightweight and can fold up and fit easily in a backpack.
  • Flexible solar panels are also lightweight but bulkier than foldable panels. Many people use these rollable solar panels on boats because they are durable and can be easily stowed after use.

Generally, thin-film laminate types of solar panels are more expensive per watt and require more square footage to produce the same wattage of an equally sized framed module.

The Most Efficient Solar Panels On The Market

Solar panel efficiency tells you how much of the sunlight hitting a solar panel is converted by its constituent solar cells into electricity.

Many consumers want to know what solar panels have the highest efficiency ratings.

Based on a review of all commercially-available solar panel models in the U.S. here is a list of the five highest-efficient solar panels.

Table 2. The 5 most efficient models of solar panels by manufacturer

390 W 21.00%

*For this ranking we’ve only considered panels sized for residential use, i.e. up to 66-cell **Also known as solar panel wattage

I present this ranking with a note of caution: the importance of having high-efficiency panels is generally overhyped. The reality is that you only need care about solar panel efficiency if you have limited roof space. Thats because all solar panel efficiency indicates is the space required by the panel to produce the energy. The more efficient the solar panel, the less space it will take up on your roof.

We explore the issue of solar panel efficiency in-depth in this blog.

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Things To Know Before Buying Solar Panels

As energy becomes all the more expensive, solar panels continue to grow in popularity. Thinking about it: why wouldnt you want to take advantage of free renewable energy from the Sun? However, installing solar panels is never as easy or straightforward as one might think. Theres the initial expense to consider as well as selecting the best type of solar panel for your home. Then theres the whole process of getting them installed and hooking them up.

But, this shouldnt stop you from investing in solar panels. After all, once youve got them installed, theyll save you money on your bills, not to mention add value to your house. Thats why weve pulled together this guide on essential things you should know before buying solar panels.

Where Can I Buy Solar Sells


A number of companies sell individual solar cells. EBay is well known for selling regular as well as scrap solar cells. Often, chipped cells from used panels are sold by companies. Also, solar panels installed on highways often breakdown and individual solar cells are sold off by the highway authority to interested buyers. Often solar cells can be bought at a lower than usual price if a specified number of them are bought together.

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What Is A Solar Panel

Solar modules are made up of silicone cells, which is the magic component for turning sun-rays into energy. Some panels will have a single, solid silicone cell , while others will have pieces of silicone that have been melted together . These cells are then fixed inside a frame, and covered with a protective glass.

When the panel is properly angled, it will capture sun-rays and convert it into DC energy. In turn, the DC energy gets converted to AC energy via an inverter, which you can use inside the home for your loads.

Know What Other Equipment Is Necessary For A Solar Panel System

What else do you need for a solar energy system besides solar panels? If youre planning a DIY solar installation, youll need to remember to buy all of the components which isnt difficult when youre shopping through a distributor.

Heres a handy shopping list for solar system components, in addition to panels:

  • Inverter: The inverter will convert direct current energy from solar panels into the alternating current electricity that will power your home or business.
  • Battery: With a deep-cycle battery, youll be able to store any extra energy your system generates. Instead of feeding it back into the grid and losing out on the energy your panels made you can keep it stored in the battery for future use.
  • Wiring:Solar panel wiring connects your system to your electrical panel.
  • Solar charge controller: The charge controller prevents batteries from overcharging by regulating overall voltage.
  • Mounting system: The solar panel mounting system is essential for securing and stabilizing solar panels in the proper position.
  • Other components: Depending on your setup, you might also want to consider electrical enclosures, meters, and other parts.

You can buy all solar energy parts individually or opt for a solar power system kit. These systems include all components for different setup options, including off-grid and grid-tie solar power systems.

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Other Equipment Youll Need To Buy For Your Solar Panel System

If youre doing your own installation, youll need to consider purchasing the following when you buy your solar panels:

  • Inverter: This converts direct current solar energy into the alternating current electricity needed to power your home. Most options will be string inverters or microinverters.
  • Battery: A solar battery allows you to store excess energy for future use rather than feeding it back into the electrical grid. Having a battery maximizes your solar energy use.
  • Mounting system: This stabilizes your solar panels and ensures they stay in their proper rooftop position.
  • Wiring: Wiring is used to connect your solar system to your electrical panel.
  • Solar charge controller: A charge controller regulates voltage and prevents batteries from overcharging.

Whats The Difference Between Monocrystalline And Polycrystalline Panels

Can I Buy Solar Panels For My Home

Renogy offers both monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. Polycrystalline panels, which are light blue in color, are less efficient than monocrystalline panels, but they are also cheaper. Monocrystalline panels, which are darker in color, are more space-efficient. If you have limited area on a roof, wed recommend monocrystalline panels to be able to make the most out of a small space.

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Solar Panels Philippines: The Various Benefits Of Using Them

Climate change has become a looming threat to our planet as evidenced by surging shifts in temperature and weather. Although there’s no way we can stop it now, there’s still hope to keep it from getting worse. The use of alternative energy sources such as solar energy is highly encouraged as it is a great way to help conserve the mother earth. A solar panel is capable of harnessing this solar energy to power homes and machines that most people use daily. Apart from this, here are the benefits of using a solar panel:

Does Not Emit Greenhouse Gases and Harmful Chemicals

Solar panels are environmentally friendly as they do not emit greenhouse gasses which are detrimental to our environment. Aside from greenhouse gasses, they also do not emit smoke and harmful chemicals that can adversely affect human health. The use of solar panels is a great way to help control global warming and prevent cancer. This is because other energy sources such as nuclear energy dispel harmful products that are believed to cause cancer due to the triggering of mutations in cells.

Saves You Money

The best thing about solar panels is that they harness renewable energy from the sun. While the initial installation cost of solar systems can be a little high, they only require little maintenance and no fuel to run them, thus saving you money in the long run. Hence, a solar panel is well worth the investment, considering the savings it yields over the years.

Lessens Environmental Destruction

Solar Panels For Sale

Unbound Solar offers a wide selection of solar cells for sale. We carry all the major solar panel types in the top brands, so you can buy solar panels that will perfectly fit your system. Utilizing solar energy through solar panels for sale lowers the monthly energy bill with solar power, increases the value of homeowners houses, and reduces your carbon footprint. Through its high efficiency and durability, you have peace of mind the investment will last, and there is a warranty available as well. When you buy solar panels, they are easy enough to install yourself or hire installers to do the work for you! Regardless if you choose to DIY it or employ a company, make sure to get the right solar panel kit with the right wattage and volt for your existing solar panel system and maximum power output.

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Hitting The Sweet Spot

A better tactic is to pick a semiconductor with an absorption profile that optimizes the trade-off between the energy generated by each captured photon and the fraction of sunlight absorbed by the cell. A material at this sweet spot is gallium arsenide . Also used in smartphones to amplify radio-frequency signals and create laser-light for facial recognition, GaAs has long been one of the go-to materials for engineering high-efficiency solar cells. These cells are not perfect, however even after minimizing material defects that degrade performance, the best solar cells made from GaAs still struggle to reach efficiencies beyond 25%.

Further gains come from stacking different semiconductors on top of one another, and carefully selecting a combination that efficiently harvests the Suns output. This well-trodden path has seen solar-cell efficiencies climb over several decades, along with the number of light-absorbing layers. Both hit a new high last year when a team from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, unveiled a device with a record-breaking efficiency of 47.1% tantalizingly close to the 50% milestone . Until then, bragging rights had been held by structures with four absorbing layers, but the US researchers found that six is a natural sweet spot, according to team leader John Geisz.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Solar Panels For You

Flexible Solar Panels – What To Look For

Every solar project has its own unique characteristics. For some, buying equipment directly from Amazon or wholesale resellers is going to be the best place to buy solar panels, and the most affordable option. For others, a large, national company may be able to provide you with a better deal than you can find on the EnergySage Marketplace.

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Is It Better To Buy Or Lease Solar Panels

One of the biggest questions you’ll face is if you should buy or lease your solar panels.If you lease your panels, you don’t have to pay a large upfront cost, which is typically around $10,000 or more. However, you do not officially own the panels if you choose this option the equipment is owned by a third party. Plus, it wont add value to your property as its not a permanent asset, and you won’t be able to claim tax deductions.

However, leasing isnt a total loss. It will still provide savings on your utility bills over time, and you wont have the initial upfront cost.

Pros And Cons Of Solar Panels For Your Home

Like most things, solar power has its benefits and drawbacks. At the same time, some economic costs may be defrayed by the social benefits to the environment and lowering your carbon footprint, which exceeds pure monetary evaluation.

  • Green energy that lowers your carbon footprint

  • Net metering allows you to sell back excess energy produced

  • You may be eligible for certain tax breaks

  • Installation and maintenance costs still high

  • Solar only works when the sun is out

  • Parts of the system need to be replaced every few years

  • Some tax breaks may have expired or will be expiring

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Buying Solar Panels From Energysage

Last but not least, EnergySage: we dont actually sell solar panel systems directly. Our online Solar Marketplace allows you to receive and compare up to seven custom solar quotes from installers near you. All of our installer partners go through a stringent screening and vetting process prior to quoting on the Marketplace we ensure theyre an experienced, reputable company with proper insurance and licensing

The installers that provide you quotes through the Marketplace are likely smaller in size than the SunRuns and Vivints of the world. However, there are benefits to choosing a local installer on EnergySage over larger national companies. For one, theyre more likely to offer better pricing and higher quality equipment from a top manufacturer. Smaller installation companies often have lower overhead costs, therefore can charge less for similarly-sized installations.

Additionally, by shopping on the EnergySage Marketplace, you can ensure youre getting the right system for the right price. Installation companies large and small charge different amounts based on the quality of the equipment, the manufacturer, the size of the system, their own installation services, and more. Your solar panel system is an investment, and by looking at multiple offers, you can better understand average market prices for the level of service and equipment youre looking for.

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