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How Much Is A 6kw Solar System

When Are Solar Panels Cheapest

What Is A 6.6kW Solar System? | What you need to know | Teho | Solar and Battery Specialists

Prices vary during the year. For example, between May 2020 and April 2021, prices per kW were highest in April, May and February and lowest between August and October, according to BEIS.

This doesn’t mean that solar panels are always cheaper in the summer though. Spring 2020 prices would have been impacted by Covid-19. In the previous year , the cheapest month was November.

We recommend you get three quotes before you buy, so you have a good idea of the going rate for your installation.

Why 66kw Of Solar Panels

This may seem like an odd figure and one Ive pulled out of a hat. Basically, a 6.6kW configuration gives you great bang for buck in terms of kilowatts for your dollars. And if youre getting a good feed in tariff , a 6.6kW solar system will absolutely, on all the numbers Ive run, give you a great return on your investment.

Will I Need A 6kwh Or A 66kwh System

Many clients find it tough to select between the overly popular 6.6Kw solar system with battery and 6Kw solar system. Keeping personal preferences aside, the first one seems a more sensible option for a lot of reasons.

  • Little difference in the final pricing. Of course, a 6.6kw solar system with battery price is a bit higher comparatively. Still, it offers you better energy outputs with bigger benefits.
  • More STCs the best reason is the little bigger 6.6Kw solar system with battery offers more STCs. In short, you have better chances to save more.

For example, a 6.6Kw system in Western Shore, Tasmania, comes with 86 STCs. On contrary, in the same locality, the 6Kw solar system comes with 78 STCs only.

  • Almost similar panel count however, the number of panels dont differ much between the two solar system size. In fact, some installer just supplies higher-capacity panels for one than other.

With all said, a 6.6kw solar system with battery price makes more sense for so many reasons. A bit expensive, but it offers decent power output with a favorable payback period.

Additionally, you receive more STCs making your savings better. But, how to get the best 6.6kw solar system with battery price.

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Additional Solar Panel System Costs

There are a few things youll want to add to your solar energy systems total cost to get the most accurate price estimate. Here are a few additional factors that will impact how much your solar panels will cost:

  • Labor costs Local labor costs for solar installation will change depending on your area and the average costs solar installers charge in your area.
  • Installing solar mounts The costs to install the racks that hold your residential solar panels will effect cost as well. There are a few options for solar mounting.
  • Installing solar inverters A solar inverter will need to be installed to transform direct current power from the panels into the alternating current you can use in your home
  • Other costs: There may also be costs for any local permit fees, inspection fees, and taxes on the solar panels.

With the fall in solar panel prices, these soft solar panel costs now constitute the bulk of what you pay when you install solar for your home.

Fortunately, as more people adopt solar power, soft costs have fallen as a resulta trend thats very likely to continue in the future. An analysis by the federal governments National Renewable Energy Laboratory discovered that installed prices have fallen at an average annual rate of 13% to 18%.

Always make sure to speak with a local solar professional to get a more accurate estimate of what your installation will cost.

How Do I Find The Right Installer For A 6kw Solar System

How Much Power Does A 6kW Solar System Produce Per Day?

If you are interested in off-grid solar panel options or want to install solar panels yourself, it is possible to buy a DIY solar kit to install a 6kW system. A DIY kit costs about $10,000, making them slightly cheaper than the installed price you will get with a solar company.

Although it is technically cheaper to buy a DIY kit, many times you will need the help of a solar installer or a licensed electrician. After solar installation, electricians will ensure that the system will pass inspections.

All of that extra work can cost more than having a licensed solar installer install your panels. Also, when you work with licensed professionals, you can benefit from a 25-year warranty on your panels, a perk you do not get with DIY.

To really be sure if a 6kW system is right for you, it makes sense to work with trusted solar installers to determine the number of solar panels your home needs. Find out what local incentives you can qualify for and if a 6kW system is right for your homes energy needs!

Is a 6kW solar system the right size for your home?

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How Many Panels In A 66kw Solar System How Much Area Required

A modern-day 6.6kW solar system using 330 watt to 400W modules will consist of about 17-20 solar panels. This number has reduced a lot over the last decade.

Each panel generally measures out to 1.7m2, so the roof area required for a 6.6kW system will be about 34-38m2 or possibly more depending on how your roof is laid out and whether you require tilt frames .

How Much Space Will A Six

On average, a six-kilowatt system will require about 450 square feet of space. But the exact amount of space youll need depends on the size of the solar panels you use. Every manufacturer produces panels of slightly different sizes, even if they are all of equal wattage.

Mounting will also add space to your solar installation. Some racking clamps, for instance, require you to add up to an inch in space between each module. Other modules require as little as a quarter-inch between them.

At any given wattage, high-efficiency modules will generally take up less space than their standard-efficiency counterparts, so if youre working with a roof or land area of limited size, high-efficiency panels are probably your best bet.

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What Is A 66kw Solar Power System

More and more people are looking for cost-effective and reliable energy solutions with increasing household budgets. Solar energy is capable to be the solution for this issue. But to get the most from the investment, you have to choose the right system.

A 6.6kW system with a 5kW solar inverter will produce enough electricity to power an average Australian household. Depending on the place you live, the sunlight availability may vary and therefore electricity produced may also vary. For example, a 6.6kW system in Melbourne produces 23.8kWh of electricity per day while a similar system in Brisbane produces 27.7kWh.

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How Much Does A 66kw Solar System Cost

What is a 6.6kW Solar System? #Solar #Explained #2021

Solar Choice has been keeping track of residential solar system prices since August 2012 with our monthly Solar PV Price Index. Based on this data we can advise that the average 6.6kW solar system will cost around $0.94 per watt or $5,830 after the federal STC rebate has been deducted as of March 2022 .

The price of solar systems do, however, vary widely in the market. A more cost-competitive 6.6kW solar PV systems consisting of cheaper, low-end products will cost less, while premium offerings will generally be pricier.

The below graph shows the price history of the last couple of years. You can see the pricing has remained relatively flat however there are some differences depending on your location in Australia.

Average 6.6kW solar system prices in each Australian capital city, from August 2012 to the end of 2021.

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Installation Step By Step

The panels will already have been assembled by the manufacturer in their factory. So, all thats needed onsite, is for the installer to:

  • Screw roof anchors onto the structural roof timbers. The style and strength of these will depend on the characteristics of your roof, potential snow loading, type of roof tiles, and locations of the rafters. They will be made from either aluminium or stainless steel.
  • Attach the mounting frame to the anchors.
  • Position the panels onto the mounting frame. And, clamp them in place in the correct position.
  • Then, feed the DC electrical cables from the panels, alongside the frame to the anchors, and into the loft space. Its standard practice for the cables to be hidden behind the panels as much as possible.
  • Next, you need an inverter connected to the mains electricity supply at a convenient location within the house.
  • Then, the installer will fit a separate consumer unit and a generation meter next to the existing consumer unit.
  • When everything is connected, the installation engineer checks the system to ensure everything operates correctly.
  • If youve used an MCS installer, youll then receive an MCS certificate.

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    Quality Of Your Solar Panel System

    There are a lot of solar panel manufacturers in the market. Each of them produces their solar panels with different technology. As a result, the solar panels available in the market differ in quality.

    High-quality solar panels produce as much power as their rated capacity. On the other hand, low-quality solar panels have lower productivity levels.

    Before you purchase solar panels, make sure that you know the quality of solar panels available in the market. Then. purchase and install only high-quality solar panels that will produce as much power as they are rated to produce.

    How Big Is A 6kw Solar System Exactly And What Does It Cost

    6kw solar system with battery price

    Solar installations can be very small such as 2 kW installations composed of just 8 panels, or they can be large 25 kW systems with over 100 panels! This large playing field for installation size might make a 6kW solar system look fairly small, but in all actuality its very close to the size of a vast majority of residential solar installations.

    So what do 6kW mean and, just as importantly, how much does it cost? Read on to find out!

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    The Price Of A 66kw Solar System

    A good quality 6kW or 6.6kW solar power system starts at around $4,500 to $6,000 fully installed including premium solar panels such as from Qcells and a standard installation .

    It is important to note that with solar panels you generally get what you pay for, and most of our customers choose high-efficiency panels from manufacturers such as REC Solar.

    It is possible to find a cheaper 6kW solar system for under $4,500, however, this will typically require buying low to mid-range panels manufactured in China, and often without any after-sales support.

    It is then an entirely different matter to start looking at systems under the $3500 mark.

    For a larger residential system it is important to maximise reliability, output and of course longevity, so spending a little more upfront can save you a lot of money over the life of the system. Solaray solar systems include full-service warranties and full technical support. This gives our customers the peace of mind that if something goes wrong you will be looked after.

    As a rough guide, a 6.6kW solar system can save you up to and over $2,000 a year on your power bills. Of course, to save $500-$600 on a quarterly bill you are going to need to use a lot of power during the daytime as much as 30 kWh during the daytime over summer. If you are able to get the most out of your 6kW system, you could spend $8,000 to $10,000, get a top of the range system, and see a return on your investment in less than 5 years!

    Your Household Energy Consumption

    Some people prefer to have as much renewable energy as they can afford to reduce their electrical bills and contribute to the green initiative. If you fall into this category and have low to moderate daily power consumption, then a 6Kw solar system or higher could be the best for you. Keep in mind that the higher you go, the bigger the discount you get courtesy of the Australian STC solar rebate system.

    A 6kw system is perfect for you if you use less than 26kWh of power per day. Below is a breakdown of common appliances and other electrical things you could run with a 6kw system. Keep in mind that these are just estimates, and solar output may vary according to weather conditions in your city.

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    Get In Touch With A Pro To Install Your Solar System easily connects you to professional solar panel installers.

    Enter your location at the space provided at the top of the page. Then, fill the subsequent form to provide more details on your solar installation project.

    You will then receive three quotes from professional installers. You may choose to hire any of the three installers who send you a quote.

    How Easy Is It To Install

    Installing 5.6kW Grid-tie solar system. Step by step.
    • A 6kW solar system can take one or two weekends to install.
    • Our kits use industry leading solar panels, inverters, and racking systems specifically selected and combined to make do-it-yourself installation possible.
    • A homeowner who has wired an AC outlet and is comfortable working on their roof can install our Solar kit.

    The installation of a solar system, even from a complete kit is considered above the average homeowner’s skill set and should not be taken upon lightly. Each task is rather simple, but you will be working at heights, on a angle, probably in the heat of the bright sun, working with power tools, hoisting large expensive pieces of glass up ladders and across a roof peppered with racking and wiring.

    You’ll also be working with DC voltages above 300VDC and household 240V AC. You should be good with simple math and be mechanically inclined. If you’re willing to give it a try, it can be a rewarding experience both in saving you a lot of money and of giving you a great sense of accomplishment.

    If self-installation is not for you, we can help you find a local solar contractor to help you with the process.

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    How Much Energy Will A 66kw Solar System Produce

    Depending on a number of factors, the actual power output of a 6kW solar power system will vary. These variables include:

    • Location and local climate
    • Orientation and tilt angle of the solar panel array
    • Whether there is any shade cast on the panels
    • The performance of the individual components

    Location is one of the main determinants of solar system energy yields, as the amount of sunshine falling on a solar systems solar panels directly affects the systems output. The table below provides rough approximations for how much energy a 6kW solar system will produce, based on Bureau of Metorology and PVWatts data.

    Please note that these figures are indicative only and that we have endeavored to be conservative in our estimates, using a system efficiency rate of 75%. Also note that these figures are annual averages in reality, energy yields will be higher in the summer and lower in the winter.

    North Facing 6.6kW Solar System
    Capital City

    * Estimates generated using Burea of Meterology historical weather data and PVsyst software

    Solar Panel Costs By Property Type

    Another way to get a rough estimate of solar panel costs is by looking at the most common sizes of system on different types of home.

    The costs below show the median average amounts that solar panel owners in our survey paid for their systems.

    Which? members will need to log in to see the prices paid by owners. If you’re not a member, join Which? to reveal the costs.

    Property type

    All of the prices above are averages, so you should get quotes from solar panel companies for your specific needs. Three quotes will allow you to compare prices for your specific system and home.

    Use our Which? Trusted Traders search tool below to find local solar panel experts near you for quotes and installation.

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    How Much Does An Average 6kw Solar System Cost

    With the average cost of solar about $3.00 per watt, a 6kW solar system in the US will cost about $18,000. With the 26% federal tax credit, the solar system price drops down to about $13,320.

    Depending on where you live, you can also benefit from additional state or utility-based solar rebates and incentives, such as net metering, that may reduce the price even more.

    The system design and parts can also change the price, like inverters and ground mount racking, among other things.

    All of the above factors, in addition to each states sun hours and their cost of electricity, play into the different costs of installing solar. In the chart below, we break down what you can expect to pay around the country.


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