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How Much Does A Solar Hot Water System Cost

Replace A Pressure Relief Valve For A Solar Water Heater

Trade Secrets – Solar Hot Water Systems

Replacing a pressure relief valve in a solar water heater averages $100 to $250. This valve is essential for controlling the pressure in the water tank as the water inside heats up or cools down. It works to prevent leaks and tank ruptures, and it is relatively cheap and easy to replace. A professional first drains the pressure of the tank before removing the old valve. Then they screw in the new valve and tighten it before reconnecting everything and checking that it works.

Solar Thermal Water Heater Vs Home Solar Panel System

Solar thermal water heaters require less roof space and are 70% to 90% efficient, while photovoltaic solar panels are only 15% to 20% efficient at converting the sun’s energy to heating water. Photovoltaic panels can generate solar electricity to power a hybrid heat pump water heater instead.

Solar panel installation costs$10,600 to $26,400 for a 6 to 12 kW system to power an average house.

Solar Water Heater Pump Replacement Cost

Replacing the solar water heater costs between $500 and $800. The pump is one of the most important parts of your solar water heater system because it circulates the water through the collectors and into the home. When the pump fails, the entire system essentially becomes ineffective, so broken pumps should be replaced as soon as possible.

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Faq: Solar Hot Water Heater

Is a solar water heater worth it?

Whether a solar water heater is worth it all depends on where you live, your needs and preferences, and whether you plan oninstalling solar panels. Solar water heaters have been losing ground due largely to the surge of home solar: The folks that would install solar water heaters also want solar for electricity generation and often choose to eliminate solar water heaters that compete for valuable rooftop space.

If you have the space, a solar water heater will likely lower your water heating bills. Used in tandem with other renewable energies, a solar water heater is still a great choice for nearly any application.

What is the price of a solar water heater?

A typical solar water heater system will cost around $9,000, with higher-end models reaching upwards of $13,000. Small-scale use heaters will be much cheaper, running between $1,000 and $3,000.

What are the disadvantages of solar hot water heaters?

The biggest disadvantage of a solar water heater is that it wont work on foggy, rainy or cloudy days, nor at night. While this can be overcome with a conventional auxiliary heater, it is still a disadvantage all solar technologies share. Maintenance can be another turn-off. While generally requiring little maintenance, some solar water heaters need regular draining, cleaning and protection against corrosion.

How does a solar water heater work?

Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collector

2020 How Much Does a Solar Hot Water System Cost ...

Ranging around $200 to $500 each, flat plate collectors are the most affordable solar thermal collector on the market. Furthermore, flat plate collectors are arguably the most recognizable solar collector for powering a solar energy system.

These strange solar thermal collecting systems are flat blocks with a glazed surface and insulated covering to reduce heat loss. Flat plate collectors attract sunlight using their shiny black absorber plates and use heating fluid tubes to transfer the heat from the collector to the water storage system.

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Solar Water Heaters: Are They Worth The Cost

Installing a solar water heater is one popular method for homeowners to reduce their electric bill. These systems use renewable energy to reduce the need for grid power while delivering high volumes of hot water.

In this blog, well explain how solar hot water heaters work, review popular brands, offer tips on selecting the right one for you, and most importantly – show you how much money you can save.

Solar Water Heater Vs Electric Water Heater

A solar water heater relies on the sun to warm the water, making it energy-efficient and eco-friendly. An electric water heater uses electricity to warm the water. However, with an electric water heater, you have a non-stop supply of warm water year-round. A solar water heater depends on the suns rays, so it might not have a ready supply of hot water on cloudy days. A solar water heater lasts about 20 years. An electric unit typically makes it about a decade. With an electric water heater, you can control the temperature easily. Another perk of an electric water heater is that you do not have to have collectors on the roof . If cost is a determining factor, then an electric water heater is far cheaper to purchase and install.


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What Rebates And Incentives Are Available For Solar Water Heaters

The Investment Tax Credit, also known as the federal solar tax credit, offers a credit equal to 26% of the costs of installing a solar water heater. So, lets say your solar water heater costs $5,000. Youll receive a tax credit of $1,300, bringing the total cost of your system down to just $3,700.

Your local utility company may offer special discounts or rebates for the installation of qualified equipment, as well. For example, Hawaii Energy offers rebates of $750 to customers who install a solar water heater.

Find a solar water heater installer in your area to lower your utility costs without sacrificing comfort.

How Can You Reduce Hot Water Running Costs

Solar Hot Water Systems

There are a few ways in which you can reduce your costs when it comes to hot water:

  • Choose an energy efficient hot water system – solar is the most energy efficient
  • Fix any leaking or dripping faucets or fixtures as soon as possible.
  • Limit your shower length.
  • Install a low-flow showerhead.
  • If and where possible, allow your washing machine to use cold water only to wash your clothes.

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Active Solar Heater Systems

Active solar water heaters cost $2,000 to $4,000. They require solar collectors and a heat storage area. Since the storage area can hold much more heat and is equipped with an internal electric or gas backup, the possibility of running out of hot water after several cloudy days is nonexistent. The equipment is slightly more expensive to install but it eliminates the need for a traditional backup unit. Since it completely replaces the conventional one, only the costs associated with an active system need be considered.

There are two versions of active systems available to meet the needs of different climates:

  • Direct move the water itself through the collector to heat it. This kind functions best in warm environments.

  • Indirect ones move antifreeze through the collector, then it returns to the tank and warms the water via a heat exchanger. These types are more reliable in colder climates where temperatures drop below freezing.

“Indirect units require some periodic maintenance to ensure that there are no cross connections between the antifreeze and the potable water system, as these units often require toxic antifreeze to function properly, says Jeff Botelho, professional plumber and Expert Board Review member. Consider the cost of annual or semiannual maintenance when choosing a solar water heater.”

Hot Water System Purchase And Installation Costs

While purchase costs are fairly predictable, installation costs vary considerably depending on whether its a like for like replacement, whether its going up on the roof, and whether you need tempering or other valves. Weve assumed that with electric and gas systems, its a simple replacement of like for like at minimum cost. Since solar hot water usually means a new installation, weve priced it that way. Since renewables-based systems attract government rebates, weve factored those in as well .

Table 1: Typical hot water system purchase and installation costs

Hot water system type
500 3,000

Major retail websites including Bunnings, Myshopping, Elgas, Gstore, and Enter-shop. Direct enquiries with a range of suppliers and installers in Sydney and Canberra. Clean Energy Regulator 2017, Register of solar water heaters, Version 31, and Register of air sourced heat pumps, Version 31.

What is this table telling us?

But remember, the upfront cost is only part of the equation. Lets look at how much each of these systems would cost to run, in terms of your electricity or gas bills, over a 10-year period.

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Solar Water Heater System Cost Pros & Cons: Passive Vs Active

If youre considering installing a new solar hot water system on your homes rooftop as an alternative to traditional heating options, then undoubtedly, some of the burning questions on your mind are about the differences between a passive and active solar thermal systems, costs, and pros and cons of each option.

To get right to the bottom line, here are the average costs of having a completely new solar hot water system installed on a typical residential rooftop.

Passive Solar Water Heat: $2,500 to $5,500 with an average of $3,500 before the 26% federal solar investment tax credits that are good through the end of 2022. These solar tax credits from the federal government will be reduced to 22% in year 2023.

Active Solar Water Heat: $7,500 to $10,000+ with an average of $8,700 before the 26% federal solar investment tax credits.

If these numbers seem to cover a wide range, its because of the wide variety of options available when purchasing and installing a solar water heating system. Here are some descriptions and examples of the different types of systems and how we arrived at the above costs.

Solar Thermal Systems For Hot Water And Heat In Your Home

Renewable Solar Energy. Solar Energy Alliance. Deciding to ...

Solar thermal systems convert sunlight into heat energy through solar thermal collectors, usually mounted on rooftops.

These collectors circulate a fluid which is heated by the sun’s radiant energy. The heated fluid can then be pumped through a heat exchanger to heat water, provide space heating for your home or even heat your swimming pool.

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Cost Of A Solar Hot Water System

A solar hot water system installed will cost you on average between $3000 and $7000. There are many factors affecting the price, including the system and size you choose, installation costs, rebates available in your area and the government-regulated Small-Scale Technology Certificates pricing at the time of purchase.

It might surprise you to know that on average, one third of your overall energy bill is from hot water usage. While a solar hot water system is a bigger upfront cost than electric or gas alternatives, you can expect to save 70-80% on your hot water bill so they definitely pay themselves off in the long run as well as being better for the environment.

The main systems to choose from are:

Flat plate systemsThese start from $3000 for an imported system. The most popular Aussie made brand, Solahart, sized for a family of 4-5 will cost around $4000.Flat plate collectors use copper pipes running through a glass covered collector, often connected to a water storage tank on the roof. The sun heats the copper pipes and the resulting hot water is thermo-siphoned out of a storage tank.

For both flat plate and evacuated tube systems to service a four-person household, you will need two panels and a larger tank to compensate for cloudy days.

A 270315L tank will generally service a four-person household.

Other things to consider include:

Retrofitting for solarIf your existing hot water system still has plenty of life left in it, you can convert it for solar heating too.

Etc 300 Liter Solar Water Heater

If you want to make a feeble investment for getting 300L hot water at around 50°C, this one is the cost-effective solution for you. A 300L solar water heater is neither too small nor too large just the perfect size that a beginner with a medium-sized family might be looking for. It can work extremely well for a medium-sized residency saving around 3000 units of electricity yearly. With this one, you wont either lack hot water nor will you doubt your investment .

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Solar Water Heating System Cost By Type

There are two types of solar water heaters: active and passive . The most basic of the two systems is the passive, which relies on gravity to function. Active systems are more complicated and use a furnace or boiler to heat the water. Pumps push the water through the collectors, so they tend to be the more expensive option.

Below is a table outlining the cost differences between active and passive systems. The costs outlined in the table include materials only and do not include labor or other factors needed to complete the entire installation process:


Passive Solar Water Heaters

How Solar Water Heaters Work

Passive solar water heaters do not use circulating pumps to move hot water. Instead, they rely on convection as the circulation system, where hotter water rises to the surface and cold water sinks, in order to circulate water.

Passive solar water systems are usually cheaper than active ones, as they dont require special equipment to pump the water.

There are two main types of passive solar water heaters:

  • Integral collector solar water heaters are large, black water storage tanks that are built into an isolated box with a top that lets sunlight through. The sunlight heats the water directly in the black tanks, which then flows into your plumbing system when you need hot water.
  • Passive thermosyphon systems use metal flat plate collectors to heat small batches of water on your roof. When you open your hot water valves, hot water in the top of the batch collector flows down from your roof to your faucets. These usually are designed to contain 40 gallons of water.

Many passive systems include a tankless heater as a backup energy source, which can either be gas or electric.

Find out how much you can save with solar

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What Is Your Hot Water Guarantee

If you have no hot water we will either prioritise your installation or install a temporary hot water system at no extra charge. Full unrestricted access must be given to install the solar hot water or temporary hot water system. If we cannot get you back to hot water the next business day, without weather restriction, we will deduct $100 towards your new solar hot water system from Ureco Solar Hot Water.

Water Heater Not Working At Full Capacity

Making improvements to a water heater that is not working at full capacity averages $250 to $850. Solar panels must work at 80% capacity or greater for water to be heated to the maximum temperature. If the capacity of the solar panels drops below that threshold, replacements or repairs are needed. Low-efficient solar water heaters increase energy bills, whereas highly efficient water heaters minimize the energy bills by almost 20% and warm your water faster.

Solar water heater professionals will inject foam insulation between the water collector and its outer membrane for increased heat retention. Other components that a technician may recommend replacing are glass liners for making water tanks less prone to corrosion. For increasing efficiency, a new conventional storage unit may also be recommended.

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Environmental Benefits Of Solar Hot Water

A solar hot water system is also usually better for the environment than an electric water heater, because the electricity you buy from your utility was likely generated from coal or natural gas. With solar hot water, you can be certain that youre using a zero-emissions renewable resource.

Enter your zip code to see solar quotes near you

Integrated Collector And Storage System

Cost of solar hot water system

The integral collector/storage system has several large diameter tubes or a black tank inside a sealed, insulated box. It will have a clear cover usually made of one or more layers of glass to let the sunshine directly onto the surface of the tubes and/or tank.

As the dark surfaces absorb the solar energy, the water inside them is heated. It is considered a collector/storage unit because it holds the heated water in its internal tank before it goes into the house.

This is the simplest type of solar collector, and many people have constructed their own. It is also the least expensive type of solar water heat collector and the least efficient too. It is sometimes called a batch collector or batch water heater.

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Average Installation Cost Of Solar Water Heaters

A solar contractor typically charges $50 to $70 for solar water heater installation. You should install your solar heating system within three hours.

Then, for less than $300, your solar water heater will be ready!

Many homeowners try to install solar water heaters themselves and regret it when they fail to make their solar water heaters work. Unfortunately, this can cost more in the future if you damage your collectors, which makes heating water impossible.

Using solar water heater pros for your solar water heater installation guarantees your heating system is installed the first time correctly!

Direct Solar Water Heating System

The direct system pushes the water through the collectors to heat for the storage tank. It is an energy-efficient system that is favored for warmer climates. Unfortunately, the system does not work well in areas with freezing temperatures. You can only install the system in regions that have mild winters. The typical cost of a direct solar water heating system with one collector and a tank averages $2,000 to $3,000.

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