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How To Tie In Solar Panels To House

Where Should I Position Solar Panels On My House

How to Solar Power Your Home / House #1 – On Grid vs Off Grid

The most common location for people to place their solar panels is on the roof of the building. Typically, this is the part of the property that is exposed to the most sunlight, which results in providing the biggest opportunity for your solar panels to absorb the most sunlight.

The most productive direction to face your new energy devices is to the south. Because of the rotation of the Earth around the sun, the most amount of sunlight is typically found facing south.

A lot of people will choose a good aesthetic look of the solar panels over their productiveness, however, for the biggest results, its recommended that you utilize the elements that are required to keep your home light and bright!

Solinba Grid Tie Solar Inverter 500w Dc11

as of February 27, 2022 4:55 pm


  • Important note: on grid tie inverter, it MUST PLUG INTO YOUR HOME GRID, it CAN’T power your device directly. for 12v solar system, the best working voltage is about 18-24v. sometime buyer said it can’t work when it is 13v, the buyer should use it as an off grid. it is wrong using way.
  • Multi-protection function: Over Current Protection/Over Temperature Protection/Reverse Polarity Protection/Island Protection
  • Features: Stackable/MPPT-Maximum Power Point Tracking/Automatic Sensing Function Solar Luminosity and restart automatic every morning
  • Safety: DC and AC all have fuse to protect the people + power switch +we do the speical for the aluminum shell, it is insulation
  • Cooling method: fan-cooled+aluminum shell, more better cooling function, smart and light , easy to carry and handle.

Divide The Energy Used By The Energy Produced

Now that you know how much energy youre producing and what your energy needs are, the rest is easy. Just divide the energy required by the energy produced, and the result is the number of solar panels you need.

For example:

  • Your fridge uses 2 kWh per day
  • Your solar panel produces 1 kWh per day

2 ÷ 1 = 2, so you need 2 solar panels to solar power your fridge.

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What You Should Know About Off

  • Off-grid systems are more expensive due to the added costs of the battery banks and charge controllers.
  • Battery banks are one of the highest lifecycle costs of an off-grid solar PV system as they require regular maintenance and/or replacement to ensure optimum system performance and longevity.
  • Depending on the type used, batteries have a life span of anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Speak with a professional to understand your battery options for your specific application.
  • Off-grid systems need to be sized appropriately to ensure that the battery banks are being used at its maximum capacity throughout the year.
  • Consider hybrid solar PV/diesel generator systems for remote locations to ensure an adequately sized solar PV system and reliable power even during long periods of cloudy weather conditions.

Getting Panels On Your Roof

Finally finished my 10kW DIY grid tie solar system : SolarDIY

Remember: safety first! As you prepare to move your panels onto the roof, keep in mind the safety procedures outlined in the Planning & Safety section of this guide. Be sure to wear protective equipment, use fall protection, and never stand on panels or lift them by the electrical wires.

If you want, you can wrap your panels in a blanket to protect them from hard surfaces as you move them.

Lifting Methods

Chances are, youll want to rent some equipment to help lift the panels on your roof. There are a few options to choose from:

Ladder Lift. A ladder with a conveyor belt mechanism on it to help move heavy objects up and down the ladder.

Ladder lifts make it easier to move objects up and down the ladder.

Scissor Lift. A lift which extends up and down, as well as side-to-side. The horizontal movement means you can take fewer trips from the ground to the roof and then back again.

Scissor lifts move up and down, as well as side to side.

Boom Lift. A lift with a full range of movement, giving you access to tight spaces. Useful to get over and around obstacles that prevent you from parking a lift directly under the spot where you plan to install your panels.

Boom lifts have full range of motion to help navigate tight spaces.

Scaffolding. Scaffolding works great if there are no obstacles and you dont need lift assistance. Theres no mechanism to make lifting easier, but it does offer a sturdy platform to work on and some extra fall protection.

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Can I Install A Grid

Albertas Microgeneration Regulation allows installations up to the size of the owners annual consumption. In other words, net solar production at the end of a year should not exceed usage. It is common for solar systems to produce more than they consume in the summer months and then less than they consume during the winter months. Any excess exported to the utility grid will be recorded as a credit.

Complete Guide For Solar Power Ontario 2021

Congratulations! Youve found the ultimate guide for going solar in Ontario!

Published by Rylan Urban on Feb 15, 2018. Last updated May 1, 2021.

Ontario is currently ranked the #9 province in the country for installing a solar power system, scoring as one of the best provinces for upfront system costs and financing options.

This page contains all relevant information about installing solar in Ontario including utility policies, system financing, solar incentives, and natural factors

The guide begins by answering the two most common questions about solar systems, then it explores each solar ranking factor.

You can read from top to bottom, or skip to your preferred section by clicking on it below:

3. System Costs

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Getting The Right Size

The ideal solar PV system for your home is sized so you can use most of the power it generates, selling as little as possible back to the grid. You will pay more than three times as much to buy power from the grid as youll get for the power you sell. So a large system may be cheaper per watt generated, but it could take a long time to pay off the extra investment.

Are Alberta And Canada Falling Behind When It Comes To Recycling Solar Equipment

32kW Grid Tie Solar Panels for Home

The European Union is the only governance body to have established standards to recycle solar panels under the EU waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive. So, most countries have a lot of catching up to do.

A 2016 study by the International Renewable Energy Agency estimated the recyclable materials in old solar modules will be worth at least $15 billion in recoverable value by 2050. Of course, it seems natural to assume the growth of solar panel recycling will also lead to the creation of new, green jobs within the renewable energy industry.

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Alberta

The cost of home solar panels will be largely proportionate to the installed capacity . Larger solar arrays can be installed a lower rate, in terms of $/W . An average solar power system will cost around $12,000 to $25,000 and be installed for approximately $2.00/W to $2.75/W.

The $/W is how much bang you are getting for your buck, like$/sq.ft. in the flooring or painting industry. The lower, the better.

The cost of solar panels in Edmonton is comparable to the cost of solar panels in Calgary, Red Deer or other major hubs in Alberta.

How To Install A Generator With Existing Solar Panels

This article is intended for our colleagues who install whole-home generators in Southwest Florida. Licensed electricians often dont realize they are creating a hazardous situation that could severely damage equipment. Warranties for generators or solar inverters can be voided by failing to take into account important factors. We have seen this time and time again, so we wanted to point out a correct way to integrate a grid-interactive solar energy system with a new whole-home generator.

Whether you are installing a new whole-home backup generator with solar panels, or whether you are adding solar panels to a home with a backup generator, this article may apply. There are too many scenarios to explain every one, but this is the most common question we come across.

The bottom line is you cannot allow solar panels and a generator to work in parallel. They must be electrically isolated at all times. If solar inverters see voltage from a generator, they will attempt to sync with the generator and backfeed power to it. Any time solar production exceeds loads in the building, solar inverters attempt to send power to the utility grid. As a huge battery of sorts, the grid can handle this small amount of backfeed. Typical residential standby generators cannot.

Please watch this video for more information:

Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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How Many Solar Panels To Run A Refrigerator And Freezer

To find out how many solar panels you need to run a refrigerator and a freezer, simply divide the appliances number of watts by the number of watts your solar panel produces. Keep in mind that the efficiencies of your refrigerator, freezer, solar panels, batteries, and solar charge controller can all work together to reduce your solar energy needs.


Do I Have To Clean My Solar Modules

Solar Panel Grid Tie Wiring Diagram Sample

Solar modules can get covered in dirt, dust, bird droppings or snow. Usually, rain will do most of the cleaning for you. Regular cleaning is needed more often in the proximity of certain trees, spaying operations, or soot. Completely covering even one cell of a solar module can potentially affect the performance of the entire array. Visually inspect your solar array and periodically check its performance.

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Install The Solar System

Your technicians should start by preparing the roof for solar by installing the racking system, which holds solar panels in place. Different kinds of roof materials use different hardware to mount panels, so make sure that your racking system is intended for the type of roof youre installing on.

Once racking is installed, the next step is to mount panels on the racking rails. If your system design uses microinverters or optimizers, these will need to be attached to each panel as well.

Next, your electrician will need to complete the wire run to hook the panels up to the electrical panel and inverter. Inverters convert the direct current energy generated by solar panels into usable alternating current energy that can be used to power appliances in the home.

Home Solar Panels And The Grid

When a homeowner decides to add solar panels to their home, in most cases they will choose to be grid connected. This means that the home can get electricity both from its solar panels and the electric grid.

This is important because solar energy is intermittent: it stops working when the sun sets. When this happens, a grid-connected solar home will use electricity from the grid to meet its needs. This process happens automatically and is seamless to the homeowner.

In the other case, when solar panels generate more electricity than a grid-connected home needs, it will send its extra electricity into the grid. That solar electricity will then get used by the neighborhood. No electricity gets wasted.

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Things To Keep In Mind

Solar panels are a great way to save money and go green. However, they only work effectively when using the correct products and proper installation.

You want to make sure to only use quality solar panels and solar equipment. Using cheap or knock-off brands wont produce as much as quality products.

Ensuring proper installation is key to a solar system. Not having it properly installed can cause ineffective panels, failure, or fires. Make sure to always have a Professional company conduct the install for your home.

What Is Needed To Install Solar Panels

How to Install a Grid Tie Solar Panel Home Kit by Blue Solar & Wind

It is a simple process to install home solar panels. Your solar contractor should take care of the entire process for you. Below are the documents required for solar panels on homes:

1. An electrical permit. This is pulled by a Master Electrician and lets the local electrical authorities know what work is being completed and where. Homeowners can pull their own permit, however we do not recommend completing any electrical work unless you are a qualified electrician.

2. A micro-generation application from the Alberta Utility Commission . This allows you to export your solar energy back to your electrical retailer for a credit. You will see a Micro-Generation Credit line appear on your monthly power bill to see exactly how much energy you exported that billing period.

3. A development/building permit. This is not required in every jurisdiction,but is sometimes required.

4. Grant Application. Depending on what classification the solar installation is you may be eligible for rebates or incentives. Once again, we will complete this step or as much as possible for you. Most grants require a few different documents to receive funding. As of 2019, the Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program has been withdrawn and is no longer accepting applications.

Commercial solar power systems most often require a building and development permit, both of which will involve more engineering work.

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What Do Solar Panels Power In My House

Solar panels are some of the most state-of-the-art technological advances of the 21st Century. When it comes to appliances, solar panels have been designed so they can provide energy to just about anything.

Smaller solar panels are perfect for powering things around your home like refrigerators, computers, and microwaves. Because the need for power is a lot smaller than larger appliances, its likely to be a lot cheaper than larger variants of solar panels.

When it comes to running larger appliances, however, larger solar panels with more energy capacity are needed. These can be more expensive than their smaller counterparts and offer a larger energy output to keep things going for longer.

These types of solar panels are perfect for powering generators. If youre looking to power an RV or a car then youll need a smaller, more transportable solar panel to suit your needs. Flexible solar panels are often used in these situations because of their lightweight stature and versatility.

Will I Need Batteries To Power My Home After The Sun Goes Down At Night

Grid-tied solar systems are designed to lower your electricity bill by feeding the grid when power production is higher than immediate usage and draw from the grid when immediate usage is higher than production. Some utilities adopt net metering, where your daytime production is credited to your account at the end of the billing cycle. You would not need a battery bank for your grid-tied system unless you wish to have power in the event of an outage. Battery banks are also useful for those with Time of Use billing structures, storing some of your day time production in a battery bank to use during peak time hours at night. This may also achieve substantial savings on your utility bill. A grid-interactive solar system with battery backup generally costs significantly more than a regular grid-tied solar system due to the cost of the battery and battery-compatible components.

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Federal And Local Solar Incentives

The main thing you should take away if youre considering a no cost solar program or PPA is that the solar panel system on your roof is not yours. It instead belongs to the company that installed it.

Most agreements work in favor of the installer, and they can then claim the Federal Investment Tax Credit and any other local incentives for switching to solar. The ITC currently represents a 26% credit on the consumers total costs to switch to solar.

So if a system costs $10,000 and the ITC gives $2,600 to the system owner, the company that installed the panels would be seeing that money, not you. Therefore, you dont see any financial benefit for investing in clean, renewable energy.

However, you shouldnt let this deter you from going solar, as there could be financial incentives offered by the government. Currently, the best solar incentive offered by the government is the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit .

This is available to all homeowners in the U.S., and it lets you claim the credit when you purchase a solar energy system.

Currently, you can credit up to 26% of your spending on the purchase as well as all the installation costs. However, this tax credit value only applies if the system is placed and is up and running by January 1, 2022.

Any eligible households with solar systems that are capable of producing more than 1 megawatt-hour of electricity can claim SRECs.

Finding & Hiring A Solar Company

260 W Full House Solar Power System Grid Tied Solar ...

The first step in installing solar panels is deciding what company will do it for you. Different companies offer unique products that might not be right for your home or yard. The panels might not be readily available, which could delay your installation timeline.

Before you choose a solar company, youll need to ask the right questions to learn about their products and how they install them. A representative from the company will need to visit your home to see how much shade you have and what type of panels will be best for your square footage and electrical needs.

Each visit can take a couple days to weeks. First, you have to decide if the company has what you need. Then, you have to schedule an appointment, which needs to fit into your schedule and the reps schedule. Afterward, the sales rep needs to write an estimate, then deliver it to you. Finding and hiring a solar company can be a test of patience.

If the solar company has what you want, and their price fits your budget, you might be able to decide right away. Otherwise, you could spend weeks or months trying to find the best company and product for your budget.

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