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Solar Sun Screens For Windows

Offer A Wide Range Ofpossibilities

Solar Window Screens

Zipshade solar shade screens are a versatile solution to not only sun blockage, but also light filtration, temperature regulation, wind protection, insect control and privacy. Specialty fabrics are what make solar screens unique by offering varying degrees of openness and UV protection as well as a multitude of colour options. All profiles and frame components are powder-coated for years of maintenance free durability and available in a wide range of standard and custom colours. Operation is made easy with motorized wireless remote control or manual hand crank.

The Benefits Of Solar Screens To Reduce Heat

Solar shades are vital window units that can be attached to the exterior or interior parts of the window. Apart from reducing heat, there are so many benefits that homeowners stand to gain by installing these accessories.

These include:

  • Solar screens reduce the solar radiation entering the home by almost 90%, and thus cut heat gain by more than 10 degrees Celsius.
  • The cooling effect of solar screens eases the burden of the air conditioner and cuts the cooling costs.
  • The exterior solar screens also block the outdoor view while giving the home excellent privacy and ambient lighting indoors.
  • The solar screens for patio areas reduce glares on most display screens including laptops, TVs, and smartphones.
  • They protect carpets, furniture, and floors from harmful UV radiation that degrades them.
  • Exterior solar screens are pest-resistant and can filter out dust and debris.
  • Solar screens for the patio also allow ambient filtered light that is sufficient for indoor pot plants.
  • Apart from reducing solar radiation, the solar screens also block UV rays from getting into your indoors.
  • Well-designed exterior solar screens can also add to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of a home.

Solar Screens Vs Window Tint Which Is Better

According to a study conducted by the American Physical Society, 13% of your energy costs go towards cooling down your house. To help reduce this cost, we work intimately with people to sell solar sun screens. Sometimes, people go with window tinting as an alternative to sun screens.

When youre dealing with so much of your monthly energy budget going to one item, you need to make the right choice. Thats why weve made this comprehensive guide to help people choose the best sun blocking. In the end, you can make the right decision and start saving money fast.

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How Vinyl Windows Are Made To Drain Water Gapping Between The Glass And The Vinyl Window Framing

A big thing that people dont understand about vinyl windows is where the glass meets up with the vinyl framing. That area, is extremely susceptible to water getting in.

Because a manufacturer knows this, they make their windows so that if water does get in, it can drain out. The water will drain out the bottom of the vinyl framing through weep holes.

So, the only way to really damage a window by screwing into the window would be to use some really long screws. Really long screws that would poke through inside layer of the window framing.

Our screws will go in maybe a quarter of an inch. And all of the areas, for all of the different types of vinyl windows we have in this Austin Texas area, all have plenty of room within that vinyl framing for us to put our small screws into.

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Heavier Frames For Higher Quality

Prairie Energy Solutions: Insulation &  Home Performance Contractor ...

Our solar screens, also called shade screens for windows, are made with a 5/16″ x 1″ screen frame. This heavier frame provides you with a higher quality product for greater longevity and durability. All of our solar screens are made-to-size with your choice of solar mesh, frame color, and hardware. Our pre-made solar screens for windows are shipped direct to you, fully assembled and ready-to-install. Solar screens are made within 1/16″ of the dimensions you provide.

Need help measuring for your new or replacement window screens? Check out or measuring FAQ page or ! Denver-area customers can also visit our showroom for free measuring assistance.

Ordering in bulk? Shop here.

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Exterior Solar Window Screens

Exterior solar window screens are made of fiberglass, specially designed for absorbing solar energy and blocking harmful UV rays. Exterior solar screens are usually black with excellent UV resistance and anti-aging properties. It can block up to 90% of the heat and ultraviolet, keep your home cool in the hot summer and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, it can protect your furniture, carpets from fading.

In the hot summer, the sunlight not only dazzles the eyes, but also raises the room temperature significantly. Installing solar screens on windows or doors can block most of the sunlight without blocking the view. It also can be used as insect screens to prevent mosquitoes, flies, bugs, creating a more comfortable environment for you. In addition, solar insect screens can provide excellent privacy for your house during the day.

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How Much Do Solar Screens Cost

To arrive at an average, your overall solar screens cost should fall between $110 and $480 per window or door. This amount equates to roughly $7.50 per square foot.

Lets break the amount for you:

Material cost: $40 $280 per window/door

Labor cost: $75 $200 per window/door

Total solar screens cost: $115 $480 per window/door

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However, theres more to it than an exact amount. The price of solar screens varies widely depending on the area you live, how large your windows or doors are, the number of screens required, the labor rate in your location, and a host of other factors. Lets look at some of these.

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Contact Stellar Sunscreens Today For Professional Installations

Stellar Sunscreens knows all about sunscreens and the installation process. We try to cut down solar screen costs for our clients to reduce cost implications. For more information, reach out to us via our contact page.

Constant exposure to UV rays from sunlight may impact your skin adversely. It is for this reason that your windows at home should be sufficiently covered to protect you from the glare of sunlight. Filtered light passing through solar screens may greatly improve the ambiance of your home.

The cost of window solar screens Glendale has to offer may be expected to range anywhere between $120-$450 per window. The cost however, may vary depending on the size of your window and the type of window solar screens purchased. It is worth investing in one given the fact that there are numerous health benefits to be derived when they are installed at home and even in workplaces.

Continue reading to find out what solar screens are and the benefits that can be derived by having solar screens installed on your windows.

What Color Solar Screen Is Best


Solar screens come in a variety of colors, but the color matters more than just for design purposes.

A lighter color solar screen is typically thicker, making it more difficult to see through and making it better for privacy. Darker colors, like black or brown, are more transparent, making them easier to see through.

Looking around Home Depot, charcoal sun shade screen in a 90% sun blocking mesh seems to be the most popular choice.

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Why Stellar Sunscreens Are The Best Fit For Your Home

Cooler and more comfortable Sunscreens will reduce your energy bills significantly. Your home will be more comfortable and cooler, during summers as homes with sunscreens become 10-12 degrees cooler than rooms without them. Our sunscreens block up to 90% of the suns relentless heat and glare, this makes room comfy for living and invariably cuts down your energy consumption.

Improved efficiency50% or more of heat enters the home through windows, our sunscreens reflect sunlight and absorb heat, which will make 90% of the light to be blocked. Your AC then does not work overtime or face any form of crashing, itll make the AC have a longer life span and you wont have to spend much money to cool your home.

Property protection When ultraviolet radiation falls on items in the home, it quickly ruins the beautiful finishing of your artwork, paintings, furniture, and hardwood floors. Rays will bleach out your property and cause discoloration and fading, blocking these sun rays with our sunscreens will be your best investment against this. Itll protect your eyes and properties by reducing the number of ultraviolet radiations when trying to view the outside of your home.

Should I Replace My Old Window Screens?

How To Properly Care For Your Sunscreens

There are certain ways to keep your sunscreens clean, this is because when sunscreens are not washed properly, they collect too much dust and their appearance gets affected over time. In this section, we will be discussing how to clean sunscreens so they can keep their radiance and quality. Firstly:

Remove the solar screen with the right tools

It is best to remove solar screens with the best tools or better still hire a professional to help you because mishandling can get them worn out. Get tools like screwdrivers, appropriate cleaning equipment like a bucket, special screen cleaning detergent, soft brush, hose, and soft cloth, and dont forget to get plenty of water. With the use of screwdrivers, take out the solar screen, find a clean surface to place it so it wont get scratched, and get to work.

Scrub the solar screens gently until clean

Mix the screen cleaning product in the bucket with warm water and make sure the water is clean to give you a clean solution. Gently scrub the solar screens with a gentle brush or cloth, then wash horizontally and vertically to give you a clean window screen.

Rinse your screen well with clean water

Clean water is important to get a clean window solar screen. Rinse the screen well with a hose or bowl but make sure theres no soap residue in it, when you use plenty of water youll get a good wash result.

Give it time to dry and reinstall

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Solar Screen Shades Vs Window Film: Which Is The Better Option

The suns ultraviolet rays can harm skin and damage interiors. Without UV protection, your furniture, upholstery, carpets and draperies are at a higher risk of fading over time. As windows let in sun, installing solar screens or window films can reduce heat, lower your AC bills and protect interiors from damage.

But which option is better? Lets find out.

What Are Solar Screens

Solar Window Screens

A solar screen, sometimes referred to as sun screen, is a fabric-based product that is installed either on the interior or exterior of the home to prevent the suns UV rays from getting into the home. The fabric they are made of also helps prevent people from seeing into your home during the day and aids in glare reduction.

These screens may be made of a variety of materials, including fiberglass, polyester, polyvinyl, and more. Though, most solar screens are a woven mesh material and are available in a variety of colors.

Exterior solar screens are considered to be the most energy-efficient option, deflecting brightness and blocking approximately 90% of the suns heat before it hits the window. The screen absorbs 70% of the heat, while an additional 10% is reflected and the remaining 10% dissipates due to the screens airflow.

In fact, exterior solar screens can cool down a room by approximately 15 degrees. They are installed on the outside of the home and do not touch the window. Some of the main benefits you can expect with solar screens are as follows:

  • Installation does not void window warranties.
  • Prevent solar heat from entering the home without touching your windows.
  • Can be operated whether your windows or open or closed.
  • Can be raised or lowered to control the heat and light that enters your home.
  • Reduces heating bills during winter months.
  • Available in a variety of opacities based on your needs and preferences.

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For A Vinyl Window Solar Screens Installation Be Careful Not To Cover Up The Windows Drain Holes

You do not want to cover up the weep holes for vinyl windows. These weep holes are here to allow water to drain out.

Its not just that you dont want to cover up the weep holes with solar window screens. We see all the time these weep holes clogged with mortar. Many vinyl windows that we come across have clogged up weep holes. Clogged with the mortar used to lay the bricks and stone.

Our Solar Sun Screens Stop The Sun Before It Hits Your Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, stopping the sun from hitting the window is up to seven times more effective for reducing heat than using curtains or blinds. Fortunately, there is a simple and nice-looking way to accomplish this task: solar screens. Solar screens go on the outside of your windows, where they block up to 90% of the sun’s rays from getting into your house. This allows your air conditioner to work less and save you up to 30% on your cooling costs.

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Solar Screens Are Far Superior To Insulating Drapes

Another window treatment often used by homeowners to block sunlight and lower home cooling costs are insulated drapes. Solar screens are less expensive, do not contribute to dust in your home, are easy to clean and maintain, block the suns rays from the outside rather than the inside for greater energy savings, and still allow sun into your home.

Prepare yourself for summer by insulating your home with solar screens. They will provide you considerable energy savings by keeping your home cool, allowing you to use your air conditioning far less often.


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How To Attach Solar Screens To Windows Using Barrel Clips

Phifer SunTex 80 & SunTex 90 Solar Screen Fabric & Product Overview

Barrel clips are one of the most popular mounting options for solar screens for installing them on the windows exterior. The solar screen is mounted so that it leaves just enough space for the barrel clips to be drilled into the surrounding metal frame.

The screen is put into place after the barrel clips are secured. The clips are so turned that their flat part secures over the face of the screen frame. Each mounting screw needs to be checked to ensure that it is fit and should not be over tightened.

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High Quality Exterior Sun Shade

Elegant, reliable, easy to install and use! The perfect exterior solar shade for your windows, screen enclosure or pergola. This outdoor blind is available in 3 housing colours, 4 mesh colours and extends up to 10′ length in either motorized or manual versions. The fine weave mesh fabric of the sunshade blocks 95% of sunlight, protecting your family, guests, furniture and pets against UV and heat.

The solid aluminum housing is easily installed on a wall or under eaves so it can be quickly installed in front of windows, on your porch, gazebo, or any other outdoor structure. Motorized versions comes with a 5 channel remote control enabling the operation of several shades. Can’t decide which fabric you prefer? We can send you samples at no cost!

Measure The Dimensions Of The Solar Screen

The solar screens width and length need to be measured by holding a measuring tape as straight as possible. The tape is put on the left side of the window and measured til the right. The width of the clearance needs to be subtracted from each side. The tolerance should not be measured too tight to allow insertion and removal.

The height is measured by putting the tape at the top and standing straight down. It needs to be determined where the screen should be at the top and the bottom.

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What Are Solar Screens Made From

Not all exterior sun screens are created equal!

At Eclipse Sun Screens, we fabricate and install high-quality custom solar screens in Las Vegas for windows and sliding screen doors. Available in a variety of colors and shapes each framed custom sunshade is designed to add value to your home or business. We use Phifer SunTex® brand synthetic Solar Screen Fabric with a 10-year limited Manufacturers Warranty

Solar Sun Screens Keep Your Home Cooler & Lower Your Electric Bill

Solar Sun Screens

If you own a home near Phoenix, Arizona, you’ve surely experienced the effects of the sun blasting heat into your home. Even if your interior shades or draperies block light, they don’t stop heat from coming through the windows. This is because the sunlight has already had the chance to hit the window and increase the interior temperature.

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About Energy Saving Solar Screens

To Contact Screens Unlimited Today! For more savings advice, contact second lien position mortgage note buyer Amerinote Xchange.

Q: How does exterior shading work?A: Exterior Sun Control Screens absorb and dissipate a large percentage of solar heat and glare before it reaches windows and doors this keeps the glass and interior cool. Learn More.

Q: Are Sun Control Screens easy to clean? A: Yes, they only need an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. They are also mildew and fade resistant. Learn More.

Q: Do Solar Sun Screens block airflow?A: Exterior sun control products still allow good airflow. Learn More.

Q: How are Window Sun Screens at insect protection?A: These products protect against insects and can replace regular insect screening on windows, doors and porches. Learn More.

Q: Does Window Sun Screening look like standard insect screening?A: Sun Control Screening is available in a wider range of colors than regular insect screening. From the outside, sun control screening offers a uniform look to windows and doors, providing a more aesthetically pleasing overall look to home and building exteriors than regular insect screening. Outward visibility remains good through exterior sun control. Learn More.

Q: Are there electric utility incentives or rebates for installing solar screens? A: Currently a minimum number of Electric Utility Companies in the state of Arizona offer any form of incentive for installing solar screens on your home or office. Learn More.

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